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Ancestors of Samuel John Nealy

Generation No. 9

      256. Nicholas Barron408,409,410,411, born 1731 in Palatine, Germany412,413,414,415; died March 1785 in Somerset Co., PA416,417. He married 257. Catherine 1761 in Philadephia, PA418.

      257. Catherine419,420,421, born 1735 in Philadephia, PA422,423; died in Somerest Co, PA.

Notes for Nicholas Barron:
Copied from "The History of Somerset, Bedford, and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania -- 1884"

Nicholas Barron emigrated from Germany to Berks county, and thence to Somerset county. He settled and died on a farm of three hundred acres in Somerset township. His children were: George, John, Nicholas, Philip and Barbara (Young). Nicholas, Jr., was born in Berks county in 1765. About 1795 he settled in the northern part of Milford township, where he bought and cleared a farm, the same now owned by his son Nicholas. He died in 1831. His wife was Rachel Houser, and their children: George, Adam, Henry, Isaac, John, Nicholas, Elizabeth (Barclay), Catharine (Barclay), Mary (Levan) and Effie (Putman), are all
dead but Isaac, Nicholas and Effie. Nicholas purchased the farm after his fatherís death, three hundred and thirty-four acres, for thirty-three hundred and forty dollars.

Copied from "Descendants of Jacob Barkley and Veronica Hauer of Somerset Co., PA"

"Samuel's Evangelical Luthern Church, the second or third oldest church in Somerset County, was possibly started as early as 1775. The German immigrants of the area banned together to form this church. On 16 April 1795, the first German Records of the church lists the names of people baptized. The Barkley first appears in the records in 1804.

Nicholas Barron played a major role in the organization of the church. "The 200 years of History of Samuel's Church," states, the congregation began meeting in a two-room log schoolroom on the site" presently occupied by Samuel's Church. It was common in those days for a church to build Sabbath Schools for the children of the congregatioin, using it for worship on Saturdays and Sundays. The same building was used as a school during the weekdays. The history goes on to state that the first building was built by Nicholas Barron, his sons, and other members. Nicholas donated the land

His will dated 1785

More About Nicholas Barron:
Fact 1: October 04, 1752, Arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania424
Fact 2: 1752, Came to states on the ship Neptune425
Children of Nicholas Barron and Catherine are:
  i.   Catherine Barbara Barron426,427,428,429,430, born May 09, 1761 in Reading, Berks Co., PA431,432,433; died December 26, 1825 in Lavansville, Somerset Co., PA434,435; married Ludwick Young Abt. 1792 in Somerest Co, PA436.
  More About Catherine Barbara Barron:
Fact 1: December 02, 1825, Buried in Ludwig Young Cem437

  Notes for Ludwick Young:
Ludwig Young
Last Will and Testament

In the Name of God, Amen I, Ludwig Young of Somerset Township, Somerset County, and the State of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind and memory, do make this my last will and testament. First, I give my soul to the Almighty God who give it, and my body to the ground to be buried in a Christian-like manner. And after the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses, I leave and bequeath the real and personal property which it has pleased God to bless me with in this life the following manner: viz- - I leave and bequeath to my sons Jacob and John the tract of land on which I now live containing 500 acres, be the more or less, to them, to thier heirs, and assignees, forever. The said Jacob and John paying to my daughters the just sum of $35000.00 of which my son Jacob shall pay $2333.33 and my son John $1165.67 in the following manner and on the respective times herein after mentioned: viz-my sons Jacob and John shall pay one year after my decease to my daughters Mary and Rosina $250.00 Two years after my sons Jaob and John shall pay to my daughters Catherine and Sarah $250.00 Three years after my death they shall pay to my daughters Elizabeth, Eve, and Mariana $375.00 and so on yearly until the whole is paid according as they are charged for their lands until the whole is paid. Not a cent shall be allowed them for their buildings, for I have paid for it myself. They have the land cheap for $8.00 per acre and I took $500.00 off for their portion. They shall have their deeds as soon as they have given their notes to their sisters. Item: I leave and bequeath to my sons Lewis and Isaac the tract of land on which my sons at present live, adjoining the land of Peter Countryman and Daniel Stahl and others, to be divided between them, share and share alike to them and to same shall be divided by three respectable free-holders of Somerset County, to be chosen by my executors or the survivor of them, which division shall be conclusive. My son Isaac shall have no power to sell his land, and he shall live on it during his lifetime, and after his decease shall be for his children. And I further direct that my books and my clock shall remain with my children, nd whoever of them gives the most for it shall have it. I so herby revoke all former wills make by me and do appoint my sons Lewis and my son-in-law Henry Baker executors of this my last will and testament. In testimony of this being my last will and testament I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 4th day of August in teh year of our Lord A.D. 1826.

