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Descendants of Richard Jackson

Generation No. 7

19. Absalom9 Jackson (Walter8, Benjamin7, Thomas6, Anthony5, Anthony4, Richard3, Anthony I2, Richard1) was born 1760 in Virginia, and died 25 Dec 1795 in Miller's Bluff -: Point Peter Cemetery - St. Mary's, Georgia. He married Pharabea Webster 1775 in Ga.. She was born 06 Nov 1763, and died 12 Feb 1839 in Miller's Bluff - Pt. Peter, Camden Co., Georgia.

Notes for Absalom Jackson:
Absalom served in the Continental Army; married Pharebea whose parents came from Wales and had a Coat of Arms representing a weavers shuttle, they having been manufacturers. Absolum and Pharabea lived in Wilkes and Putnam Co., Ga. and at Millers Bluff (near St. Mary's) CamdenCounty, Ga. For a number of years he wasDeputy State Surveyor for Georgia. One of his surveys was that of Amelia Island. Under authority of headright warrants he had made surveys which would have rendered him the richest man in Ga. He and his family, however, did not receive much of the benefit of his highly creditable work as he had not obtained patents for the suryed land when his death occurred in the manner thus narrated: He was living in St. Mary's; on a Christmas day he gave a dinner to his friends. After dinner it was proposed that the party should take a walk. He excused himself, saying that he felt unwell, but insisted that his guests and his wife should go. A company of soldiers of the U.S. was stationed at St. Mary's. According to an account given by Mr. Jackson's servents, soon after the party left for a walk, two soldiers went to the house. The soldiers were intoxicted, and began to abuse Mr. Jackson, saying that he could give good dinners to others, but the poor soldiers who wee stationed at St. Mary's for his defense were not good enough to be invited to his house. Mr. Jackson was standing on the portico of his house, which was high above the ground. The soldiers at lenght attempted to enter the house. When Mr. Jackson resisted their effort, they seized him and threw him over the balistrade, the fall instantly killling him. Seeing what they had done the soldiers hurried to the river, escaped in a boat, and probably were never captured.

1Received by Wrightsboro MM 7 Jul 1781 from Center MM, NC. Private, Camden Co. Regiment, GA Militia, 24 May to 9 Jul 1793.

Type: Letter
Title: personal communication
Location: Dr. John Guy Jackson, Jr.

More About Absalom Jackson:
Fact 1: surveyor - lived Wilkes, Putnam, & Camden Co. Ga.

Notes for Pharabea Webster:
Pharebea remarried to Thomas Peter Bryson. I think he turned out to not be a good choice in husbands. She was buried at Point Peter, Miller's Bluff, Camden Co., Ga.
Children of Absalom Jackson and Pharabea Webster are:
  i.   Harriett Ann10 Jackson, b. 1781; d. Unknown; m. Samuel Elbert; d. Unknown.
  Notes for Samuel Elbert:
Lt. U.S.N.

  ii.   Mary Scott Jackson, b. 1783; d. 1855; m. Thomas Harvey Miller or Miles; d. Unknown.
29. iii.   William B. Jackson, b. 1786, Washington, Georgia/Wilkes Co., GA; d. Unknown, Augusta, Georgia.
  iv.   Francis Webster Jackson, b. 1788; d. Bet. 1807 - 1814.
  v.   James Jackson, d. Unknown.
  vi.   Absalom Jackson, d. Unknown.

20. Sarah9 Jackson (Walter8, Benjamin7, Thomas6, Anthony5, Anthony4, Richard3, Anthony I2, Richard1) was born 1763 in Orange, N.C., and died Unknown. She married Isaac Newton. He died Unknown.
Children of Sarah Jackson and Isaac Newton are:
  i.   Mary10 Newton, d. Unknown.
  ii.   Martha Newton, d. Unknown.

21. Robert9 Jackson (Walter8, Benjamin7, Thomas6, Anthony5, Anthony4, Richard3, Anthony I2, Richard1) was born 1770 in Columbia Co., Ga., and died Unknown in Al.. He married Sarah Beckham. She died Bet. 1840 - 1850.

Notes for Robert Jackson:
Moved to territory of Al. subesequent to his death. He was member of the Legislature of Ga.

Notes for Sarah Beckham:
Resided in or near Aberfail, Macon Co. until her death at sometime between 1840 and 1850;
Children of Robert Jackson and Sarah Beckham are:
30. i.   Robert Anderson10 Jackson, d. Unknown.
  ii.   Mary Jackson, d. Unknown; m. ? Douglas; d. Unknown.
  iii.   Harriet Jackson, d. Unknown; m. ? Watson; d. Unknown.
31. iv.   Sarah Clark Jackson, d. Unknown.

22. James9 Jackson (Walter8, Benjamin7, Thomas6, Anthony5, Anthony4, Richard3, Anthony I2, Richard1) was born 10 Aug 1773 in Wilkes Co., Georgia, and died 19 Jul 1832 in Autaugaville, Alabama. He married Temperance Motley 1796, daughter of Robert Motley and Penelope Daniel. She was born 15 Feb 1779 in Halifax Co., N. C., and died 06 Nov 1862 in Montgomery, Alabama.

