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Ancestors of Roscoe Clinton Myers

Generation No. 9

      288. Christian^ Roth91, born Abt. 1651; died in Manheim, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany. He was the son of 576. Christian^ Roth.

Notes for Christian^ Roth:

I have no documentation of this individual's being the
father of Heinrick Roth (Rhoads) b. 1696 in Manheim Germany
and immigrated to America in 1733 other than the notes of
Nelda Rhoades Lekenberry of Astoria, Illinois which are
found in the Monnonite Library of Lancaster, PA.
!NAME:Correspondence, Camas,JR, Correspondence, May 1996,
Jean Rhoads Camas,, 166 Cedrus Ave., East
Northport, NY 11731
!BIRTH:Correspondence, Camas,JR, Correspondence, May 1996,
Jean Rhoads Camas,, 166 Cedrus Ave., East
Northport, NY 11731
!DEATH:Correspondence, Camas,JR, Correspondence, May 1996,
Jean Rhoads Camas,, 166 Cedrus Ave., East
Northport, NY 11731
!BURIAL:Correspondence, Camas,JR, Correspondence, May 1996,
Jean Rhoads Camas,, 166 Cedrus Ave., East
Northport, NY 11731


The first boat loads of Palatines, from Holland, arrived on England's Is le of Man on June 9, 1709. Finally 13,000 Palatines found refuge in Englan d. The vast horde was alarming. Queen Anne was sympathetic and allowed ea ch ninepence daily for food. Some were housed in one thousand tents tak en from English army stores. These tents were pitched on the Surrey si de of the Thames. One thousand four hundred were lodged for four mont hs in the warehouses of Sir Charles Cox. Many occupied barns until these w ere needed for crops.

The first large shipment (3,500) of these people was to Ireland where th ey became potato farmers. The second large shipment was to the Carolina s. They sailed from England in the early autumn of 1709. The best known mi gration was with Governor Hunter to New York. Tradition says that the May or of Albany, Col. Peter Schuyler, had visited England with five Indian Ch iefs, two were said to be Mohicans. The Chief, Etowankaum, saw the homele ss Germans. He offered the Queen a tract of land in the Schoharie Valley f or them.

More About Christian^ Roth:
Alternate Lineage: See both Christian Roth descents from Hans Roth and Elizabeth Markgraf
Surname Variant: Rhodt, Roesch, Rhoads, Rhoades, Rhode(s), Rode
Children of Christian^ Roth are:
  144 i.   Heinrich* Roth, born 1686 in Manheim, Palatinate, Germany; died 1747 in Ephrata, Lancaster County, PA; married (1) Elizabeth Rhinehardt Bet. 1704 - 1707 in Germany; married (2) Catherine Rhinehardt 1716.
  ii.   More About Heinrich* Roth
  Notes for More About Heinrich* Roth:
Entries: 90224 Updated: 2006-04-06 09:05:54 UTC (Thu) Contact: Marcia Smith Clark
ID: I3005

Name: Henry Rhodt
Given Name: Henry
Surname: Rhodt
Name: Henrick Rhoads
Given Name: Henrick
Surname: Rhoads
NSFX: [[C]]
Sex: M
Birth: 23 Jan 1712 in Manheim, Germany
Death: 7 Apr 1774 in Ursina, Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial: Roth Cem., Ursina, Bedford Co., PA
Change Date: 22 Jul 2005 at 22:07


New at March 1, 1997: A book written by Marie Engel of Maryland about Henry Rhoads, Senior is forthcoming very soon with reserve orders being taken now. It promises to explain and clarify "misconceptions and confusion" about the books and other information about Henry Rhoads, Senior. I have reserved a copy and look forward to studying it. (Got the book and it is informative).

An incredible amount of instensive and careful research has been made available for the purpose of establishing the genealogy of Christian Rhodt; Henry Rhoads, the Elder; and, for Henry Rhoads, Senior. I find a lack of agreement among the sources. In fact there is conflict of opinion. I regard many items in the data prior to Captain Henry Rhoads (1739-1814) as impossible to reconcile in their entirety. All of the presentations are both scholarly and exciting. New items that are
discovered are immediately shared. - Virginia Rhoades.

I have selected the data that seems most reasonable to me at May, 1995 to enter in this report on this computer data base. However, I regard any data prior to Captain Henry Rhoads and wife, Elizabeth Stoner, as UNPROVEN in its ENTIRETY although
PARTS of the data seems well substantiated. - Virginia Rhoades.

