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Ancestors of Watson Miller Lamb

Generation No. 5

      16. Ebenezer Lamb, born 1710 in Lebanon, New London County, CT. He was the son of 32. Thomas Lamb and 33. Thankful Hill. He married 17. Mary Hill July 26, 1732 in Westerly, Washington County, Rhode Island.

      17. Mary Hill, born 1710 in of Groton, New London County, CT. She was the daughter of 34. Josiah Hill and 35. Mary Bartlett.

Notes for Ebenezer Lamb:
From Bertha Lamb Bruce's notes: " Ebenezer Lamb, Pricvate. Capt. Abijah Lamb's Co., Col. Jopnathan Holman's regt.: service 21 days. Company marched freom home to Providence, RI, on alarm of Dec. 10, 1776."

More About Ebenezer Lamb and Mary Hill:
Marriage: July 26, 1732, Westerly, Washington County, Rhode Island
Children of Ebenezer Lamb and Mary Hill are:
  8 i.   Amos Lamb, born 1744 in Groton, New London County, CT; died Aft. 1793; married Mary Hulett September 13, 1770 in Hingham, Norfolk County, MA.
  ii.   Sarah Lamb, born in Groton, New London, CT; married Samuel Button 1738 in Groton, New London, CT; born 1698 in Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island; died July 1778.
  More About Samuel Button:
Burial: Groton, New London, CT

  More About Samuel Button and Sarah Lamb:
Marriage: 1738, Groton, New London, CT

  iii.   Nathan Lamb, born 1740.
  iv.   Thomas Lamb, born December 01, 1735.
  v.   Mary Lamb, born 1730.
  vi.   Samuel Lamb, born December 1748 in CT; died January 1780 in New London, CT; married Rebecca Putnam.

      18. John Hulet, born Abt. 1713 in Newton, Middlessex County, MA; died Aft. 1770. He was the son of 36. Michael Howlett and 37. Experience Newton. He married 19. Sarah Searles December 04, 1746 in Killingly, Windham Co., CT.

      19. Sarah Searles, born June 23, 1723 in Ashford, Windham County, CT; died January 21, 1797. She was the daughter of 38. Robert Searle and 39. Elizabeth Hathorne.

More About John Hulet and Sarah Searles:
Marriage: December 04, 1746, Killingly, Windham Co., CT
Children of John Hulet and Sarah Searles are:
  9 i.   Mary Hulett, born December 14, 1747 in Killingly, Windham Co., CT; died Aft. 1793 in Cummington, MA; married Amos Lamb September 13, 1770 in Hingham, Norfolk County, MA.
  ii.   John Hulitt, born January 16, 1748/49.
  iii.   Sarah Howlett Hulitt, born January 16, 1749/50.
  iv.   Experience Hulitt, born February 12, 1754.
  v.   John Hulitt, born March 20, 1756.
  vi.   Sylvanus Hulitt, born November 07, 1758.
  vii.   Samuel Hulitt, born May 10, 1761.
  viii.   Asa Hulitt, born February 20, 1763.
  ix.   Mary Elizabeth Hulitt, born September 04, 1764.
  x.   Seth Howlett Hulitt, born 1770.

      20. David Bates, born November 19, 1719 in Hingham, Plymouth County, MA; died Aft. May 05, 1772 in Hingham, Plymouth County, MA. He was the son of 40. David Bates and 41. Patience Farrow. He married 21. Hannah Lincoln March 04, 1735/36 in Boston, Suffolk County, MA.

      21. Hannah Lincoln, born Abt. 1711 in of Hingham, Plymouth County, MA; died Aft. 1772 in of Hingham, Plymouth County, MA. She was the daughter of 42. Daniel Lincoln and 43. Elizabeth Whitcomb.

Notes for David Bates:
David Bates 17 19-1772 in 1758 Co. of Hingham men.

1777 Captain David Bate's Company, Eastern Battalion Morris Co., New Jersey militia.

Captain Jonathan Bates Co.

More About David Bates and Hannah Lincoln:
Marriage: March 04, 1735/36, Boston, Suffolk County, MA
Children of David Bates and Hannah Lincoln are:
  i.   Noah Bates, born December 11, 1736.
  ii.   David Bates, born May 29, 1738.
  10 iii.   Corporal Rev. War Abner Bates, born August 10, 1740 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusettes; died Aft. 1780; married (1) Sarah Tower September 13, 1770 in Hingham, Norfolk County, MA; married (2) Hannah Norton 1784 in Cummington, Hampshire Co., MA.
  iv.   James Bates, born July 27, 1742.
  v.   Susanna Bates, born December 01, 1746.
  vi.   John Bates, born November 12, 1748.
  vii.   Daniel Bates, born October 07, 1750.

      22. Captain Rev War Peter Tower, born January 12, 1727/28 in Hingham, Plymouth County, MA; died August 04, 1814 in Cummington, MA. He was the son of 44. Peter Tower and 45. Patience Garnett. He married 23. Deborah Stowell November 25, 1746 in Hingham Plymouth County, MA.

      23. Deborah Stowell, born September 28, 1726 in Hingham, Plymouth County, MA; died June 07, 1780 in Cummington, Mass. She was the daughter of 46. John Stowell and 47. Deborah Garnett.

More About Captain Rev War Peter Tower:
Fact 2: 1778, at Boston under Capt. Elias Whiton
Unknown2088: 1776, from Hingham under Capt. Job Cushing and Sol. Solomon Lovell

More About Peter Tower and Deborah Stowell:
Marriage: November 25, 1746, Hingham Plymouth County, MA
Children of Peter Tower and Deborah Stowell are:
  i.   Leah Tower, born November 14, 1747.
  11 ii.   Sarah Tower, born April 22, 1750 in HIngham, Norfolk/Plymouth Co., Massachusettes; died Aft. 1780 in Cummington, Hampshire Co., MA; married Corporal Rev. War Abner Bates September 13, 1770 in Hingham, Norfolk County, MA.
  iii.   Lydia Tower, born August 27, 1752.
  iv.   Rufus Tower, born August 28, 1757.
  v.   Lucy Tower, born April 25, 1760.
  vi.   Asa Tower, born July 18, 1762.
  vii.   Molly Tower, born April 27, 1765.
  viii.   Deborah Tower, born October 04, 1767.
  ix.   Patience Tower, born April 22, 1770.
  x.   Stephen Tower, born May 24, 1775.

      26. Thomas Burch, born Aft. 1690; died in of Bellingham, MA. He was the son of 52. Thomas Burch and 53. Elizabeth. He married 27. Sarah Smith December 04, 1717 in Mendon, Worcester, MA.

      27. Sarah Smith, died in of Bellingham, MA. She was the daughter of 54. Edward Smith.

  Notes for Sarah Smith:
Vital Records of Bellingham, Massachusettes to the year 1850 pg 19 (lists births of all children of Sarah Smith and Thomas Burch as well as a marriage of James Smith to Sarah Hayward on Nov 21, 1728 IGI record also for James and Sarah.

More About Thomas Burch and Sarah Smith:
Marriage: December 04, 1717, Mendon, Worcester, MA
Children of Thomas Burch and Sarah Smith are:
  i.   Jerimiah Burch, born February 10, 1718/19.
  ii.   Mary Burch, born February 21, 1719/20.
  iii.   Sarah Burch, born October 21, 1721.
  iv.   Hannah Burch, born September 21, 1723.
  13 v.   Abigail Burch, born December 05, 1728 in Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusettes; died 1776 in of Blandford, MA; married Private 1775-7 John Crooks March 1750/51 in Mendon, Worchester, Massachusettes.

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