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Ancestors of Raymon German Rollins

      70. John~ Watkins123, died Unknown.

Notes for John~ Watkins:
Land Office Patents & Grants/Northern Neck Grants & Surveys

Watkins, John. (44) - 44 hits

23. Watkins, John 23 April 1681.
24. Watkins, John 2 March 1638.
25. Watkins, John 3 July 1648.

Husband's Name
John WATKINS (AFN:8J3F-B6) Pedigree
Born: Abt 1684 Place: Of, Halifax, Va
Died: 28 Jul 1743 Place: , Halifax, Va
Father: Henry WATKINS (AFN:JTT1-GD) Family
Mother: Mary CRISPE (AFN:82H2-Z7)
Wife's Name
Elizabeth (AFN:8J73-XB) Pedigree
Born: Abt. 1690 Place: <Of, Halifax, Va>

Husband's Name
John WATKINS (AFN:RR5J-XW) Pedigree
Born: Abt. 1662 Place: Of, King And Queen, Va
Married: Bef 1707 Place: , , Va
Wife's Name
Elizabeth PARKER (AFN:RR5J-Z3) Pedigree
Born: Abt 1666/1673 Place:
Christened: Place: Of, King And Queen, Va
Married: Bef 1707 Place: , , Va
Father: Robert PARKER (AFN:CS45-8H) Family

Virginia County Records, VI
Licenses to go Beyond the Seas.
Secundo Januarii, 1634.
23 April, 1655 . Indenture between Thomas , alias Sackford Brewster , gent., and Elizabeth Watkins , his espoused and admx. of John Watkins , decd., for the benefit of her three children.

Virginia County Records, VI
Isle of Wight County
Book No. 7.
Original Source Page Name: 70 John Watkins 1681
Comment: 400 acres

Virginia County Records, X
Index to Land Grants Henrico County.
Book No. 15.
Original Source Page Name: 63
Name: John Watkins
Date: 1733
Comment: 50 acres

Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly

View Image Series Volume Chapter Section
john watkins XXIII 1 01-FEB-1985 Table of Contents
john watkins XXIII 1 01-FEB-1985 Oaths of Allegiance, 1777, Pittsylvania County
john watkins XXIII 1 01-FEB-1985 Benjamin Watkins and Wife Jane Watkins
john watkins XXIII 3 01-AUG-1985 Surry County Tithables, 1689, 1690, 1691
john watkins XXIII 3 01-AUG-1985 Miscellanea
john watkins XXIII 4 01-NOV-1985 Virginia Land Patent Book 15
john watkins XXIV 1 01-FEB-1986 Surry County Tithables, 1695, 1696, 1697
john watkins XXIV 2 01-MAY-1986 Surry County Tithables, 1698, 1699, 1700
john watkins XXIV 3 01-AUG-1986 Surry County Tithables, 1701, 1702, 1703
john watkins XXIV 3 01-AUG-1986 Surry County Tithables, 1701, 1702, 1703
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Virginia Immigrants, 1623-66
Early Virginia Immigrants; 1623-1666

Austin, Richard, 1638, by John Watkins, James Cittie Co.
Barker, Alice, wife Christo Barker, 1648, by John Watkins, James City.
Barker, Christo., 1648, by John Watkins, James City Co.
Brown, Nicho., 1648, by John Watkins, James City Co.
Knight, Robert, 1638, by John Watkins, James Cittie.
Millard, Richard, 1638, by John Watkins, James Cittie Co.
Watkins, Jno., 1651, by Wm. Hampton Co.
Watkins, John, 1653, by Charles Grymes, Lancaster Co.
Watkins, Edward, 1654, by John Wyre, John Gillet, Andrew Gilson and John Phillipps, Co.
Watkins, Geo., 1654, by Robert Hubard, Westmoreland Co.
Watkins, Thomas, 1647, by John Sidney, Lower Norfolk Co.
Watkins, Mary, 1654, by John Thomas, Nansemond Co.
Watkins, Eliz., 1654, by Major Wm. Andrews, Northampton Co.
Watkins, Wm., 1643, by Richard Richards, Charles River Co.
Watkins, Eliz., 1640, by Edmund Scarburgh, Accomack Co.
Watkins, Rich., 1643, by John Foster, Northampton Co.
Watkins, Geo., 1638, by John Fludd, James City Co.
Watkins, Thos., 1637, by Thomas Weston, Charles River Co.
Watkins, Alice, 1638, by William Carter, James City Co.
Watkins, Nich., 1639, by William Wigg, Co.
Watkins, Morgan, 1637, by John Baker, Henrico Co.
Watkins, Alice, 1635, by William Carter, Henrico Co.
Watkins, Thomas, 1635, by Samuel Weaver, Co.


