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Ancestors of Roscoe Clinton Myers

      1378. Robert~ Bowman, Sr, died 17 Feb 1700/01 in Varine Parish, Bermuda Hundred, Henrico County, VA.

Notes for Robert~ Bowman, Sr:

B. W. Brorsen
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Name: Robert Bowman
Sex: M
Death: 17 FEB 1670/71 in Varine Parish, Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co., Virg inia 1

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


Mary Bowman b: 1640 in Virginia
Robert Bowman
William Bowman
John Bowman


Title: Pam Nelson's Tree on Rootsweb

Children of Robert~ Bowman, Sr are:
  i.   Robert Bowman, Jr
  ii.   William Bowman
  iii.   John Bowman
  689 iv.   Mary Bowman, born Abt. 1640 in of Virginia; married Richard Hudson II.

      1600. Thomas Grigsby, born 06 Dec 1599 in Marsham, Kent, England1; died Abt. 1650 in Maidstone, Kent. He was the son of 3200. Isaac Grigsby and 3201. Joan Finch. He married 1601. Elizabeth Bankes 06 Apr 1622 in All Saints, Maidstone, Kent.

      1601. Elizabeth Bankes, born 1607 in Maidstone, Kent; died 1655 in Maidstone, Kent. She was the daughter of 3202. John II Bankes and 3203. Mary Fisher.

More About Elizabeth Bankes:
Burial: All Saints Church, Maidstone, Kent
Children of Thomas Grigsby and Elizabeth Bankes are:
  800 i.   John* Grigsby, Sr, born 08 Aug 1624 in Maidstone, Kent, England; died Bef. 11 Oct 1730 in St Pauls Parish, Stafford County, VA; married Sarah* Jane Rosser Abt. 1678 in England or St Pauls Parish, Stafford County, VA.
  ii.   Mary Grigsby, born 1626; married Thomas Hunt 23 Oct 1656.
  iii.   Thomas Grigsby, born 30 Nov 1628; died Bef. 1635.
  iv.   Margaret Grigsby, born 16 Jun 1630.
  v.   Stephen Grigsby, born 23 Apr 1633.
  vi.   Thomas Grigsby, born 16 Dec 1635.
  vii.   Alexander Grigsby, born 04 Mar 1636/37 in Kent, England; died 25 Jun 1673 in Surat, India.
  viii.   Elizabeth Grigsby, born 30 Aug 1640 in Kent, England.

      1602. James*~ Rosser, born 1629 in Chester, Cheshire, England; died in Essex County, VA.

Notes for James*~ Rosser:
Virginia Colonial Abstracts
Virginia Genealogies
re: the Bankes family
p 89

In 1743, p. 366, Adam Banks is made surveyor of highways from the Widow Rosser's to Thomas Monteith's Quarter.

Item Ref Dat F rm To Re

21-VPB 6 p489-4 Nov 1673-Sr Wm Berkely Knt Gover-Jno. Prosser & Tho. Panne -5200a New Kent Co. between the main

Bristol and America: A Record of the First Settlers in the Colonies of North America,
Page 24

Page 78 John Cory; destination, Barbadoes.--Richard Kemer (of Bristol); destination, Barbadoes.--George Russell; destination, Barbadoes.--Trustrom Peirce; destination, Barbadoes.--John Reece; destination, Barbadoes.--Anne Williams; destination (no place given).--Mary Williams; destination (no place given).--Edward Evans; destination (no place given).--George Stephens; destination (no place given).--William Prosser; destination, Virginia.--Jonathan Cole; destination, Virginia.--Mary Thomas; destination, Virginia.--Robert Thomas; destination, Virginia.

Page 35

Thomas Tucker (of Gloucester); destination (no place given).--Richard Drake (of Bristoll); destination (no place given).--Thompson Drake; destination (no place given).--Mary Drake; destination (no place given).--John Drake; destination (no place given).--Thomas Drake; destination (no place given).--William Morton; destination (no place given).--Oliver Lewis (of Ludlow); destination, Barbadoes.--Robert Copnell; destination, Virginia.--Thomas Watkins (of Nuport); destination, Virginia.--Mary Prosser (of Heriford); destination, Virginia.--Alice Streeton (of Bristoll); destination, Virginia.

