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Ancestors of Margaret May Harvey

      606. Thomas Caswell, Sr*~, born 20 Oct 1618 in Somerset, Leomaster, Herefordshire, England; died Abt. 30 Oct 1697 in Taunton, MA. He was the son of 1212. Richard Caswell, Esq and 1213. Mary Slany. He married 607. Mary ?~ Bryant Abt. 1648 in Possibly Taunton, MA.

      607. Mary ?~ Bryant, born in of Taunton, MA; died Aft. 28 Sep 1691 in Probably Taunton, MA.

Notes for Thomas Caswell, Sr*~:
Posted By: Mike James Caswell
Subject: Origin of Thos of Taunton NOT PROVEN!
Post Date: February 20, 1999 at 06:28:05
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Forum: Caswell Family Genealogy Forum
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Here is the actual orginal documented research from George Sanborn. Until I read this, I was convinced that George had found something which had convinced him that Thomas Caswell actually came from Somersetshire. As you read George's article, you will realise - it ain't so!
The Somerset Caswells line is a SMALL tribe, and I (having been tracing English Caswells for 20 years) do NOT think these Caswells sired Thomas.
I suggest that EVERYONE who has Thomas Caswell originating from SOMERSET or anywhere else in the UK for that matter, remove that data from their file. This is NOT proven and I believe this supposition by everyone is actually hampering our research.
There are numerous Thomas Caswells originating in Wiltshire, where the caswell name is traceable to the 11 century. Somerset & Taunton is VERY CLOSE to Wiltshire. Our US Thomas could easily have come from Wiltshire, or even further north.


by George Freeman Sanborn, Jr.

Many people with New England ancestry descend from Thomas Caswell, an early settler of Taunton, Massachusetts. Relatively little research has ever been done on the Caswell family, and certainly nothing of an exhaustive, comprehensive nature has been done in an attempt to compile an accurate
record of all Thomas Caswell's descendants. He left a very large posterity, many of whom intermarried with descendants of Mayflower passengers. This article will trace his known descendants in the male line for five generations and will list the children of the sixth generation. In some cases the writer as additional information about later generations of some lines of descendants, in particular, his own. The materials gathered in preparing this article will after completion, be deposited at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston. While some writers have suggested that Thomas Caswell was a native of Wales (or that the name Caswell, at least, is Welsh), and some would like to claim that he had a distinguished background in London, still others allude to a family tradition that he came from Somersetsbire in England. The last appears to be tbe most plausible origin; the name Caswell is uncommon in Wales and neighboring Mormouthshire but is common in Somersetshire. A large number of families from Somersetshire did settle in Taunton, and, in fact, it may be pointed out that the principal community in Somersetshire is called Taunton, for which our colonial town was obviously named. The
tantalizing baptism of one Thomas Caswell, son of Thomas Caswell, in the parish of North Curry, co. Somerset, on 20 October 1618, would nicely match the supposed age of our Old Colony settler (Genealogical Society of Utah, International Genealogical Index,, June 1981). Marriages occur on record in the parish of North Curry in1579 and 1581 for a Thomas Caswell, showing that men of that name were not strangers to the parish (W. P. W. Phillimore and Douglas LL. Hayward, eds., Somerset Parish Registers. Marriages., Vol. II, [London, 1899]). Numerous other Caswell events appear in the nearby
parish of St. Mary Magdalene in the City of Taunton. Further research needs to be carried out in Somersetshire for the origin of our Thomas Caswell. Thomas Caswell first appears in New England in Taunton in the Colony of New Plymouth where the name "Thom Cassell" is found on a list of those males
aged 16 to 60 able to bear arms August 1643, just four years after the incorporation of the town (Nathaniel B.Shurtleff, ed., Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England. Miscellaneous Records, 1633-1689, [Boston, 18571, VIII:195, hereafter Shurtleff). 'vile apparently came to the New World as an unmarried man and married, probably in Taunton, ca. 1648, MARY 2 The identity of his wife is unknown, and requires some discussion. His son, Peter , in a testamentary deed dated and acknowledged 4 Au 1727 and recorded 10 August 1727, ten states, inter alia, that be gives to his daugh Sarah Caswell, "all those movables I have now in my bands that was Given me by my aunt Bryant..." (Bristol County Registry of Deeds, 17:438). This seemingly straightforward reference to a relationship has led many to the conclusion that the wife of Thomas1 Caswell was probably a Bryant, though proof was lacking. Also, 'Elizabeth Briant" witnessed the codicil to the will of Thomas1 Caswell, 15 March 1696/7, shortly before his death (Bristol County Registry of Probate, 1:97, q.v.). She may have been the "aunt Bryant" referred to in Peter's deed. The supporters of this theory of the identity of Thomas1 Caswell's wife point out that there was a Stephen Bryant early in Plymouth and that the oldest son of Thomas Caswell was named Stephen. However, there is not the slightest shred of evidence that Stephen Bryant of Plymouth ever had anything to do with either Thomas Caswell of Taunton or the Bryant family resident there. Mike Caswell


