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Ancestors of Margaret May Harvey

      9088. Martyn Newcomen, born Abt. 1457 in Saltfleetby, Lincolnshire596; died Bet. 1536 - 1540 in Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire597. He was the son of 18176. William Newcomen and 18177. Alice Kinge. He married 9089. Mary Samford Abt. 1478 in Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire.

      9089. Mary Samford, born Abt. 1460 in Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire; died Bef. 01 Sep 1545. She was the daughter of 18178. Bryan~ Samford and 18179. Elizabeth~ Greenfield.

More About Martyn Newcomen:
Died 2: 28 Apr 1540, ?

More About Mary Samford:
Surname Variant: Sanford

More About Martyn Newcomen and Mary Samford:
Marriage: Abt. 1478, Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire
Children of Martyn Newcomen and Mary Samford are:
  4544 i.   William Newcomen, born in Saltfleetby, Lincolnshire; died 1545 in Saltfleetby, Lincolnshire.
  ii.   John Newcomen, died Unknown.
  iii.   Bryan Newcomen, born Abt. 1480 in Saltfleetby, Lincolnshire; died Aft. 1540; married Margaret Greenfield; born Abt. 1490 in of Barnboro, Yorkshire; died 10 Dec 1582.
  iv.   Christopher Newcomen, born Abt. 1482; died Unknown.
  v.   George Newcomen, born Abt. 1486; died Unknown.
  vi.   Elizabeth Newcomen, born Abt. 1488; died Unknown; married Charles Yerborough; died Unknown.
  vii.   Mary Newcomen, born Abt. 1490; died Unknown.
  viii.   Margaret Newcomen, born Abt. 1492; died Unknown; married Robert Borough; died Unknown.

      9168. Symond Stone, born 1450 in Ardleigh, Essex; died Bet. 12 May 1506 - 10 Feb 1510/11. He was the son of 18336. John Atte Stone. He married 9169. Elizabeth~ 1480.

      9169. Elizabeth~, died Unknown.

More About Symond Stone:
Probate: 10 Feb 1510/11, proved
Residence: Much Bromley, Essex
Will: 12 May 1506, Dated

More About Symond Stone and Elizabeth~:
Marriage: 1480
Children of Symond Stone and Elizabeth~ are:
  4584 i.   David Stone, born 1480 in Great Bromley, Essex; died Unknown.
  ii.   Walter Stone, born 1483; died Unknown.
  iii.   Mihyll Stone, born 1486; died Unknown.
  iv.   William Stone, born 1488 in Great Bromley, Essex; died 1534; married Joane Stevens 1512; born in of Ardley; died Unknown.
  More About William Stone and Joane Stevens:
Marriage: 1512

      9216. William II Field, born 1470 in Bradford, York; died Unknown in East Ardsley, Bradford, Yorkshire. He was the son of 18432. William I Field and 18433. Katherine~. He married 9217. Unknown Wife Of William~ Field.

      9217. Unknown Wife Of William~ Field, born Abt. 1485 in Normanton, Yorkshire; died Unknown.

Notes for William II Field:
Frederick Clifton Pierce
Vol I

WILLIAM FELD (William, Thomas, Thomas, John, Thomas, Roger), b. Bradford, England; m. ___. Res.
East Ardsley, England.

More About William II Field:
Residence: East Ardsley, England598,599
Children of William Field and Unknown Field are:
  4608 i.   Richard Field, born 1500 in East Ardsley; died Dec 1542 in East Ardsley; married Elizabeth~.
  ii.   Thomas Field, born Abt. 1492; died Unknown.
  iii.   Rev John Field, Sr, born Abt. 1519 in Bradford, Yorkshire, or East Ardsley, Yorkshire; died 26 Mar 1587 in Cripplegate, London.
  Notes for Rev John Field, Sr:

His "A Godly Exhortation by Occasion of the Late Judgment of God Showed at Paris Garden, 13 January 1583" was a violent attack upon theatrical entertainments.---"Field Genealogy"

