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Murphy, Cureton, Davis, Goens, Marsh, Roper, Boyer & Worden

Updated August 30, 2014


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I am searching the following surnames, and listed is the areas they lived. I would appreciate any assistance, and will share what I have. Check out my articles and subscribe for genealogy tips and updates at Check out my blog at

List of my Surnames:
Adle, Alden, Allen, Armour, Atwood, Austin, Bayley, Beech, Beyer, Bier, Bissell, Bonds, Boyer, Brand, Brant, Brave Bull, Burns, Carter, Carew, Chafee, Carlise, Church, Cook, Cornelius, Crim, Cromwell, Crowell, Cureton, Davis, DeMoer, DeWandelaer, Dias, Dock, Dunham, Drake, Ellis, Eton, Ferris, Fidler, FitzRandolph, Fowler, Gansevoort, Geaween, Gartner, Gartrant, Gates, Giles, Goddard, Goens, Goins, Goings, Goodnight, Green, Grice, Griner, Grinway, Griswold, Hall, Hart, Hardenbroeck, Hatter, Hamerton, Haywood, Helman, Hemstreet, Hennington, Henry, Hicks, Holbrook, Holley, Hollaway, Hosford, Imes, Johnson, Kalsman, Kearney, Kilgore, Klyce, Koerner, Lackey, Leech, Lepper, Lett, Lewish, Loop, Lozada, Marsh, Manitou/Maniteau, Marshall, Martinez, McBride, McCard, McCurry, McDaniel, McCorkle, McIntosh, McVeigh, Mead, Misseles, Moore, Mowbray, Mullins, Murphy, Newman, Pabodie (Peabody), Palmer, Palmeter, Payne, Petrie, Phelps, Phillips, Phillipse, Ponder, Plumpton, Radcliffe, Reece, Reilly, Rice, Richmond, Riemenseider, Ritter, Robinson, Rogers, Roper, Ross, Ruble, Russell, Ruston, Savage, Sewell, Shelley, Sherburne, Sims, Simmons, Smith, Smythe, Stanley, Strobe, Stroup, Thrall, Valee, Quackenbush, Waltersdorf, Wall, Wilcox, Wilton, Windsor, Worden, Worthington, Wyant, Zerbe.

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* Goens/Goins/Goings/Gowens, Loudoun Co, Virginia, Jefferson, Virginia and West Virginia (free, possible Melungeon, Mulatto, White, or unknown, Joseph & Nancy Goings)

* MURPHY-Cherokee NC,Canton Il--Des Moines Ia--Ft.Wayne Ind.-- Grand Rapids Mi. (Irish/Native American/African American)

* MCCORKLE & Henry-Greene Co., Tenn
Goddard, Knox Tn, Bell and Harlan, KY

* CURETON-Carolina's -- Loudon Tn.-Ft. Wayne Ind-Grand Rapids, Mi. (French West Indies,White) Knoxville TN

* Anderson Russell-TN-Where are you?

* WORDEN-Herkimer,Jefferson, or Montgomery Co. NY--Eaton Co. Mi--Oceana Co. Mi.--Benzie Co. Mi.

* Parley Worden mystery is solved. His parents are Arnold and Abigail (Marshall) Worden. The Worden line goes to John Alden (Mayflower)

* BOYER-Herkimer Co. NY--Eaton Co. Mi(French (Beir)German)--

* NEWMAN-Herkimer Co. Ny--Eaton Co. Mi.--

* MARSH-Jefferson Co,Virginia (African, Native American)

* DAVIS-Franklin Co. PA--Medina OH--Benzie Co. Mi. (Scotch/Irish/African Slave) MARSH & GOENS-Jefferson Co. Wva.(English,Mulatto)

I visited (10/28/09) Allen County Library in Ft. Wayne Indiana. Found city directory records on Govan Cureton (great grandfather) & William Murphy and family and visited Govan's grave.

July 2010-I visited Knoxville and Loudon Tn. Looked for Cureton's. Still looking for Ambrose Cureton's grave. Ambrose was born abt. 1840 in TN, but not sure that is accurate. His son is Govan who married Hattie Russell, who is Anderson Russell's daughter.

Edward and Sallie (McCorkle) Goddard lived in Knoxville, then moved to BEll KY, then finally settled in Harlan KY. Sallie is my great grandmother Nellie's sister.

Looking for death and marriage record on William Michael Murphy, b. Indian Territory, married Nellie McCorkle, b. Greene Co. TN abt. 1868, daughter of John and Rosannah (Henry). Rosannah is daughter of John and Esther Henry, both born in Virginia abt. 1810.