Note: There was a codicil to his will dated 16 March 1696/7. The inventory of his estate was taken 30 Mary 1696/7. Thomas was in Taunton about 1643. His will was proved 14 September 1697 Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. 2

Title: Early Vital Records of Bristol County, Massachusetts to about 1850
Abbrev: Early Vital Records of Bristol County, Massachusetts
Publication: Search & ReSearch Publishing Corp., Wheat Ridge, CO 1998

/John Caswell b: 1510
/John Careswell b: 1540
/Thomas Caswell b: 1574
| \Joane Knightley b: 1545
Richard Caswell b: 1600
| /John Bothworth b: 1552
\Ellen Bothworth b: 1578
\Mrs John Bothworth b: ABT 1555

Entries: 63572 Updated: Sun Feb 17 23:27:14 2002 Contact: Denise Volzka


!RELATIVE BIRTH: Vital Records of Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, page 84 - CASWELL Sarah, d. Samuel, Oct. 14, 1674.!RESEARCH: Mayflower Descendant 1985-1988. See the 1985 volume for information there.

!PROBATE: Abstracts of Bristol county, Massachusetts Probat Records 1687-1745, Compiled by H.L. Peter Rounds, C.G., Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1987, page 16 - Will of THOMAS CASSWELL, Sr. of Taun., dtd. 28 Sept. 1691, prob. 14 Sept. 1697, Wife Mary. Sons: Stephen (eldest), Thomas (2nd), Peter (3rd), John (4th), William (5th), & Samuel (6th) Casswell. Daus: Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Elisabeth, Abigail & Hester. Dau. Hannah wife of Daniel Ramsdell. Witns: Shadrach Wilbore, Samuel
Wilbore & Joseph Wilbore [1:196/7]. Inv. of Est. of THOMAS CASSWELL, dtd. 30 March 1696/7, pres. by Samuel Casswell, Exec. Apprs: Israel Thresher, Joseph Richmond & Henry Andrews [1:197/8].

!VITAL RECORDS CASWELL American Marriage Records Before 1699 CASWELL, Francis and Priscilla Tapril, 18 August 1699, Boston, Mass.

!PROBLEM - Francis is not listed on his (Thomas) father's will probated Sep 1697.

!Pope's The Pioneers of Massachusetts, Woburn Public Library, 7/14/98, page 91 - CASSELL, CASWELL, CASEWELL, Thomas, Taunton, atba. 1643. Ch. Stephen b. Feb. 15, 1648, thomas b. Feb. 22, 1650, Peter b. Oct.,1652, Mary b. Aug. 1654, John b. July, 1656, Sarah b. Nov., 1658, William b. Sept. 15, 1660, Samuel b. Jan. 26, 1662, Elizabeth b. Jan. 10, 1664, Abigail b. Oct. 27, 1666, Esther b. June 4, 1669.
Will dated 28 Sept. 1691, codicil 16 March, 1696-7, inv. taken 30 March, prob. 14 Sept. 1697, beq. to ch. Stephen, Thomas, Peter, John, William, Samuel, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, Abigail, and Hester. Daniel Ramsdell was husband of Hannah.

