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Ancestors of Arthur Hogarth Steele

Generation No. 5

      16. Joseph Josua Steele, born Abt. 1773 in Ireland/ MD; died 1823 in Kentucky. He was the son of 32. Abraham Steele and 33. Sarah Unknown. He married 17. Susannah Wood Fields January 02, 1802 in Hartford, MD.

      17. Susannah Wood Fields, born Abt. 1776 in Havre De Grace, MD; died Bet. 1860 - 1868. She was the daughter of 34. James G. Fields and 35. Susannah Greenfield.

Notes for Joseph Josua Steele:
Joseph/Josua Steele and Susannah Fields had 14 children. She also had 3 children by a previous marriage.

More About Joseph Josua Steele:
Burial: KY
Cause of Death: "Cold Plague" at age 50
Census: 1810, Shoemaker Mason Co., Ky
Comment 2: 14 children [Col. Asbury was the 13th]
Comment 3: Spent his childhood in Havre de Grace, Harford Co., Maryland
Medical Information: Probably Cholera,had reached epidemic levels at the time of his death.
Religion: Baptist

Notes for Susannah Wood Fields:
Susannah had 17 children by two husbands.[ Steele and Wood.]

More About Susannah Wood Fields:
Comment 2: Belonged to an English family

More About Joseph Steele and Susannah Fields:
Marriage: January 02, 1802, Hartford, MD
Children of Joseph Steele and Susannah Fields are:
  i.   Dr. Greenbury Steele, born 1804; died in Wabash Co, IN.
  More About Dr. Greenbury Steele:
Comment 2: 1828, Owned farm in Fayette Ky., Asbury Steele lived with him there.
Education: Apprenticed Blacksmith
Occupation: Physician

  ii.   Theophilus Steele, born 1807 in Mason CO.,KY; died in Pt Byron, Rock Island Co., ILL; married Elizabeth Freedland.
  More About Theophilus Steele:
Comment 2: 1828, Year the family moved to Fayette Co., IN

  iii.   William Henry Steele, born 1807; married Catherine Cope.
  More About William Henry Steele:
Census: 1840, Montgomery Co., IN

  iv.   Cassander Steele, born 1809; died in Sullivan, Sullivan Co., IN; married U. Drummond.
  v.   Louisa Eliza Steele, born 1811; died in Connersville, Faeytte Co., IN; married U. Kingory.
  8 vi.   Colonel Asbury Earl Steele, born January 13, 1813 in Mason Co.,KY; died September 28, 1889 in Grant Co., IN [1864/69/70]; married (1) Elizabeth Lair Green February 06, 1833; married (2) Mary Louisa Waddom July 05, 1835 in Fayette Co., IN; married (3) Nellie N. Conner June 20, 1870 in Trumbull Co., OH.
  vii.   Hannah Wood Steele, Adopted child; married Gabriel Ginn.
  viii.   Warner Wood Steele, Adopted child.
  ix.   Sophia Wood Steele, Adopted child.
  x.   Unknown Steele
  xi.   Unknown Steele
  xii.   Unknown Steele
  xiii.   Unknown Steele
  xiv.   Unknown Steele

      18. Wilson Waddom He was the son of 36. Unknown Wadom and 37. Mary Louisa Unknown. He married 19. Lois Unknown in Fayette Co., OH.

      19. Lois Unknown

More About Wilson Waddom and Lois Unknown:
Marriage: Fayette Co., OH
Child of Wilson Waddom and Lois Unknown is:
  9 i.   Mary Louisa Waddom, born August 13, 1815 in Fayette Co.,IN; died February 12, 1870 in Grant Co., IN; married Colonel Asbury Earl Steele July 05, 1835 in Fayette Co., IN.

      20. Samuel Jr. Pottinger, born March 01, 1785 in Pottenger's Fort, Nelson Co. ,KY; died September 23, 1832 in Nelson Co., KY. He was the son of 40. Captain Samuel Pottinger and 41. Jane Gray Withrow Gilkey. He married 21. Lucinda Jameson October 15, 1809 in Nelson Co., KY.

      21. Lucinda Jameson, born October 19, 1791 in Augusta Co., VA; died October 25, 1866 in Nelson Co., KY. She was the daughter of 42. John Jameson and 43. Mary Polly Rice.

More About Samuel Jr. Pottinger:
Burial: 1832, Pottenger Cemetery, Nelson Co., KY
Property: Abt. 1831, Walnut Hill (2nd owner)Nelson Co., KY

More About Lucinda Jameson:
Burial: 1866, Pottenger Cemetery, Nelson Co., KY

More About Samuel Pottinger and Lucinda Jameson:
Marriage: October 15, 1809, Nelson Co., KY
Children of Samuel Pottinger and Lucinda Jameson are:
  i.   John Goodlet Pottinger, born 1812.
  10 ii.   George Washington Pottinger, born February 09, 1814 in Nelson Co., KY; died January 10, 1885 in New Haven, KY; married Adeliza Talbott March 04, 1834 in Nelson Co., KY.
  iii.   William Russel Pottinger, born 1815.
  iv.   James Allen Pottinger, born 1816.
  v.   Emeline Pottinger, born 1818.
  vi.   Robert Caldwell Pottinger, born 1820.
  vii.   Thomas Jefferson Sr. Pottinger, born 1820.
  viii.   Mary Jane Pottinger, born 1822.
  ix.   Hardin Logan Pottinger, born 1824.
  x.   Mariah Jane Pottinger, born 1830.
  xi.   Mary Ann Pottinger, born 1832.