Family Photos

  • William and Viola (Cureton) Murphy (57 KB)
    Paternal grandparents-William Columbus born in Canton Ilinois, son of William & Nellie McCorton, born in Indian Territory and Viola, born of Govan and Hattie Russell in Tenn. William was a coal miner in Illinois and maybe in Iowa He step father was Henry Giles. Recently, found a document that shows William Columbus's father is named William Michael Murphy.
  • Calvin Murphy Speaking at Veteran's Rally in DC (75 KB)
    Vetern's needs our help. Local judges are taking combat earned disability pay and awarding it to spouses. The benefits are not divisible like retirement pay. The U.S. Code of Law 5301 says NO. Please stand up for the Veterans, call your local officials. If you have questions, email me at
  • Henry and Clara (Marsh) Davis (40 KB)
    Great Grandparents Henry son of William and Mildred (Brand) Davis. Henry born in Medina OH, while family on route from PA to Michigan. Clara Marsh, daughter of George and Mary C (Goens) Marsh. Clara born in Michigan.
  • William C. Murphy's Son's (5 KB)
    Son's: Harold, Donnie, William (Bud), Ralph and Calvin (my dad)
  • Ahira and Elizabeth (Boyer) Worden (36 KB)
    Great Grandparents, maternal side, Ahira son of Parley Worden, born in Eaton County Mich. Ahira and Elizabeth had Arthur, Arthur married Irene Davis, and they had Verna, my mother.
  • Marsh Homestead (1162 KB)
    George and Mary (Goens) Marsh, Arcadia, Manistee Mi, Lettau Road
  • William and Viola (Cureton) Murphy Children (5 KB)
    Son's-William (Bud) , Calvin, Harold, Donald and Ralph, Daughters: Lillian and Evelyn, photo taken abt 1956
  • Arthur Worden, Grandfather (50 KB)
    Arthur son of Ahira, is my grandfather. Born in Shelby, Oceana County, Michigan. He is the grandson of Parley and Lydorianna Boyer Worden.
  • Medina Co. Ohio Land Purchase (1465 KB)
    William Davis and family purchased 25 acres in Medina County Ohio before heading off to homestead in Benzie Co. MI
  • William Murphy and son's Donnie and Harold (51 KB)
    William Columbus Murphy, b. 1887 in Canton Illnois, with sons Donnie and Harold, photo taken abt. 1952
  • Malcolm School Manistee County, Michigan (136 KB)
    Photo taken about 1890, Malcolm School. The Marsh and Reed children in the picture.
  • USS Grant Ship (96 KB)
    William Columbus Murphy, rode this ship to France, WW1.
  • Davis Certificate (80 KB)
  • Three Generation (37 KB)
    Right to left-me, 16, mom 16 and grandma Irene Davis Worden age 22.
  • Alan Davis, Joyfield Cemetery (40 KB)
    Alan passed but lived long enough to see this sign and the Joyfield Cemetery recognized. Joseph Davis donated the land for the cemetery.
  • Davis Family Gathering (2849 KB)
    Davis descendants gathering in Michigan, photo dates either 1947 or 1948.
  • Mushroom House, Joyfield, Benzie Co. Mi (12 KB)
    This house was built after the original white frame two story house burned, William O. and Nellie (Eton) lived in this house. The M31 Road Crew helped abt. 1919 when M31 was being paved.
  • Mt. Gilliam House, Jefferson County, VA/ WVA (74 KB)
    Charles and Louisa's house on Shenandoah River, James or John Goens might be in the picture.
  • DNA 23andme (76 KB)
    My DNA per 23andme.
  • Logging in Benzie County- (29 KB)
    Davis's were farmers and loggers, this picture was taken in Benzie County Mi, with Davis Men and others.
  • Shannondale Springs Resort 1856 Flyer (469 KB)
    Lawson Goens/Goins worked at Shannondale resort in Jefferson County WV for 30 yrs, he passed 12 July 1874
  • Lawson Goens-Great great great grandfather (21 KB)
    My great great great grandfather Lawson Goens was born in 1807, passed 12 July 1874. He was born in Loudoun Virginia, now we know based on a death record. His parents are Joseph and Nancy Gowens. Joseph was born in 1750. Lawson worked as a boatman for the Shannondale Springs Resort in Jefferson County.He is died in Clarke County Virginia
  • Olivet article, Parley Worden (129 KB)
    Shows Parley Worden and Boyer's arriving in Eaton County Michigan abt 1837.
  • My Great, Great Grandmother- Great Grandmother (52 KB)
    Left: Mary C. Goens Marsh, daughter of Lawson & Sarah Hart, born in Va. Right: Clara Marsh Davis, born in Michigan, daughter of George Marsh and Mary C. Goens Marsh, Girl in picture with Mary is her granddaughter Mary Manitou.
  • Grandmother, Mother, Me (57 KB)
    Left: Irene Davis Worden; Grandmother, Verna Worden Murphy; Mother, and Verna's daughter Shelley Murphy
  • George Marsh Land Certificate (804 KB)
    Manistee Michigan Land Certificate obtained in 1875, 160 Acres, Lettau Road, Arcadia.
  • Calvin Clark Davis-Michigan news, page 1 (109 KB)
    Calvin Clark Davis WWII military research.
  • George and Mary (Goens) Marsh Kids-1890 (796 KB)
    George Jr, Frank, Warren, Hattie, Malcolm School, Manistee Co.
  • Calvin Clark Davis-Michigan news, page 2 (147 KB)
    Calvin Clark Davis, WWII, served in Pacific and Europe, shot down November 30, 1944, Radio Gunner
  • Unknown Photos (900 KB)
    unknow female, pictures was in a Jefferson Co. area.
  • The Second Davis Home, Benzie County Mi. Hwy31 (12 KB)
    The first house burned, William O. Davis was working as the time keeper with the road crew. The road crew helped build the house. The house was referred to as the "Mushroom" based on the look. William O and Nellie raised their kids in this house. Louie and Erwin lived here until the fire in the 60's, which resulted in their death.
  • Unknown Photos (1086 KB)
    Might be a Roper or Goens, unknown
  • Goens or Marsh-Barnesville OHIO (218 KB)
    Could this be Mary Catherine (Goens) Marsh, wife of George Marsh at a young age. The Marsh family left Virginia and traveled to Ohio on route to Michigan.
  • Unknown Photos (1055 KB)
    Unknown male, maybe from Jefferson Co. WV area
  • Davis Picture, Benzie County Michigan (16 KB)
    One of William O. Davis sons-mushroom house in background. The land is part of the orginal homesteaded property. Davis boys, Louie and Ervin were farmers. Davis land homesteaded 160 acres by William Davis and wife Mildred abt. 1862, son Joseph also homesteaded 160 acres, adjacent. William Davis donated land for Joyfield Cemetery, Joseph donated land to Latter Day Saints Church, both in Joyfield.
  • Unknown Photos (1187 KB)
    Male maybe from Jefferson Co. WV area.
  • Lousia Victoria (Roper) & Charles Henry Goens (35 KB)
    Lousia is daugther of Nicholas Osborn Roper who is son of James Roper, the only son( mulatto) the son of Nicholas Roper from Suffolk England.
  • Unknown Photos (950 KB)
    Unknown girls, maybe sisters, maybe from the Jefferson Co. WV area
  • (28 KB)
    Visit and help fight the poverty issue.
  • Howard Hart (941 KB)
    He is the husband of Arwilda Goens, daughter of Joseph and Lucy (Sims)
  • Marsh Homestead (1162 KB)
    George and Mary (Goens) Marsh, built this house in Manistee Co. Michigan. They received their homestead certification 10 May 1875.
  • Henry Davis, Logger 1906 (3061 KB)
    Peterville Michigan, 1906-1910, Benzie Co. MI

