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Ancestors of Karla Sue York

Generation No. 8

      156. John Henry, born Abt. 1730; died 1772 in ,Anson, NC. He married 157. Catherine.

      157. Catherine, died Aft. December 22, 1819.
Children of John Henry and Catherine are:
  i.   John Henry.
  ii.   George Henry, born in ,Anson, NC.
  iii.   Phillip Henry, died February 1846 in ,Anson, NC; married Sarah Kirby.
  iv.   Elizabeth Henry, died Bef. 1819; married Bittle.
  78 v.   William Henry, born Abt. 1765 in ,Anson, NC; died in ,Anson, NC; married Margery Woods.

      158. Frame Woods, born January 28, 1754 in ,,SC; died September 09, 1816 in ,,SC. He was the son of 316. Joseph Woods and 317. Elizabeth Logan. He married 159. Edith Rogers.

      159. Edith Rogers, born Abt. 1760; died July 02, 1824.
Children of Frame Woods and Edith Rogers are:
  i.   Joseph Woods.
  ii.   Andrew B. Woods, died January 26, 1825.
  iii.   Ann Woods.
  79 iv.   Margery Woods, born Abt. 1774; died Aft. 1820; married (1) William Henry; married (2) Thomas Davis.
  v.   Isham Frame Woods, born 1782; died September 08, 1843.
  vi.   Mary Permelia Woods, born July 19, 1791 in ,,SC; died November 01, 1849 in ,W. Feliciana Par, La; married William Latta December 1811 in ,,SC.

      160. James Carruth, born Abt. 1736 in Hanover, Lancaster, PA; died 1803 in ,Knox, TN. He was the son of 320. Walter Carruth and 321. Sarah Allison. He married 161. Margaret Craighead Abt. 1764 in of Iredell, Rowan, NC.

      161. Margaret Craighead, born Abt. 1738 in ,Mecklenburg, NC; died 1781 in Beaver Creek, SC. She was the daughter of 322. Alexander Craighead and 323. Agnes Margaret Brown.
Children of James Carruth and Margaret Craighead are:
  i.   James M. Carruth, born in ,Mecklenburg, NC; died 1831 in ,Wilson, TN; married Sarah Williams March 20, 1807 in ,Knox, TN.
  80 ii.   Alexander Craighead Carruth, born August 28, 1765 in Iredell, Rowan, NC; died 1833 in ,Wilson, TN; married Susan Simms January 17, 1792 in ,Lancaster, SC.
  iii.   Walter Carruth, born 1767 in ,Mecklenburg, NC; died Bef. May 10, 1838; married (1) Jane Bef. 1788; married (2) Sarah Prior May 27, 1833 in ,Wilson, TN.
  iv.   William R. Carruth, born Abt. 1769 in ,Mecklenburg, NC; died 1831; married Peggy Abt. 1793.
Child of James Carruth and Rachel Mitchell is:
  i.   Margaret Carruth, born 1792.

      162. William Simms, born Abt. 1739. He married 163. Elizabeth Abt. 1760.

      163. Elizabeth, born Abt. 1743.
Children of William Simms and Elizabeth are:
  i.   William Gilmore Simms, born Abt. 1762; died March 28, 1830 in Georgeville, Holmes, MS; married Harriet Ann Augusta Singleton June 01, 1804.
  ii.   James Simms, born Abt. 1764; died July 1842 in Columbia, Marion, MS.
  iii.   Matthew Simms, born Abt. 1769; died July 1860 in ,Wilson, TN; married Elizabeth Wiley 1811.
  81 iv.   Susan Simms, born Abt. 1770; died September 12, 1831 in ,Wilson, TN; married Alexander Craighead Carruth January 17, 1792 in ,Lancaster, SC.
  v.   Eli Simms, born February 01, 1776; died September 14, 1862 in Sparta, White, TN; married Rachel Townsend January 06, 1807 in Sparta, White, TN.
  vi.   Jane Simms, born Abt. 1778; died August 21, 1834 in Knoxville, Knox, TN; married William Whitman March 02, 1801.
  vii.   Isabella Simms, born Abt. 1780; died Aft. February 10, 1840 in ,Wilson, TN; married McCree.

      164. Henry Davis, born 1708 in ,,VA; died March 17, 1767 in ,Surry, VA. He was the son of 328. James Davis and 329. Elizabeth. He married 165. Mary Marriott Bef. 1742.

      165. Mary Marriott, born 1720 in ,Surry, VA; died December 1767. She was the daughter of 330. William Marriott and 331. Sarah Collier.
Children of Henry Davis and Mary Marriott are:
  i.   William Davis, born in ,Surry, VA.
  ii.   Benjamin Davis, born in ,Surry, VA; died Abt. 1817 in ,Brunswick, VA; married Tabitha Rose Abt. 1775.
  iii.   Ann Davis, born 1747 in ,Surry, VA.
  iv.   Hannah Davis, born 1749 in ,Surry, VA.
  v.   Isham Davis, born 1750 in ,Surry, VA; died July 19, 1830 in ,Wilson, TN.
  vi.   Kezia Davis, born 1752 in ,Surry, VA.
  vii.   Elizabeth Davis, born 1754 in ,Surry, VA.
  viii.   Randolph Davis, born 1756 in ,Surry, VA; died 1772.
  ix.   Henry Davis, born 1758 in ,Surry, VA; died Bef. 1796.
  82 x.   Marriott Davis, born Abt. 1761 in ,Brunswick, VA; died March 09, 1830 in ,Wilson, TN; married Mary Nicholson December 16, 1784 in ,Sussex, VA.
  xi.   James Davis, born 1764.
  xii.   Silvia Davis, born Abt. 1766.