  ii.   George Barron438,439,440,441,442,443,444, born January 27, 1762 in Berks Twp., Somerset Co., PA445,446,447,448; died October 03, 1831 in Lavansville, Somerset Co., PA449,450,451; married Anna Marie Friedline WFT Est. 1795-1829.
  More About George Barron:
Fact 1: Buried in Samuels Chyd452,453,454,455
Fact 2: Served in Revolutionary War (proven by D.A.R.)456

  Notes for Anna Marie Friedline:
epitaph of Anna Maria (Friedline) Barron

Ruhen die gebeine von
Ann Marie Barronin
gebhorn Friedleinin
gebohrn den 11 Martz 1867
stdrb der 23 May 1807
Ihr aieteh war 40 jahre
2 monate und 13 tage
senft ruheihr ashe

reposes these remains
Anna Maria Barron
born Friedline
born 11 March 1767
died 23 May 1807
her age was 40 years
2 months and 13 days
softly repose your ashes

  More About Anna Marie Friedline:
Fact 1: May 03, 1767, christened457
Fact 2: buried in Samuels Luthern Church Cem457,458,459

  128 iii.   Nicholas Barron, born December 25, 1762 in Somerset Co., PA; died July 24, 1831 in Lavansville, Somerset Co, Pennsylvania; married Rachel Houser.
  iv.   John Barron460,461,462,463, born September 27, 1765 in Richmond Twp., Berks Co., PA464,465; died 1802 in Somerset Co., PA465; married Magdalena Brant.
  Notes for John Barron:
JOHN BARRON warrant 400 acres on Beaver Dam Creek and Spruce Creek Quemahoning Twp 26 Mar 1793 survey date 1 Oct 1795; Rev War Vet; no other record

  More About John Barron:
Fact 1: March 26, 1793, warranted 400 acres on Beaver Dam Creek & Spruce Creek Quemahoning Twp466
Fact 2: Served in Revolutionary War (proven by D.A.R.)467

  v.   Phillip Barron468,469,470,471,472, born September 09, 1767 in Richmond Twp., Berks Co., PA473,474; died May 24, 1814 in Greensburg, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania474; married Eve.
  Notes for Phillip Barron:
August 25, 1790 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #76954
August 25, 1790
The Pennsylvania Gazette

Springfield township, Bucks county, August 7, 1790.

WHEREAS I the subscriber, did sometime about the month of May, in the
year 1776, execute a bond to JOHN APPLE, of Upper Saucon township, in
Northampton county, for the sum of 75 l. payable in one year, or six months
after the date, with lawful interest for the same. I do hereby forewarn any
person from taking an assignment on said bond, as I expect I have fully paid
it off, and am therefore determined not to pay it again, unless compelled by
law. PHILLIP << BARRON>> .

  More About Phillip Barron:
Cause of Death: Thrown from a horse475
Fact 1: Buried in German Cem in Greensburg475

      264. William Critchfield476,477, born May 31, 1758 in Sussex Co. NJ; died February 19, 1845 in Somerset Co., PA. He was the son of 528. Amos Critchfield. He married 265. Johanna Tillison in Virginia.