Notes for James Jackson:
James was involved in Ga. politics prior to moving to Alabama. He was a signer of the Alabama Constitution. In 1832 died and is buried in Independence Cemetery in Autaugaville, Al.
Children of James Jackson and Temperance Motley are:
32. i.   Nancy Daniel10 Jackson, b. 02 Jun 1797, Wilkes Co., Georgia; d. 15 Apr 1858, Millbrook, Alabama (family cem.).
  ii.   Mary Ann Jackson, b. 28 Feb 1801; d. Unknown.
  iii.   Harriet Clark Jackson, b. 19 Apr 1802; d. Unknown.
33. iv.   Absalom Jackson, b. 26 Feb 1805, Wilkes Co., Georgia; d. 22 Sep 1870, Montgomery, Alabama.
  v.   Walter Clark Jackson, b. 07 Dec 1808, Baldwin Co., Georgia; d. 07 Sep 1826, "Ellerslie", Rocky Mount, Alabama.
  vi.   James Wilson Jackson, b. 04 Sep 1813, Baldwin Co., Georgia; d. 22 Jan 1832, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
  vii.   Crawford Motley Jackson, b. Abt. 08 Feb 1817, Independence - Auburn Hill, Alabama; d. 26 Feb 1860, Auburn Hill, Alabama.
  Notes for Crawford Motley Jackson:
He entered the University of Al. in 1831, with the 1st class to matriculate at that institution. He represented Autauga in the legislature from 1843 to 1845, and again from 1855 to 1857. He served as Speaker of the House of Rep. in 1857, a position for which he was qualified by political experience and by his knowledge of parliamentary law. Gen. Jackson was a Democrat, firm in his convictions, yet always considerate of his opponents. He served as a Maj. Gen. of U. S. volunteers in the Creek War, where he made a creditable record. He was a wealthy bachelor, and devoted much of his leisure to cultural interests. His large estate was the scene of delightful and lavish entertaining . His lands and those of his brother, Absolom Jackson, later fell into Elmore Co. when it was est. in 1866. Gen Jackson died just prior to the outbreak of the Civil War.

  viii.   Oliver Perry Jackson, b. 16 Feb 1820; d. 02 Feb 1822.

23. William9 Jackson (Walter8, Benjamin7, Thomas6, Anthony5, Anthony4, Richard3, Anthony I2, Richard1) was born Aft. 1774, and died Unknown. He married Annie Scott. She died Unknown.
Children of William Jackson and Annie Scott are:
  i.   Martin10 Jackson, d. Unknown.
  ii.   Elbert Jackson, d. Unknown.

24. Jeremiah9 Jackson (Walter8, Benjamin7, Thomas6, Anthony5, Anthony4, Richard3, Anthony I2, Richard1) was born 1780 in Wilkes Co., Ga., and died Abt. 1857. He married (1) Sarah ? Elizabeth Smith16, daughter of Francis Scott Smith. She died Unknown. He married (2) Mary Ann Carson, daughter of William Carson and Rebecca Lloyd. She died Unknown.
Children of Jeremiah Jackson and Sarah Smith are:
  i.   Francis Scott10 Jackson, d. Abt. 1860, Pensacola, Florida; m. Elizabeth Boothe; d. Unknown.
  Notes for Francis Scott Jackson:
He was a lawyer

34. ii.   Mahala Jackson, b. 1805, Ga.; d. Unknown.
35. iii.   Benjamin C. Jackson, b. 1807, Ga.; d. Bef. 1850, Hamburg, Germany.
36. iv.   James Byrd Jackson, b. 1809, Ga.; d. Bef. 1857.
37. v.   Mary Jackson, b. 1811, Ga.; d. Bef. 1850, Autauga Co., Al..
38. vi.   Walter Booth Jackson, b. 1813, Milledgeville, Ga.; d. Aft. 1860, Al..
39. vii.   Sarah Jackson, b. 1815, Alabama; d. Bef. 1857.
40. viii.   William Wallace Jackson, b. 1819, Alabama; d. Aft. 1850, Hayneville, Al..
41. ix.   Martha M. Jackson, b. 1820; d. Unknown.
42. x.   Elizabeth T. Jackson, b. 1825, Alabama; d. Unknown.
43. xi.   Jeremiah T. Jackson, d. 20 Feb 1863.
Child of Jeremiah Jackson and Mary Carson is:
44. xii.   Emmett Carson10 Jackson, b. 31 Jul 1843, Inderpendence, Alabama; d. Unknown.

25. William9 Jackson, Jr. (Elizabeth8, Benjamin7, Thomas6, Anthony5, Anthony4, Richard3, Anthony I2, Richard1)17 was born 1750, and died 05 Apr 1814. He married Elizabeth Borland 1784 in Georgia. She was born 1759, and died Nov 1815.
Children of William Jackson and Elizabeth Borland are:
45. i.   Ruth10 Jackson, b. 1785; d. 21 Mar 1814, Baldwin Co, Ga..
46. ii.   Rebecca Jackson, b. 1792; d. 06 Feb 1814, Jones Co. ,Ga. near Clinton.
47. iii.   Andrew Jackson, b. 02 Mar 1800, Baldwin Co, Ga.; d. 06 Feb 1901.
  iv.   William Jackson, d. Unknown.
48. v.   Elizabeth Ann Jackson, d. 17 Sep 1861, Montgomery, Al..
49. vi.   Abraham Borland Jackson, b. 22 Jun 1797, Baldwin Co, Ga.; d. 21 Sep 1868.

26. Enoch9 Jackson (Isaac8, Benjamin7, Thomas6, Anthony5, Anthony4, Richard3, Anthony I2, Richard1)17 was born 17, and died 1846 in Itawamba, Mississippi. He married Nancy Moore17. She died Unknown.
Children of Enoch Jackson and Nancy Moore are:
  i.   Nancy10 Jackson17, d. Unknown.
  ii.   Henry Jackson17, d. Unknown.
  iii.   Winny Jackson, d. Unknown.

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