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Ancestors of Margaret May Harvey

Generation No. 8

      128. Thomas Harvey III, born 1643 in Taunton, Bristol County, MA; died 1726 in Taunton, Bristol County, MA. He was the son of 256. Thomas* Harvey II and 257. Elizabeth* Andrews. He married 129. Experience Harvey 1668 in Taunton, MA.

      129. Experience Harvey, born 04 Mar 1643/44 in Boston, MA; died 1720 in Taunton, Bristol County, MA. She was the daughter of 258. William* Harvey and 259. Joane* Hucker.

Notes for Thomas Harvey III:
The Harvey Book
Page 41

(11) THOMAS HARVEY3 (Thomas,2 Thomas1). He was born in Taunton about 1643. In 1668 he was married to his cousin (8) Experience Harvey, daughter of (4) William, and the next year was the proprietor of an "ordinary," or eating-house, in Taunton. [See Propr. Records, Taunton, IV.: 25--this being one of the earliest records of an "ordinary" in Taunton.]

Thomas was the original owner of lot No. 77 in the Taunton "South Purchase." 17 Dec., 1673, he was a Sergeant in the Taunton military company raised by Plymouth Colony to be sent in the expedition against the Dutch in New York and New Jersey. [See Plym. Records, V.: 136.] In 1689 he was one of the grantees named in the Bradford deed, referred to on page 32 ante. In 1691 he was chosen Fourth Sergeant of the "First Military Company" (train-band) of Taunton, and in 1700 he was still a member of the company. [See original papers of Capt. Thos. Leonard, City Hall, Taunton.]

During King William's War (which was waged between the New England Colonies and the Canadian French and Indians in a desultory manner for several years, and which was ended by the treaty of peace at Ryswick in 1698) many of the English King's subjects in the Colonies who were able to bear arms were impressed(*) into the military service. In an "impress-warrant" issued 24 July, 1695 (and now preserved at Taunton), appears the following: "William Harvey or his brother Thomas Harvey."

In March, 1714, being then about 71 years of age, Thomas conveyed to his son Ebenezer his dwelling house in Taunton "and the homestead whereon it stands, comprising 400 acres."

(*)Impressment was the mode formerly resorted to for forcing eligible men into the public
service--especially the naval branch of the service. The practice had not only the sanction
of custom but the force of law. It may be traced in English legislation from the days of
Edward I. (A.D. 1272), and many acts of Parliament, from the reign of Philip and Mary to
that of George III., were passed to regulate the system of impressment.

During the Colonial wars in this country--in particular those which occurred in the
reigns of William and Mary and Queen Anne of England--the system of impressment was
largely practiced in order to supply the Colonial army (small though it was) with needed
men. A press-gang, under the command of an officer who was armed with an impress-warrant
issued by the proper authority, marched through the country and seized those
whose names were entered in the warrant.

In England, during Queen Anne's reign, "men were kidnapped--they literally disappeared--and
nothing was ever heard of them again. The street of a busy town was not safe from
such press-gang captures."

This property adjoined lands of Thomas' sons Thomas and Ebenezer, and was on the highway leading to Brown's Brook. The consideration for it was the grantor's "love and good-will for and to" Ebenezer, and the condition that the latter should "take care of him the said Thomas and his wife, and also pay 10 to his daughters Experience Hayward and Mary Harvey."

Thomas died at Taunton in 1726, having survived his wife Experience about six or seven years.

i. THOMAS, b. 1669; d. 1748.
ii. JOHN, b. 1671; d. 1739.
iii. NATHANIEL, b. 1673; d. --.
iv. EBENEZER, b. 1675; d. 1757.
v. EXPERIENCE, b. about 1677; md. 20 Jany., 1709, Elisha Hayward of Bridgewater, Mass.
vi. MARY, b. about 1679; md. 21 June, 1716, Nathaniel Hayward of Bridgewater.