History of the Distinguished Surname of Watkins

From the beautiful Welsh Mountain ranges comes this distinguished surname of Watkins. Wales is a land of soft spoken, music-loving poets, a people famous for their bards, Eisteddfods (Music Festivals) and their choral groups.

After the Romans vacated the British Isles at the end of the 3rd century the Welsh or Ancient Britons were left in sole possession of all of England, all the way north to the banks of the Clyde. Their most distinguished leaders were Ambrosious, and later in the 5th century, King Arthur of the Round Table. The Saxons forced them westward into the mountains of what is now Wales, north to Cumberland and southern Scotland, and into Cornwall to the south. The first recorded King of Wales was Rhodri Mawr or Roderick the Great who ruled from his seat in Anglesey. He died in 893. On his death he gave Wales to his three sons, Anarawd became King of North Wales, Cadalh became King of South Wales and Mervyn became King of Powys or mid Wales.

The ancient history of the name Watkins also emerged from these same Welsh chronicles, woven into the prosaic tapestry of the ancient Welsh tradition. It was first found in Breconshire, where they were seated at Pennoyre from ancient times and early in the eleventh century branched to Llangorse in that same shire.

Researchers reviewed manuscripts such as the Domesday Book, the Pipe Rolls, Hearth Rolls, the Black Book of the Exchequer, the Curia Regis Rolls, and your family name, Watkins, was found in many different forms. Although your name, Watkins, occurred in many references, from time to time the surname was spelt Watkins, Watkyns, Watkens, Watkin, and many of these versions are still in use today. These changes in spelling frequently occurred, even between father and son. It was not uncommon for a person in his or her own lifetime to be born with one spelling, marry with another, and have still another on the headstone in his or her resting place.

The Norman Conquest of Wales was a disaster. A testimony to the indomitable Welsh fighting spirit is that there are more castles, or ruins of castles, to the square mile in Wales than anywhere else in the world. Border warfare against the Normans and their successors continued unabated until the end of the 14th century. The Welsh tactic was to thrust, then retire to their bleak mountain homes to plan their next attack. As peace gradually returned to this picturesque country, the Welsh, attracted by the economic opportunities, moved eastward into the English cities. Hence we now find Welsh surnames such as Jones, Price, Edwards, Phillips, Evans, Pritchard, Morgan, Williams, Roberts and so on, to be amongst the highest population names in England at this time.

Despite this background of mountain greenery the Welsh family name of Watkins emerged as a notable family name in Herefordshire, and Woodfield in the county of Worcestershire and in the sixteenth century to Badby House in Northampton and to Llyn-y-Brain in the county of Carmathen. Their present family seats are at Badby House and Woodfield, where they are recorded in Burke's Peerage as Landed Gentry. Prominent amongst the family name during the late middle ages was Rees Watkin of Ty-Isha in Breconshire.

For the next two or three centuries the surname Watkins flourished and played an important role in local county politics and in the affairs of Britain in general. During the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries England was ravaged by religious conflict. The newly found passionate fervour of Cromwellianism swept the nation. The power of the Church, and the Crown, their assessments, tithes, and demands imposed a heavy burden on rich and poor alike. They looked to the New World for their salvation. Many became pirates who roamed the West Indies such as Captain Morgan.

