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Ancestors of Margaret May Harvey

      45964. John St Leger, born Abt. 1400 in of Ulcombe, Kent; died 16 May 1442 in Ulcombe, Kent. He was the son of 91928. Arnold II St Leger. He married 45965. Margery Donnet.

      45965. Margery Donnet, born Abt. 1408 in Rainham, Kent; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 91930. James~ Donnet.
Children of John St Leger and Margery Donnet are:
  i.   Florentina St Leger, born Abt. 1413; died Unknown; married John Clifford Abt. 1433 in Bobbing, Kent; born Abt. 1408 in of Bobbing Court, Kent; died Abt. 1437 in Iwade, Bobbing, Kent.
  More About John Clifford and Florentina St Leger:
Marriage: Abt. 1433, Bobbing, Kent

  22982 ii.   Sir Thomas St Leger, born Abt. 1419 in of Ulcombe, Kent; died Nov 1483 in Exeter, Devonshire; married Anne Plantagenet Duchess Of Exeter Abt. 1472.
  iii.   Sir James St Leger, born Abt. 1441 in of Ulcombe, Kent; died 1509 in Devonshire; married Anne Butler; born 1462 in of London; died Unknown.
  iv.   Bartholomew St Leger, born Abt. 1442 in of Ulcombe, Kent; died Abt. 1516; married Blanche Bourchier; born Abt. 1442 in of Baunton, Devon; died 04 Jan 1482/83.

      45966. Richard Plantagenet Duke Of York, born 21 Sep 1411; died 20 Dec 1460 in Wakefield, Yorkshire. He was the son of 91932. Sir Richard Plantagenet Earl Of Cambridge and 91933. Lady Anne Mortimer. He married 45967. Lady Cicely Neville Duchess Of York Bef. 18 Oct 1424.

      45967. Lady Cicely Neville Duchess Of York, born 03 May 1415 in Raby Castle, Durham717; died 31 May 1495 in Berkhamstead Castle, Hertfordshire. She was the daughter of 91934. Sir Ralph I Neville KG Earl Of Westmorland and 91935. Lady Joan Beaufort.

More About Richard Plantagenet Duke Of York:
Cause of Death: killed in battle
Military: 20 Dec 1460, Killed at the Battle of Wakefield
Title or Name 1: Protector Of England
Title or Name 2: 3rd Duke of York
Title or Name 3: Earl of March, Ulster and Cambridge

More About Richard Duke Of York and Cicely Duchess Of York:
Marriage: Bef. 18 Oct 1424
Children of Richard Duke Of York and Cicely Duchess Of York are:
  i.   Margaret Plantagenet, born in Of York; died Unknown; married Charles Valois Duke Of Burgundy; born 10 Nov 1433; died 05 Jan 1476/77 in Nancy.
  More About Charles Valois Duke Of Burgundy:
Cause of Death: killed in battle
Military: 05 Jan 1476/77, killed at the Battle of Nancy

  22983 ii.   Anne Plantagenet Duchess Of Exeter, born 10 Aug 1439 in Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire or York; died 10 Jan 1475/76; married (1) Henry Holand Duke Of Exeter Bef. 30 Jul 1447; married (2) Sir Thomas St Leger Abt. 1472.
  iii.   Edward IV Plantagenet King Of England, born 28 Apr 1442; died 1483; met (1) Elizabeth Woodville Queen Of England; born Abt. 1437; died 07 Jun 1492; met (2) Eleanor Butler-Talbot; died Unknown; married (3) Lady Elizabeth Liny; died Unknown.
  More About Edward IV Plantagenet King Of England:
Title or Name: King of England and France

  More About Elizabeth Woodville Queen Of England:
Forename Variant: Catherine Woodville?718
Surname Variant: Wydeville

  iv.   Elizabeth Plantagenet, born 22 Apr 1444 in Rouen, France; died 1503; married John De La Pole KG Duke Of Suffolk; born Abt. 1442; died 1491.
  More About John De La Pole KG Duke Of Suffolk:
Lineage: May be the son of Michael II
Title or Name: 2nd Duke of Suffolk

  v.   George Plantagenet Duke Of Clarence, born 1449; died 1478; married Lady Isabel Neville 1469; born 1451; died 1476.
  More About George Plantagenet Duke Of Clarence:
Cause of Death: executed