      265. Johanna Tillison, born March 25, 1765; died May 06, 1836 in Somerset Co., PA.

Notes for William Critchfield:
Pension File S9242
William Crihfield or Critchfield was born in 1758 in New Jersey. While living on Patterson's Creek in Hampshire County, Virginia he was drafted the last of February 1778, served as a private in Captain Moses Hutton's Virginia Company and was discharged September 1, 1778 at Wheeling, VA.. He enlisted in September 1778 as a substitute for Cornelius Hogland at Hampshire Co. VA, served as a private in Captain Johnston's Virginia Company under Major Van Meter and in Captain Archibald Wiggins Company and was discharged December 20, 1778. In October 1781 he moved from said Hampshire County, to Somerset County, Pennsylvania where he was allowed pension on his application executed December 4, 1837. Soldier had a brother Joshua and his cousin Nathaniel Critchfield was a resident of Knox County, Ohio in 1837. William Critchfield was a resident of Milford Twp. Somerset Co. PA aged 79 years when applied for Pension. He would not apply for pension before this because he did not like to appear on pension rolls, but now he is old and unable to work. Signed William Crichfield December 1837. There is no further data on file as to his family.

Buried Cramer King Cemetery aged 89 Years 8 months 19 days.

1790 Bedford Co. PA 3-1-2
1800 Milford Twp. Somerset Co. PA William Critchfield 22010-30110
1810 Milford Twp. Somerset Co. PA William Crichfield 21201-12110
1729 Milford Twp. Somerset Co. PA William Creekfield 010211-00201
1830 Milford Twp. Somerset Co. PA William Critchfield 00002000001-010010001

To the Honorable Judges of the Orphans Court: The petition of Wm. BAER, Jas D. Crichfield, & Geo. M. HEILMAN Ex. Of Geo C. Heilman decd. Respectfully shows that they are respectively interested as holders of title under William Crichfield late of Milford Township dec'd, and as conveyors or vendors to others with warranty, in a tract of land situate on waters of Coxes creek containing 264 acres more or less adjoining lands now of Levi FRIEDLINE, Wm. BAKER John D. Baker and others. That they have paid in full the entire consideration therefor, to the persons under whom they claim viz. To John Crichfield & Jas. Crichfield, That Wm. Crichfield Sr. died intestate seized of the said land, and that he left no widow but children and grandchildren as follows viz. 1)William Crichfield, 2)John, 3)James, 4)Jesse 5)Phoebe intermarried to Lewis RECTOR, 6)Joseph dec'd leaving issue 3 children James, Milton and Susan, 7) Susan dec'd first intermarried with Isaac CRICHFIELD leaving issue 3 children, viz. 1- Vasty, 2- Amos 3- Rhoda, and by a 2nd marriage to Geo. WATSON, left issue 3 children viz. 1-George, 2-Ephriam & 3-William. 8) Martha dec'd intermarried with ____ROBERTS leaving issue six children to wit: 1-John, 2-Noah, 3-Jospeh, 4-Joanna intermarried with Jas. Hanna, 5-intermarried with ____GIESEY & 6- Mary intermarried with Jas. LAWSON 9)Jacob deceased leaving issue 1-Freeborn, 2-Hanna, and 3-William, 10) Sarah dec'd intermarried with Wm. MCMILLEN decd. Leaving issue 1-Wm. McMillen dec'd and 2-Silas McMillen.
That proceedings in partition were in the Orphans Court, on 25 Aug 1856 and in due course, the said land was appraised and the same on 2 day of Feb. 1857 was decreed to William Crichfield the oldest heir, and recognizance entered into with John Crichfield and John MOREY as Sureties, to secure the payment of $224 76/100 to each of the said 10 heirs subject to a deduction of $200 from the share of Jesse or before 2 Feb 1857. That they have but recently discovered that the said land had not on record been discharged from the lien of the said recognizance except the shares of Geo. Watson & Ephriam Watson & Wm. Watson; three of the children of Susan dec'd.