In the LAUREL MESSENGER, Nov., 1971, page 6: "Rhoads Family Bible Record" from the Florence Dilbert Records: " Henry Rhoads Senior settled in Somerset County. (PA), He was granted land by John Penn in 1773." (The Laurel Messenger is a quarterly
bulletin published by the Hist. and Gen. Soc. of Somerset Co., PA, Inc.).

HENRY RHOADS, SENIOR, was married twice:

FIRST, to Elizabeth Rhinehart with whom he had four (4) children: Peter Rhoads, Frederick Rhoads, Ulrich Rhoads, and John Rhoads. Elizabeth Rhinehart Rhoads died in Germany. (in 1995, there is a question about Frederick being a half-brother of Captain Henry Rhoads). This has NOT BEEN PROVEN.

SECOND, to Catherine Rhinehart with whom he had nine (9) children. She was the sister of his first wife, Elizabeth. Catherine Rhinehart died in Pennsylvania.

From the Book, HENRY THE ELDER, by J. Paul Rhoades, page 21 the following will is presented:

"The following is the will of Henry Rhoads Sr., as recorded in the Bedford County Courthouse on January 28, 1774, in Will Book No. 1, page 5. It has been copied as recorded including spelling and punctuation:

In the name of God Amen. I, Handry Rhoads of the County of Bedford and Province of Pennsylvania being weack in health but sound in mind & mamry do this Twenty-eight day of January in the year of our Lord One Thousand seven

Hundred & seventy four mack and ordain these my last Will and Testament in following manner first I do ordin all my just Debts to be paid and next that my that my two sons JOHN Rhoads and JOSEPH Rhoads are to delivere unto my wife CATERINA in
yearly and every year as shee is a withe the sum of fourteen bushels of gut and clean wheat and to sow or cause to be sowet for her use one quarter of an acker of flocks and also to plant for use one quarter of an acker of Potatoes and I do
further will in this my last will and testament that the said JOHN and JOSEPH Rhoads shall keep and feet two couse for her use along as long as she liveth and provide fier wood or case the same to be done and let her life where I life now
during her life time but in case she marris again then all the above articles are to be void and I do further order in my last will and testament that all my children shall have an eckwill part of my estate of the sum of Sixty Pounds before my
wife CATERINA shall come in for her thords and I do further order in this my last will and testament that if all my children are of one eckwill sheer of the Sixty Pounds to earch of them then JOHN Rhoads and JOSEPH Rhoads is to take no more in
sheer with the rest of my children because the Plantation is not offset for them and I do further will and mack over to my son JOSEPH Rhoads one plow and all the geirs and one Bolt Horse or gelten and the harrow and all the tackline thereunto
Belonging which the said JOSEPH Rhoads is to have and has cot to the Plantation in his bargain of Beying the same and I do hereby ordin and appoint MICHAEL SYLL and ABRAHAM ( ) both of the County of Bedford to be the executors of this my last
will and testament and lastly i do hereby revoke and mack void all former and other wills by me heretofore made Declaring this to be my will and testament. In witness whereof I the same Handry Rhoads have to this my last will and testament set
my hand and seal the day and year above written.

Signed sealed & published by the said Handry Rhoads the testator as for his last will & testament in the presence of us who in his presence have subscribed our names & written hereunto. ABRAHAM CABLE



April 12, 1774 John Gross & Jacob Cable attested to the fact that the above was Will of Henry Rhoads. The same day MICHAEL SYLL and ABRAHAM CABLE were

appointed Executors."

(NOTE: Barbara Rhoads, the daughter of this Henry Rhoads, was married to MICHAEL SILL/SYLL and that could account for one of the Executors. As to the ABRAHAM CABLE and JACOB CABLE who were witnesses and Executor, these could have been
relatives. Some researchers show an Abraham Cable as the grandfather of his Henry Rhoads. H. Austin Cooper offers the name Catherine Ulrich rather than Caterina Cable as the mother of this Henry Rhoads.)

