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The Ancestors of Megan Ashley New Family of South Carolina:
Index of Individuals


Able, Acel Robert(d. date unknown)
Able, Arazonia(b. 1860, d. 1880)
Able, Chester P.(b. October 17, 1883, d. November 28, 1951)
Able, Dora(b. June 30, 1857, d. April 02, 1932)
Able, Ella(d. date unknown)
Able, Jennie(d. date unknown)
Able, Loretta(b. 1847, d. October 10, 1932)
Able, Matilda(d. date unknown)
Able, Mattie M.(b. February 06, 1886, d. November 30, 1944)
Able, Olin(d. date unknown)
Able, Palmyra(b. July 1846, d. date unknown)
Able, Pearce, Jr.(b. May 26, 1858, d. April 30, 1927)
Able, Pearce, Sr.(b. January 19, 1816, d. September 01, 1888)
Able, Rachel(d. date unknown)
Able, Theressa(d. date unknown)
Able, Zilphia(d. date unknown)
Able, Zilphia(d. date unknown)
Able, Zilphia(b. 1851, d. April 18, 1916)


Adams, Johnny Paul


Alford, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Amick, Eli S. Lawson(b. April 06, 1839, d. August 18, 1904)
Amick, John Adam(d. date unknown)
Amick, John William(d. date unknown)
Amick, Solomon D. W.(b. Abt. 1828, d. 1865)


Anderson, Clydie Bell(b. 1920, d. January 23, 1941)
Anderson, Iris Jean
Anderson, Johial(d. date unknown)


Axon, Sarah(d. date unknown)


Baker, Lucille L(b. July 11, 1913, d. February 02, 2001)


Baldwin, John(d. date unknown)


Balscum(d. date unknown)


Banks, Keziah(d. date unknown)


Bartley, Essie(b. April 23, 1897, d. date unknown)


Beach, Hattie Eugenia(b. September 22, 1890, d. January 22, 1926) Includes Pictures
Beach, Unknown(d. date unknown)


Beck, Mary Christina(d. date unknown)


Benson, Unk.(d. date unknown)


Berry, Marshall(d. date unknown)
Berry, Talmadge B.(b. July 19, 1890, d. January 08, 1971)


Bilow, Leanna


Blackwell, Clint
Blackwell, Edward L.
Blackwell, Frances
Blackwell, Gary
Blackwell, Gerald
Blackwell, Heather
Blackwell, James Elbert
Blackwell, Lavonne Ann
Blackwell, Nancy
Blackwell, Tommy


Boatwright, Jeffery
Boatwright, Lisa
Boatwright, Wallace


Bodie, America(b. May 24, 1858, d. September 22, 1936)
Bodie, Emery Fuller(b. 1861, d. 1919)
Bodie, Fred Wilson(b. April 08, 1895, d. March 14, 1970)
Bodie, Kittie(b. February 26, 1873, d. December 26, 1936)
Bodie, Lila(b. October 21, 1897, d. October 26, 1986)
Bodie, Lona Bell(b. 1899, d. 1956)
Bodie, Mae(b. May 23, 1911, d. November 04, 1987)
Bodie, Michael(d. date unknown)
Bodie, Michael Edward(b. December 15, 1862, d. January 05, 1928)
Bodie, Oscar(b. December 28, 1901, d. August 05, 1969)
Bodie, William Edgar
Bodie, William Satcher


Bonois, Margo Barbara


Booth, Pete


Boudreaux, Patricia


Bowman, Barbara


Boyd, Ruth Bertha(b. 1893, d. date unknown)


Bradford, Edd Starks
Bradford, Gwen


Brewer, Eugenia(d. date unknown)


Brodgen, Unk Name(d. date unknown)


Brogden, Mansel(d. date unknown)
Brogden, Penny(d. August 08, 1904)


Brogdon, Vianna(b. December 1835, d. May 09, 1904)


Brown, Unk Name(d. date unknown)


Bruce, Mae Hattie(d. date unknown)


Bryant, Unk


Busbee, Leanna Caroline(d. date unknown)
Busbee, Lucinda(b. May 1830, d. date unknown)


Busby, Margaret(d. date unknown)


Bush, Bessie Carolyn
Bush, Betty Sue
Bush, Charlie P.(b. 1903, d. 1973)
Bush, Frances(d. date unknown)


Campbelle, Jack(d. date unknown)
Campbelle, Linda
Campbelle, Walter M.(b. September 12, 1923, d. February 08, 2002) Includes Notes


Cannady, Carrie Lynnette
Cannady, Raymond C.


Cannon, David(d. date unknown)
Cannon, Lura Ola
Cannon, Martha(d. date unknown)
Cannon, Martha Ann Caroline(b. December 01, 1832, d. April 16, 1904)


Carpenter, Alma(b. March 19, 1879, d. April 22, 1911)
Carpenter, Diane


Carter, Estelle(b. 1890, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Carter, Pearl(b. November 08, 1901, d. July 12, 1940)


Chaivette, Unk Name(d. date unknown)


Chaney, Arrie(d. date unknown)


Chapman, Louise(b. August 17, 1927, d. April 25, 1982)




Clark, Mahlon Ray(b. May 01, 1904, d. June 26, 1975)
Clark, William Simeon(d. date unknown)


Cloutier, Richard L.


Collum, Uriah(d. date unknown)


Cook, Cecil R.(b. March 14, 1917, d. November 29, 1967)
Cook, Charlie H.(b. May 09, 1886, d. February 28, 1977)
Cook, Emily Alise
Cook, Erin Kathleen
Cook, Fay(b. May 28, 1953, d. May 28, 1953)
Cook, James Gene
Cook, Jean Marie
Cook, Leolan C.(b. May 19, 1912, d. April 08, 1967)
Cook, May(b. May 28, 1953, d. September 07, 1960)
Cook, Natalie Grace
Cook, Philip Eugene
Cook, Ronnie(b. August 11, 1950, d. May 24, 1951)
Cook, Rudolph W.(b. March 13, 1923, d. December 24, 2002)
Cook, Rudolph Washington
Cook, Seth McKinley
Cook, Stephen Patrick
Cook, Timothy Wayne
Cook, Unk Name(d. date unknown)
Cook, Wesley Kenneth


Cooper, Mary(d. date unknown)


Cotton, Josie(b. January 1867, d. date unknown)


Creed, Martha(b. March 1836, d. date unknown)