NEHGS 'Register'
October, 1943
vol 97, pages 327-330
Early Rehoboth Families and Events

On 9 July 1689 Maj. William Bradford, "Son and heire of William Bradford, Esq., deceased", gave a quitclaim deed to the Inhabitants of Taunton, formerly called by the natives Cohannet. He mentions by name in the body of the deed 70 "old proprietors"; 53 "proprietors of the North Purchase, dated 6 June 1668"; and 72 "proprietors of the South Purchase." This original deed, framed under glass, is in the archives of the 'Old Colony Historical Society' at Taunton, Massachusetts, and has never been recorded. It was written on a membrane of vellum, 23 3/4 inches by 21 1/4 inches, by Shadrach Wilbore, Town Clerk of Taunton. The Inhabitants of Taunton paid Maj. Bradford 20pounds for this deed.

In 1830, Baylies in his 'Historical Memoirs of Plymouth Colony', vol. II, Pt. IV, pp. 80-82, gives a list of 104 names of Inhabitants as read by him from this deed. Baylies made a very inaccurate transcription of this document. Many of the men mentioned were proprietors in each of the three purchases. He tried to eliminate the duplicates and consolidate a list in two columns of names. Unfortunately in the operation he omitted fourteen names and made serious mistakes in five others. This Taunton list of inhabitants is so important in connection with the lists of Rehoboth and Swansea Inhabitants that the orignal document is here for the first time printed verbatim as follows:

"...whereas the Honourable Council Established at Plimouth in the County of Devon...By Vertue and Authority of Letters Patents...from our Late Soverainge Lord King James the first, bearing Date at Westminster in the eithteenth yeare of his said Majesties Reigne of England &c...the said Council by their Patent or grant under their common Seale Signed by the Right Honourable Robert Earle of Warwick, President of the Said Council, bearing Date the thirteenth day of January...1629 did grant...unto...William Bradfrod...All that part of New England in America...and Tract or tracts, of Land that Lye within or between A Ceirtaine rivolet or Runlett there Commonly Caled Cohasset alias Conihasset towards the North, and the River Commonly Called Narraganset River towards the South, and the great Westerne Ocean towards the East, and between, and within a streight line Directly extending up into the Maine Land towards the West from the Mouth of the said River, Called Narraganset River to the utmost limits or Bounds of a Country or place in New England Comonly Called Pokanocket alias Sowamset Westward, and another like streight line Extending itselfe Directly from the Mouth of the said River Cohasset alias Conihasset towards the West, so far up into the Maine Land Westwared to the utmost Limits of the said place of Country Commonly Called Pokanacut Alias Sowamset...and whereas the said William the thousand six hundred and fourty did grant unto Mris Elizabeth Poole and Mr. Nicholas Street and to such others as they should Assotiat to themselves, a tract of Land for a Plantation or Township, formerly Called by Natives Cohannet upwards of Fourty yeares sence settled and Planted, Now Called and knowne by the name of Taunton, Lying in the County of Bristol in New England aforesaid (And Whereas alsoe the proprietors of said Towne of Taunton have sence obtained divers inlargements And additions from the Ginirall Court at Plimouth)...Now know yee that I William Bradford of New Plimouth...Son and heire of the above named William Bradford Esqr. Deceased...and for Divers other good Causes and Considerations...quitt Claime unto...[the names following include]...

William Harvey
Heniry Andrews
Giles Gilbert
Shadrach Wilbore
Joseph Wilbore
Thomas Caswell Senior
James Leonard Junior
James Philips
Eliazer Gilbert
Thomas Gilbert
Thomas Harvey Jun.
John Macomber Jun.
James Leonard Sen.
Thomas Leonard
Jonathan Brigs
Nicholas White Sen.
John Edy
Thomas Harvey the Elder [omitted by Bailie]

...(Who are such proprietors Who in said Taunton Are Called and owned purchasers of the old Towneship, some haveing two or three purchase rights, some one purchase right, and some but hafe a purchase right, and some less) and unto...[the names that follow include]...

Joseph Wilbore
William Harvey
Thomas Leonard
Heniry Andrews
Nicholas Whit Sen.
Nicholas Whit Jun.
Shadrack Wilbore
Thomas Caswell
John Macomber
Thomas Harvey the Elder
Nathaniel Thayer
Mris Jane Gilbert
James Philips
Jonathan Brigs
Thomas Harvey Jun.