Some were shipped to Ireland where they were known as the 'Adventurers for land in Ireland'. They acquired land for an old song. Essentially, they contracted to keep the Protestant faith, being granted lands previously owned by the Catholic Irish. The name Watkins settled in Ireland in the 17th century, but occurs earlier in O'Flaherty's country in West Connacht. The migration or banishment to the New World continued, some voluntarily from Ireland, but mostly directly from Wales or England. They sailed to the New World across the stormy Atlantic in the tiny sailing ships which were to become to be known as the "White Sails". These overcrowded ships, built for 100 but crammed with 400 and 600 people, sometimes spending two months at sea, were wracked with disease, sometimes landing with only 60 to 70% of the original passenger list.

In North America, one of the first migrants which could be considered a kinsman of the Watkins family or having a variation of the family surname spelling, was Henry Watkins who was a fisherman of Little Harbour in Twillingate Newfoundland in 1814; Peregine Watkines settled in Virginia in 1621; Evan Watkins settled in Virginia in 1622; James Watkins settled in Virginia in 1607 thirteen years before the "Mayflower"; Thomas and Alice Watkins settled in Virginia in 1635; Nicholas Watkins settled in the Barbados in 1639; Rees Watkins settled in Virginia in 1623; and Margaret Watkins settled with her husband in Norfolk, Virginia in 1822 with her six children.

There are many notable contemporaries of this name, Reverend Dom Watkin, Headmaster of Downside School; Sir Peter Watkin, Chief Justice; Baron Watkins; Professor Arthur Goronwy Watkins, Child Health; Brigadier Bernard Watkins JP; David Watkins MP; Harold Watkins, Managing Director of CANUSA; Colonel Hubert Watkins, Company Chairman; Mary Watkins, Headmistress; Sir Tasker Watkins, Judge; Thomas Watkins Chemical Research; Professor Winnifred Watkins, Biochemistry.

Whilst researching the family name Coat of Arms we traced the most ancient recording and grant of Arms. Those many branch Coat of Arms which were granted down through the ages may also be appropriate to the name.

The most ancient grant of Coat of Arms found was; Black with a chevron between three spearheads.
The Crest is; A dragon's head.
The ancient family motto for this distinguished name is; "Pen-aur-y-chalon Wir"
The Watkins Family 1700's
Early 1700's Rent Records for the Virginia Colony NAME YEAR COUNTY

Benjamin Watkins
King and Queen

Edward Watkins
King and Queen

Edward Watkins
King and Queen

Henry Watkins,Sr.

John Watkins
Isle of Wighte

Joseph Watkins

Rebecca Watkins

Richard Watkins

Thomas Watkins,Jr.
King and Queen

Thomas Watkins

Thomas Watkins

Thomas Watkins

William Watkins

William Watkins
King and Queen County

William Watkins
Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul

Watkins 1600
The Watkins family originated in Wales, UK, migrating to America in early 1600. This old and distinguished name is found on the records in the English colony of Jamestown.

Jamestown Virginia Environment
Jamestown was situated on a peninsula in the James River. The mortality rate was high due to the unhealthy living conditions produced by the marshy environment

James Watkins 1608
James Watkins name is on the list of passengers on the 1st supply ship arriving in Jamestown in January 1608. He is listed as a laborer. His name does not appear in the 1623 census list.

Captain John Smith founded the colony in 1607. Smith named Watkins Point (near Jamestown) for James Watkins who accompanied him on the expedition, which had to have been in 1608.

Three Watkins Brothers
According to family lore there were three Watkins brothers that came from Wales to the 1st settlement of Jamestown. Their names are uncertain. The Jamestown census of 1624 showed only these three Watkins. They settled on the Eastern Shore.

Daniel Watkins
Henry Watkins
Peregree Watkins.

Ship George 1621 - Passenger Ship
Peregree Watkins is listed as arriving in 1621 on the ship George. He was 24 and head of his household.

More About John~ Watkins:
Will: Made a bequest to James Terrill and his wife Margaret Watkins
Child of John~ Watkins is:
  35 i.   Margaret Watkins, born Abt. 1700 in of Virginia; died May 1772 in St Margarets Parish, Caroline County, VA; married James Terrell, Sr Bef. 1722.

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