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Ancestors of Gloria Catherine Dewar (Amdt Apr 2004)

Generation No. 13

      7692. George Morton, born 1558 in Bawtry, Yorkshire; died Unknown. He was the son of 15384. Anthony Morton and 15385. Mary ???. He married 7693. Catherine Bawn Abt. 1584.

      7693. Catherine Bawn275, born in England; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 15386. John Boun.

Notes for George Morton:
George and Catherine are possible but unproven parents of George Morton The Pilgrim. However, some sources consider Anthony Morton (Jr) of Bawtry to be the father of George The Pilgrim.

Notes for Catherine Bawn:
Bawn, Bown or Boun; however all are contested.
Children of George Morton and Catherine Bawn are:
  3846 i.   George Morton, born 2 August 1585 in Harworth, Nottinghamshire; died June 1624 in Plymouth Colony; married Juliana Carpenter 23 July 1612 in Leiden, Holland.
  ii.   Thomas Morton275, born in York, England; died Abt. 1627 in Plymouth Colony.
  Notes for Thomas Morton:
Witnessed his brother George's wedding in Holland, and arrived in Plymouth on the ship Fortune in 1621.

      7696. William Ford, died 1621 in Plymouth Colony. He married 7697. Martha ??? Abt. 1600.

      7697. Martha ???, died Abt. 1628 in Plymouth Colony.

Notes for William Ford:
Also Foord. 0ccupation leatherdresser. Arrived at Plymouth with wife and two children on the Fortune in 1621. It is unclear whether he died on board or soon after arrival.
In 1952 Hannibal Ford published a nine volume work on the descendants of William Foord and distributed it to 20 major libraries.

  Notes for Martha ???:
Gave birth to her third child John the night they landed in Plymouth.
Children of William Ford and Martha ??? are:
  3848 i.   William Ford, born Abt. 1604; died 23 September 1676 in Marshfield, MA; married Hanna Eames.
  ii.   Martha Ford, born Abt. 1619; died 1683.
  iii.   John Ford, born 1621; died 1693.

      7698. Anthony Eames, died Unknown.
Child of Anthony Eames is:
  3849 i.   Hanna Eames, died 1 September 1684 in Marshfield, MA; married William Ford.

      7700. Francis Dingley, born 1550 in Charlton, Worcester275; died 16 October 1624 in Charlton, Worcester. He was the son of 15400. Henry Dingley. He married 7701. Elizabeth Bigge 4 July 1575 in Charlton, Crophorn Parish, Worcester275.

      7701. Elizabeth Bigge, born Abt. 1554 in Lench Wick, Norton, Worcester275; died Unknown in Worcester. She was the daughter of 15402. Thomas Bigge.

Notes for Francis Dingley:
Sir Francis? Numerous Dingleys can be traced to Charlton, Worcestershire. Some claim a Henry
Dingley married Mary Neville in Charlton about 1545 AND that this couple are ancestors of our Francis. Possibly so, but unproven. The Nevilles can be traced back to King Edward III.
Child of Francis Dingley and Elizabeth Bigge is:
  3850 i.   John Dingley, born Abt. 1608 in Charlton, Worcestershire; died 1689 in Marshfield, Plymouth, MA; married Sarah ???.

      7712. William Bradford275, born Abt. 1533 in Austerfield, Yorkshire; died 10 January 1594/95 in Austerfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of 15424. Robert Bradfourth and 15425. Dorothy Turvin. He married 7713. Alice Morton 28 November 1552 in Austerfield, Yorkshire275.

      7713. Alice Morton275, born Abt. 1536 in Austerfield, Yorkshire275; died Bef. October 1567. She was the daughter of 15426. Robert Morton and 15427. Unknown.

  Notes for Alice Morton:
Her LDS Ancestry File is MHLN-F5 and that of her husband AFN: MHLB. If these references are believed, Alice's ancestors can be traced through the Markhams and Skipworths to most of the royal lines in Europe, Emperors of East and West, Princes of Kiev, and even Lady Godiva. However pending better data the connection remains speculative.
Child of William Bradford and Alice Morton is:
  3856 i.   William Bradford, born 19 May 1559 in Austerfield, Yorkshire; died 15 July 1591 in Austerfield, Yorkshire; married Alice Hanson 21 July 1584 in Austerfield, Yorkshire.

      7714. John Hanson, born 1531 in Austerfield, England; died 22 February 1600/01 in Austerfield, England. He married 7715. Margaret Gresham 23 July 1560 in Austerfield, England.