      22. William Talbot He married 23. Elizabeth Ann Short in Nelson Co., KY.

      23. Elizabeth Ann Short

Notes for William Talbot:
There is a Talbott Tavern, Bardstown, Ky

More About William Talbot and Elizabeth Short:
Marriage: Nelson Co., KY
Child of William Talbot and Elizabeth Short is:
  11 i.   Adeliza Talbott, born May 05, 1814 in Nelson Co., KY; died September 19, 1901 in Nelson Co., KY; married George Washington Pottinger March 04, 1834 in Nelson Co., KY.

      26. Captain Thomas Buford Lewis, born September 02, 1765 in Culpeper Co., VA; died August 10, 1839 in Bardstown Nelson Co., KY. He was the son of 52. Henry Lewis and 53. Anne Buford. He married 27. Nancy Anna Rice 1785 in Mercer Co., Ky.

      27. Nancy Anna Rice, born January 03, 1766 in Culpeper Co., VA; died January 14, 1822 in Nelson Co., KY. She was the daughter of 54. Captain Fisher Rice and 55. Agnes Pulliam.

Notes for Captain Thomas Buford Lewis:
Wife was a sister to Mary Polly Rice. 2 children married Johnson's[ Fielding m Nancy Johnson, Nancy B. married James Hiram Johnson.]

More About Captain Thomas Buford Lewis:
Burial: 1839, Lewis Farm East Bardstown, Boteland

More About Nancy Anna Rice:
Burial: 1822, Lewis Farm East Bardstown, Boteland
Comment 2: Sister to Mary Polly Rice Jameson
Comment 3: 3 of the 5 children are buried @ Boteland [Lewis Farm E. Bardstown]

More About Thomas Lewis and Nancy Rice:
Marriage: 1785, Mercer Co., Ky
Children of Thomas Lewis and Nancy Rice are:
  13 i.   Nancy Buford Lewis, born January 19, 1799 in Culpeper Co., VA; died January 24, 1854 in Bardstown,Nelson Co., KY; married James Johnson September 22, 1818 in Mill Creek Baptist Church,Bardstown,Nelson Co., KY.
  ii.   Simeon Lewis, born June 19, 1787 in Culpeper Co., VA; died July 18, 1861 in Nelson Co., KY.
  Notes for Simeon Lewis:
1855 with nephew James Hiram Johnson lent money to Hiram brother Edward L. Johnson. Debt was repaid.

  iii.   Henry Lewis, born December 03, 1789 in VA [KY]; died April 25, 1864 in Bardstown Nelson Co., KY; married Linda Claggett Linthicum July 07, 1812.
  More About Henry Lewis:
Burial: Lewis Family Cemetery

  More About Henry Lewis and Linda Linthicum:
Marriage: July 07, 1812

  iv.   Fielding Lewis, born 1791 in Culpepper Co., VA; married Nancy Johnson.
  Notes for Fielding Lewis:
Married Nancy Johnson sister to James Hiram Johnson [ m Nancy B. Lewis ]

Re: Lewis and Clark History
Another Fielding Lewis married a sister of Geo. Washington.,a relative Thomas Lewis accompanied Thomas Jefferson's father Peter on an expedition in 1746 into the Northern Neck between the Potomac and the Rappahannock. Thomas was the first Lewis to keep a journal of exploration. Captain Meriweather Lewis was the first American to cross the Continental Divide, " Undaunted Courage" by Stephen E. Ambrose 1996 The fateful journey of Lewis and Clark. [" in 1803 the personal secretery of Pres. Thomas Jefferson was selected to lead the voyage up the Missouri River to the Rockies over the mountains down the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean and back. Lewis was the perfect choice" "The first Lewis to come to America was Robert in 1635 a welshman and an officer in the British Army with a grant from the King and 33,3331/3 acres of Virginia land. He had numerous progeny"] " The Great grandfather of Lucy Meriweather and the grandfather of William Lewis was Nicolas Meriweather II 1667-1744 so the marriage combined the two bloodlines.

  v.   John Lewis, born 1793 in Culpeper Co., VA.
  vi.   James Lewis, born February 09, 1793 in Culpeper Co., VA; died November 02, 1864 in Nelson Co., KY; married Nancy Sally Nalle September 14, 1819 in Nelson Co., K.
  More About James Lewis:
Burial: Lewis Family Cemetery

  More About James Lewis and Nancy Nalle:
Marriage: September 14, 1819, Nelson Co., K

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