      168. John Phelps, born 1740 in ,Bedford, VA; died September 28, 1801 in ,Bedford, VA. He was the son of 336. John Phelps and 337. Mary C.. He married 169. Jemima Turner Abt. 1760.

      169. Jemima Turner, born Abt. 1740 in ,Bedford, VA.
Children of John Phelps and Jemima Turner are:
  i.   Mary Phelps, born 1762 in ,Bedford, VA; married Hall.
  ii.   Jemima Phelps, born 1764 in ,Bedford, VA; died April 08, 1842 in ,Bedford, VA; married Jeremiah Ferguson February 20, 1785 in ,Bedford, VA.
  iii.   Nancy Phelps, born 1766 in ,Bedford, VA; married Pleasant Ferguson October 06, 1785 in ,Bedford, VA.
  iv.   John Phelps, born January 1767 in ,Bedford, VA; married Mary.
  v.   James Phelps, born January 1769 in ,Bedford, VA; married Ruth Grant January 15, 1785 in ,Bedford, VA.
  vi.   Thomas Phelps, born 1771 in ,Bedford, VA; married Nancy Carter December 01, 1814 in ,Bedford, VA.
  84 vii.   Richard Phelps, born January 1772 in ,Bedford, VA; married (1) Betsey A. Ryan; married (2) Sarah Woodcock August 31, 1791 in ,Bedford, VA.
  viii.   Bathsheba Phelps, born April 16, 1778 in ,Bedford, VA; died October 28, 1840 in Algiers, Pike, In; married James Grayson May 21, 1791 in ,Bedford, VA.
  ix.   Lucy Phelps, born 1779 in ,Bedford, VA; married Robert Haynes September 15, 1794 in ,Bedford, VA.
  x.   Randolph Phelps, born 1781 in ,Bedford, VA; married Frances.
  xi.   William Phelps, born 1783 in ,Bedford, VA.
  xii.   Washington Phelps, born 1785 in ,Bedford, VA.

      172. William Francis Palmer, born 1752 in ,King William, VA; died 1824 in ,Wilson, TN. He married 173. Caroline Dulaney Abt. 1772.

      173. Caroline Dulaney, born in ,,MD; died 1826 in ,Rutherford, TN.
Children of William Palmer and Caroline Dulaney are:
  86 i.   William Palmer, born in ,,TN; died March 12, 1857 in ,Wilson, TN; married Sarah Rankin July 06, 1803 in ,Sumner, TN.
  ii.   Mary Palmer, born September 04, 1773 in ,,NC; died September 30, 1848 in ,Rutherford, TN; married Charles Ready 1797.
  iii.   Henry Dulaney Palmer, born 1781 in Charleston, Charleston, SC; died 1861 in ,,Il; married Patsy Angel May 22, 1804 in ,Sumner, TN.
  iv.   Caroline Palmer, born Abt. 1783.
  v.   Francis Rose Palmer, born 1789; died in ,,MO.
  vi.   Susan Palmer, born Abt. 1791.
  vii.   Phillip Palmer, born Abt. 1793.

      174. James Rankin, born Abt. 1754 in ,? Cumberland, PA; died February 1828 in ,Sumner, TN. He was the son of 348. William Rankin and 349. Victoria Alcorn. He married 175. Elizabeth Fuller Abt. 1774.

      175. Elizabeth Fuller, born in of, Augusta, VA; died Aft. November 03, 1796. She was the daughter of 350. Henry Fuller and 351. Catherine Salling.
Children of James Rankin and Elizabeth Fuller are:
  i.   James Rankin, born 1775 in ,Orange, NC; married Catherine Pennington June 25, 1810 in ,Sumner, TN.
  ii.   Mary Rankin, born 1776 in ,Orange, NC; died 1862 in ,Wilson, TN; married Richard Routon.
  iii.   William Rankin, born Abt. 1778.
  iv.   John Rankin, born Abt. 1780; married Mary C. Forguson September 29, 1840 in ,Sumner, TX.
  87 v.   Sarah Rankin, born Abt. 1781 in ,Caswell, NC; died November 04, 1858 in ,Wilson, TN; married William Palmer July 06, 1803 in ,Sumner, TN.
  vi.   Ann Rankin, born Abt. 1783; married Jonathan Badgett October 11, 1796.
  vii.   Catherine Rankin, born Abt. 1783; married Roark.
  viii.   Rebecca Rankin, born Abt. 1785; married Cage Hale November 01, 1809 in ,Sumner, TN.
  ix.   Victoria Rankin, born Abt. 1789; married John Blakemore November 07, 1811 in ,Sumner, TN.
  x.   Jesse Rankin, born March 20, 1792 in ,Peron, NC; married Elizabeth Ashley November 11, 1824.
  xi.   Elizabeth Rankin, born Abt. 1794; married Green.
  xii.   Susannah Rankin, born Abt. 1796; married Long.

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