Dann, Donald
Dann, Loretta Mary


Davis, Alma Vera(b. June 15, 1898, d. July 16, 1931)
Davis, J. A.(d. date unknown)


Day, Anna(b. October 1879, d. date unknown)
Day, Benjamin(b. January 10, 1855, d. May 03, 1932)
Day, Corris
Day, Dorothy Lee(b. July 27, 1936, d. July 05, 1989)
Day, Georgie
Day, Henry(d. date unknown)
Day, Horace(b. July 1893, d. date unknown)
Day, Jesse(b. October 23, 1881, d. December 23, 1885)
Day, Joe E.(b. 1908, d. 1965)
Day, Julius(d. date unknown)
Day, Leroy(b. March 24, 1931, d. March 20, 1954)
Day, Lessie(b. August 1896, d. date unknown)
Day, Lois(b. May 05, 1933, d. November 10, 1943)
Day, Mahlon(b. May 1887, d. date unknown)
Day, Pierce(b. December 1888, d. 1963)
Day, Susannah(b. 1836, d. May 01, 1899)
Day, Tempest(b. May 1884, d. date unknown)
Day, Theodosia(b. October 29, 1872, d. February 26, 1936)


Derrick, Charlie
Derrick, Cleveland Olin(b. May 19, 1926, d. December 16, 1995)
Derrick, David W.(b. September 30, 1923, d. February 26, 1993)
Derrick, Fannie Mae
Derrick, Louise
Derrick, Luther T.(b. December 26, 1917, d. April 30, 1966)
Derrick, Olin P.(b. December 12, 1895, d. March 07, 1931)
Derrick, Veonia(b. January 17, 1922, d. September 1994)




Dunbar, Infant Daughter(b. June 12, 1888, d. July 06, 1888)
Dunbar, James C.(b. July 26, 1874, d. April 01, 1954)
Dunbar, James Elmore II(d. date unknown)
Dunbar, James Elmore III(b. July 10, 1851, d. July 09, 1929)
Dunbar, Lafette Cardell, Sr.(b. December 03, 1872, d. September 25, 1943)
Dunbar, Lula Ida(b. July 12, 1880, d. April 27, 1967)
Dunbar, Sallie Priscilla(b. September 21, 1886, d. June 07, 1965)
Dunbar, Sara Lou(b. November 28, 1883, d. November 20, 1969)
Dunbar, William Benjamin(b. September 24, 1876, d. August 16, 1971)


Duncan, Jenie(d. date unknown)


Eargle, John Henry(d. date unknown)
Eargle, William Richard(b. September 28, 1830, d. September 09, 1896)


Eargles, Madeline(b. August 25, 1908, d. June 1983)


Edmonson, Alan
Edmonson, Robert


Edwards, Doris
Edwards, Doug
Edwards, Lyle
Edwards, Marie
Edwards, Marty
Edwards, Sidney


Ellender(d. date unknown)


Epting, David(d. date unknown)
Epting, Mary Magdalene(b. December 20, 1816, d. September 29, 1897)


Estabrook, Charles Robert
Estabrook, Charles Robert, Jr
Estabrook, Charlotte Frances


Fallaw, Melton(d. date unknown)
Fallaw, Monice(b. October 09, 1918, d. August 14, 1971)


Floyd, Caroline(d. date unknown)


Folk, Mary Magdalene(d. date unknown)




Fowler, Frederick Reames
Fowler, Teresa Anne


Franklin, Carrie(b. April 15, 1887, d. August 13, 1917)
Franklin, Petesy(d. date unknown)
Franklin, Unk Name(d. date unknown)


Fry, Christopher Douglas
Fry, Douglas Terry(b. October 12, 1937, d. March 15, 1990)
Fry, Kathleen
Fry, Kimberly
Fry, Lisa Marie
Fry, Rachel Lauren


Fulmer, Albinia(b. August 30, 1844, d. April 03, 1892)
Fulmer, Alex(b. 1898, d. October 27, 1918)
Fulmer, Beatrice
Fulmer, Bib(b. March 18, 1878, d. April 05, 1905)
Fulmer, Cassandra Denice
Fulmer, Charles
Fulmer, Charlie(b. October 06, 1897, d. January 14, 1956)
Fulmer, Clarence(b. September 24, 1894, d. September 14, 1908)
Fulmer, Clarence(b. 1895, d. 1964)
Fulmer, Dorothy(b. January 26, 1907, d. May 19, 1907)
Fulmer, Eugene
Fulmer, Eunice
Fulmer, Eva(b. July 01, 1889, d. August 03, 1977)
Fulmer, Fannie Estelle(b. August 03, 1896, d. December 01, 1993) Includes Pictures
Fulmer, Flossie(b. September 04, 1892, d. June 06, 1970)
Fulmer, Frances
Fulmer, Fronis(d. date unknown)
Fulmer, H.J.(b. February 13, 1925, d. December 19, 1927)
Fulmer, Hurbert J.(b. January 01, 1900, d. 1961)
Fulmer, Infant(b. January 26, 1907, d. January 26, 1907)
Fulmer, Infant Son(d. date unknown)
Fulmer, James W.(b. 1804, d. 1878)
Fulmer, Judge T.(b. 1891, d. 1950)
Fulmer, Julia Ann(d. date unknown)
Fulmer, Levi(b. July 02, 1842, d. July 24, 1911)
Fulmer, Levi Tillman(b. August 23, 1893, d. March 17, 1971)
Fulmer, Lillie F.(b. September 04, 1914, d. October 14, 1915)
Fulmer, Linwood
Fulmer, Lona Belle(b. October 06, 1908, d. September 30, 1909)
Fulmer, Mackariah B.
Fulmer, Marie
Fulmer, Martha Annie Cornelia(b. 1859, d. January 13, 1896)
Fulmer, Mary
Fulmer, Mayme(b. October 11, 1897, d. August 15, 1969)
Fulmer, McKinley(b. February 05, 1900, d. September 30, 1969)
Fulmer, Milie Mabell(b. June 30, 1902, d. December 1974)
Fulmer, Minnielea(b. 1904, d. date unknown)
Fulmer, Pansy
Fulmer, Ray
Fulmer, Robert L.(b. January 12, 1862, d. February 04, 1923)
Fulmer, Rosa Belle
Fulmer, Shari Marlene
Fulmer, Thomas F.(b. June 26, 1867, d. April 10, 1939) Includes Pictures
Fulmer, Travis Johnson
Fulmer, William(d. date unknown)
Fulmer, Willie(b. September 04, 1914, d. September 04, 1914)
Fulmer, Willie T.(b. April 23, 1926, d. June 19, 1928)