  More About George Duke Of Clarence and Isabel Neville:
Marriage: 1469

  vi.   Richard III Plantagenet King Of England, born 02 Oct 1452; died 22 Aug 1485 in Bosworth Field; married Lady Anne Beauchamp Neville; born 1456; died 1485.
  More About Richard III Plantagenet King Of England:
Cause of Death: killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field
Military: 22 Aug 1485, Killed in Battle of Bosworth Field

      45984. John Russell, born Abt. 1431; died 1505. He was the son of 91968. Henry Russell and 91969. Elizabeth Herring. He married 45985. Elizabeth Froxmere 1449.

      45985. Elizabeth Froxmere, born in probably of Droitwich; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 91970. John Froxmere.

More About Elizabeth Froxmere:
Forename Variant: Alice

More About John Russell and Elizabeth Froxmere:
Marriage: 1449
Child of John Russell and Elizabeth Froxmere is:
  22992 i.   James Russell, died Bef. Feb 1505/06; married Alice Wise.

      45986. Thomas Wise, born in of Sydenham; died Unknown.
Child of Thomas Wise is:
  22993 i.   Alice Wise, born in of Sydenham; died Unknown; married James Russell.

      45992. Sir John I St John, Kt, born Abt. 1426 in of Bletsoe, Bedfordshire; died Abt. 1488. He was the son of 91984. Sir Oliver I St John, Kt and 91985. Lady Margaret De Beauchamp Duchess Of Somerset. He married 45993. Lady Alice Bradshaw Lady Bledsoe Abt. 1455 in Pembroke, Glamorganshire.

      45993. Lady Alice Bradshaw Lady Bledsoe, born Abt. 1438 in Haigh, Lancashire; died Unknown in Bletsoe, Bedfordshire. She was the daughter of 91986. Sir Thomas Bradshaw Lord Of Haigh and 91987. Unknown Sherburne.

  Notes for Lady Alice Bradshaw Lady Bledsoe:
14. Sir John de St. John, -- he married Alice, daughter of
Sir Thomas Bradshaw of Haugh, in the county of
Lancaster, and of the same family as the Regicide
Bradshaw; she descended in the fourteenth generation
from Sir John Bradshaegh.

More About John St John and Alice Lady Bledsoe:
Marriage: Abt. 1455, Pembroke, Glamorganshire
Children of John St John and Alice Lady Bledsoe are:
  i.   Elizabeth St John, born in Bletsoe, Bedfordshire; died Unknown.
  ii.   Eleanor St John, born Abt. 1455 in of Bletsoe, Bedfordshire; died Unknown; married John La Zouche; died Unknown.
  iii.   Anne St John Baroness Clifford, born Abt. 1456 in Bletsoe, Bedfordshire; died Abt. 1506; married Sir Henry I Clifford Lord Clifford Abt. 1486; born Abt. 1458 in Skipton, Yorkshire719; died 23 Apr 1523.
  More About Sir Henry I Clifford Lord Clifford:
Date born 2: Tufton, Westmoreland?
Title or Name: Lord Clifford 10th

  More About Henry Lord Clifford and Anne Baroness Clifford:
Marriage: Abt. 1486

  iv.   Margaret St John, born Abt. 1457 in Bletsoe, Bedfordshire; died Unknown.
  v.   Morris St John, born Abt. 1459 in Bletsoe, Bedfordshire; died Unknown.
  22996 vi.   Sir John II St John KB Lord Of Bledsoe, born Abt. 1465 in of Bletsoe, Bedfordshire; died Abt. 1525; married Sybil Verch Morgan Abt. 1483 in Langstone, Glamorganshire, Wales.

      45994. Morgan Ap Jenkin, born Abt. 1413; died 1472. He was the son of 91988. Jenkin Ap Philip and 91989. Cecily Welsh. He married 45995. Jane Mathew.