Your Petitioners aver however that William's share merged in the title when the land was decreed to him, and John's share merged in the title when William on 13 April 1857 conveyed the land to him before the recognizance because due and payable and that therefore as to both William & John the recognizance stands as if formally discharged. That Jesse, in an action of ejectment between him and the heirs of Wm. Crichfield; which was tried and determined against him; before the petitioner proceedings began was ??let on the c????? and that by the decree $200 was deducted from his share. He died in Westmoreland or Fayette County and we have no knowledge of the number or names of his children nor of their place of residence.
Your petitioners aver, that within a few days; after diligent search & inquiry they found some old papers of Jno Crichfield dec'd on a ganet in the house of his grandson Oliver Crichfield, among which, was letters & receipts from some of the heirs of Wm. Crichfield dec'd showing payment as follows: From the heirs of Jacob Crichfield, in full from the heirs of Joseph Crichfield in full. From the heirs of Susan in full. >From 5 of the 6 children of Martha ROBERTS viz. Joanna, Mary & Noah by receipts found, and by letter received from Jno. Roberts stating that the three named and Sarah and himself, were paid, and James D. Crichfield one of petitioners says he furnished the money to his father to pay Joseph. No receipts were found from Jas. Or his children nor from Phoebe and her children nor form Sarah's children. That James, lived and died in Fayette Co. Pa, leaving issue as well as we can learn viz. Joanna, intermarried with John BOUCHER of Somerset co., both deceased - leaving issue a daughter married to Austin MILLER in Milford township. The names and residence of Joanna's other children are unknown. The other children of James, seem to be, Henry, David, Jacob, Margaret, Sarah & Amos. Amos lived in Fayette Co., and Jacob in Washington County-- the others some where unknown in the west. Sarah intermarried with Wm MCMILLEN died in Somerset County - leaving issue two children. One of whom Silas lives in Johnstown, Pa as we are in formed, the other William died in Somerset co. James Crichfield one of the petitioners says Sarah's heirs were paid. Phoebe intermarried with Lewis RECTOR lived and died in Westmoreland County leaving children to survive, but only have been able to trace a daughter, a granddaughter married to a Mr.___LOUTHER in Westmoreland Co. Pa.
Mr. James D. Crichfield one of the petitioners purchased from his father John Crichfield son of Wm. Sr., the same land as early as 1860, and he and those holding under him have held it ever since. He saw the money which his father had ready to pay off the heirs, and firmly believe he did pay all. Your petitioners aver that John Crichfield at about the time the decree was entered and long afterwards was in fair circumstances, well to do, and owned several farms, a qrist mill, sawmill & carding & pulling mill, and that in as much as receipts dating back to 1858 and up to 1862 thereabouts have been found showing full payment to the heirs out of the state, and to some in the county, it is fair to presume that those living in the near counties of Fayette and Westmoreland and in Somerset Co., have also been paid. That no money has been paid by anyone holding under the decree written 21 years and so far as petitioners have been able to discover, not within twice 21 years - although all the several parties holding title under the decree have been able to have paid if any thing remained unpaid. Upon all the facts stated your petitioners aver as matters of law that the said recognizance is presumed to have been paid to the several parties, entitled to receive payment - and that they are entitled to have the court, decree that the said lands are discharged from the lien of sale recognizance, and that the recognizance should be marked satisfied.

