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Updated February 27, 2007

Edward A. Murrie
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Charles and Deborah Murrie were in Maryland as early as 1790. It is not known if they were born in America or if they immigrated. The couple or their ancestors were likely among the thousands of ScotsiIrish who came to America in the 1700s. These were people whose own ancestors were originally from Scotland but who had immigrated to Ireland in the 1600s. Most were poor and had to borrow money for passage. After a period of indenture, many bought or rented small farms. ScotsIrish settled in the Eastern part of the U.S. By the early 1800s many migrated to "western states" such as Kentucky and Tennessee. Charles and Deborah Murrie were among them.

Charles Murrie was born about 1768 and his wife Deborah was born about 1770. The couple lived in Maryland but moved to Caswell County, North Carolina by 1800. They sold their farm to James Murrie in 1821 and moved to Henry County, Tennessee. Census reports and tax records show that other family members also relocated to Henry County in the 1820s. Charles Murrie died in Henry County about 1833. Deborah stayed in Henry County until her death in 1845.

Census records show that Charles and Deborah Murrie were the parents of six girls and four boys. The older children were born in Maryland in the 1790s. The younger children were born in North Carolina. Census records for families prior to 1850 only noted the name of the head of household and the number of males and females in the home. As a result, other documentation had to be found to determine the names of their children. There is clear evidence that Thomas, William, and Solomon were the names of three sons. The fourth son was probably James. Daughters identified from other documents were: Elizabeth, Emily, Sarah, Nancy and Mary. Another daughter may have been named Telia. Telia and Sarah may be the same person.

For a brief discussion of each of the children of Charles and Deborah Murrie please click on The Charles Murrie Family under Related Files near the bottom of this page.

To review the names in my database (3700+) click on Murries in World Connect Project listed under Related Links at the bottom of this page. You can look directly at my database by entering EMurrie in the appropriate box. You can also search for members of our family by entering an individual's name in the first two boxes. If you do this, you may find several researchers who have identified the name that you are seeking - the records that I have will be identified as EMurrie. Hope this helps.