!HISTORY: New England, page 1183 - This family was of considerable antiquity in Wales, and the neighboring county of Hereford, Sir Thomas Caswall, a knight of the Holy Wars, was buried at Leominster. Long subsequently Sir George Caswall had very great estates in that neighborhood and represented Leominster in several parliaments. He left two sons, John and Timothy. John, the elder, left one son, John, father of the (MISSING) In their coat-of-arms they used the mullet or star of five points,
showing their descent from a younger son; the crest is distinctive of knights who fought in the Holy Wars. The coat-of-arms here given belonged to the Caswells of London and Hampton, being recorded by the
heralds at their visitation of Middlesex in 1663, as follows: Arms: Argent, three bars gemelles, and a mullet for difference, sable. Crest: A dexter arm embowed in mail, proper, holding a cross crosslet fitchee, or. Richard Caswell, Esq., of London, married Mary, daughter of Richard Slany, Esq., of the county of Salop, and among their chilren were Thomas and George, the third and fourth sons.
(I) Thomas Caswell, who seems to have been the Thomas, son of Richard, above mentioned, was one of the first settlers in Taunton, Massachusetts, which was incorporated in 1639. He reached the
Colonies in about the year 1640, and tradition states that he came from Somersetshire, England. His descendants in this country at the present time are very numerous, and in the year 1900 numbered nearly four thousand. He had ten children five sons and five daughters: Stephen, Thomas, Peter, John, Samuel, mentioned further: Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth, Abigail, Hester.

Note: May be the same as Thomas Caswell bapt 20 Oct 1618 North Curry, Somersetshire (North Curry is near town of Taunton, Somersetshire)

Children's birthdate's from the Mayflower Descendant Vol 35 No. 2 as per Vital Records of Taunton, Mass to the year 1850

/Thomas Caswell b: 1495
/George Caswell , Sir b: 1516
/John Caswell , Sir b: 1538
/George Caswell b: 1560
/Richard Caswell b: 1582
Thomas Caswell , Sr b: 1623 d: 9 OCT 1697
\Mary Slany Slaynie

Genealogy of Frank, Ellen, and Jonathan Masland
Entries: 7213 Updated: Thu Aug 1 16:41:06 2002 Contact: Frank Masland

Note: Thomas Caswell, who seems to have been the Thomas, son of Richard, above mentioned, was one of the first settlers in Taunton, Massachusetts, which was incorporated in 1639. He reached the Colonies in about the year 1640, and tradition states that he came from Somersetshire, England. His descendants in this country at the present time are very numerous, and in the year 1900 numbered nearly four thousand. He had ten children, five sons and five daughters: Stephen, Thomas, Peter, John, Samuel, mentioned further; Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth, Abigail, Hester.


NEHGS 'Register'
October, 1943
vol 97, pages 327-330
Early Rehoboth Families and Events

On 9 July 1689 Maj. William Bradford, "Son and heire of William Bradford, Esq., deceased", gave a quitclaim deed to the Inhabitants of Taunton, formerly called by the natives Cohannet. He mentions by name in the body of the deed 70 "old proprietors"; 53 "proprietors of the North Purchase, dated 6 June 1668"; and 72 "proprietors of the South Purchase." This original deed, framed under glass, is in the archives of the 'Old Colony Historical Society' at Taunton, Massachusetts, and has never been recorded. It was written on a membrane of vellum, 23 3/4 inches by 21 1/4 inches, by Shadrach Wilbore, Town Clerk of Taunton. The Inhabitants of Taunton paid Maj. Bradford 20pounds for this deed.

In 1830, Baylies in his 'Historical Memoirs of Plymouth Colony', vol. II, Pt. IV, pp. 80-82, gives a list of 104 names of Inhabitants as read by him from this deed. Baylies made a very inaccurate transcription of this document. Many of the men mentioned were proprietors in each of the three purchases. He tried to eliminate the duplicates and consolidate a list in two columns of names. Unfortunately in the operation he omitted fourteen names and made serious mistakes in five others. This Taunton list of inhabitants is so important in connection with the lists of Rehoboth and Swansea Inhabitants that the orignal document is here for the first time printed verbatim as follows:

"...whereas the Honourable Council Established at Plimouth in the County of Devon...By Vertue and Authority of Letters Patents...from our Late Soverainge Lord King James the first, bearing Date at Westminster in the eithteenth yeare of his said Majesties Reigne of England &c...the said Council by their Patent or grant under their common Seale Signed by the Right Honourable Robert Earle of Warwick, President of the Said Council, bearing Date the thirteenth day of January...1629 did grant...unto...William Bradfrod...All that part of New England in America...and Tract or tracts, of Land that Lye within or between A Ceirtaine rivolet or Runlett there Commonly Caled Cohasset alias Conihasset towards the North, and the River Commonly Called Narraganset River towards the South, and the great Westerne Ocean towards the East, and between, and within a streight line Directly extending up into the Maine Land towards the West from the Mouth of the said River, Called Narraganset River to the utmost limits or Bounds of a Country or place in New England Comonly Called Pokanocket alias Sowamset Westward, and another like streight line Extending itselfe Directly from the Mouth of the said River Cohasset alias Conihasset towards the West, so far up into the Maine Land Westwared to the utmost Limits of the said place of Country Commonly Called Pokanacut Alias Sowamset...and whereas the said William the thousand six hundred and fourty did grant unto Mris Elizabeth Poole and Mr. Nicholas Street and to such others as they should Assotiat to themselves, a tract of Land for a Plantation or Township, formerly Called by Natives Cohannet upwards of Fourty yeares sence settled and Planted, Now Called and knowne by the name of Taunton, Lying in the County of Bristol in New England aforesaid (And Whereas alsoe the proprietors of said Towne of Taunton have sence obtained divers inlargements And additions from the Ginirall Court at Plimouth)...Now know yee that I William Bradford of New Plimouth...Son and heire of the above named William Bradford Esqr. Deceased...and for Divers other good Causes and Considerations...quitt Claime unto...[the names following include]...

William Harvey
Heniry Andrews
Giles Gilbert
Shadrach Wilbore
Joseph Wilbore
Thomas Caswell Senior
James Leonard Junior
James Philips
Eliazer Gilbert
Thomas Gilbert
Thomas Harvey Jun.
John Macomber Jun.
James Leonard Sen.
Thomas Leonard
Jonathan Brigs
Nicholas White Sen.
John Edy
Thomas Harvey the Elder [omitted by Bailie]

...(Who are such proprietors Who in said Taunton Are Called and owned purchasers of the old Towneship, some haveing two or three purchase rights, some one purchase right, and some but hafe a purchase right, and some less) and unto...[the names that follow include]...

Joseph Wilbore
William Harvey
Thomas Leonard
Heniry Andrews
Nicholas Whit Sen.
Nicholas Whit Jun.
Shadrack Wilbore
Thomas Caswell
John Macomber
Thomas Harvey the Elder
Nathaniel Thayer
Mris Jane Gilbert
James Philips
Jonathan Brigs
Thomas Harvey Jun.

...(some of the above-said proprietors in the said Towne of Tanton and all proprietors in the tract of land Called the North purchas, which shall hereafter be expressed in this Instrument, and as appears by Deed from the Collonys Agents, the Associats of My said Honoured ffather, Dated June the six one thousand six hundred Sixty eight, upon record and unto)...[the names that follow include...\

William Harvey
Heniry Andrews
Giles Gilbert
John Macomber Sen.
James Philips
Joseph Wilbore
Thomas Gilbert
Thomas Caswell
Heniry Andrews Jun.
Nicholas Whit Sen.
James Leonard Senior
Thomas Leonard
Jonathan Brigs
Shadrack Wilbore
Thomas Harvey Sen.
Nathanill Thayer
Thomas Harvey Jun.
Nicholas Whit Jun.
James Leonard Jun.
John Macomber Jun.

...Mentioned alsoe in this Instrument, as appeared by Deeds and Court records) and Unto The Assignes of ...[the names that follow include]...