...(some of the above-said proprietors in the said Towne of Tanton and all proprietors in the tract of land Called the North purchas, which shall hereafter be expressed in this Instrument, and as appears by Deed from the Collonys Agents, the Associats of My said Honoured ffather, Dated June the six one thousand six hundred Sixty eight, upon record and unto)...[the names that follow include...\

William Harvey
Heniry Andrews
Giles Gilbert
John Macomber Sen.
James Philips
Joseph Wilbore
Thomas Gilbert
Thomas Caswell
Heniry Andrews Jun.
Nicholas Whit Sen.
James Leonard Senior
Thomas Leonard
Jonathan Brigs
Shadrack Wilbore
Thomas Harvey Sen.
Nathanill Thayer
Thomas Harvey Jun.
Nicholas Whit Jun.
James Leonard Jun.
John Macomber Jun.

...Mentioned alsoe in this Instrument, as appeared by Deeds and Court records) and Unto The Assignes of ...[the names that follow include]...

William Harvey

...(who are the proprietors of Asonet Neck, mentioned also in this Instument as appeared by their Deed Respectively which they received of Mr. Constant Southworth the Collonie Tresurer which Deeds are recorded in the Court Records)...All such estate right titile intrest possession and demand whatsoever which I the said William Bradford, had now or ought to or within the limits and bounds of said Township of Taunton and alsoe within that Tract of land Comonly Called and knowne in said Taunton by the name of the North Purchas...and bounded as followeth the Township Takin in all Assonet Neck which belongs to some perticular men as it is above expressed. Takin in Alsoe all the meadow lands thereupon and about it, and on the other side of Asonit baye, and from the Northerly end of said Neck to run fouer miles East and by South by Free Towne Lyine, to a forked tree Standing Close by Asonit River, with stones layed about it, and from said tree to run North east and by East to a black oake Marked with the letter M on the Southerly Side and the Letter T on the Northern side, by the path side leadin from Asonit to Midleberey, and from said oake to run by the path to Baiting Brook soe Called, to a great marked white oake by the brooke and from said white oake to run Northerly on a line Between Taunton and Midlebery and soe running along by some Indians lands at Titicut and soe to Taunton Great River at Titicut and over said River upon a line agreed on betwene Taunton and Bredgwater Agents, To a heap of stones on Rockie plaine (so called) on the North Westward side of the Rhode that leads from Taunton to Bredgwater, and from said heap of stones, upon a line to the Southerly end of Nuncketetest pond to a great white oake tree, and from thence North West to a great stake with a heap of stones about it, and from said stake on a North line, until it meets with an East and by South Line, which runs Betweene said Township of Taunton, and the above said North Purchas, and from the southermost point of Assonnit Necke to run over Taunton Great River west and by North, to the Mouth of a Cove called Broad Cove, and soe Running along by the Lowere side of said Cove, as to take in all the Meaddowes unto a heape of stones neare the head of said Cove, and from thence to run Weest and by North fouer miles, and from the end of said fouer Miles to run [torn] North and by East, untill it extends as fare as to the end, of the fouer miles, that did run from the Two marked trees, near the three mile River, which was the first line of the Townshipe first grant (soe taking in that Tract of Land Called the South Purchase [one liine illegible because of crease in deed] three mile River, and then the three mile River is the bounded betwene the old Township and the South Purchase, untill it come to the Great River, which is bounded alsoe, of said South Purchase downe to Broad Cove as above said, as appeared by Deeds and Court Recordes as above said) and from the Exstent of the last Mentioned fouer miles, the old towne line, to Run eight Miles...North and by West, and from the end of the said eight miles to Run upon on East and by South line, untill it Meet with the afore said bounds, betweene Taunton and Bredgwater, and the aforesaid North Purchase, and the bounds of the said North Purchase are as followeth Beginning on the North and by Weest, at the bounds of Lands belonging to the Towne of Rehoboth, and to be bounded on the Northerly side by the Masachuset Line untill it come to beare with the westeane bounds of the Towne of Bredgwater and soe from the Masachuset line, to the boundes of Taunton Towneship, and thence by a Westerly line, untill it meet with the bounds of Rehoboth above said, and soe to follow the said bounds of Rehoboth, untill it Cometh to the bounds, first mentioned upon the Masachuset line, the proprietre of which said North Purchase belongeth only to some of the men, whose names are above named, as appeared by Deed as above said...this ninth day of thousand six hundered Eighty and nine.