Gantt, Alfred(b. February 15, 1825, d. date unknown)
Gantt, Arthur Middleton(b. 1865, d. October 29, 1923)
Gantt, Cassaline(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Caswell(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Dolly(b. September 22, 1834, d. April 01, 1916)
Gantt, Dorothy(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Edward Murray(b. September 17, 1900, d. November 16, 1986)
Gantt, Eli(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Elijah(b. July 17, 1802, d. April 22, 1876)
Gantt, Elijah Monroe(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Elizabeth Bathsheba(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Ellender(b. July 11, 1832, d. January 21, 1897)
Gantt, Ezilphia(b. April 19, 1839, d. January 22, 1918)
Gantt, Hannah(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Israel H.(d. date unknown)
Gantt, J. Ray(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Jacob Kelly(b. August 08, 1837, d. May 25, 1911)
Gantt, James(d. date unknown)
Gantt, James(d. date unknown)
Gantt, James W.(d. date unknown)
Gantt, James Zeb(b. October 03, 1876, d. November 12, 1908)
Gantt, Joseph(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Lula May(b. May 30, 1878, d. August 11, 1960)
Gantt, Marcus L.(b. December 05, 1860, d. August 03, 1911)
Gantt, Mary Margaret(b. January 09, 1826, d. November 06, 1896)
Gantt, Minnie E. D.(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Moriah Marie(b. November 15, 1830, d. date unknown)
Gantt, Nina(b. June 26, 1898, d. January 01, 1932)
Gantt, Ninetta(b. January 19, 1826, d. date unknown)
Gantt, Ophelia C.(b. December 21, 1858, d. January 07, 1864)
Gantt, P.H.(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Priscilla(b. January 18, 1826, d. May 17, 1896)
Gantt, Russel Ravenal(b. September 05, 1828, d. date unknown)
Gantt, Talula(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Tempean(b. March 13, 1824, d. February 16, 1900)
Gantt, Teresa(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Ulyses(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Uriah H.(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Victoria Ann Ceris(d. date unknown)
Gantt, William Adolphus(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Zebulon(d. date unknown)
Gantt, Zebulon(b. February 10, 1795, d. March 03, 1884)
Gantt, Zelia(d. date unknown)


Garrett, Martha(d. date unknown)


Garvin, Barbara Jean
Garvin, John(d. date unknown)
Garvin, John Felder(b. 1851, d. June 10, 1924)


Genovles, Judith Ann


Goldman(d. date unknown)


Goodwin, Lizzie E.(b. January 12, 1923, d. November 10, 1923)
Goodwin, Walter(d. date unknown)


Grandy, James(d. date unknown)


Gregory, Alice(b. November 1887, d. date unknown)
Gregory, Allen
Gregory, Alva(b. June 1891, d. date unknown)
Gregory, Barbara June
Gregory, Billy Edward
Gregory, Earl Keel
Gregory, Emma(b. June 15, 1865, d. December 26, 1895)
Gregory, Fannie Mae(b. August 12, 1918, d. March 25, 1953)
Gregory, Frampton(b. 1901, d. date unknown)
Gregory, Ganell(b. April 1896, d. date unknown)
Gregory, Giles B.(b. March 22, 1881, d. February 28, 1958)
Gregory, Grace Idella(b. April 14, 1910, d. June 28, 1928)
Gregory, Hattie(b. January 02, 1869, d. December 31, 1929)
Gregory, Herman Harmon(b. June 04, 1925, d. September 02, 1953)
Gregory, Hugh N.(b. April 19, 1925, d. March 31, 1945)
Gregory, Infant Daughter
Gregory, J. Odell(b. September 04, 1922, d. October 06, 1995)
Gregory, James
Gregory, Jimmie L.(b. January 04, 1909, d. December 16, 1990)
Gregory, John W., Jr.(b. February 05, 1858, d. September 21, 1928)
Gregory, John W., Sr.(d. date unknown)
Gregory, Kenneth Kamon
Gregory, Lona Bell(b. January 1899, d. date unknown)
Gregory, Loyd R.(b. September 17, 1879, d. April 27, 1949)
Gregory, Mildred Bertie
Gregory, Nellie Gracie
Gregory, Ollie Malachi(b. September 05, 1885, d. July 11, 1961)
Gregory, Ollie Vermal(b. March 31, 1919, d. January 30, 1983)
Gregory, Otto Everett
Gregory, R. Nelson(b. January 12, 1946, d. November 23, 1948)
Gregory, Sandra Kay
Gregory, Tillman B.(b. January 29, 1890, d. July 29, 1974)
Gregory, William Everett
Gregory, William Monroe


Guilder, Elizabeth(b. 1727, d. 1773)


Gunnels, Henry(d. date unknown)


Gunter, Abel(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Abel Silvanus(b. November 19, 1834, d. August 08, 1905)
Gunter, Amos B.(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Ara(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Balaam(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Gunter, Balaam(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Balaam(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Banks(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Gunter, Benjamin(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Benjamin(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Cassie(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Daniel(d. date unknown)
Gunter, David(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Deborah(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Dolly(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Dolly(b. June 06, 1856, d. December 14, 1934) Includes Pictures
Gunter, Eleanor(b. July 11, 1832, d. January 21, 1897)
Gunter, Elias(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Eliza(b. 1851, d. date unknown)
Gunter, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Elizabeth(b. May 04, 1806, d. November 28, 1886)
Gunter, Ellen A.(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Ellenor(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Elvira N.(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Emmaline(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Ezekiel(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Gunter, Fair(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Felix(d. June 02, 1863)
Gunter, George Washington(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Gunter, Gilpin(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Harriet(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Hepsy(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Hezekiah(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Hosea(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Israel(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Jacob(d. date unknown)
Gunter, James(d. date unknown)
Gunter, James(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Jerminna(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Jiney(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Joel A.(b. 1855, d. January 25, 1889) Includes Notes
Gunter, John(d. date unknown)
Gunter, John(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Joshua(d. 1833)
Gunter, Joshua(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Joshua(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Joshua(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Joshua,Jr(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Gunter, Lawson(b. October 17, 1826, d. date unknown)
Gunter, Lawson Kell(b. 1864, d. date unknown)
Gunter, Leah(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Lelix(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Lemuel(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Lemuel Francis(b. November 12, 1901, d. July 11, 1931)
Gunter, Levi(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Lewis(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Luvicia(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Mararie(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Maria(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Martha(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Martha Maud(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Mary(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Masten(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Matilda(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Melissa(b. December 11, 1858, d. March 17, 1936)
Gunter, Minerva(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Mitchell(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Nancy(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Polland(b. 1860, d. date unknown)
Gunter, Priscilla(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Rachel(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Rachel(b. 1803, d. May 06, 1876)
Gunter, Rachel C.(b. 1866, d. date unknown)
Gunter, Reason(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Richard(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Richard(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Riley(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Rivers(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Rivers(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Russel(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Ruth L.(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Sarah A.(b. 1855, d. date unknown)
Gunter, Son(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Sophia(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Tillman(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Tirzah(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Vineyard(b. February 23, 1821, d. date unknown)
Gunter, Wilkins(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Wilkins(d. date unknown)
Gunter, William(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Gunter, William(d. date unknown)
Gunter, William C.(d. date unknown)
Gunter, William Henderson(d. date unknown)
Gunter, William Stancil(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Wilson(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Zilphia(d. date unknown)
Gunter, Zimri(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Hadden, Ida(b. 1872, d. July 08, 1905)