      45995. Jane Mathew, born Abt. 1438; died Unknown.

More About Morgan Ap Jenkin:
Spouse: Unclear if he is the spouse of both wives or if there were two Morgans.
Child of Morgan Jenkin and Jane Mathew is:
  22997 i.   Sybil Verch Morgan, born Abt. 1462 in of Gwent Iscoed; died Unknown; married Sir John II St John KB Lord Of Bledsoe Abt. 1483 in Langstone, Glamorganshire, Wales.

      46592. William~ Aldous720,721,722, born in of Stadbrook, Suffolk; died Bef. 15 Jan 1531/32 in Fressingfield, Suffolk. He married 46593. Johan Warner Abt. 1477.

      46593. Johan Warner, born Abt. 1456 in of Wingfield, Suffolk; died Abt. 1505. She was the daughter of 93186. Thomas Warner.

Notes for William~ Aldous:
Binghams of Bingham County Website
includes the following: Aldous Family Page

William Aldous, born in Fressingfield abt. 1452; died 1531; married in 1477, Johan Warner, daughter of Thomas Warner, born in Wingfield, Suffolk, England, abt. 1456. For William's will, proved 15 January 1532, see NEHGR 150:478.

Children of William ALDOUS and Johan WARNER:

Robert Aldous, married Elizabeth (---).

Richard Aldous, weaver, born in Fressingfield abt. 1485; died 4 October 1560; married an Agnes. Will proved 4 October 1560 (Hyde, NEHGR 150:480).

Thomas Aldous, married Agnes Barbor.

Ancestors of Tim Farr Website

William ALDOUS [image] was born about 1452 in , of Fressingfield, Suffolk, England. He died before 15 Jan 1531/1532 in , Fressingfield, Suffolk, England. He married Johan WARNER about 1477.

From records in the posession of Tim Farr.

Fressingfield is a large and pleasant village in the county of Suffolk, England. From ancient deeds, written in latin, we learn that in 1477 William Aldous, whose family had lived in the parish for generations, received a gift of land there from his father-in- law, Thomas Warner, of neighboring Wingfield; from other records we can assume that this was a wedding gift to William and his bride Johan (Joan). They were deeded more property by Johan's father in the years 14"8, 1500 (four acres), and 1502 (a messuage Fhouse, out- buildings, and yard called Cryktots, with a pightle [small plot] and garden containing three roods [a rood is one fourth acre]. Re- garding the 1478 holding, which was later transmitted to Wilfiam's and Johan's son Thomas, a deed in 1568 reveals that previous to Thomas Warner it had belonged to his father Nicholas Warner; Nicholas had received it from Thomas Cook by a gift deed dated 15 August 1442; and it came into the possession of Thomas Cook by gift deed from John Balie 7 March 1431. The 1500 deed pertains to acreage which Thomas Warner had also previously been given by his father. The 1500 and 1502 gifts included William's and Johan's son Robert, and in 1518 the three deeded those acquisitions to son Thomas.

In 1528 were written reciprocal deeds, indicating a mortgage between John Hobard and William Aldous, his son Thomas, and others, regarding four pieces of William's real estate, one called Ferfield, one in Chepenhall hamlet, one in Wittingham hamlet, and a fourth, also in Cheperihall hamlet, called "Impehedgelond." William and Johan had a third son, Richard, involving whom there may have been deeds also, but if there were they probably have not survived the ravages of time, as deeds were private and kept in the possession of the owners, with no public registration required.

In 1524 William and his three sons were listed on the Suffolk Subsidy Return, all living in Fressingfield. Their last names are spelled Aldowes, Aldhous, and Aldhows. All four paid their tax "in goodes."