  More About Rev John Field, Sr:
Author: 13 Jan 1582/83, A Godly Exhortation by Occasion of the Late Judgment of God Showed at Paris Garden600
Burial: Unknown, Cripplegate, London

      9220. Robert~ Amyas601, born in probably of West Yorkshire; died Unknown. He married 9221. Agnes~.

      9221. Agnes~, died Unknown.
Child of Robert~ Amyas and Agnes~ is:
  4610 i.   John Amyas, Sr, born Abt. 1509 in of Kent or West Yorkshire; died Bef. 1553; married (1) Margaret Frost in Methley [Medley?], England; married (2) Anne.

      9222. William~ Frost, born in Beverley and Featherston, England602; died 1529. He married 9223. Unknown~ Amyas.

      9223. Unknown~ Amyas, died Unknown.

Notes for William~ Frost:
Posted By: Marshall Frost
Post Date: July 28, 1998 at 20:15:26
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Forum: Frost Family Genealogy Forum
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From Frost Genealogy, by Josephine Frost, 1912, about the early history of the Frost surname. Sorry it doesn't go back to the tower of babel.


The name of Frost is a very common one in the north of Germany, and it was probably taken to England by the Angles who settled on the sough and east shores of the island, where the name has been preserved mostly in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex on the east, and in Devonshire and Hampshire on the south.
1042-1066, in Domesday Book Frost held lands.
1160-1180, Robto and Waltero Frost, Charters of Gilbertine Monastery at Sempringham, Lincoln.
1269, Gilbertus Frostenden, Suffolk County.
1272-1307, frequent mention in Hundred Rolls of Edward the First.
1327-1377, John Frost, “enfranchised” as chaplain.
The King Edward III issues a summons to a large number of gentlemen to meet him in council on the next Monday after Quadragesima Sunday at Westminster to deliberate with regard to important and urgent affairs touching his honor, and the safety and welfare of the Kingdom. Among those summoned is “Waltero Frost,” Feb. 20, 1340.
A letter of protection from King Edward to Chevalier Thomas Fichet who is about to accompany Edward, Prince of Wales, to parts beyond the seas. Among the number of gentlemen whose names are appended is “Williemus Frost.” Dated, Westminster, Aug. 18, 1359.
March 1, 1363, the King issued letters, certifying that by the assent of the prelates, lords and others, the “fair” for clothes and other merchandise going out of the Kingdom of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, shall be held at City of Calais and that twenty-six English merchants shall be chosen, two to be Mayors, and twenty-four to be Aldermen. Among those names appear one of “Thomas Frost.”
King Edward II grants to Walter Frost and others all dues payable by vessels trading on the Humber, the Trent and the Ouse, down to the port of Southampton, from Sabbath next to the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, until otherwise ordered. Westminster, May 16, 1370.
1389, Peter Frost, on committee to award land to a college; he is on the “clerics.”
1449, Bartholomew Frost, Mayor of Thetford.
1509, Nov. 21, Wm. Frost had been a keeper of Leskard park, Cornwall.
1510, Feb 22, Wm. Frost appointed on of “Commissioners of the Peace” for Hampshire.
1510, Sept. 26, Wm. Frost appointed on a special Commission to enquire into a murder case.
1510, Dec. 15, again appointed “Commissioner of the Peace” for Hampshire.
1511, July 18, appointed one of the Commissioners of Array for Hants.
1512, March 15, appointed Commissioner of the Peace for Hants.
1513, June 3, the same.
1514, Jan. 24, the same.
1512, May 13, appointed for the Goal delivery for Winchester.
1517, May 28, appointed Commissioner for Hants to enquire what houses, buildings, towns and hamlets have been destroyed since March 4th. How much land has been converted into pasture; the number of parks since enclosed, etc.
