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Ancestors of William A Winslow(10/01)

      318. William Pabodie, born 1619 in "St Alban, Hertfordshire," England; died December 13, 1707 in Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island. He was the son of 636. John Pabodie and 637. Isabel. He married 319. Elizabeth Alden December 26, 1644 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.

      319. Elizabeth Alden, born Bet. 1623 - 1625 in Plymouth, Mass; died May 31, 1717 in Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island. She was the daughter of 638. John Alden and 639. Priscilla Mullins.

More About William Pabodie:
Occupation: Yeoman; boatman; planter; wheelwright
Other: Freeman 1651; grew up in Duxbury

  Notes for Elizabeth Alden:
First white girl born in New England (supposedly).

More About Elizabeth Alden:
Other: Mayflower Descendent
Children of William Pabodie and Elizabeth Alden are:
  i.   Elizabeth Pabodie, born April 24, 1647 in Duxbury, Mass; died May 04, 1677 in Duxbury, Mass; married John Rogers, Jr. November 16, 1666 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA; born March 01, 1640/41 in Duxbury, Mass; died June 28, 1732 in Barrington, Bristol, Rhode Island.
  More About John Rogers, Jr.:
Other: Mayflower Descendent

  159 ii.   Ruth Pabodie, born June 27, 1658 in Duxbury, Mass; died April 27, 1725 in Duxbury, Mass; married Benjamin Bartlett December 1678 in Duxbury, Mass.
  iii.   John Pabodie, born October 04, 1645.
  iv.   Mary Pabodie, born August 07, 1648.
  v.   Mercy Pabodie, born January 02, 1649/50.
  vi.   Martha Pabodie, born February 24, 1649/50.
  vii.   Priscella Pabodie, born November 16, 1652.
  viii.   Sarah Pabodie, born August 07, 1656.
  ix.   William Pabodie, born November 24, 1664.

      456. John Sharp, born December 29, 1661 in England; died December 09, 1729 in Evesham, Burlington, NJ. He was the son of 912. William Sharp and 913. Hannah. He married 457. Elizabeth Paine June 17, 1688 in Burlingotn, NJ.

      457. Elizabeth Paine, born February 19, 1665/66 in England; died November 28, 1705 in Burlington Co, NJ. She was the daughter of 914. John Paine.
Child of John Sharp and Elizabeth Paine is:
  228 i.   William Sharp, born December 02, 1689; died 1759 in Burlington Co, NJ; married Mary Austin December 01, 1716 in Haddenfield, Burlington, NJ.

      458. Francis Austin, born 1674 in Aynhoe, Northamptonshire, England; died in Evesham, Burlington, NJ. He married 459. Mary Borton September 15, 1696 in Haddenfield, Burlington, NJ.

      459. Mary Borton, born October 05, 1679 in Aynhoe, Northamptonshire, England; died 1739 in Evesham, Burlington, NJ. She was the daughter of 918. John Borton and 919. Annie Kinton.
Child of Francis Austin and Mary Borton is:
  229 i.   Mary Austin, born 1702 in Evesham, Burlington, NJ; died 1732 in Burlington Co, NJ; married William Sharp December 01, 1716 in Haddenfield, Burlington, NJ.

      460. William ?? Stratton, born 1665 in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England.
Children of William ?? Stratton are:
  230 i.   Mark Stratton, born 1692 in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England; died April 03, 1759 in Evesham, Burlington, NJ; married Ann Hancock October 08, 1713 in Haddenfield, Burlington, NJ.
  ii.   Emmanuel Stratton

      462. Timothy Hancock, born December 01, 1653 in Brailes, Warwickshire, England; died 1713 in Evesham, Burlington, NJ. He was the son of 924. John Hancock and 925. Anne. He married 463. Susannah Ives May 1690 in Evesham, Burlington, NJ.

      463. Susannah Ives, born 1660 in England or NJ; died 1698 in Evesham, Burlington, NJ.

Notes for Timothy Hancock:
In 1681 the ship 'Paradise' brought a body of colonists to New Jersey among who were Timothy Hancock and his sister Mary, from Warwickshire.
Mary married William Matlock, who came in the 'Kent'. Timothy settled on a tract of 100 acres of land in Burlington County, between the forks of the Pensauken Creek, about two miles from the present town of Moorestown. In 1682, in connection with William Matlock and John Roberts, he bought a piece of land of the Indian chief Tallaca, the original deed that is now preserved by a descendant of William Matlock.

"[The following is the deed, verbatim:] 'Know all people that I tallaca have had and Received of and from John Roberts with the consent of the neighborhood at pimsawquin one match coate one Little Runlit of Rum and two bottles of Rum In Consideration whearof I the said taleca doe hearby grant Bargain and sell unto the said John Roberts Timothy Hancock and William Matlock all those plantations at pimsawquin promising for Ever to defend the said John Roberts etc from all other Indians Laying any Claime theareto in wittness whearof I the said talleca have hear unto my hand and seale the twelveth day of April 1684. [Then the mark of Z talleca.']