Hall, Corrie Lee(d. February 28, 1998)
Hall, Gary Edward
Hall, Glenda Jean
Hall, Janice Elaine
Hall, Lemuel(d. date unknown)
Hall, Mary Ann(d. date unknown)
Hall, Parcy Thomas
Hall, Parcy Thomas, Jr
Hall, Peggy Ann
Hall, Rebecca(b. May 1855, d. January 21, 1933)


Hallman, Mary M.(d. date unknown)


Hancock, Clifford(d. date unknown)
Hancock, Nellie Grace


Hanna(b. 1840, d. date unknown)


Hansen, Michelle Renee
Hansen, Robert William


Hare, Grace Virginia


Harmon, Aubry M.
Harmon, Caleb Reid
Harmon, Vincent


Hartley, Patricia(d. date unknown)


Hatcher, Cornelia(b. 1910, d. March 11, 2003)
Hatcher, John Preston(b. January 08, 1871, d. January 28, 1951)
Hatcher, Sarah Jane(d. date unknown)


Hawkins, James(b. April 05, 1930, d. March 29, 2000)
Hawkins, Paul


Heath, Alla Marie(b. 1936, d. 1938)
Heath, Harry H.(b. 1909, d. 1973)
Heath, Ruby Linda Jordan


Hess, Heidi Marie


Hillard, Mary


Hinds, Jennifer Robin


Hintz, Michael Larry
Hintz, Seth Christopher


Hite, Sally(d. date unknown)


Holley, Mattie(d. date unknown)


Holmes, Annie Ruth(b. December 19, 1910, d. July 27, 1969)
Holmes, Betty Jean
Holmes, Judy Ann
Holmes, Wilbur Eugene
Holmes, Wilbur Eugene, Jr


Hopkins, C.W.
Hopkins, Charles David
Hopkins, Dana Alise


Horne, Cleveland(d. date unknown)
Horne, Kathleen
Horne, Roberta


Howell, Dorothy Sarah(d. date unknown)


Howle, Caitlin Elise
Howle, James Purvis, Jr.
Howle, Roger


Hubbard, Juanita(b. August 24, 1939, d. October 31, 1999)


Hunnicutt, Bennie
Hunnicutt, Brenda
Hunnicutt, Carolyn
Hunnicutt, Cathie Marie
Hunnicutt, James
Hunnicutt, Roger
Hunnicutt, Ronald
Hunnicutt, Stanley
Hunnicutt, Susan


Hurt, Amelia Ellen
Hurt, Barbara Joyce
Hurt, Edna Earl
Hurt, Ernest Earl
Hurt, Frances Elaine
Hurt, Joe Pat
Hurt, Joe Satcher(b. February 02, 1941, d. February 02, 1941)
Hurt, Joseph Norman
Hurt, Linda Ruth
Hurt, Patricia Ann


Hutto, A. Burton(b. 1840, d. August 03, 1907)
Hutto, Henrietta(d. date unknown)
Hutto, Louvenia(d. date unknown)
Hutto, Lucy M.(b. 1875, d. date unknown)
Hutto, Martha R.(d. date unknown)
Hutto, Martin Van Buren(d. date unknown)
Hutto, Nova A.(b. 1873, d. date unknown)
Hutto, Oswald W.(b. 1879, d. date unknown)
Hutto, Sheldonia C.(b. 1872, d. date unknown)


J., Arah(d. date unknown)


Jackson, Cassandra(b. May 04, 1835, d. February 27, 1908)
Jackson, Clement(d. date unknown)
Jackson, Delinda(b. 1810, d. 1891)
Jackson, Patience(d. date unknown)
Jackson, Patience(d. date unknown)
Jackson, Sarah Ann(d. date unknown)
Jackson, Sharon


Jacobs, Gilbert Boykin
Jacobs, Patricia Charmaine
Jacobs, Randy Bernard
Jacobs, Vann Lamar


Jeffcoat, George W.(b. July 12, 1879, d. July 31, 1936)


Jernigan, Maria(d. date unknown)


Johnson, Florine
Johnson, Inez Winnie(d. date unknown)


Jones, Carla
Jones, Deborah(d. date unknown)
Jones, Ed
Jones, John Ralph
Jones, Ruth(d. date unknown)


Jordan, Alonzo L.(b. 1872, d. 1953)
Jordan, Angie
Jordan, Arthur A.(b. May 26, 1906, d. July 24, 1998)
Jordan, Cynthia Irene
Jordan, Dickie
Jordan, Eddie Dwayne
Jordan, Edgar Richard
Jordan, Elizabeth
Jordan, Ellie(b. December 06, 1897, d. August 08, 1926)
Jordan, Emma(d. date unknown)
Jordan, Emma(b. 1869, d. date unknown)
Jordan, Frances Carolyn
Jordan, Gaynell
Jordan, Hedgemon Hoarce(b. February 20, 1881, d. February 25, 1973)
Jordan, Henry Brandon
Jordan, Horace Alonzo(b. February 09, 1914, d. January 26, 1927)
Jordan, Hoyt(b. Abt. 1906, d. date unknown)
Jordan, Infant Son(d. date unknown)
Jordan, J.L.
Jordan, Jenny
Jordan, Kenneth Carl
Jordan, Luther Brunson(b. May 14, 1917, d. March 22, 1996)
Jordan, Luther Gerald
Jordan, Luther R.(b. 1847, d. date unknown)
Jordan, Mildred
Jordan, Nellie
Jordan, O. Alton(b. February 11, 1929, d. March 22, 1946)
Jordan, Richard Edward(b. May 1968, d. May 1968)
Jordan, Sandra
Jordan, Stacie Alan
Jordan, Stephen Lavern
Jordan, Steven Fletcher
Jordan, William Carl