Family Photos

  • Henry County TN Tax List 1827 (1082 KB)
    This tax list from 1827 shows Charles, William and Thomas Murrie in Henry County, TN. (Murrie is spelled Murry in this document but the "ie" version appears in other documents of the period.) Murries and Redens (Redding) left Caswell County, NC in the early 1820s. Charles Murrie bought land in Henry County, TN in 1826. William Murrie may have been the first of the Murries to move West. The 1820 census for Humphrey County TN lists a William Murrie. It is not clear if this is the William Murrie from our family. The "ie" spelling of Murrie is used but no other connections could be found.
  • John J. Murrie Family (109 KB)
    John J. Murrie (Murrie line: Charles, Thomas, Washington Jackson)was born in Johnson County, Illinois June 24, 1851. He died June 5, 1929. Pictured are: Belle Bowman Murrie, Retha, Daisy, and John J. Back row William Jackson, John S., Charlie, James Effort, Fred, and Edd.
  • Charles Murrie's Sale of Land to James Murrie (65 KB)
    This land document from Caswell County NC shows the transfer of land from Charles Murrie to James Murrie. The year was 1821. (This is the same farm that Charles Murrie purchased in 1814.)James Murrie was probably a son of Charles Murrie. Charles Murrie and other family members left for Tennessee. An 1826 land document for Henry County, TN shows that Charles Murrie bought land there. James Murrie stayed in Caswell County, NC for the rest of his life.
  • Jefferson Monroe Murrie (13 KB)
    Jefferson Monroe Murrie was a son of Thomas Murrie and Margaret Redden (Redding) Murrie. His grandparents were Charles and Deborah Murrie. Jefferson came to Johnson County, IL with his parents in the late 1830s. He is pictured with his wife Emily West Murrie. Her father was Woodson West of Johnson County. Jefferson and Emily Murrie are buried in Murrie cemetery near Simpson, IL. Thanks to Terry Ceballos for sending this photo.
  • Fred Murrie Family (18 KB)
    Fred Harrison Murrie (Murrie line: Charles, Thomas, Washington Jackson, John J.) Pictured: Fred, Violet, Ida Sharpe Murrie. Back: Edward, Daisy, John Samuel, Golda, Ward, Imogene, Lenis
  • Charles Murrie Bought Land in Caswell County NC (59 KB)
    This Caswell County, NC land document shows that Charles Murrie purchased a farm in Caswell County in 1814. The description of the property shows that it is the same farm that Charles Murrie sold to James Murrie in 1821. It is also the earliest document that I have found that shows the "ie" spelling of Murrie. The name is often spelled Murrey and Murray in early public documents. In fact, it wasn't until about 1900, that the Murrie last name is spelled consistently using the "ie" ending. Like most people of the day, most of our early ancestors could not read and write. Documents requiring a signature show that our ancestors used " a mark". That is, the individual marked the paper with an "X" and someone witnessed the mark. Whoever wrote the document, was free to spell our last name as Murrie, Murrey, Murray, or some other variation.
  • Murries in Massac County 1855 (201 KB)
    This page of the Massac County census of 1855 shows William Murrie and some of his relatives. The first three men highlighted in yellow were married to his daughters. Andrew Carson married Nicey Murrie, Willian Holliday married Deborah Murrie, Hiram Laird married Mary Charlotte Murrie. Theodore James was the first husband of Nancy Holliday daughter of William and Deborah Murrie Holliday. Irvin Carson was married to Sarah Jane Redding - niece of William Murrie. In the middle to late 1860s William Murrie's sons Charles and Greene Murrie moved to KS. Also leaving Massac for KS. were Irvin and Sarah Jane Redding Carson and her brother Thomas Redding and his family. William Murey (Murrie) remained in Massac County until his death in 1877.
  • Edward Murrie Family (452 KB)
    Edward Murrie (Murrie line: Charles, Thomas, Washington Jackson, John J., Fred Harrison) Pictured Edward and Margaret Cox Murrie December 1972.
  • Grandchildren of Fred and Ida Sharp Murrie (90 KB)
    The grandchildren of Fred and Ida Murrie gather each July for a cousins' reunion. The reunion is held at the home of Imogene Murrie Choate in Johnson County. Pictured from left to right in the back row are: Norma Faye Murrie Taylor, James Newton, John Newton, Clifford Wayne Newton, Bill Newton, Debbie Bishop Hansaker, Kay Clayton Johnston, and Ron Choate. The front row: Edward Murrie, Jeanne Clayton Smith, Gary Choate, Carol Jean Bishop, and Christina Choate (daughter of Ron Choate). Not pictured are: Sue Murrie McClain, Anne Murrie Krehbiel, and Lenis "Junior" Murrie.
  • Simpson High School Basketball 1931 (39 KB)
    Back: Delbert Hurley, Gerald Veach, Herbert Hurley, Clyde Mizell Front: Ward Murrie, Halbert Patterson, Otis Murrie, Ken Gray, Ed Murrie. Ed Murrie and Ward Murrie were brothers. Their Murrie line was: Charles, Thomas, Washington Jackson, John J. and Fred Harrison. Otis Murrie's line was: Charles, Thomas, Washington Jackson, Thomas Benton, and Hartsell. This team was one of the best in Simpson history. The team won 25 of 28 games. Included was first place in the Metropolis district tournament, first in the Johnson County tournament, and 2nd in the Cabondale Sectional tournament. The final score in the Carbondale tournament was Johnston City 14 and Simpson 12. This record was quite an accomplishment for a school with an enrollment of about 40 students and no indoor gymnasium.