Copied from "The History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties,
Pennsylvania -- 1884"

William Critchfield was one of the first settlers of this township, and experienced his share of pioneer hardships. He lived upon the farm where Shamrock Station now is. the farm, which had never been out of the family name, is not owned by his grandson, James.

More About William Critchfield:
Fact 1: Buried in Cramer Cemetary478
Fact 2: Served in Revolutionary War (proven by D.A.R.)479

  Notes for Johanna Tillison:
Buried Cramer King Cemetery age 70 years 8 months 11 days.

More About Johanna Tillison:
Fact 1: Buried in Cramer Cemetary480
Children of William Critchfield and Johanna Tillison are:
  i.   Susannah Critchfield, born Abt. 1783; died Bef. 1856; married (1) Isaac Critchfield Bef. 1802 in PA; met (2) George Watson October 06, 1811 in Muskingum CO. OH.
  Notes for Isaac Critchfield:
1801 Southampton Twp Assessment.
Isaac Critchfield 2 horses 2 horned cattle Value $60 Tax .40

1802 Southampton Twp
Isaac Chrihfield Rates 4 50 acres 8 clear 1 horned cattle Value $40 Tax .15

1803 Southampton Twp
Isaac Critchfield Rates 4 50 acres 8 clear Value $40 Tax .15

1805-1806-1807-1808 Southampton Twp.
Isaac Crichfield Rates 3 50 acres 20 clear

  132 ii.   William Critchfield, born Abt. 1784; died Aft. 1857; married Mary Magdalene Boucher.
  iii.   Joseph C. Critchfield, born Abt. 1786; died Bef. 1850 in Dixon, Lee Co. IL; married (1) Magdalena Boucher; married (2) Ann White April 22, 1822 in Bond Co. IL.
  Notes for Ann White:
Marriage records Vol A. Page 111 Bond Co. IL
1830 Bond Co. IL Joseph Critchfield p.212 020101-1011
1840 Bond Co. IL Joseph Critchfield 00110001-111001
1850 Census Bond Co IL p. 414
797 - 814 Ann Critchfield 50 B. Tenn.
James 26 b. Il
Milton 25 b. IL
Joana 20 b. IL
Eliza 12 b. IL
798 - 815 Hanna Critchfield 21 b. PA
William 18 b. Pa
Freeborn 11 b. Pa

  iv.   James Critchfield, born October 23, 1788 in Somerest Co, PA; died April 25, 1873 in Fayette Co., PA; married (1) Margaret Bainder in Fayette Co., PA; married (2) Sarah Grim.
  Notes for James Critchfield:
Sanner Lutheran Reformed Church Bapt. record 1782-1850 lists birth of several children.

Fayette Co. PA Orphans Court Docket Book 8, p. 608 The petition of Henry Critchfield. (James died intestate).

CRITCHFIELD, JAMES - April 25th James Critchfield, of Fayette county, aged 84 years, 6 months and 2 days. Mr. Critchfield was born in Somerset county in 1788, in 1811 he removed to Fayette county, where he resided until his death. He was the father of 13 children, 55 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren.
Somerset Herald April 30, 1873

Fayette Co. PA Orphans Court Docket Book 77, p. 447. Petition of Carrie S. Stoyer.

  Notes for Margaret Bainder:
Found on an old piece of paper.

Grandmohter Critchfield born January 6th 1795 died June 3, 1847 her maiden name was Maggie Bainder, she was raised in Somerset co Penna. A daughter of Henry and Lizzie Bainder is burried in the Mill Run Baptis Graveyard. Springfield Township Fayette Co. Pennsylvania
This corresponds with her baptism record at Sanner Church. Margaretha b. Jan 6, 1795 bapt. Mar 25, 1795 Parents Henry and Elizabeth Bainder.

  v.   John Critchfield480,481,482, born April 09, 1790 in Somerest Co, PA483; died April 30, 1879 in Somerset Co., PA; married Susanna Baker 1821 in Somerest Co, PA.
  Notes for John Critchfield:
Farmer and lumberman

Listed as sawmiller in 1850 Middlecreek PA census

Copied from "The History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties,
Pennsylvania -- 1884"
John Critchfield, son of Williams, was born in Milford township in 1791. In 1821 he erected on the farm above mentioned, a carding mill, and the following year he built an oilmill, the only one ever erected in Milfroed. About 1820 he purchased he purchased of George ankeny six hundred acres of land, upon which two sawmills and a gristmill had previously been erected. About ten years later he purchased of Ankeny six hundred acres of timber land and a sawmill. This land has since been cut up into several farms. John Critchfield died in 1879. He married Susanna Baker, and his children were: Jacob, Samuel, James, Sarah (Weller), Phoebe (Schrock), deceased, Mary (Kahn's) and Louisa (Shave)

  vi.   Martha Critchfield, born Abt. 1793; died May 20, 1856; married Samuel Roberts in between 1810 and 1815.
  vii.   Mary Critchfield, born December 07, 1794; married Robert Richford Roberts.
  viii.   Sarah Critchfield484, born April 07, 1797; died Bef. 1856; married Thomas McMillen.
  ix.   Jacob Critchfield, born January 19, 1802 in Somerset CO., PA; died March 08, 1846 in Millersburg, Bond Co. IL; married Lydia Wright.
  x.   Phoebe Critchfield, born July 06, 1804; married Lewis Rector.
  Notes for Lewis Rector:
1850 Westmoreland Co. Donagal Twp. PA Census

  xi.   Jesse Critchfield, born March 02, 1806 in Somerest Co, PA; died April 07, 1891 in Wayne Co. OH; married Sarah.
  Notes for Jesse Critchfield:
1850 Westmoreland Co. Donegal Twp. PA
1880 Wayne Co. Orville Twp. OH
1840 Birth of Joanna - Sanner Church Records

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