Keel, Margaret Nadine
Keel, Priscilla(d. date unknown)


Keisler, Adam Amestead Burt(d. date unknown)
Keisler, Ollie Alonzo(b. December 16, 1880, d. January 26, 1948)


Kennedy, Matthew(b. February 06, 1826, d. April 04, 1902)


Kirby, Edna
Kirby, Elizabeth Catherine
Kirby, Juandail
Kirby, Scott


Kirkland, Alsey(d. date unknown)
Kirkland, Claudia Elizabeth(b. April 09, 1917, d. February 03, 1993)
Kirkland, Hepsebah(d. date unknown)


Kitchens, Lorene(b. November 13, 1918, d. September 06, 1998)


Knight, Pearl(b. September 12, 1900, d. September 24, 1982)
Knight, William(d. date unknown)


Koon, George Elias(b. Abt. 1836, d. date unknown)
Koon, John(d. date unknown)


Kular(b. May 16, 1896, d. February 28, 1937)


Langford, James Fred, Jr


Lawson, J.F.(d. date unknown)


Lee, Clara(b. April 17, 1922, d. March 11, 1995)


LeRoy, Amy Katherine


Little, Cindy
Little, Phyllis
Little, Reese


Livingston, Naomi(d. date unknown)


Long, Anna Barbara(d. date unknown)
Long, Frances Mottaline
Long, Nollie Lee
Long, R.L.(b. September 04, 1930, d. September 08, 1930)
Long, Robert Julian
Long, Robert William(b. December 20, 1901, d. July 04, 1967)
Long, Ruby Lee(b. May 14, 1899, d. August 06, 1997)
Long, Shirley Barbara
Long, William Gary


Lott, Artilia(b. March 01, 1893, d. January 07, 1948)


Lowe, Debbie
Lowe, Jeff
Lowe, Olin
Lowe, Sam Walter III
Lowe, Sam Walter, Jr
Lowe, Timmy(b. January 13, 1959, d. August 18, 1980)


Lown, Julia Caroline(d. date unknown)


Lybrand, Brenda Gail(b. November 11, 1943, d. October 13, 1945)
Lybrand, Charles W.
Lybrand, Donald
Lybrand, Gladys Reymelle(b. November 29, 1913, d. May 20, 2003)
Lybrand, Glennie Allene
Lybrand, James Thomas(b. October 03, 1945, d. October 19, 1945)
Lybrand, Kenneth Lee
Lybrand, Lana Faye
Lybrand, Margaret Lue
Lybrand, Minnie(b. January 08, 1885, d. September 29, 1961)
Lybrand, Norma Jean
Lybrand, Patricia Anne
Lybrand, Robert
Lybrand, Sheryl Ann
Lybrand, Susan
Lybrand, Thomas
Lybrand, Tommie Elihue(b. January 07, 1917, d. April 16, 1998)
Lybrand, Tommie Tigue(b. July 30, 1890, d. November 18, 1963)
Lybrand, Tommie Tigue, Jr.
Lybrand, Willie(b. August 08, 1932, d. November 08, 2002)


M., Fannie(b. 1900, d. 1973)


Mabus, George(d. date unknown)


Mack, Franklin Julian(b. January 07, 1890, d. date unknown)
Mack, Mattie(d. date unknown)
Mack, Walter Burr(b. August 15, 1907, d. date unknown)


Magahee, Vera Lynn


Malpass, Jesse(d. date unknown)


Martin, Elvina(b. January 21, 1870, d. November 01, 1935)
Martin, George(d. date unknown)
Martin, S. C.(d. date unknown)


McGee, Albert William(b. October 20, 1909, d. July 20, 1944)
McGee, Betty Jean
McGee, Emme Ellen(b. November 24, 1892, d. date unknown)
McGee, James Albert(b. February 11, 1935, d. August 23, 1938)
McGee, Larry
McGee, Roderick Benjamin
McGee, Veverly Elaine


McNure, Eva Ufulla(b. June 16, 1894, d. date unknown)
McNure, John Franklin(b. May 18, 1853, d. date unknown)
McNure, Johnny Joseph(b. October 19, 1904, d. date unknown)
McNure, Mary Magdalene(b. April 1886, d. date unknown)
McNure, Robert Watson(b. August 01, 1900, d. date unknown)
McNure, Unk(d. date unknown)
McNure, William Hodge(b. May 06, 1897, d. date unknown)


Metts, Carroll Everett
Metts, Joanne
Metts, Samuel Everett
Metts, William Carol


Michael(d. date unknown)




Mills, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Mims, Eliza(d. date unknown)


Mindy(d. date unknown)


Minnick, Rosanna Barbara(b. June 25, 1784, d. June 1857)
Minnick, William(d. date unknown)


Morris, Angelia Lynn
Morris, Frances
Morris, John Barry
Morris, John Tillman III
Morris, John Tucker
Morris, Neoami Effie
Morris, Rosa Lee
Morris, Teddy
Morris, Unk


Morrow, Eddie(d. date unknown)


Mosley, Ada(b. April 29, 1871, d. March 25, 1944)


Mullins, Kathryn M.


