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Descendants of William Codding

Generation No. 7

19. JAMES7 CODDING III (JAMES6, JAMES5, (CAPTAIN) JAMES4, GEORGE3, GEORGE2, WILLIAM1) was born 29 Sep 1755 in Taunton, Bristol County, Mass., and died 02 Oct 1840 in Taunton, Mass.. He married JOANNA EDDY 11 Nov 1777 in Taunton, Mass..

Notes for J
Served in the Revolution under Captain Edward Blake's Bristol County Regiment, in Warren, RI in 1776.
His wife, Joanna Eddy, is the stepdaughter of James grandfather James Sr.'s second wife, Joanna Haskins Eddy.

Children of J
  i.   HANNAH8 CODDING, b. 1781; d. 1781.
52. ii.   DAVID CODDING, b. 04 Jun 1786, Taunton, Mass.; d. 19 Aug 1874, LeRaysville, Bradford County, Pa., buried on the farm of J. Alonzo Bosworth near LeRaysville, Pike Township, Bradford County, Pa..
53. iii.   ABIGAIL CODDING, b. 1790.
54. iv.   ABIEL CODDING, b. 27 Oct 1792, Taunton, Mass.; d. 03 Oct 1881, Attelboro, Mass.

20. LYDIA7 CODDING (JAMES6, JAMES5, (CAPTAIN) JAMES4, GEORGE3, GEORGE2, WILLIAM1) was born 1765 in Taunton, Bristol County, Mass,. She married ENOS DEAN 06 Jul 1786 in Taunton, Bristol County, Mass.. He was born 12 Nov 1751 in Taunton, Bristol County, Mass,.
Children of L
  i.   LYDIA8 DEAN, b. 30 Jan 1787, Taunton, Bristol County, Mass,.
  ii.   ENOS DEAN (JR.), b. 18 Mar 1792, Taunton, Bristol County, Mass,.
  iii.   PHEBE DEAN, b. 27 Aug 1792, Taunton, Bristol County, Mass,.
  iv.   ABIGAIL DEAN, b. 11 Apr 1794, Taunton, Bristol County, Mass,.
  v.   BETHIA DEAN, b. 14 Jul 1796, Taunton, Bristol County, Mass,.
  vi.   NEHEMIAH DEAN, b. 04 Jul 1798, Taunton, Bristol County, Mass,.
  vii.   ALPHEUS DEAN, b. 23 Mar 1800, Taunton, Bristol County, Mass,.
  viii.   CLARISSA DEAN, b. 18 Feb 1802, Taunton, Bristol County, Mass,.

21. SAMMUEL7 CODDING, JR. (SGT.) (SAMMUEL6, JAMES5, (CAPTAIN) JAMES4, GEORGE3, GEORGE2, WILLIAM1) was born 03 Apr 1758 in Taunton, Mass., and died 29 Nov 1821 in West Mansfield, Mass.. He married SARAH HILL 27 Mar 1781 in Taunton, Mass.. She was born 16 Aug 1758 in Bridgewater, Mass., and died 07 Feb 1829 in Mansfield, Mass..

