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Ancestors of Asa Douglas

Generation No. 4

      8. Deacon William Douglas, born August 09, 1610 in Castle Douglas Kirkudbright, Scotland Scotland; died July 25, 1682 in New London, New London, Ct. He was the son of 16. Robert Douglas and 17. Nicolace Johnston. He married 9. Anne Mable Abt. 1636.

      9. Anne Mable, born 1610 in Ringstead, N., England; died September 16, 1691 in New London, New London, Ct. She was the daughter of 18. Rev Thomas Mable.

Notes for Deacon William Douglas:
Douglas or Douglass Surname comes from a river of Scotland in the town of Lanarkshire. The word is derived from the Gaelic Dhu meaning dark.

      "William Douglas was a cooper by trade and on 1st May, 1648, there is a record of his puchasing from Walter Merry and Thomas Anchor, a dwelling house, shop and land.
      Later, he went to New London, CT, and obtained considerable property through puchases and grants from the town. One of his farms was inherited by his son, William and has remained in the hands of descendants for over two centuries.
      In 1662-1663 he was appointed on the the Appraisers of Property for the town of New London. The land for a new church was puchased from him and the graveyard still remains on that place.
      He and Mr. Willerby were appointed to deliver provisions to Commisary Tracy at Norwich during King Philip's War.      
      His education for the times was liberal. He held ,many important oiffices in the town at different times. He was Deputy to the General Court in 1672 and once or twice later.     
      In May, 1670 his wife, then sixty years old made a journey to Boston to establish her claim to her father's property. She died in New London in 1685 andWilliam Douglas himself died there on 26th July, 1682."
                  _ Colonial Families of the USA Vol. 7 p 188

More About Deacon William Douglas:
Fact 2: 1640, with wife and two children to New England landing at Cape Ann
Military service: May 1676, Commissary for the Army
Occupation 1: 1667, Judge New London, CT
Occupation 2: Bet. May 1672 - May 1676, Deputy New London, CT
Summer Travels 1: 1640, to AMERICA Gloucester, MA
Summer Travels 2: Bef. 1640, as a Scotch Presbyterian to England
Unknown2088: 1640, at Gloucester then to Boston
Unknown2089: June 1640, Boston
Unknown2090: Bet. February 28, 1640/41 - 1645, Ipswich, MA

More About William Douglas and Anne Mable:
Marriage: Abt. 1636
Children of William Douglas and Anne Mable are:
  i.   Ann Douglas, born 1637.
  ii.   Robert Douglas, born 1639 in Scotland; died January 15, 1715/16 in New London, New London Co., CT.
  iii.   Elizabeth Douglas, born April 08, 1643.
  4 iv.   William Douglas, born April 01, 1645 in Boston, Suffolk County, MA; died March 09, 1724/25 in New London, New London, Ct; married Abiah Hough December 18, 1667 in New London, New London, Ct.

      10. Deacon William Hough, born 1618 in Westchester, Chesire, England; died August 10, 1683 in New London, New London, Ct. He was the son of 20. Edward Hough and 21. Ann. He married 11. Sarah Caulkins October 28, 1645 in New London, New London Co., CT.

      11. Sarah Caulkins, born July 31, 1626 in Chepstow, Monmouth, England; died September 05, 1684 in New London, New London Co., CT. She was the daughter of 22. Hugh Caulkins and 23. Ann Eaton.

More About William Hough and Sarah Caulkins:
Marriage: October 28, 1645, New London, New London Co., CT
Children of William Hough and Sarah Caulkins are:
  5 i.   Abiah Hough, born September 15, 1648 in Gloucester, Essex County, MA; died February 21, 1714/15 in New London, New London, Ct; married William Douglas December 18, 1667 in New London, New London, Ct.
  ii.   Sarah Hough
  iii.   Hannah Hough

      12. John Proctor, born 1595 in London, London, England; died November 28, 1672 in Salem, Massachusettes. He married 13. Martha Harper June 01, 1630 in Groton, Suffolk, England.

      13. Martha Harper, born 1607 in London; died June 13, 1659 in Ipswich, Essex County, MA.

Notes for John Proctor:
BOOK re: John, Ipswich, .... Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England by James Savage, Boston, 1860-1862 Vol III, pp. 489-490.

More About John Proctor:
Fact 2: 1635, Ship "Susan & Ellen" age 40, wife age 28, son John age 3 and Mary age 1.

More About John Proctor and Martha Harper:
Marriage: June 01, 1630, Groton, Suffolk, England
Child of John Proctor and Martha Harper is:
  6 i.   John Proctor, born 1632 in Assington, Suffolk, England; died August 19, 1692 in Salem, Essex County, MA Hanged after witch trial; married (1) Martha 1651 in Ipswich, Essex County, MA; married (2) Elizabeth Basset April 01, 1674 in Salem, Essex, MA.

      14. William Bassett, born 1621 in Dorking , Surry, England; died August 29, 1684 in New Haven, New Haven County, CT. He was the son of 28. William Basset and 29. Elizabeth Tilden. He married 15. Sarah Burt 1646 in of Plymouth, Plymouth County, MA.

      15. Sarah Burt, born 1630 in England; died Aft. 1699 in Salem, Essex, MA. She was the daughter of 30. Hugh Burt and 31. Ann Holland.

More About William Bassett and Sarah Burt:
Marriage: 1646, of Plymouth, Plymouth County, MA
Children of William Bassett and Sarah Burt are:
  i.   William Basset, born Abt. 1648.
  ii.   Elisha Basset, born Abt. 1649.
  7 iii.   Elizabeth Basset, born 1650 in Lynn, Essex County, MA; died August 19, 1692 in Salem, Essex, MA; married (1) Daniel Richards; married (2) John Proctor April 01, 1674 in Salem, Essex, MA.
  iv.   Sarah Basset, born 1651.
  v.   John Basset, born November 1653.
  vi.   Miriam Basset, born September 1655.
  vii.   Mary Basset, born May 1657.
  viii.   Hannah Basset, born February 25, 1659/60.
  ix.   Rebecca Basset, born 1662.
  x.   Samuel Basset, born March 18, 1663/64.
  xi.   Rachel Basset, born March 13, 1665/66.

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