William Harvey

...(who are the proprietors of Asonet Neck, mentioned also in this Instument as appeared by their Deed Respectively which they received of Mr. Constant Southworth the Collonie Tresurer which Deeds are recorded in the Court Records)...All such estate right titile intrest possession and demand whatsoever which I the said William Bradford, had now or ought to or within the limits and bounds of said Township of Taunton and alsoe within that Tract of land Comonly Called and knowne in said Taunton by the name of the North Purchas...and bounded as followeth the Township Takin in all Assonet Neck which belongs to some perticular men as it is above expressed. Takin in Alsoe all the meadow lands thereupon and about it, and on the other side of Asonit baye, and from the Northerly end of said Neck to run fouer miles East and by South by Free Towne Lyine, to a forked tree Standing Close by Asonit River, with stones layed about it, and from said tree to run North east and by East to a black oake Marked with the letter M on the Southerly Side and the Letter T on the Northern side, by the path side leadin from Asonit to Midleberey, and from said oake to run by the path to Baiting Brook soe Called, to a great marked white oake by the brooke and from said white oake to run Northerly on a line Between Taunton and Midlebery and soe running along by some Indians lands at Titicut and soe to Taunton Great River at Titicut and over said River upon a line agreed on betwene Taunton and Bredgwater Agents, To a heap of stones on Rockie plaine (so called) on the North Westward side of the Rhode that leads from Taunton to Bredgwater, and from said heap of stones, upon a line to the Southerly end of Nuncketetest pond to a great white oake tree, and from thence North West to a great stake with a heap of stones about it, and from said stake on a North line, until it meets with an East and by South Line, which runs Betweene said Township of Taunton, and the above said North Purchas, and from the southermost point of Assonnit Necke to run over Taunton Great River west and by North, to the Mouth of a Cove called Broad Cove, and soe Running along by the Lowere side of said Cove, as to take in all the Meaddowes unto a heape of stones neare the head of said Cove, and from thence to run Weest and by North fouer miles, and from the end of said fouer Miles to run [torn] North and by East, untill it extends as fare as to the end, of the fouer miles, that did run from the Two marked trees, near the three mile River, which was the first line of the Townshipe first grant (soe taking in that Tract of Land Called the South Purchase [one liine illegible because of crease in deed] three mile River, and then the three mile River is the bounded betwene the old Township and the South Purchase, untill it come to the Great River, which is bounded alsoe, of said South Purchase downe to Broad Cove as above said, as appeared by Deeds and Court Recordes as above said) and from the Exstent of the last Mentioned fouer miles, the old towne line, to Run eight Miles...North and by West, and from the end of the said eight miles to Run upon on East and by South line, untill it Meet with the afore said bounds, betweene Taunton and Bredgwater, and the aforesaid North Purchase, and the bounds of the said North Purchase are as followeth Beginning on the North and by Weest, at the bounds of Lands belonging to the Towne of Rehoboth, and to be bounded on the Northerly side by the Masachuset Line untill it come to beare with the westeane bounds of the Towne of Bredgwater and soe from the Masachuset line, to the boundes of Taunton Towneship, and thence by a Westerly line, untill it meet with the bounds of Rehoboth above said, and soe to follow the said bounds of Rehoboth, untill it Cometh to the bounds, first mentioned upon the Masachuset line, the proprietre of which said North Purchase belongeth only to some of the men, whose names are above named, as appeared by Deed as above said...this ninth day of thousand six hundered Eighty and nine.

William Bradford (Seal)
"Witnessed: John Pollard
Richard Hoskins
Phillip Mason
"Acknowledged by William Bradford on 16 August 1689 before Thos. Hinckley, Govr."