  • Edward A. Murrie Family (258 KB)
    Edward A. Murrie (Murrie line: Charles, Thomas, Washington Jackson, John J., Fred Harrison, Edward) Pictured: Jody, Edward, Christopher
  • CrossRoads School Johnson County, IL (140 KB)
    CrossRoads school was a typical rural school in Johnson County, IL in the 1920s. Enrollment was small and one teacher taught all grades. The students were from nearby farms and the children walked to school. The Murries enrolled at CrossRoads were all related. Some of the Thomas and Hill children were cousins of Murries. Graduates went on to Simpson High School.
  • Johnson County Murries in the Civil War (54 KB)
    Thomas Murrie came to Johnson County, Il in the late 1830s. The Civil War began in 1861. Two of Thomas Murrie's grandsons died in the war. The first was Thomas J. Murrie son of William Murrie and Rachael DePoister Murrie. Thomas J. Murrie died from wounds he received in the battle of Belmont Missouri. He was a prisoner of the Rebels but died only a day or two after being wounded. The second of Thomas Murrie's grandsons to die in the war was George Walker. Walker was the son of Richard and Debroah Murrie Walker. He died of small pox in a St. Louis hospital. A third death in our family was that of Woodson Kerley who died while serving in Memphis TN. Woodson was the husband of Thomas Murrie's grandaughter Amanda Riddle. Amanda's brother James Riddle survived the war. Also surviving was Jefferson Scott the husband of Mary Elizabeth Riddle. All of the Riddles were children of Richard and Elizabeth Murrie Riddle.
  • Charles Murrie (1768-1833) Probate (57 KB)
    This is part of a probate document for Charles Murrie of Henry County, TN. The year was 1833. Executors were William Murrie (son of Charles Murrie) and Thomas Redding (son in law of Charles Murrie.) William Murrie migrated to Massac County, Il about 1840. Thomas Redding died about 1838. His son Thomas Reden (Redding) went to Massac County, IL in 1840s. Thomas Reden, Green Murrie, and Charles Murrie migrated to Kansas in the late 1860s. Their descendants moved to OK, AR and other states in the following years.
  • Carson-Redding Bible (39 KB)
    The page above is from a bible kept by the Carson family. Sarah Jane Redding married Irvin Enloe Carson in Henry County, TN on August 26, 1846. Sarah Jane was a daughter of Thomas Redding and Telia? Murrie Redding. (Sarah Jane’s grandparents were Charles and Deborah Murrie) Thomas Redding and his wife died young leaving five daughters and a son. The four daughters whose names are known were: Mary Ann, Sarah Jane, Tabitha, and Deborah. It seems likely that the oldest daughter was Arbelia Redding. Another possibility was Lexey Redding. The son was Thomas Redding (Reden). Reddings, Murries, Carsons, Hollidays and others moved to Massac County, Il. In the middle to late 1860s Green Murrie, Charles Murrie, Irvin Carson, and Thomas Redding left Massac County for Kansas. The 1870 census shows the Green Murrie family, the Irvin Carson family, and the Thomas Redding family living in Ottawa County, Kansas. The Charles Murrie family could not be located. (Some of his children are shown living in Washington County, Arkansas in 1880) The Redding family lived in Orange County, NC before migrating to Henry County, TN.
  • Deborah Murrie (1770-1845) Exerpt from her will. (220 KB)
    Deborah Murrie, wife of Charles Murrie, died in Henry County, TN in 1845. Part of her will is reproduced here. Children noted are Emily ? Reden, Elizabeth Mcaul, Thomas Murray, William Murray, and Solomon Murray. Also identified is her grandson Thomas Reden. Identified on the next page of hew will (not shown above) is grandaughter Ashley? Murray. Thomas Murrie migrated to Johnson County, IL. William Murrie and Thomas Reden migrated to Massac County, IL.
  • Murrie Cemetery - Photo by Diana Heser Morse (95 KB)
    Murrie cemetery is one of many small family cemeteries found in Johnson County, Illinois. The cemetery contains approximately 125 graves. Thomas Murrie who came to Johnson County in the late 1830s is buried there as are many of his direct descendants. The picture, taken by Diana Heser Morse, shows that this cemetery has been in use for many years. The oldest stones mark the graves of descendants from the middle to late 1800s, while the new stones show graves from recent years. Some graves from the 1800s are not marked. The cemetery is on the farm described in an article on this page titled: Egypt's Most Unusual Farm. Murrie Cemetery can be reached by taking Rt. 146 east of Vienna approximately 6 miles to the Mt. Shelter Care Road. Turn north on Mt. Shelter Care Road for about 1.2 miles to Murrie Lane. Turn right on Murrie Lane for about .2 miles. The cemetery will be on the left.
  • Benjamin Jackson Murrie (25 KB)