In his will, dated 13 December 1528, William's surname is spelled "Aldows." He and Johan were living in Fressingfield, he "in good and hooll wynde beyng." He commended his "soule to god all- myghtie to our lady saynt Marys and to all the saynts in hevyn," and his "bodye to be buryed in the church yerde of Fresyngfeld." As was customary he bequeathed an amount, in his case three shillings four pence, to the "highs Aulter" of his parish "for my tythes for- goton wtholdyti or ellys negligeictlie paide.11 Son Thomas "shall pays and contrict unto Johan my wyff yerelie as long as she shall lyve xxvj s viij d [twenty-six shillings eight pence] sterling money And also the same Johan to have her choyse whether she will dwells still wt the same Thomas & there she to have hir chamber in the south end of my tent [tenement] or ellys to be att cherch." From this we can assume that William held a lease on some church-owned property. The will continues, "And yf she be dwellyng still wt Thomas my son than I will that he and his assignes shall fynd hir . . . sufficient mete & drunks and . . . all other thinggs to her nedefull & contment." Additionally, "yf she dwelle att my house at cherch than I will that she shall have yerelie delivred by Thomas my son or his assignes sufficient fuell or firewode And also to deliver there redie ground sufficent whete and malte . . . durying hir lyff." Further on in the will is the notation that "yf my wiff dwelle att the cherch I wyll that she shall have ij mylche ken [two milk cows] to do therwyth what she will." "Thomas my son shall have all suche landes and medowes wt thapprtennces as lye wtin Wytynghm It "Richard my son shall have a pightell called Godbaidys pygh- tell Iveing in Chepynhale. . ." Apparently son Robert had received his full portion of the estate and is only mentioned when "Johan Aldows doughter of Rob-E Aldows" was bequeathed a small amount of money "under this condicion that she be rulyed and guyded Aswele by her beldame [grandmothers as by her godfather [must be her grandfa- ther] and that money to be paid hit att hir daye of mariage but not Wtstandyng I will that hir father shall pay my executor iiij nobyllys [four nobles, a noble being worth ten shillings] which he Auyth me and that to be part of the" original legacy, "or ellys yf hir father pay it not I will she shall have but I s [one shilling]." Before mentioning Johan and her father Robert, William had stated that "The Residue of all my stuffe moveabillys & unmoveabillys I wyll that Thomas my son shall have it under this condicion that he pforme this my last will and testament." The will concludes: "I ordeyn & make Thomas my son ny executor he to pforme this my will & to do for me as he shall se most best to the pleasure of god & profyght of my Soule . . . "and I' bequeth to eny oan of my godchildren iijjd [four pence]." Probate was made 15 January 1531/2.

A commemorative plaque was put on the north wall of Fressingfield church by Robert Aldous in 1876 in memory of William Aldous born circa 1450 Fressingfield, church reve 1476, and his wife Joan born circa 1456 Wingfield, daughter of Thomas Warner, son of Nicholas Warner.

Death: Will Probate

More About William~ Aldous:
Date born 2: Abt. 1440
Date born 3: Abt. 1452
Burial: 15 Jan 1531/32, Fressingfield, Suffolk
Forename Variant: Thomas or William
Probate: 15 Jan 1531/32
Surname Variant: Aldus, Aldous
Will 1: 1499, written
Will 2: 13 Dec 1528, Dated

More About Johan Warner:
Forename Variant: Johan, Joan, Joane, Joanne
Will: 1505, written

More About William~ Aldous and Johan Warner:
Marriage: Abt. 1477
Children of William~ Aldous and Johan Warner are:
  23296 i.   Robert Aldous, Sr, born in of Stadbrook, Suffolk; died Abt. 1507; married Margaret~.
  ii.   Agnes Aldous, died Unknown; married Robert Firmage; died Unknown.
  iii.   Richard Aldous, born Abt. 1485 in Fressingfield, Suffolk; died 04 Oct 1560; married Agnes; died Unknown.
  iv.   Thomas Aldous, born Abt. 1490 in Fressingfield, Suffolk; died Unknown; married Agnes Barber; born Abt. 1512 in Fressingfield, Suffolk; died Unknown.
  More About Thomas Aldous:
Burial: 05 Sep 1569, Fressingfield, Suffolk

  More About Agnes Barber:
Burial: 10 May 1582, Fressingfield, Suffolk

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