1518, Oct. 30, Fox, Bishop of Winchester, writing to Cardinal Woolsey, says: “In conformity with Woolsey’s desire that the Bishop shall upon his honor certify him by letters, in a case then before him in chancery, of his right touching enclosures of arable land contrary to the statutes, he states that before Michaelmas last, he caused enquiries to be made by his Steward and others and they have certified that these inquisitors found against him untrue, and though the Bishop has not personally viewed the land surmised to be enclosed, he believes the certificates correct. His steward, William Frost, ‘is a sad, substantial and faithful man and well learned in the law.’”
Among the Lansdowne manuscripts in the British Museum, Bundle 92, No. 76, is the following:
“1611. Mr. William Frost, a musician, humbly requests Lord Salesbury to be allowed to teach the Princess Elizabeth to play on the virginals in place of Mr. Marchant, deceased.”
Frost names on Parish Register at Binsted, County Hampshire, England.
Mary, daughter of John Frost, buried March 14, 1653
Mary, granddaughter of John Frost, bap. Dec. 24, 1654.
Richard Frost, Elizabeth Cooper, m. July 17, 1655.
Mark Frost, m. Jan. 14, 1655.
John, son of Richard, bap. Jan. 1, 1656.
Bridget, daughter of John, bap. June 6, 1656.
Thomas, son of Thomas, bap. Aug. 29, 1656.
John, son of George, bap. June 26, 1657.
John, son or Richard, bap., buried Nov. 7, 1657.
Alice, daughter of John of Riverhill, buried Sept. 18, 1658.
Jane, daughter of Richard, bap. Sept. 19, 1658.
Jane, daughter of George, buried April 29, 1659.
Lawrence, buried July 4, 1659.
John C. Wm., son of Thomas, bap. Jan. 27, 1659.
John, son of George, bap. June 1, 1660.
Richard, son of Richard, buried Jan. 10, 1660.
William, son of George, buried June 5, 1660.
William, buried Aug. 6. 1662.
William, son of Thomas, buried March 22, 1662.
John, son of Mary, bap. Spet. 5, 1664.
Charles, son of George, bap. March 18, 1665.
John, son of Richard and Elizabeth, bap. Feb. 15, 1669.
Richard and Elizabeth Trymer (?), m. April 27, 1669.
Elizabeth, wife of Richard, buried Jan. 28, 1663.
Richard, son of Richard and Elizabeth, bap. May 27, 1672.
Ann, daughter of George, buried March 2, 1671.
John, son of John and Elizabeth, bap.; May 4, 1673.
Richard, buried May 4, 1673.
Richard, son of Richard, buried April 12, 1675.
John, son of John, buried May 2, 1674.
Elizabeth, daughter of John, bap. Jan. 18, 1677.
Peter, son of John, bap. Jan. 18, 1677.
Christopher, buried April 18, 1678.
Frances, daughter of John, bap. Jan. 1, 1679.
Jane, widow, buried Aug. 20, 1680.
Ann, daughter of John, bap. June 12, 1681.
Mary, wife of John, buried, Feb. 18, 1681
Joan, wife of George, buried Oct. 21, 1683.
Mary, daughter of Thomas, bap. May 18, 1686.
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas, bap. March 24, 1688.
Margaret, daughter of Thomas, bap. Aug. 31, 1690.
Ann, daughter of Thomas, bap. Aug. 22, 1697.
Mary, daughter of Richard, bap. July 27, 1707.
Ann, daughter of Richard, bap. Dec. 17, 1709.
Amy and Elizabeth, daughters of Richard, bap. Nov. 25, 1710.
William, son of Mark Frost, bap. Feb. 9, 1667.
William, son of Nicholas Frost, bap. May 16, 1668.
Reference: The Frost Genealogy, Descendants of William Frost of Oyster Bay, New York, Josephine C. Frost, 1912. P1- 4.

(Notes from Marshall Frost:

I have tried to retype exactly as shown in the original document. I have lost some formatting, but the typos are as shown in the original text.)
Child of William~ Frost and Unknown~ Amyas is:
  4611 i.   Margaret Frost, born in of Beverly and Featherston; died Unknown; married (1) John Amyas, Sr in Methley [Medley?], England; married (2) Joscelyn Percy.

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