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  • Davis Family (12 KB)
    Black pioneers tackle northern wilderness By Betty DeRamus / The Detroit News Joseph Davis, son of William and Mildred Brand Davis.
  • Joseph Davis (7 KB)
    Part 2, Black pioneers tackle northern wilderness By Betty DeRamus / The Detroit News
  • 2007 to present Updates (11 KB)
    Updated information on William Davis and others William Davis, owned 11 acres, Franklin County, PA. Documented on 1843 tax list for Franklin County PA. He sold the land in 1858 to Rev. Coursey. At this point William Davis and wife Mildred (Brand), children-Joseph, James B, Susan Ann, William O. traveled in a covered wagon to Medina Co. Ohio, verified in 1860 Fed. Census, then arrived in Benzie Co. Michigan with two more kids, Alma and Henry, abt 1862. William and Joseph both homesteading 160 acres each.
  • Information, Surnames Misc. (16 KB)
    Surnames and family information News: Just made contact with a Goens relative. William Henry Roper, wife Sarah/Sallie Ann Goens descendants. Visit often for more updates.
  • Lawson Goens & Family (12 KB)
    This is an updated list on the Goens Family. Any new or revised information would be appreciated. There are several pages of pictures, enjoy. We are looking to locate where Lawson is buried since he died in Clark County, VA. Any help is appreciated.

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