Name, Bathsheba Unk(d. date unknown)
Name, Catherine Unk(d. date unknown)
Name, Elizabeth Unk(d. date unknown)
Name, Elizabeth Unk(d. date unknown)
Name, Emma Unk(b. 1859, d. date unknown)
Name, Francis Unk Last(d. date unknown)
Name, Lily Unk(b. 1868, d. date unknown)
Name, Lois Unk
Name, Martha Unk(d. date unknown)
Name, Mary Unk(d. date unknown)
Name, Mary Unk(d. date unknown)
Name, Mary Unk(d. date unknown)
Name, Mary unk.(d. date unknown)
Name, Nancy Unk(d. date unknown)
Name, Nancy Unk(d. date unknown)
Name, Nancy Unk(d. date unknown)
Name, Unk(d. date unknown)


Nancy(d. date unknown)


Nates, Mary Anne Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Neeley, Unk Name(d. date unknown)


Nelson, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


New, Agnes
New, Annie Belle(b. July 03, 1859, d. July 01, 1909)
New, Betty
New, Bunyon(b. July 1894, d. date unknown)
New, Carrie(b. 1892, d. date unknown)
New, Colonel Preston(b. February 1892, d. date unknown)
New, Darling Wardlaw(b. July 02, 1886, d. June 12, 1947) Includes Notes
New, David Lee
New, Dorothy
New, Eliza Louisa(b. September 1869, d. date unknown)
New, Eula Mae
New, Frances Eugenia
New, Franklin(b. August 23, 1913, d. June 28, 1934)
New, Georgia Ann(b. 1866, d. date unknown)
New, Georgia Belle(b. January 1899, d. date unknown)
New, Hattie Mae(b. May 13, 1917, d. August 23, 1957)
New, Henry Preston(b. March 16, 1908, d. June 1961)
New, Hunter Herman(b. November 30, 1909, d. February 1987)
New, Hunter Herman, Jr(b. July 07, 1932, d. September 18, 1957)
New, James Laddie Includes Pictures
New, James Laddie, Jr.
New, James Lewis
New, Janie Elizabeth
New, Joanna(b. December 11, 1859, d. July 17, 1951)
New, John(b. 1790, d. date unknown)
New, John(b. November 1828, d. 1899)
New, John(b. 1854, d. date unknown)
New, John Henry(b. December 18, 1888, d. June 19, 1890)
New, Joseph(b. January 1822, d. date unknown)
New, Josephine(b. July 23, 1922, d. June 10, 1992)
New, Laura(b. Abt. 1870, d. date unknown)
New, Lewis Wade(b. March 18, 1911, d. August 01, 1980) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
New, Lonnie(b. January 02, 1895, d. July 07, 1959)
New, Lucinda Ella(b. July 1868, d. date unknown)
New, Megan Ashley
New, Michael Lewis Includes Pictures
New, Nicholas Wade
New, Patsy Ann
New, Peolina Donia(b. June 18, 1850, d. December 05, 1937)
New, Preston(b. January 1890, d. date unknown)
New, Price(b. September 18, 1894, d. July 02, 1896)
New, Ruby Lucille
New, Russell
New, Russell David
New, Susan Inice(b. December 27, 1964, d. January 29, 1987)
New, Thomas Jefferson
New, Unknown Daughter(d. date unknown)
New, Wade Preston(b. April 23, 1859, d. July 01, 1909)
New, William(b. 1775, d. date unknown)
New, William(b. 1858, d. date unknown)
New, Willie Wardlaw(b. October 13, 1913, d. April 09, 1983)
New, Woodrow Wilson(b. October 29, 1918, d. April 1952)


New., Barbara Lucille
New., Dickie Wardlaw


Nobles, Winney(d. date unknown)


Norris, Eunice Irene


Oliver, Barbary(d. date unknown)


Oswalt, David W.(b. Abt. 1830, d. date unknown)
Oswalt, John(d. date unknown)


P., Ida(b. August 13, 1903, d. October 24, 1982)


Penn, Margaret Onida


Perkins, Ruth


Perry, Darlene


Piper, Margaret Mary
Piper, Sally


Plunkett, Charles(d. date unknown)
Plunkett, Darling Brooks(b. 1868, d. 1936)
Plunkett, David(b. March 20, 1836, d. March 29, 1902)
Plunkett, David Clinton(b. August 04, 1895, d. October 15, 1930)
Plunkett, David Clinton(b. June 19, 1924, d. August 22, 1969)
Plunkett, Ethel(b. March 02, 1901, d. January 18, 1923)
Plunkett, Georgia Bell(b. October 07, 1919, d. December 08, 1921)
Plunkett, Ida(b. June 10, 1916, d. October 16, 1930)
Plunkett, James Albert(b. March 16, 1897, d. September 25, 1920)
Plunkett, Love Everett(d. date unknown)


Poole, Clarissa "Clarsy"(d. date unknown)
Poole, Elvin(d. date unknown)
Poole, Harriet(d. date unknown)
Poole, Tilman(d. date unknown)
Poole, Unk(d. date unknown)


Posey, Mark(d. date unknown)


Powell, Bertha Mae
Powell, Margie
Powell, Teresa Gail


Priester, Charlie
Priester, Kathy


Quattlebaum, Louisa(d. date unknown)


R., Barbara(b. 1895, d. 1978)


Raburn, Unknown(d. date unknown)


Randall, John(b. July 04, 1850, d. April 14, 1928)
Randall, Lottie(b. March 21, 1895, d. November 04, 1895)
Randall, Susie Belle(b. May 30, 1897, d. October 30, 1897)


Ranew, Lila


Rawls, Arthur Henry(d. date unknown)
Rawls, Thomas Jefferson(d. date unknown)


Ready, Dorothea(d. date unknown)


Reid, Jodi Elizabeth


Reynolds, William Lawson, Jr


Rhinehart, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Richardson, Andrew
Richardson, Betty
Richardson, Edward
Richardson, Fred
Richardson, Holbrok
Richardson, Howard
Richardson, John Louis(b. April 09, 1882, d. May 29, 1958)
Richardson, Lillian
Richardson, Lottie
Richardson, Lynn
Richardson, Rose
Richardson, Rudolph
Richardson, Ruth(b. 1912, d. 1988)
Richardson, Timothy
Richardson, Willie


Riddle, George Lamar
Riddle, Jeannie Marie


Ridlehoover, Mary Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Ridlehoover, Patience Parmelia(d. date unknown)


Riggs, James A.
Riggs, Lewis
Riggs, Phillip Tommie


Rikard, Rachel(d. date unknown)


Riley, Ollie P.(b. March 13, 1907, d. April 10, 1999)