William Bradford (Seal)
"Witnessed: John Pollard
Richard Hoskins
Phillip Mason
"Acknowledged by William Bradford on 16 August 1689 before Thos. Hinckley, Govr."

NEHGS 'Register'
April, 1971
vol 125, page 85
Sons of John Briggs of Taunton, Mass.

John Briggs, of Taunton, son of Richard Briggs, granted to Joseph Briggs of Taunton "10 acres of upland in Taunton and 45 acres for consideration of agreement with my brother, to provide for my mother, Rebecca Briggs, during her natural life" 14 May 1709; ack. same day: wit: Thomas Harley [sic Harvey], Grand Senr, and James Thomson; recorded 7 December 1715.

More About Thomas Harvey III:
Appraiser: 24 Nov 1692, Thomas Harvey and Moses Knape appraise the estate of Robert Crossman, of Taunton.
Freeman 1: 20 Dec 1677, Norfolk County, MA
Freeman 2: 27 May 1674, ? Thomas Harvie
Land Grant: 1689, One of the grantees named in the Bradford Deed.
Military 1: 17 Dec 1673, Sgt in the Taunton military company for Plymouth Colony.
Military 2: 17 Dec 1673, Selected for service against the Dutch in New York and New Jersey.
Military 3: Bet. 1691 - 1700, 4th Sgt of the 1st Military Company train band of Taunton.
Military 4: 24 Jul 1695, Named in impressment warrant for King Philips War.
Named: 09 Jul 1689, Taunton Quitclaim Deed
Occupation: 1669, Owner of an eating house in Taunton.
Political: 1695, Among the North Purchase proprietors signing the land grant to Thomas and James Leonard for an iron works.
Property 1: Original owner of Lot 77, Souths Purchase, in Taunton.
Property 2: 1696, lands of Thomas Harvey, Sen, near Taunton Training place, land of Thomas Leonard and Richard Stephens.
Property 3: Mar 1713/14, transferred 400 acre homestead in Taunton to son Ebenezer.
Proprietor 1: Taunton, MA, North Purchase
Proprietor 2: Taunton, MA, South Purchase
Witness 1: 14 Jan 1718/19, Deed, from Wm Briggs to Stephen and Marry Haskins, all of Taunton.
Witness 2: 14 May 1709, Deed, from John Briggs to Joseph Briggs
Witness 3: 20 May 1717, Hannah, wife of John Briggs, releasing her dower rights

More About Experience Harvey:
Alternate Lineage: Cannot be the same as Experience, wife of Jonathan Briggs
Christening: 10 Mar 1643/44, Boston, MA

More About Thomas Harvey and Experience Harvey:
Marriage: 1668, Taunton, MA
Children of Thomas Harvey and Experience Harvey are:
  i.   Thomas Harvey IV, born 1669 in Taunton, MA; died 1748.
  More About Thomas Harvey IV:
Named: 09 Jul 1689, Taunton Quitclaim Deed
Proprietor: Taunton, MA

  64 ii.   John Harvey I, born Abt. 1671 in Taunton, Bristol County, MA; died 1739 in Taunton, Bristol County, MA; married Sarah Phillips Abt. 1712 in Taunton, MA.
  iii.   Nathaniel Harvey, born 1673 in Taunton, MA; died Unknown.
  iv.   Ebenezer Harvey, born 1675 in Taunton, MA; died 1757.
  v.   Experience Harvey, born Abt. 1677 in Taunton, MA; died Bef. 1720; married Elisha Hayward 20 Jan 1708/09 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; born Abt. 1674 in of Bridgewater, MA; died Unknown.
  More About Elisha Hayward and Experience Harvey:
Marriage: 20 Jan 1708/09, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA

  vi.   Mary Harvey, born Abt. 1679 in Taunton, MA; died 1756; married Nathaniel Hayward III 21 Jun 1716 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; born 14 Apr 1690 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; died 23 Feb 1755 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  More About Nathaniel Hayward and Mary Harvey:
Marriage: 21 Jun 1716, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA

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