    This picture of Benjamin Jackson Murrie appeared in the Southern Illinoisan on June 28, 1970. It was one of several pictures and a story that told about the Murrie family and the annual Murrie family reunion. B. J. was one of the first in our family to organize and record our family history. He started the Murrie cemetery fund and was also responsible for starting the Murrie reunions which are held annually at the Concord Presbyterian church the first Sunday in July. B. J. wrote several newsletters that were distributed to family members. Benjamin Murrie’s line was: Charles Murrie, Thomas Murrie, Washington Jackson Murrie, and Otto Murrie. The picture shows B. J. Murrie with a peg leg once used by our Johnson county ancestor Thomas Murrie who came to Johnson County in the late 1830s. According to the news story Thomas Murrie lost part of one leg to an infection. “The leg was used by an uncle” after the death of Thomas Murrie. This uncle may actually have been B.J. Murrie’s great uncle William Mount (2nd husband of Elizabeth Murrie) who also used a wooden leg.
  • Exerpt from Probate of Thomas Murrie (121 KB)
    Thomas Murrie son of Charles Murrie was born in Maryland about 1791 and died in Johnson County, Il in 1865. The page reproduced here show his heirs: Deborah Murrie Walker, James Murrie, Willian Murrie, Thompson Murrie, Elizabeth Murrie Mount, Margaret Ann Murrie Pangburn, Washington Jackson Murrie, John Murrie, Mary Murrie Thomas, Jefferson Monroe Murrie, Louisina Murrie, Indiana Murrie, and Martha Murrie. Two sons died before their father. They were Stanford Murrie and Charles Murrie. Jefferson Monroe was executor of his father's estate.
  • Murrie Descendants as Members of the Mormon Church (66 KB)
    Elizabeth Murrie, a daughter of Charles and Deborah Murrie, married John Milton McCall in Henry County, TN. The couple joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and moved to Nauvoo, Il. before 1840. This document is from church records in St. George, Utah. Charles Franklin McCall and Martha Maria McCall Montague were two of the children of John and Elizabeth Murrie McCall. This document shows that they were babtized on behalf of ancestors - among them were their grandparents Charles and Deborah Murrie and their uncles Thomas and Solomon Murrie. A large number of Montagues settled in Payson, Utah. Other descendants moved on to Idaho and California. Some of the other McCall children settled in Utah but their families could not be found.
  • Probate Thomas Redding (Redden) (255 KB)
    Thomas Redding was married to a daughter of Charles and Deborah Murrie. The daughter's first name may have been Telia. The couple and their children were living in Henry County, TN at the time of Thomas' and Telia's deaths in the late 1830s. Four of the their orphans are named in this document. They are Mary Ann, Sarah Jane, Tabitha and Thomas. The youngest daughter Deborah is not mentioned in this document. There was also an older daughter. Some researchers think she was Lexey Redding. It is more likely that she was Arbelia Redding. Many Henry County documents of the period show the family spelling their last name Redden rather than Redding. It is known that the young Thomas Redding was raised by Deborah Murrie. The other orphans may have been with her and other relatives in Henry County. All grew to adulthood. Some stayed in TN while others moved to IL. In the 1860s Thomas Redding and his sister Sarah Jane Redding Carson and her familly, moved to KS.
  • Exerpt from Probate of William Murrie (69 KB)
    The document above is a page from the probate records of William Murrie. It is from Massac County, Illinois 1877. His heirs are listed in the center column. These are a mixture of his children and grandchildren. The children listed are Nicie Murrie Carson, Green Murrie and Charles Murrie. The others listed are his grandchildren or great grandchildren. The parents of these grandchildren were: Charlotte "Polly" Murrie Laird, Fannie Murrie Morse, Martha Murrie Ridge, P.Caroline Murrie Nobles, Hosea Murrie, Deborah Murrie Holliday. Note: In the left column, Nancy is listed as a child of William Murrie wioth her heir as Mansil Harpending. This is probably an error. William Murrie's daughter married John Nobles and the couple had Nancy. Nancy married James Harpending and they had Mansil. P. Caroline Murrie Nobles and Nancy Nobles Harpending died before William Murrie so Mansil was the heir in that line.
  • Simpson High School About 1930 (92 KB)
    Simpson High School was located in Johnson County. It was a three year high school. Some graduates attended their fourth year at Vienna. The boy third from the left in the front row is Ward Murrie. Ward's brother Edward is third from the left in the second row. Ward and Edward were sons of Fred and Ida Murrie.
  • Henry County TN Tax List 1844 (540 KB)
    This tax list from 1844 lists Deborah Murrie and James Murrie in district #6. Deborah Murrie was the widow of Charles Murrie. She died in 1845. James Murrie was her grandson. It is likely that he was the son of Thomas Murrie although it is possible that he was the son of William Murrie. Thomas Murrie had moved Johnson County, IL in the late 1830s and William Murrie moved to Massac County about 1840-1841. James Murrie moved to Massac County about 1852. He died in 1872 and is buried in Murray Cemetery just outside of Metropolis. Some of his descendants still live in Massac County.
  • Land Deed - Deborah Murrie Widow of Charles Murrie (63 KB)
    This 1842 Henry County, TN land document identifies Deborah Murrie as the widow of Charles Murrie. Their son Solomon Murrie signed the document. All three used the "ie" spelling of Murrie. Deborah Murrie died about 1845. Solomon Murrie's name appears in records of the period but he could not be found in the 1850 census. It is not known if he died or moved away.