Notes for S
[SERGT.] SAMUEL CODDING, was born in Taunton, Mass., 3 Apr. 1758; died in West Mansfield, Mass., 29 Nov. 1821, age 64 (VR Mansfield), of "malignant fever" (typhoid, scarlet fever or diphtheria?) that also carried off two of his children and a nephew, buried in the Codding Cemetery, just south of the sharp angle of Oak Street, West Mansfield.
Samuel was a resident of Taunton when he married in Bridgewater, Mass., SARAH HILL, intentions 27 Mar. 1781. (VR Bridgewater 2: 85, 181; VR Taunton 2: 110.) His name in the intentions is spelled "Codden," and is spelled "Coddin," "Cadding," "Caddin" and "Coding" in Revolutionary War and other records.
Revolutionary War records show that Samuel Codding of Taunton, also described as Samuel Codding, Jr., or 2nd, went to Dager's Hill under command of Capt. Wilbour, July 1776, for four months' service; private in Capt. Joshua Wilbore's company, Col. Ebenezer Francis' regiment; warrant allowed in Council 29 Nov. 1776; company drafted from Taunton, Raynham and other Bristol County towns; marched to Providence under Capt. Deen, July 1777, to serve one month; marched by request of Gen. Spencer, Oct. 1777, on an alarm; went to Fall River under command of Capt. Hoskins 31 May 1778 for 10 days service; went with Capt. Crocker and others, July 1778, on six weeks' campaign; private, Capt. Rufus Barney's company, Col. Josiah Whitney's regiment; service from 29 July to 10 Sep. 1778, one month 13 days, in Rhode Island.
Further War records state that Samuel Codding was a "Sergeant, Capt. Edward Blake's Co., Col. Mitchell's (Bristol County) regiment commanded by Lieut. Col. James Williams, Brig. Gen. Godfrey's brigade; marched to Tiverton, R.I., on the alarm of August 2, 1780; service 8 days." Samuel is not listed on the roster of Revolutionary soldiers in the former Mansfield library (now part of the town hall), so he must have come to that town after his military service was over. Another Samuel Codding of Taunton hired a substitute in the Revolution.
The late Atty. Everett M. Grant of Mansfield, who compiled a Codding genealogy, stated that his research showed no connection between the Coddings and the Coddington family of Rhode Island; Samuel's descendant the late Mrs. Ruth A. (Walker) Flint of East Mansfield agreed that the Coddingtons were a separate family. The earliest Codding that Grant was able to trace appeared in Taunton around 1708 and was a ship captain; the family settled on the Segregansett River. This Codding now has descendants in Pennsylvania. Two Coddings are buried in the Stevens Cemetery on Route 118 in North Rehoboth, Mass. As is generally the case with those who have uncommon names, all the Coddings living in the United States appear to be related. (E. M. Grant pers. comm. 1962, 1965.)
The name Samuel Codding appears many times in Taunton and Dighton, Mass., real estate transfers but only twice in Mansfield. At some unknown time prior to 1815, Samuel Codding rented as a tenant farmer a large tract of land, and probably built a house and one or two barns and planted an orchard, in what is now the Great Woods east and north of Oak Street, West Mansfield. On 14 Oct. 1815, Samuel, described in the deed as a "yeoman," bought for $3,927.92 from Joanna Barnes of Providence, widow of Judge David Leonard Barnes, "One Certain farm or tract of land" which extended from the Mansfield-Norton town line as then understood (the line since has been moved farther south) northward along the east side of Hodges Brook for one mile and a quarter; by my calculation this farm contained 205 acres. (According to the deed the area calculated by surveyor Daniel Anthony, Esq., was 182 acres.) A later deed to part of the Codding property refers to it as the "Barns farm." The 1815 Codding deed mentions a "dwelling house occupied by the said Samuel" and an orchard northeast of the house, and concludes, "meaning and intending to convey to said Codding the whole of that part of the farm occupied by him situated in Mansfield, except what has been conveyed to the said Ephraim Lane and others, which belonged to my Honored Husband David Leonard Barnes deceased. . . . Reserving however the Wood and timber now lying on the said farm and cut for the use of me the Grantor, And reserving also the rents of said farm due from said Codding for the year ending in April next." (N. Bristol City Deeds [NBCD] 100: 207-210, recorded 22 Jun. 1816.) At least some of this wood and timber may have consisted of windfalls from the "September gale" (hurricane) of the previous month.
Joanna Barnes' late husband must have been a major land-holder in Mansfield, because on the same day that she sold to Samuel Codding, she sold to Ephraim Lane another large tract adjoining the Codding farm on the east.
I have no idea where Samuel obtained the large sum (for those days) of money with which to pay for this tract. Nearly all this farm is now wooded conservation land held by the Town of Mansfield or the Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield, Inc. The cellar holes of the house and barn, and the shallow surficial well, which is possibly implicated in the four Codding deaths from "malignant fever," are visible in the dense, brushy woods on a rise east of the path, about 1900 feet northeast of the angle of Oak Street.
In 1997 I talked with a "treasure hunter" who with a metal-detector had found on the Codding site English colonial coins, U.S. coins (mostly the large cents) dating up to 1850, and a metal button bearing an image of George Washington.
On 12 March 1816 Samuel Codding paid Elijah Hodges of Norton, Mass., $70 for 4 more acres of land on the east side of Oak Street in Mansfield, abutting the land that Samuel already owned (NBCD 100: 210, rec. 22 Jun. 1816). This parcel can be recognized today as the hayfield that lies to the right (south) of the cart path entering conservation land in an easterly direction directly opposite the former Codding (now Scott) house at 175/177 Oak Street. The Codding burial ground presently is maintained by the town of Mansfield.

Info donated by Harry B. Chase, Jr.