Another document was attached to the above Will of Henry Rhoads, Date of Will January 28, 1774. This document is "LEGACIES and NAMES" and is the record of the settlement of the estate giving the date, the name and the amount received by each:

October 29, 1774 JOHN RHOADS 4 pounds 14 shillings 6 pence

January 20, 1775 JOSEPH RHOADS 4 pounds 11 shillings

October 30, 1775 MICHAEL SILL 10 pounds 5 shillings 6 pence

October 30, 1775 MICHAEL SILL 4 pounds 16 shillings

May 11, 1776 HENRY RHOADS 8 pounds 19 shillings 9 pence

June 10, 1776 JACOB RHOADS 2 pounds 18 shillings

June 11, 1776 GABRIEL RHOAD 48 pounds 3 shillings

June 11, 1776 MICHAEL SILL 47 pounds

June 19, 1776 JOHN SWITZER 20 pounds 16 shillings

June 10, 1776 FREDERICK SEVERS 51 pounds 15 shillings 6 pence

June 10, 1776 JOHN SWITZER 45 pounds 16 shillings

April 29, 1777 DANIEL RHOADS 50 pounds"

-End of document giving Legacies and Names.

Note that in the above settlement of the estate all (9) nine children are named. The husbands of the three daughters are named rather than the daughters: Barbara Rhoads m. Michael Sills; Susannah Rhoads m. John Switzer; Catherine Rhoads m. Frederick Severs (sometimes his name has been given as Frederick Sipes).

The death of Henry Rhoads, Senior was in April, 1774. The first settlement was on October 29, 1774. The last settlement was made April 29, 1777, about 2-1/2 years later. The differences in the sums granted must be interpreted through the meaning of the will.

I have searched these books: TWO CENTURIES OF BROTHERSVALLEY CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN by H. Austin Cooper; HENRY the ELDER by J. Paul Rhoads; excerpts from manuscripts by Col. Owen Rivers Rhoads; Nelson Osgood Rhoads; and, a variety of others.

Alternate spellings of the name include: RODT, ROTH,

Personally, I regard the information concerning Captain Henry Rhoads (1739-1814) and wife, Elizabeth Stoner, as rather well-documented. Data on his parents and grandparents are interesting and represent much intensive research; however, I see no consistent data on his ancestors. (For example, there are conflicts as to which children of Captain Henry Rhoads's father, Henry, Senior, belonged to which wife, Elizabeth or Catherine Rhinehart.) And, there are many
more examples of inconsistency. - Virginia Rhoades.

The book TWO CENTURIES OF BROTHERSVALLEY - Church of the Brethren - 1762-1962 by H. Austin Cooper has Chapter IX -"Two Famous Pathfinders" which includes information about Henry Roth (Rhoads) Senior and Henry Roth (Rhoads) Junior. There is also
Chapter XI -"Captain Henry Rhoads".

To quote from H. Austin Cooper: "The Dunker (or Brethren) Church began in 1708 at Schwarenau, Germany.....this new congregation..began the Taufers (or Tunkers or Dunkers) or German Baptist Brethren Church."

Mrs. W. N. Newmeyer (probably a descendant of Captain Henry Rhoads daughter Susannah who married Peter Nighmyoir, later called Newmeyer, who stayed in Pennsylvania when most of the family went to Kentucky) contributed notes in 1951 for H. Austin Cooper's TWO CENTURIES OF BROTHERSVALLEY. Mrs. Newmeyer was "a noted Southwestern Pennsylvania historian and genealogist". (Per H. Austin Cooper's book).

Henry Rhoads (Rode), Sr. (or, Heinrich Rhodt, Sr.) and his father, Heinrich, the Elder, Rhoads (1686-1747) is said to have arrived in America from Germany in Oct. 1737. I have a copy of the boat list. (See page 199 -Pennsylvania German Pioneers - a 3-volume book at the Strasburger, PA Library. Also, "Names of German, Swiss and Other Immigrants - 1738, page 112-113, found at the Harbin Memorial Library at Greenville, KY.) The Strasburger, PA book "Pennsylvania German Pioneers", page 199, has the listings of: Heinrich Rodt, Senior and Heinrich Rodt, Junior. It is the list of the "Palatines imported in the Ship William themselves" - Ship William, October 31, 1737, List 50-B". "50) Oct 31, 1737. Palatines imported in the ship William, John Carter, Master , from Rotterdam, last from Dover - 180 passengers". (Virginia Burke May Rhoades).