NEHGS 'Register'
October, 1909
vol 63, pages 330-331

[196] Will of Thomas Casewell Senr. of Taunton dated Sept. 28, 1691. To my eldest son Stephen Casewell the land wherein his house now standeth and my land at Skunk Hill. To my second son Thomas Casewell six acres of land in the great plain, other lands of mine now in his possession and one half quarter part of my share in the North purchase. To my third son Peter Casewell sixteen acres on the south side of the highway opposite where his house now standeth. To my fourth son John Caswell "a pond Called the ftage pond" also one half quarter part of my share in the North purchase. To my fifth son William Caswell the land whereon his house now standeth and the land called the Neck, also ten acres of land at "Thinn Swamp" and three acres of swamp at the old Beaver Dam. To my sixth son Samuel Caswell my house wherein I now dwell with my orchard, meadow and other land, all my land on the north side of the highway as far as James Bell's land, except a little piece where my son Peter Caswell's house stands which I formerly gave to my said son Peter. Also I give to said Samuel forty-six acres of my fifty acre division lying at Cotly between the land of Isacce Dean and Shadrach Wilbore's land. To my loving wife Mary one quarter of my share in the North purchase, the use of all my moveables within my house, and the westerly lower room in my house during her widowhood. My son Samuel Caswell to be sole executor, he to take care of and provide for his mother and maintain her during her widowhood. To my daughters Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, Abigail and Hester the one half of my share in the North purchase to be equally divided among them. To my daughter Hannah wife of Daniel Ramsdell one heifer of a year old. Witnessed by Shadrach Wilbore, Samuel Wilbore and Joseph Wilbore. "Pofcript" dated March 15, 1696-7: Whereas my share in the North purchase has since been sold for the sum of 12pounds, which money my son Samuel made use of, my will is that he pay the [197] sum of 12pounds to those of my children to whom said share was given, in proportion as expressed in the will. Codicil witnessed by Elizabeth X Briant, Isaak X Leonard and Samuel Danforth. Joseph Wilbore, on of the witnesses made oath to said will at Bristol, Sept. 14, 1697 and Shadrach Wilbore another witness "Did * * make oath to the Ton": and Effect of Joseph wilbore his oath: and that Samuel wilbore was prefent and Did Signe as a witnefs at the fame time; Since Deceased". at Taunton, Oct. 9, 1697. The same day mr Samuel Danforth and Elizabeth Briant testifyed to the truth of the above will before John Saffin Judge of probate. John Cary Registr: Entered Oct. 30, 1697 by John Cary Registr:

Inventory of above estate taken March 30, 1696-7 [198] by Israel Thresher, Josep Richmond and Henry Andrews, and presented at court at Taunton Oct 9, 1697 by Samuel Caswell executor before Jno Saffin, John Cary Registr: Entered Oct. 30, 1697 by John Cary Registr: Amount of inventory, 306pounds..09..06.

More About Thomas Caswell, Sr*~:
Date born 2: 20 Oct 1618, Possibly Taunton, Somersetshire, England
Founder: 1639, among the original settlers of Taunton, MA
Immigrant Ancestor: Bef. 1639, England, Somerset to Taunton, MA
Migration: Bef. 1639, Somerset, England, to Taunton, MA
Military: 1643, 1st Military Company of Taunton
Named: 09 Jul 1689, Taunton Quitclaim Deed
Probate: 30 Oct 1697, Entered
Proprietor: Taunton, MA
Will 1: 28 Sep 1691, Written
Will 2: 30 Mar 1697, inventory taken; 306pounds, 9s, 6p.

More About Thomas Caswell and Mary Bryant:
Marriage: Abt. 1648, Possibly Taunton, MA
Children of Thomas Caswell and Mary Bryant are:
  i.   Thomas Caswell, Jr, born 22 Feb 1649/50; died Unknown.
  ii.   Peter Caswell, born Oct 1652; died Unknown.
  iii.   Mara Caswell, born Aug 1654; died Unknown.
  iv.   John Caswell, born Jul 1656; died Unknown.
  v.   Sarah Caswell, born 30 Nov 1658; died Unknown; married William Hoskins; died Unknown.
  vi.   William Caswell, born 15 Sep 1660; died Unknown.
  vii.   Hannah Caswell, born 14 Jul 1661; died Unknown; married Daniel Ramsdell; died Unknown.
  viii.   Samuel Caswell, born 28 Jan 1661/62; died Unknown; married Ruth Bobbitt; died Unknown.
  ix.   Steven Caswell, born 11 Dec 1664; died Unknown.
  303 x.   Elizabeth Caswell, born 10 Jan 1664/65 in Taunton, MA; died Unknown in Probably Taunton, MA; married Uriah Leonard, Sr 01 Jun 1685 in Taunton, MA.
  xi.   Abigail Caswell, born 27 Oct 1666; died Unknown; married Joseph Jones 06 Apr 1696; died Unknown.
  More About Joseph Jones and Abigail Caswell:
Marriage: 06 Apr 1696

  xii.   Easter Or Esther Caswell, born 01 Jun 1669 in Taunton, MA; died Unknown; married (1) Samuel Smith, Jr 1695 in Taunton or Norton, MA; born 15 Oct 1666 in Taunton, MA; died 03 Nov 1719 in Taunton, MA; married (2) Unknown Fisher Aft. 1719; died Unknown.
  More About Samuel Smith and Easter Caswell:
Marriage: 1695, Taunton or Norton, MA

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