"Timothy was a young man when he came to New Jersey. Three years later, -- November 16, 1684, -- he married Rachel Firman, in Evesham monthly meeting. Rachel died before 1690 and Timothy married Susannah Ives. He was a prominent man in the colony.

Timothy Hancock and his sister, then about fifteen, came from their home in Brayles, Warwickshire, England in the ship 'Paradise' arriving in West Jersey on March 7, 1681. Timothy was able to pay the passage money for the two of them. When they landed they had little worldly goods; they were a humble pair and the community readily accepted them. A year later Mary let several suitors know that she was spoken for as her heart favored William Matlack. The Quaker ceremony in 1682 was a joyous event; William was thirty-four and Mary sixteen.

Timothy Hancock married first in 1684 Rachel Firman. His second marriage was to Susannah Ives. His 100-acre tract adjoined the Matlack homestead. As more settlers came into the area, William Matlack and Timothy Hancock thought it a good idea to set up a Friends Meeting and with the consent of the Burlington Friends this was established in the Hancock home in 1685. There on what the Quakers called 'first days' the neighbors met to meditate and pray as they wished.

More About Timothy Hancock:
Immigration: March 07, 1680/81, With sister Mary from England
Children of Timothy Hancock and Susannah Ives are:
  231 i.   Ann Hancock, born August 11, 1691 in Chester Twp, Burlington, NJ; died Aft. 1755 in Evesham, Burlington, NJ; married Mark Stratton October 08, 1713 in Haddenfield, Burlington, NJ.
  ii.   Hannah Hancock
  iii.   John Hancock

      472. John Slawson, born May 14, 1641 in Sandwich, Mass; died October 17, 1706 in Stamford, CT. He was the son of 944. George Slawson and 945. unknown. He married 473. Sarah Tuttle November 22, 1663 in New Haven , CT.

      473. Sarah Tuttle, born April 1642 in New Haven CT; died November 17, 1676 in Stamford, CT. She was the daughter of 946. William Tuttle and 947. Elizabeth Matthews.

More About Sarah Tuttle:
Cause of Death : Sarah was murdered with an axe by her brother Benjamin Tuttle. He was hanged in 1677.
Children of John Slawson and Sarah Tuttle are:
  236 i.   Jonathan Slawson, born July 25, 1670 in Stamford, Fairfield, CT; died November 19, 1727 in Stamford, CT; married (1) Mary Waterbury; married (2) Rose Stevens July 11, 1711 in Stamford, Fairfield , CT.
  ii.   John Slawson, born 1664.
  iii.   Sarah Slawson, born 1667.
  iv.   Elizabeth Slawson, born 1673.

      474. Obadiah Stevens, born 1655 in Stamford, CT; died December 24, 1702 in Stamford, CT. He was the son of 948. Thomas Stevens and 949. Mary Fletcher. He married 475. Rebecca Rose December 18, 1678 in Stamford, Fairfield , CT.

      475. Rebecca Rose, born July 14, 1657 in Stamford, CT; died January 19, 1728/29 in Stamford, CT. She was the daughter of 950. Robert Rose and 951. Rebecca.

More About Obadiah Stevens:
Other: 1676, given land for service vrs Indians
Children of Obadiah Stevens and Rebecca Rose are:
  237 i.   Rose Stevens, born October 14, 1683 in Stamford, Fairfield, CT; died 1727; married Jonathan Slawson July 11, 1711 in Stamford, Fairfield , CT.
  ii.   Thomas Stevens, born 1679.
  iii.   Ephraim Stevens, born 1680.
  iv.   Rebecca Stevens, born 1686.
  v.   Elisha Stevens, born 1688.
  vi.   David Stevens, born 1691.
  vii.   Nathan Stevens, born 1694.
  viii.   Deliverance Stevens, born 1697.
  ix.   Obadiah Stevens, born 1702.

      476. John Scofield, born 1647 in Stamford, CT; died March 27, 1699 in Stamford, CT. He was the son of 952. Daniel Scofield and 953. Sarah Youngs. He married 477. Hannah Mead July 12, 1677 in Greenwich, Fairfield, CT.

      477. Hannah Mead, born in Greenwich, Fairfield, CT; died 1728. She was the daughter of 954. John Mead and 955. Hannah Potter.
Children of John Scofield and Hannah Mead are:
  238 i.   Samuel Scofield, born July 10, 1678 in Stamford, Fairfield, CT; died January 27, 1706/07 in Stamford, CT; married Eunice Buxton February 10, 1702/03 in Stamford, Fairfield , CT.
  ii.   John Scofield, born 1679.
  iii.   Ebenezer Scofield, born 1685.
  iv.   Nathaniel Scofield, born 1688.
  v.   Mercy Scofield, born 1690.
  vi.   Mary Scofield, born 1694.
  vii.   Susannah Scofield, born 1698.

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