Related Files

  • Charles Murrie and Family (6 KB)
    A brief overview of the first two generation of the Charles Murrie family.
  • Laben Murrie of Massac County, Illinois (4 KB)
    This file contains a biographical sketch of Laben Murrie of Massac County, Illinois. It was published in 1893. The biography also contains useful information about Laben Murrie's father Green Murrie and his grandfather William Murrie. The Murrie family came to Massac County, IL from Henry Co. TN about 1840. Green Murrie and his family migrated to Kansas in the middle to late 1860s. Laben returned to Massac County and spent the rest of his life there.
  • The Fifteen Children of Thomas Murrie (18 KB)
    Thomas Murrie was a son of Charles and Deborah Murrie. He married twice in North Carolina before he moved to Henry County, TN with other Murries. In the late 1830s, Thomas Murrie moved to Johnson County, Illinois. He married twice in Johnson County. Fifteen children were born to his first three wives. A short sketch of each child is provided in this file.
  • Cora Redding's (Redden) memories (8 KB)
    This file contains text that was sent to me by a descendant of Thomas Redding. Thomas was a grandchild of Charles and Deborah Murrie. He was orphaned young and was raised by Deborah Murrie. His daughter Cora Redding wrote about her family history. Since Cora was not born until 1870, much of the history must have been told to her by family members. The account provides information about Murrie family history but it does contain some errors. Descendants of Thomas Redding spell their name Redding. Many historical documents involving this family show the spelling as Redden.
  • Poem Composed by Grandville Murrie (1 KB)
    Grandville Murrie (1880-1963) fell in love with his cousin Etta Lee Murrie. The couple married about 1901. During their courtship, Grandville wrote a poem about his love for Etta Lee. It is reproduced here. A copy was sent to me by a descendant of Grandville and Etta Lee Murrie.
  • William Jackson Murrie (3 KB)
    William Jackson Murrie was born and raised in Johnson County, IL. This biographical sketch was published in 1912.
  • Christmas at the Old Farmhouse (1 KB)
    This poem was written by Margaret June Tye Butler for Christmas 1978. Margaret June Tye was the wife of Luster Norman Butler. Luster's parents were Jesse Albert Butler and Avis Murrie Butler. This poem was sent to me by a member of the Butler family. Sadly, Margaret Butler died a few years after writing this poem.
  • Little Egypt's Most Unusual Farm (7 KB)
    The article reproduced here was first published on April 3, 1955 in the St. Louis Globe Democrat. The article focused on Arthur, Hartwell, and Violet Murrie. The brothers and sister were blind. In spite of this, they operated the family farm with little help from others. The Murrie line for Arthur, Hartwell, and Viloet was: Charles, Thomas, Jeferson Monroe, and Charles William. Murrie Cemetery is on the property. The brothers and sister are buried there. Also buried in Murrie Cemetery is their ancestor Thomas Murrie who came to Johnson County in the late 1830s.
  • Newsletter - Murrie Migration (14 KB)
    This newsletter speculates on the European origin of the Murrie family and then traces movement of Murries from North Caroline to Tennessee, then to Southern Illinois, and finally to states west of the Mississippi.

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