Rish, Andrew(b. November 23, 1756, d. July 10, 1818)
Rish, Annie(d. date unknown)
Rish, Archie(b. May 03, 1874, d. August 19, 1956)
Rish, Blanche(d. date unknown)
Rish, Curtis R.(d. date unknown)
Rish, Eda Jane(b. March 11, 1844, d. May 15, 1906)
Rish, Eddie Lee(d. date unknown)
Rish, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Rish, Elizabeth(b. September 11, 1810, d. February 11, 1885)
Rish, Francis Louvina(b. July 29, 1849, d. December 25, 1921)
Rish, Fred(d. date unknown)
Rish, Gary
Rish, George Andrew(b. December 27, 1807, d. January 01, 1891) Includes Notes
Rish, Ida(b. February 18, 1881, d. April 08, 1961)
Rish, Inice Evelyn Includes Pictures
Rish, John(d. date unknown)
Rish, John Andrew(b. 1725, d. 1756) Includes Notes
Rish, John Andrew(b. July 31, 1839, d. August 12, 1916) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Rish, John Andrew(b. September 13, 1892, d. June 12, 1951) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Rish, John Henry(b. January 03, 1917, d. June 15, 1943)
Rish, Kiziah C.(b. Abt. 1834, d. date unknown)
Rish, Lottie Virginia
Rish, Lula(d. date unknown)
Rish, Lydia(b. 1852, d. date unknown)
Rish, Mae Anna(b. November 24, 1846, d. May 09, 1922)
Rish, Marcellus(d. date unknown)
Rish, Mary Ann(b. September 03, 1842, d. April 15, 1900)
Rish, Mary Ellen(b. January 01, 1897, d. January 13, 1953)
Rish, Mary Jane(d. date unknown)
Rish, Mary Magdalina(b. April 20, 1809, d. July 15, 1887)
Rish, Priscilla(b. July 07, 1754, d. March 25, 1824)
Rish, Robert(d. date unknown)
Rish, Rose Adelle(b. February 04, 1879, d. May 25, 1942)
Rish, Roseanna Elizabeth(b. July 26, 1837, d. September 03, 1907)
Rish, Sallie(d. date unknown)
Rish, Sylvia
Rish, Wiley B.(b. February 22, 1824, d. July 17, 1892)
Rish, William(b. February 15, 1817, d. February 03, 1877)
Rish, William J.(b. Abt. 1840, d. date unknown)
Rish, Willie B.(d. date unknown)


Rogers, Daniel John
Rogers, Daniel Lee


Sanders, Annie E.(b. September 04, 1895, d. January 26, 1932)
Sanders, Chorgius Edward(d. date unknown)
Sanders, Emanuel(d. date unknown)
Sanders, Nancy B.(b. December 03, 1892, d. May 16, 1928)
Sanders, Willis(b. September 1864, d. March 04, 1898)
Sanders, Willis L. E.(b. January 28, 1884, d. September 15, 1896)
Sanders, Wyrtis(d. date unknown)


Sanford, Herbert(d. date unknown)


Satcher, Annie Mae
Satcher, Ansel Edward(b. November 30, 1892, d. March 08, 1961)
Satcher, Anthony Earl
Satcher, Bertie Olive(b. May 21, 1887, d. October 09, 1958)
Satcher, Bryan Burley(b. April 25, 1900, d. January 1987)
Satcher, Carol
Satcher, Carrie Montez
Satcher, Clara(b. 1869, d. date unknown)
Satcher, Clarence Edward
Satcher, Clarence Leonard(b. May 15, 1896, d. January 1978)
Satcher, Deborah Gail
Satcher, Dorothy Elizabeth
Satcher, Edith Irene
Satcher, Edna Lucille
Satcher, Efferd Rowan(b. January 14, 1911, d. June 19, 1976)
Satcher, Elizabeth Virginia
Satcher, Everett Edward
Satcher, Florence Rebecca
Satcher, George Louis
Satcher, Georgia Valaska
Satcher, Gloria Idella
Satcher, Harold Samuel
Satcher, Helen Elizabeth
Satcher, Herman Efferd(b. May 08, 1934, d. November 11, 1997)
Satcher, Infant Son(b. October 28, 1933, d. October 28, 1933)
Satcher, James Robert
Satcher, Jessie James
Satcher, John Samuel(b. September 1864, d. July 28, 1928)
Satcher, Johnnie Nolon(b. October 18, 1912, d. December 13, 1996)
Satcher, Josephine Katherine
Satcher, Julia Marie
Satcher, Julian Earl
Satcher, Julian William(b. January 13, 1886, d. February 20, 1954)
Satcher, Larry James
Satcher, Lawrence Nelson(b. July 19, 1921, d. July 06, 1997)
Satcher, Lelia Elizabeth
Satcher, Leroy Louis(b. October 01, 1906, d. 1968)
Satcher, Margaret Ann
Satcher, Margie Ellen(b. March 08, 1934, d. October 16, 1935)
Satcher, Micha Lee
Satcher, Minnie DeMaya
Satcher, Nollie Idella
Satcher, Patricia Ann
Satcher, Richard Herman
Satcher, Ruth Frances
Satcher, Samuel Brook
Satcher, Sara May
Satcher, Thelma Louise
Satcher, Thomas Edward
Satcher, Tura Allene(b. June 07, 1890, d. May 06, 1968)
Satcher, Vadis Elizabeth
Satcher, W. Edward
Satcher, Wynona Gladys(b. February 10, 1904, d. October 16, 1928)
Satcher, Wynona Marie




Sawyer, Cal B.(d. date unknown)


Seigler, Ashton Reedy
Seigler, Brenda Faye
Seigler, Melvin Eugene
Seigler, Mildred Geralding
Seigler, Ollie Carroll
Seigler, William Elijah


Senterfeit, Isaiah(d. date unknown)


Shaffer, Charles H.(d. date unknown)


Shealy, Benjamin Leon
Shealy, Sallie(d. date unknown)


Sheets, Eddie
Sheets, Steve


Sheppard, Benjamin(d. date unknown)
Sheppard, Della(b. March 03, 1860, d. October 07, 1934)
Sheppard, Martin(b. January 1826, d. date unknown)


Shull, Maurice Daniel


Shumpert, Henry Rufus(b. February 08, 1875, d. March 26, 1952)
Shumpert, Jacob A.(d. date unknown)


Sites, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Smith, Andrew Grayson
Smith, Ashley Elizabeth
Smith, Carl Glenn
Smith, Cecil Marion
Smith, Charles Glover
Smith, Charles Glover, Jr.
Smith, Cheryl Ann
Smith, Christopher Grant
Smith, Clark Gordon
Smith, Clay Gordon
Smith, Corey Gavin
Smith, Courtney Michelle
Smith, Crawford Graham
Smith, Dee Anna(b. April 23, 1957, d. April 26, 1957)
Smith, Emma Jane(d. date unknown)
Smith, Ethel M.(b. February 04, 1894, d. March 24, 1954)
Smith, Glover Irving(d. date unknown)
Smith, Haley Meredith
Smith, Magaline
Smith, Nancy A.(b. 1831, d. date unknown)
Smith, Silas Roston(d. date unknown)
Smith, Tyler Elizabeth Arlene
Smith, Warren Keith
Smith, Zachary Charles