      7715. Margaret Gresham, born Abt. 1542 in England; died 31 July 1603 in Austerfield, England.

Notes for John Hanson:
Tax records show Hanson and William Bradford paid more taxes than most others in the town.
Child of John Hanson and Margaret Gresham is:
  3857 i.   Alice Hanson, born 1562 in Austerfield, Yorkshire; died 23 May 1597 in Austerfield, Yorkshire; married (1) William Bradford 21 July 1584 in Austerfield, Yorkshire; married (2) Robert Briggs 23 February 1592/93 in England.

      7716. William Carpenter, born Abt. 1530 in Delmine, Hertfordshire, England; died Abt. 1590 in England. He was the son of 15432. John Carpenter and 15433. Abigail. He married 7717. Abigail.

      7717. Abigail, born 1532 in England; died 1590 in England.

Notes for William Carpenter:
Carpenter genealogists disagree on the ancestors of Alexander Carpenter. I call the two main versions Course A and B. They both begin with William (Abt. 1530-Abt 1590) after which they diverge through different members of a large extended family, coming together again after some 4 generations with William Carpenter (1440-). Course A appears based mainly on a book by Amos Carpenter published around 1900. Course B appears based mainly on the more recent research of Raymond George Carpenter as reported on http:// by Richard Dutton. Not yet sure which is the more correct I have used parts of each: Course A back to 1404, both courses back to 1303, and Course B only for the earlier ancestors which indeed only appear in Course B.
Some claim a brother of Alexander was the first male Carpenter to reach America; others disagree. Was it a grandson of Robert and his cousin? Elizabeth? We'll see.
Children of William Carpenter and Abigail are:
  i.   James Carpenter, born Bef. 1560; died 1593.
  Notes for James Carpenter:
Inherited the family estate.

  3858 ii.   Alexander Carpenter, born Abt. 1560 in Wrington, Somerset; died Abt. 1612 in Somerset; married Priscilla Dillen in Somerset, England.
  iii.   Richard Carpenter, born Aft. 1560; died Unknown.
  iv.   William Carpenter, born Aft. 1560; died Unknown.
  v.   Eleanor Carpenter, died Unknown; married Robert Carpenter; died Unknown.
  Notes for Eleanor Carpenter:
According to one version of the Carpenter legend, Eleanor married a cousin, Robert Carpenter. Both are reportedly descended from John born in 1303. Eleanor does not even appear in some versions.

      7724. Edmund Masterson, born in Yorkshire, England; died 1621.
Child of Edmund Masterson is:
  3862 i.   Richard Masterson, born 23 November 1590 in Sandwich, Kent; died 1633 in Plymouth Colony,; married Mary Goodale 23 November 1619 in Leiden, Holland.

      7726. Robert Goodale, born Abt. 1568 in Dennington, Suffolk; died Unknown. He was the son of 15452. John Goodale and 15453. Elizabeth ???. He married 7727. Joanne Artys 8 November 1590 in Dennington, Suffolk276.

      7727. Joanne Artys, born Abt. 1570 in Dennington, Suffolk; died Unknown.

  Notes for Joanne Artys:
Name appears in some Ancestral Files as Joan E Artys.
Children of Robert Goodale and Joanne Artys are:
  3863 i.   Mary Goodale, born 14 March 1589/90 in Leicestershire, England; died 1650 in Boston, MA; married (1) Reverend Ralph Smith; married (2) Richard Masterson 23 November 1619 in Leiden, Holland.
  ii.   Margaret Goodale, born 14 March 1592/93; died Unknown.
  iii.   Richard Goodale, born 29 January 1593/94 in Dennington, Suffolk; died 12 October 1682 in Salisbury, MA; married Katherine Whiterent 22 October 1622 in Great Yarmouth, England; died Unknown.
  iv.   Wiiliam Goodale, born 21 November 1596; died Unknown.
  v.   Ann Goodale, born 16 September 1599 in Dennington, Suffolk; died 9 March 1681/82 in Salisbury, MA; married Edward French 1632; died Unknown.
  vi.   Edward Goodale, born 21 December 1603; died Unknown.
  vii.   Elizabeth Goodale, born 11 October 1608; died Unknown.
  viii.   Thomas Goodale, born 2 December 1610; died Unknown.

      7728. William Brewster277, born Abt. 1535 in Scrooby; died 1590 in Scrooby, Nottinghamshire. He was the son of 15456. William Brewster and 15457. Maude Mann. He married 7729. Mary Smythe Abt. 1565.

      7729. Mary Smythe, born Abt. 1538 in Stainforth, Doncaster, Yorkshire277; died Abt. 1579 in Scrooby. She was the daughter of 15458. William Smythe.

Notes for William Brewster:
A postmaster at Scrooby. He may have married Prudence Peck about 1560 at Scrooby.
Child of William Brewster and Mary Smythe is:
  3864 i.   Elder William Brewster, born Abt. 1566 in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England; died 10 April 1644 in Plymouth Colony; married Mary ??? 1590 in Scrooby, Yorkshire, England.

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