The Kay-Pendleton-Neel Families
Page 15

(Deed Book 5 120 or 128.) In this same year his name appears six times in the records indicating `hat he was often seen in court and that he was becoming well known and well received. It is not surprising, therefore, that in 1673 he is referred to as one of the Gentlemen Justices. (Rappahannock Book W & D. I, 143) That he was one of the Justices of Old Rappahannock is confirmed by Stannards Extracts from Rappahannock and Essex Counties P. 15.)

James1 Kay gave a power of attorney to his brother, William2 Kay under date of September 27, 1673. (Rappahannock Records Deeds 5 260.) William1 Kay also appears in the records of Rappahannock County as a witness on October 9, 1677. (Deed Book 6, p. 26.) The will of JOHN PROSSER dated August 23, 1673 requested that Mr. James2 Kay assist the executors in carrying out the provisions of that will. John1 Waight of Golden Vale Creek was one of the subscribing witnesses to this will. This was the same JOHN PROSSER whose sale to Anthony Savage had been witnessed by both James1 Kay and his brother, William1 Kay in 1670. It is known that JOHN PROSSER resided on Golden Vale Creek. It will also be shown presently that the Kays were seated on this same creek. It follows that James1 Kay was seated in this same region from 1670 or before. (See Sweeney's Digest of Rappahannock Records, page 55.)

On May 4, 1671, James1 Kay purchased 1500 acres of land from Richard Heaberd of Stafford County, Virginia, Gentleman. This was part of a patent for 1,680 acres granted on March 23, 1664 to Richard Heaberd and Colonel Gerrard Fowke. In 1678 James1 Kay procured a patent for 2,000 acres in Rappahannock County on the north side of the river and in the "freshes" thereof. This parcel included his original purchase of 1,680 acres and an additional grant of 320 acres for the transportation of seven persons into the colony: John Palmer, Jane Norway, Ann Fielding, Thomas Richards, Nicholas Delfe, and Thomas Arnold. This land was further described as being on the north side of Doeg's Creek. This creek is identified today, as in subsequent records ....

More About James*~ Rosser:
AKA (Facts Pg): James Prosser
Immigrant Ancestor: Aft. 1656, England, Cheshire, to VA
Migration: Aft. 1656, England, Cheshire, to VA
Child of James*~ Rosser is:
  801 i.   Sarah* Jane Rosser, born Abt. 1656 in Chester, Cheshire, England, or Essex County, VA; died Bef. 1709 in St Pauls Parish, Stafford County, VA; married John* Grigsby, Sr Abt. 1678 in England or St Pauls Parish, Stafford County, VA.

      1604. John* Redman, born Abt. 1625 in of England; died Abt. 1676 in of Virginia. He was the son of 3208. William Redman. He married 1605. Anne Meese.

      1605. Anne Meese, born Bet. 1665 - 1670; died in of Virginia. She was the daughter of 3210. Col Henry Meese, Sr* and 3211. Mary? Princess Of The Potomacs.

Notes for John* Redman:
Virginia Colonial Abstracts
p 664

p.42. "John Redman aged 32 yeares or thereabouts being sworne and examin ed saith That he this Depon't being at Mr Brodhurst's house this last Spri ng in an evening see Robert Sharpe, John Wood Francis Sherwood there. T he said Wood and Sherwood signed a Bill unto Mr Brodhurst for Tob'co th en the said Mr Brodhurst examined Robert Sharpe and John Wood concerning H ugh Jones his Will and tooke it in writing and tolde them they must be [un readable 4 words] this Depon't did not see them sweare to it nor did he s ee Mr Speake there at that time. And further saith not. John Redman h is marke.
1 Octo 1658 Jurat in Cur".

p 688

p.88. 9 Oct 1658. Inventory of estate of Tho Bacon appraised by Mr Ri ch Hawkins and John Redman. Sworn before Mr Brodhurst and Mr Hiller 9 D ec 1657. Totals 394 lb tobo. Submitted by Eliza Bacon the admrx.

p 656

p.29. John Redman files 4 marks for cattle. Rec 4 9ber 1654. [sic]

p 670

p.53. John Redman assigns his interest in a patent to John Mansfield. 1 st Nov 1655. Signed John Redman his m'ke. Wit: Rob Slye. In the marg in this notation: "The Patt is Recorded fol:43 being Wm Lovedens Pattent ". Ack and rec 10 Jan 1655/6.

p 684
Westmoreland County
p.81. Entry mutilated. Appears to be an inventory of the estate of Dav id Sherwood appraised by John Redman and Edmund Brent. About 12 items. T otal and date destroyed. Evidently recorded 20 Aug 1657.