A descendant, Thomas Dale Ashby, of Western Springs, Illinois, in November, 1988, offers the following in his notes: "Information from LAUREL MESSENGER of the Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County, PA, Box 533, Somerset, PA, May 1971, page 2: Henry emigrated to Philadelphia in ship William' 1737, first settled in Germantown, thence Bedford-Somerset via Ephrata and Maryland. Somerset County was established in 1795 from part of Bedford, Rhoads homestead straddled the county line. Part in Bedford (St.Clair Township) and part in Somerset (Brothersvalley Township). His last name was ROTH. -- From the Rhoads file in the Centertown Library, Centertown, KY (NOTE: Does he mean Central City, KY?) 10 Oct. 1988:
'He is buried in the Rhoads Cemetery on his tract of 1771, near Brooks Tunnel on the B & O Railroad, near Ursina, in lower Turkeyfoot Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.' He was also known as Heinrich Roth, Senior." -End of quoting from Thomas Dale Ashby.

From the book, THE FAMILY OF HENRY THE ELDER, by J. Paul Rhoads, pg. 27, "ALL the sons of Henry Rhoads, Senior, and Catherine Rhinehardt served in the Revolutionary War."


Father: Hendrick Rhodt b: Abt 1686 in Manheim, , Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Mother: Catherine Cauble b: Abt 1688 in Manheim, , Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Marriage 1 Catherine Rhinehardt b: Abt 1710 in , , , Germany
Married: in , , , Germany
Change Date: 17 Jan 2004
Susannah Rhoads b: 1734 in , , , Germany
Barbara Rhoads b: Abt 1735 in , , , Germany
Joseph Rhoads b: Abt 1735 in , , , Germany
Henry Rhoads b: 5 Jun 1739 in Germantown, Bedford Co., PA
John Rhoads b: 8 Feb 1747 in Germantown, Bedford Co., PA
Catherine Rhoads b: Abt 1748 in Germantown, Bedford Co., PA
Jacob Rhoads b: 1750 in , , , Germany
Gabriel Rhoads b: 1751 in , , , Germany
Daniel Rhoads b: 5 Oct 1755 in Frederick Co.,

Marriage 2 Elizabeth Rhinehardt b: Bef 1710 in , , , Germany
Change Date: 17 Jan 2004
Peter Rhoads
Frederick Rhoads b: in , , , Germany
Ulrich Rhoads
John Rhoads b: 1741

Passenger List for William Oct. 31, 1737

Palatines imported in the ship William, John Carter, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Dover - 180 passenters.

Male passengers above the age of 16:

Michael Reuter
Jacob Vechtel *
Wendel Bohn
Johannes Schantz
Caspar Surber
Peter Schaffer
Johannes Gett *
Heinrich Rode sen. <<<
Henrich Rode jr. <<<
Daniel Rode <<<<
Dietrich Uhle
Matthias Switzer *
Jacob Hauer
Christian Miller
Jost Ficcus *
Niclaus Mufle
Christian Jagi
Ancreas Kessinger
George Fitheim
Jacob Krom
Simon Schedel
Thomas Bauer *
Michael Bauer
Philip Jacob Reuter
Hans Adam Ketle
Johannes Madlung
Johan Dietrich Uhle
Johennes Maurer
Hans Georg Meister
Johan Fried. Muthhardt
Hans Michael Hauer sen.
Hans MNichael Hauer jr.
Johan Michael Gesel
Johannes Kuchle
Hans Peter Hauth
Joh. Theobold Schalack
Johan Nicholas Fischer
Hans Georg Becholtt
Hohan Georg Kessinger
Johan Michael Boltz
Johan Carl Haffelee *
Johan Balthas Rathgeber
Johan Michael Spiegel
Johan Fried. Heinnoldt
Johan Peter Baumgertner
Geo. Hein Valen. Henchke
Conrad Braun
Joseph Keller *
Jackques Creuccas
Mattheis Schmidt
Theobalk Lange *
Johannes Schwing
Johannes Miller
Joh.Peter Wilms
Christian Winderbauer
Joh. Gerh. Brenner
John Casper Zunfft *
Hans Jacob Faber *
Hans Adam Faber
Georg Jacob Bentz
Johan Michael Nees
John Conrad Ernst
Heinrich Weidtmann
Johannes Weidtmann
Johan Georg Beyer
Johan Wendel Ernst

Friderich Will
Peter Fickus

Matthew Switzer

[apparently women and children under 16 were not listed. ---RCM]

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