Notes for S
SARAH HILL, daughter of Josiah and Mary [Molly] Hill, born Bridgewater, Mass., 16 Aug. 1758 (VR Bridgewater 1: 158); died in Mansfield, Mass., a widow, 17 Feb. 1829, in her 71st year (VR Mansfield), buried in Codding Cemetery, Oak Street, West Mansfield. She married in Bridgewater, intentions 27 Mar. 1781, [SERGT.] SAMUEL CODDING of Taunton (VR Bridgewater 2: 181; VR Taunton 2: 110). In one record her maiden name is spelled "Hills."
A few years after her husband's death, Sarah began selling off the northern parts of the large tract he had bought from Joanna Barnes in 1815. On 18 Feb. 1828 she sold to Lemuel Grover, Jr., for $85.37, a 4.69-acre "parcel of land partly wood and partly Bush land . . . on the Barns [sic] farm so called." (NBCD 123: 371, rec. 1 Apr. 1828.) On 16 May 1828, for $573.81, she sold to her son William three parcels lying some distance to the east of the present Oak Street: 8.94 acres of woodland, 14.83 acres of meadowland "near the old beaver dam" in Hodges Brook, and 12.38 acres "on the brook near the spring" (NBCD 129: 135, rec. 22 Apr. 1830). The same day, she sold her son-in-law Thomas Brayman, 3d, "Gentleman," of Norton, 3.375 acres of woodland in Mansfield, for $118.95. (NBCD 140: 101-102, rec. 14 Sep. 1833.) On 20 Dec. 1828, for $68.37, Sarah sold 8.04 acres of "wood and meadowland" on the east side of Hodges Brook "near the Beaver dam" to her son John, whom the deed describes as a "yeoman" (NBCD 159: 397, rec. 18 May 1839).

Info donated by Charles B. Chase, Jr.
Children of S
  i.   MERCY COBB8 CODDING, b. 09 Jul 1781, Mansfield, Mass; d. 25 Dec 1864, Plainfield, Mass..
MERCY CODDING was born in West Mansfield in 1781; died Christmas day, 25 Dec. 1864, buried in the Codding Cemetery, Oak Street, West Mansfield. Her name (in this and other deeds spelled "Marcy," which is probably how it was pronounced) is the first on a deed signed 20 Jan. 1830 by her, her brothers John Codding of Mansfield, George Codding of Norton and Josiah Codding of Wrentham, Mass., and her sister Eunice Ware and Eunice's husband Amos, both of Wrentham, by which they sold for $644 to William Codding of Mansfield 50.7 acres of land in West Mansfield, the survey beginning at a corner of a wall on the road (now Oak St.) near a burying place and near Elisha Hodges' dwelling. (NBCD 129: 135-136, rec. 22 Apr. 1830.) Her name also is spelled "Marcy" in a deed by which she, her brothers William and John S. Codding, all of Mansfield, and Amos and Eunice B. Ware of Wrentham, on 13 Apr. 1830 signed to to her brothers George Codding of Norton and Josiah Codding of Wrentham, for $650, 32.31 acres of land in Mansfield "with a barn thereon standing." (NBCD 128: 467, rec. 19 Apr. 1830.) In this deed she is described as a "single woman." A north line of this parcel is described as passing through the barn, no visible trace of which remains, though there is a stone wall on the line. I do not know whether this vanished barn or the barn foundation now visible a short distance farther north near the Codding house site was the older.
Mercy's name, again spelled "Marcy," is mentioned as an abator in a deed (NBCD 150: 223-224) by which her brother Josiah Codding of Wrentham sold a parcel of land in West Mansfield to John S. Codding and William Witherell 5 Jan. 1835 (rec. 10 Jun. 1836).

Info donated by Harry B. Chase, Jr.

55. ii.   SAMMUEL CODDING (JR.), b. 19 Feb 1783, Mansfield, Mass; d. 29 Mar 1869, Plainfield, Mass..
56. iii.   EUNICE BRAINERD CODDING, b. 22 Mar 1785, Mansfield, Mass.; d. 1875, Wrentham, Mass..
  iv.   JOSIAH CODDING, b. 01 Feb 1787, Mansfield, Mass.; d. 1864; m. LOIS WARE, 03 Apr 1821, Wrentham, Mass..
JOSIAH CODDING, born in West Mansfield 1 Feb. 1787. Married LOIS. He was living in Wrentham, Mass., on 20 Jan. 1830 when he signed a deed (NBCD 129: 135-136, rec. 22 Apr. 1830) by which he, his sister Mercy Codding of Mansfield and brothers John Codding of Mansfield and George Codding of Norton and his sister Eunice Ware and her husband Amos, both of Wrentham, for $644 sold to his brother William Codding of Mansfield 50.7 acres of land in West Mansfield. On 13 Apr. 1830 he and his brother George of Norton bought from their sister Mercy and their brothers William and John S. Codding, all of Mansfield, and his sister Eunice B. Ware and her husband Amos of Wrentham, a 32.31-acre parcel in West Mansfield "with a barn thereon standing" for which they paid $650. (NBCD 128: 467, rec. 19 Apr. 1830.) Josiah and his wife Lois were still living in Wrentham when they signed on 5 Jan. 1835 a deed by which they sold 17 acres of land in West Mansfield to John S. Codding of Mansfield and William Witherell of Norton for $187. (NBCD 150: 223-224, rec. 10 Jun. 1836.)