Virginia Apprentices, 1623-1800
Apprentices of Virginia

Jackson, Joseph
Master: Redman, John
Beginning date: 02/04/1760
Sex: male
Father: Jackson, John (deceased)
Source: Richmond Co. Deeds 12, 1757-1768, 134
Richmond Co.
Occupation: millwright
Ending date: 02/04/1763
Race: white

Palmer, Samuel
Master: Redman, John (Richmond Co.)
Beginning date: 03/02/1767
Sex: male
Source: Richmond Co. Deeds 12, 1757-1768, 735
Westmoreland Co.
Occupation: millwright
Ending date: unspecified
Race: white

Stevens, Samuel
Master: Redman, John (Richmond Co.)
Beginning date: 02/08/1753
Sex: male
Source: Westmoreland Co. Records 3, 1752-1756, 15
Westmoreland Co.
Occupation: millwright
Ending date: unspecified
Race: white

List of the Colonial Soldiers of Virginia

page 73
Redmayne, Charles, Va. Mag., 1, 387. Redmond, Christopher, Wash. Mss., 11 2, 82.2.
Redman (Redmain), Christopher, Va. Mag., 2, 145; Wash. Mss., 112, 83.

Virginia County Records, Volume VI
Original Source Page Name: 417 Jno. Redman ; Jno. Neale 1637
Comment: 500 acres

Marriage Date: 23 Mar 1765
Spouse: Thomas Redman
Spouse: Mary Gibson

Westmoreland County, Volume I
Westmoreland County Wills Book II.
Name: William Webb 20 Mar 1698 25 May 1698
Eldest dau. Hannah Webb ; my dau. Elizabeth ; my coz. Ann Maiders Jnr. ; c oz. Robert Mascey ; coz. Ann Maider's children; to Thomas Redman ; exor s. friends Robert Redman and Robert Lovell .

Virginia County Records, New Series, Volume I, 1913: Westmoreland County
Westmoreland County Wills Book II.
Name: Thomas Beard 16 Mar 1697 25 May 1698
Eldest son John ; youngest son Thomas ; dau. Mary Beard ; bro. in law Robe rt Redman and sister in law Mary Redman exors. and to look after my childr en.

Virginia County Records, New Series, Volume I, 1913: Westmoreland County
Westmoreland County Wills Book III.
Name: Robert Redman 18 Jan 1703 29 Mar 1704
To Thos. Beord ; to Mary Lovel ; my son Francis exor.

Virginia County Records, New Series, Volume I, 1913: Westmoreland County
Westmoreland County Wills Book V.
Name: Francis Redman 16 Apl 1716 25 Jul 1716
To Mary Lambert ; to James son of Robert Lovell ; to Israel Chapman ; exo r. kinsman Robert Lovell .

Virginia County Records, New Series, Volume I, 1913: Westmoreland County
Westmoreland County Wills Book VI.
Name: Inv. of Solomon Redman 04 Aug 1719

Virginia County Records, New Series, Volume I, 1913: Westmoreland County
Westmoreland County Wills Book XIII.
Name: Thomas Roberson 29 Jun 1756
My wife Anne and son Richard ; grandson John son of Thomas Roberson ; gran dson Thomas Redman Roberson ; three sons William , John and James .

Virginia County Records, New Series, Volume I, 1913: Westmoreland County
Westmoreland County Wills Book XIV.
Name: William Redman 27 Nov 1760 26 May 1761
Daughter Winifred ; sons John and William ; dau. Lettice ; wife Frances .

Virginia County Records, New Series, Volume I, 1913: Westmoreland County
Westmoreland County Wills Book XVI.
Name: William Dozier 18 Jul 1782 30 Jul 1782
Sons Richard , James Smith and William Robinson Dozier ; daughters Elizabe th Porter , Ann Robinson Porter , Martha Packett and Jemima Redman .

Virginia County Records, New Series, Volume I, 1913: Westmoreland County
Westmoreland County Wills Book XVI.
Name: Solomon Redman 31 Jan 1783 25 Feb 1783
To Miss Ann Weeks ; William Redman Kelsick and Ann Kelsick ; son Hen ry S. Redman ; grandson Solomon Redman Sanford ; dau. Sally ; dau. Winifr ed Sanford ; to Sarah Redman ; daughter Kelsick 's children.