Snipes, Kate(b. February 15, 1875, d. January 04, 1937)


Starnes, Betsy Ann(d. date unknown)
Starnes, James Wesley(d. date unknown)
Starnes, Sarah Sally(d. date unknown)


Steedly, John


Stewart, Ben


Stokes, Annie Gertrude(b. August 01, 1921, d. April 03, 1997)


Stone, Emerick Douglas
Stone, James Emerick III


Strickland, Betty Gail
Strickland, Charmaine
Strickland, Marion Daniel
Strickland, Marion Daniel, Jr


Sturkie, John Irvin(b. August 06, 1876, d. December 03, 1940)
Sturkie, Zacharias(d. date unknown)


Sulton, Joseph(d. date unknown)
Sulton, Thomas Butler(b. August 25, 1845, d. February 26, 1928)


Summey, Bryan Samuel
Summey, John Daniel
Summey, Nancy DeMaye
Summey, Roy Daniel


Taylor, Catherine(d. date unknown)
Taylor, Delitha A.(d. date unknown)
Taylor, Martha Ella(b. July 14, 1877, d. September 26, 1942)
Taylor, Noah(d. date unknown)


Temples(d. date unknown)
Temples, Grady S.(b. December 08, 1913, d. January 16, 1984)


Thompson, Annie(b. August 1886, d. date unknown)
Thompson, Belle(b. November 1891, d. date unknown)
Thompson, Bessie(b. April 1894, d. date unknown)
Thompson, Charlie(b. 1861, d. date unknown)
Thompson, Colvin Manly(b. 1859, d. date unknown)
Thompson, Ellen(b. December 1898, d. date unknown)
Thompson, Emma(b. 1864, d. date unknown)
Thompson, George(b. 1836, d. date unknown)
Thompson, George W.(b. June 1865, d. date unknown)
Thompson, H(b. 1858, d. date unknown)
Thompson, Inice Elizabeth(b. September 26, 1873, d. November 04, 1934) Includes Pictures
Thompson, James M.(b. 1856, d. date unknown)
Thompson, Myrtle(b. September 1896, d. date unknown)
Thompson, Robert(b. December 1888, d. date unknown)


Thurmond, Mary Ann(d. date unknown)


Timmerman, Colie Blease(b. August 30, 1912, d. May 1975)


Tinney, Gerald Edward
Tinney, Randy Gerald




Tripp, Calvin Theodore
Tripp, Calvin Theodore, Jr
Tripp, Thelma Tilia Jean


Turner, Martha(b. 1832, d. May 20, 1920)
Turner, Mary Jane


Tyler, Bambi Lynn
Tyler, Payton
Tyler, Thomas Erskine
Tyler, Travis Lee


Uhlian, Betty Dickins(d. date unknown)

Van Pelt

Van Pelt, Jonathon(d. date unknown)


Vansant, Leurah Minnie(b. September 24, 1893, d. October 23, 1969)


W.Satcher, Amos(b. 1844, d. date unknown)


Walker, Mamie Louise


Werts, Kelly Leanna
Werts, Thomas C.


Wessinger, Annie(d. date unknown)


Westendolph, Unk Name(d. date unknown)


Widener, David Leroy
Widener, Lawrence Wayne(b. March 02, 1938, d. March 01, 1991)
Widener, Luther L.
Widener, Robin L.
Widener, Woodrow W.(b. February 12, 1916, d. April 10, 1993)


Wiggins, Diane Renee
Wiggins, J. T.(d. date unknown)


Wilkins, Virgil Raye


Williams, Angelline(b. April 05, 1853, d. May 01, 1920)
Williams, Corrie(b. June 17, 1882, d. January 14, 1956)
Williams, Eliza Ann(b. October 13, 1883, d. June 29, 1978)
Williams, Isabel(d. date unknown)
Williams, Jacob Colwell(b. January 11, 1855, d. February 26, 1929)
Williams, Jacob Edgar(b. May 07, 1889, d. October 20, 1918) Includes Notes
Williams, James L.(b. June 01, 1887, d. May 22, 1951)
Williams, James Madison(d. date unknown)
Williams, Mamie(d. date unknown)
Williams, Sarah Elizabeth(b. June 13, 1885, d. March 16, 1971)
Williams, William H.(d. date unknown)


Williamson, Margaret(b. August 09, 1891, d. January 05, 1979)
Williamson, Robert C.(d. date unknown)


Willis, Albert Lee(b. August 25, 1933, d. September 20, 1980)
Willis, Andrew Winthrop
Willis, Bobby H., Sr(b. 1935, d. 1988)
Willis, Deborah Catherine
Willis, Edward Lamar(b. March 31, 1947, d. October 02, 1999)
Willis, Ella(b. 1892, d. 1920)
Willis, Ernest Jordan(b. May 13, 1925, d. May 02, 1995)
Willis, Grace Elizabeth
Willis, Infant Daughter(b. 1940, d. 1940)
Willis, Jean Elenior
Willis, John Andrew(b. 1926, d. September 12, 1930)
Willis, Judi Ann
Willis, Kenneth H.(b. May 07, 1928, d. August 28, 1974)
Willis, Martha Marie
Willis, Maude(b. 1890, d. February 29, 1976)
Willis, Michael
Willis, Norma
Willis, Patsy Ann
Willis, Pickins(b. May 25, 1858, d. January 09, 1911)
Willis, Ray James(b. December 12, 1931, d. February 21, 1932)
Willis, Samantha
Willis, Shirley Lasan
Willis, Sydney Lee(b. November 03, 1895, d. December 22, 1985)
Willis, Winthrop S.(b. October 03, 1916, d. December 07, 1994)


Wood, Susan Lynn


Woodward, Abbie(b. May 22, 1878, d. October 13, 1956)
Woodward, Thomas Jefferson(d. date unknown)


Yon, Eli(d. date unknown)


Yonce, Annie(b. February 11, 1883, d. April 17, 1955)
Yonce, Burley(d. date unknown)
Yonce, Frances Idella(b. December 29, 1869, d. December 11, 1919)
Yonce, Herman Kenneth
Yonce, Herman Kenneth, Jr
Yonce, Linda
Yonce, Tursia Dianne
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