info from Harry B. Chase, Jr.

  v.   MARY HILL (POLLY) CODDING, b. 11 Apr 1789, Mansfield, Mass.; d. 06 Oct 1821, Mansfield, Mass..
MARY H. [POLLY] CODDING, born West Mansfield 11 Apr. 1789; died in West Mansfield 4 Dec. 1821, age 34, unmarried, of "malignant fever" (typhoid?), five days after the death of her father; she was the last of the four members of her household to die in the fall of 1821, and is buried in the Codding Cemetery, Oak Street, West Mansfield.

provided By Harr B. Chase, Jr.

57. vi.   GEORGE CODDING, b. 20 Jun 1792, Mansfield, Mass.; d. 15 Jan 1862, Norton, Mass.
58. vii.   WILLIAM CODDING, b. 28 Mar 1794, West Mansfield, Mass.; d. 26 Apr 1871, West Mansfield, Mass..
  viii.   ISSAC CODDING, b. 23 Dec 1796, Mansfield, Mass.; d. 04 Dec 1821, Mansfield, Mass..
  Notes for ISSAC CODDING:
ISAAC CODDING, born West Mansfield 23 Dec. 1796; died in West Mansfield, 6 Oct. 1821, age 25, of "malignant fever," buried in Codding Cemetery, Oak Street, West Mansfield. His stone, the first to be erected in the small burying ground, bears the famous and in this case prophetic verse ending "Prepare for death and follow me," and has the stonecutter's price, $16, carved at the bottom.

info from Harry B. Chase, Jr.

59. ix.   JOHN SANFORD CODDING, b. 01 Mar 1800, Mansfield, Mass.; d. 30 May 1886, Rehobeth, Mass..
  x.   SALLY BARNES CODDING, b. 21 Jan 1802, Mansfield, Mass.; d. 03 Jul 1889; m. THOMAS BRAMAN, 09 Apr 1823, Mansfield, Mass; b. Norton, Mass.
SALLY BARNES CODDING, born West Mansfield 21 Jan. 1802; married probably in Mansfield 9 Apr. 1823, intentions filed 21 Feb. and 9 Apr. 1823, THOMAS BRAMAN or BRAYMAN, 3d, of Norton. There is a Sally Codding listed as born 5 Dec. 1802 in Norton. The Norton census of 1855 lists a Sally Codding, age 53, but I am not certain of her identity.

info provided by Harry B. Chase, Jr.

22. EBENEZER7 CODDING (SAMMUEL6, JAMES5, (CAPTAIN) JAMES4, GEORGE3, GEORGE2, WILLIAM1) was born 1760 in Taunton, Mass., and died Abt. 1814 in Taunton, Mass.. He married (1) BETSY SMITH 22 Aug 1805 in Freetown, Mass.. He married (2) BETSY COLE 24 Feb 1813 in Taunton, Mass..
Children of E
  i.   EBENEZER DAVID8 CODDING, b. 1806; d. 15 Nov 1821, West Mansfield, Mass..
EBENEZER CODDING, born about 1805; died in West Mansfield, 15 Nov. 1821, age 16, of "malignant fever," buried in Codding Cemetery, Oak Street, West Mansfield. I originally believed Ebenezer was a son of Samuel and Sarah, but it appears that he was Samuel's nephew who had come to live with his uncle and aunt after the death of his own parents. He might have lived longer had he stayed away from the "malignant" location!

info from Harry B. Chase, Jr.

  ii.   ABNER CODDING, b. 1810.

Child of A

24. COBB7 CODDING (SAMMUEL6, JAMES5, (CAPTAIN) JAMES4, GEORGE3, GEORGE2, WILLIAM1) was born 1768 in Taunton, Mass., and died 14 Nov 1845 in Berkshire County, Connecticut; buried West Branch Cemetery. He married PHYLENA WILLIS 1795.
Child of C
  i.   LYDIA8 CODDING, b. 1805; d. 1864.

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