Virginia County Records, New Series, Volume I, 1913: Westmoreland County
Westmoreland County Wills Book XVI.
Name: Ann Meeks 01 Apl 1784 27 Jul 1784
To Winny Sanford ; to Ann Y. Kelsick ; to Henry S. Redman ; to William Red man Kelsick ; sister Sarah Smith ; sister Elizabeth Porter ; sister Judi th Nash ; niece Ann Meeks Packett ; to Lawrence Waddey Sanford .

Virginia County Records, New Series, Volume I, 1913: Westmoreland County
Westmoreland County Wills Book XVIII.
Name: John Atwell 24 Nov 1790 25 Jan 1791
Nephew John son of my brother Francis ; brother William Atwell ; to Elizab eth Humes ; my brother Youell Atwell 's estate; sister Martha Sorre ll ; to William Redman, Jr.

Virginia Immigrants, 1623-66

Graves, Richard, 1637, by John Redman and John Neale, Accomac Co.
Harris, Richard, 1637, by John Redman and John Neale, Accomac Co.
Headry, John, 1637, by John Redman and John Neale, Accomac Co.
Hutchinson, James, 1637, by John Redman and John Neale, Accomack Co.
Mitchell, Thomas, 1637, by John Redman and John Neale, Accomac Co.
Redman, Mary, 1652, by Christopher Lewis, Isle of Wight Co.
Redman, Richard, 1639, by Samuell Watkeyes, Charles River Co.
Redman, Jno., 1655, by Robt. Priddy, New Kent Co.
Redman, Wm., 1642, by Justinian Cooper, Isle of Wight Co.
Redman, Wm., 1637, by Justinian Cooper, Isle of Wight Co.
Redman, Wm., 1636, by Justinian Cooper, Warrasquinoake, Co.
Redman, Richard, 1649, by Joseph Croshawe, Yorke Co.
Sadler, Thomas, 1637, by John Redman and John Neale, Accomac Co.
Stensbye, Anthony, 1637, by John Redman and John Neale, Accomac Co.
Stockhouse, Robert, 1637, by John Redman and John Neale, Accomac Co.
Warner, Henry, 1637, by John Redman and John Neale, Accomac Co.
Warrenford, Peter, 1637, by John Redman and John Neale, Accomac Co.

Wills of Westmoreland County, Virginia

Page 12

READMAN, JOHN, 2 March 1672; 25 June 1673.
My loving wife Mary and my children all estate. Witnesses; John How, Edwa rd Franklyn, Robert Bletso.

p 37

REDMAN, ROBERT, 18 January 1703; 29 March 1704.
Thomas Beard; to Mary Lovel 160 acres of land; my son Francis exr. and a ll rest of estate.

p 58

REDMAN, FRANCIS, 16 April 1716; 25 July 1716.
1 bed and furniture to Margaret Lambert; to James son of Robert Love ll my gunn; to Israel Chapman my clothes; exr. kinsman Robert Lovell lan ds and residue of estate.

p 69

REDMAN, SOLOMON, 4 Aug. 1719.
Inventory returned.

Duncan Association Newsletter
Volume 2, Number 2 April 1994
Brief Duncan Data From Files of Mary Ann Dobson

Some Duncan Immigrants to America Before 1700

"Westmoreland Co. Records 1658-1661" by Frederick Dorman (from Charles Gor don 3/14/83, Sacto 1/29/92)

Deeds, Wills, Patents, Etc. 1653-1659, pages 94 & later (pg. 1-93 were abs tracted by Beverley Fleet & pub. Vol. 23 of "VA Colonial Abstracts")

DW&P 1653-59, Pg. 111a. 17 Aug. 1658: John Redman does appoint my loving f riend Thomas Johnson my attorney. /s/ John (X) Redman. Wit. Tho. Tyrnhit t, Peter (X) Dunkin. Recorded 20 Aug. 1658. (pg.18)
[214] September 19-30, 1640. Henry Gardner, Arthur Bayly and John Redman s hippers of goods on the Dorset, Mr. John Flowers, bound London to Virgini a. (PRO:E190/43/1,4 44/1).

Virginia Colonial Abstracts
p 684

an inventory of the estate of David Sherwood is appraised by John Redman a nd Edmund Brent...recorded 20 Aug 1657.

Thursday, 11 August 1921, Kansas (IL) Journal

Redman-Bennett Reunion Next Sunday, August 14 (1921) at Richwoods

The first annual reunion and homecoming of the Redman and Bennett famili es will be held next Sunday at the old Redman homestead in the Richwoods c ommunity, south of Kansas. Some old time speakers are to be there and te ll how people lived a hundred years agao. All relatives and friends are i nvited to be present.

In connection with this reunion and homecoming, W. E. Redman of paris h as written an intensely interesting historical sketch which he has distrib uted to the members of the two families. In the preface he says:

"The object in writing this little history is for the fellowship and clos er communion of the Redman and Bennett families, also for the benefit of t heir annual reunion and homecoming. For almost two
hundred years, these families have been closely united together by marriag es and relationships, emigrating together from the Old Country to the Unit ed States, and settling in the State of Virginia.

These familes were prosperous farmers and lived in Virginia until after t he Revolutionary war when they began to colonize and emigrate further wes t. Our ancestors were the first to go; they moved to the
state of Kentucky, settling in Spencer county. The second colony emigrat ed to Eastern Ohio and formed a large settlement there. A third colony, c onsisting of several Redmans and Bennetts, emigrated
to the new state of Indiana to make settlement. As there was no trace n or history of them, it was the supposition that the entire party was massa cred and killed by the Indians.

Years passed by and emigration spread westward. Illinois was admitt ed to the Union as a free state, and all its lands were open for settlemen t. Our forefathers took advantage of this; they colonized, and in the ye ar of 1831 they left their homes in Spencer county, Kentucky, coming to t he new state of Illinois, and entering land in Edgar and Clark countie s. Thie region of the country has long been known as the Rich Woods, a nd the home of the REdmans and Bennetts. Our ancestors were of Scotch-Iri sh and German descent, but for nearly two centuries have been Americ an by birth."

W. E. Redman of paris and Charles O. Hawkins of St. Louis for the past fi ve years have been collecting data on the family history of the two groups .

The first Redman of whom any trace can be found went with William, the Du ke of Normandy (afterwards known as William the Conqueror) when he start ed the conquest of England in 1066.

For this service the Duke gave him a castle called Levens, which lat er on was known as Redman Hall. This was situated in what was later Westm oreland, England.

The authentic history of the Redmans begins with Sir Mathew Redman of Levi ns, born 1132 and died in 1210.

The title extended to eleven generations until 1450.

The first REdman who came to the United States was John Redman, born in En gland in 1610. He settled in Virginia in 1635. He was given five hundr ed aces of land by the government in ____ county. He
afterwards traded the land to his brother, Richard, for land in Westmorela nd county, Virginia. Richard settled in Charles City county, Virginia, a nd was killed by the Indians in 1639.

The four generations from John's family each has a history that has been t raced. The different wars they have taken part in are mentioned.

Solomon Redman, born in 1752, was a Revolutionary soldier, and was a gre at grandfather of W. E. Redman of Paris.

The Redmans were progressive farmers, owning large plantations. They we re also slave owners and all took an active part in the Revolutionary wa r. In 1799 an emigrant party of one hundred under the leadership of Capta in John Hawkins left Virginia and went over the Allegheny mountains for t he west. In the crowd wee the Redmans, Bennetts, Kesters, Briscoes, Lee s, and Drakes, all of whom have
descendents in Edgar and Clark counties. They settled in Spencer count y, Ky.

Basel Bennett, who came to the United States with John Redman, is close ly related to the Redmans. Marriages with the two familes have been trac ed back for four hundred years. They were also slave owners and owned lar ge plantations.

Richard Bennett was governor of virginia in 1653.

Solomon Redman was of Scotch-Irish descent; born in the state of Virgini a, October 10, 1752; married miss Sallie Gage of Virginia, who was bo rn in Virginia, December 21, 1755. To this union were born the
following named children: Joseph Redman, James Redman, William Redman, Fa nnie Redman, Sally REedman and others daying in infancy. In the latter pa rt of the eighteenth Century, Solomon Redman, Basil Bennett, some of the K esters and others formed a colony and migrated to the state of Kentucky, m any of them settling in Spencer County. Joseph Redman, the oldest son, w as born in Virginia, August 6, 1774; died August 10, 1849, married Lucy B ennett, who was born in Virginia, September 24, 1790; died November 11, 18 51. To this union were born fourteen children.

Basil Bennett--was of German descent, born in Virginia in the early pa rt of the 18th century; married Matilda Dawson of Virginia. To this uni on were born the following named children: John Bennett,
Lucy Bennett, Basil Bennett and others.

In closing his interesting story, Mr. Redman says:

"I find no history were the Redmans and Bennetts ever owned slaves, as ma ny of them were opposed to slavery and raising their families in a slave s tate.

"In the year of 1831, Joesph Redman and John Bennett, of Spencer County, K y., organized a colony to move to the new State of Illinois. Everything w as to be in readiness for this colony to start by September 1, 1831. The re were amny things to be done; wagons to be covered, household goo ds to be packed, and all stock ready for this long drive. In these two fa milies there were 23 children, many
of them young men and women. There were other families with children in t his party. When the final day to sart had come, everything was in readine ss. Relatives and neighbors met to say good-bye and wish them well. it w as a beautiful September morning. The final good-bye was said, and the em igrant party were seen winding their way down the Turn Pike toward the Oh io River a distance of 25 miles. When they stopped for dinner, they had m ade half of that distance. They stopped at the Old Water Mill, to exchan ge grain for grinding, and to let the stock rest. Everyone was busy, t he children were excited,
but happy, for several of them had never seen a river, city or village. T he City of Louisville was in sight, and it was a wonder to them. They a ll congregated at night on the bank of the river, some to fish, othe rs to watch the boats and view the city. it was almost mrning before a ny of them retired.

"The next morning all were loaded on the ferry boat and started across t he river. it was a mile wide and took almost an hour to ferry across. Af ter crossing the river, the emigrant party took a northwestern route acro ss the state of Indiana. Their progress for traveling was slow, but final ly they reached the little town of Vincennes, wheree they ferried across t he Wabash River. They then traveled north to palestine where the Gener al Land Office of Illinois was established. There they made some land ent ried--Joseph Redman entering land in Edgar county and John Bennett enteri ng land in Clark county. The county line divided their farms.

Their destination was reached at last. The found their land a dense fore st of heavy woodland of oak, walnut and sugar trees--splendid timber for b uilding purposes. They found a few neighbors who had
preceded them a few years to this neighborhood, who gave them a happy welc ome. There was no time lost; a site was soon selected for a building plac e, and everybody got busy at work.

"Joseph Redman had some little advantages in erecting his building as he w as a master carpenter and had trained his sons to work in timber and prepa re the woodwork of houses. With the assistance of a few neighbors, they s oon erected a large two-story dwelling, with a fireplace. The logs for t he construction of this house were almost cut from the ground upon whi ch it was erected, and for many years it was the best finished and most co mmodious building in the settlement.

"John Bennett built a builiding similar to this just over the county li ne in Clark county. These tow houses were in the center of what is now ca lled Rich Woods, and has long been known as the home of the Redman and Ben nett families. These dwellings were used several years as a place of wors hip, as there was no church house in the neighborhood.

"Joseph Redman and wife, John Bennett and wife, were the frist to join t he Concord Baptist Church in Rich Woods after it was constituted a church. "

Following is the committee on invitations: Mrs. Mabel Pinnell, Kansas, Mr s. Lillie Bussart, Paris, S. D. Bennett, Martinsville, Laura Redman, Westf ield, Mrs. Lizzie Tibbs, Cloverdale, Ind., Mrs. Zona Sninkle, Casey; Mr s. Susie Cornwell, Westfield; Benjamin REdman, paris; Mrs. Myrtle Kirkha m, Kansas; W. F. Hawkins, Casey; Jas. A Shields, Dudley; Mrs. May Brisco e, Westfiedl; W. Harry Redman, Martinsville, Ralph Redman, Terre Haute; Mr s. Jennie Tate, Dudley; Mrs. Lucinda Menk, Paris; Mrs. Lyda Lee, Westfiel d, Glenn Redman, Mattoon.

Submitted by;
Cindy McCachern

More About John* Redman:
Immigrant Ancestor: Bef. 1650, England to Virginia
Migration: Bef. 1650, England to Virginia

More About Anne Meese:
Ethnicity: of the Native American Potomacs
Lineage: Possbly the d/o Col Henry Meese
Children of John* Redman and Anne Meese are:
  i.   Unknown Redman
  802 ii.   William Redman, born Abt. 1650 in of Stafford County, VA; died in of Stafford County, VA; married (1) Elizabeth Anne Elkins in possibly Stafford County, VA; married (2) Anne Philpin.
  iii.   Joseph Redman, born 1662.

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