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Descendants of Robert Mayfield

      160. Elijah6 Mayfield (Randolph5, John4, John3, Robert2, Robert1) was born 30 March 1793 in Probably Greenville County SC, and died 20 February 1855 in Orange County, Indiana. He married Elizabeth Simms 13 March 1808 in Casey County KY, daughter of Francis Simms and Ann Polson. She was born Abt. 1795, and died 1886 in Indiana.

Notes for Elijah Mayfield:


Elijah is buried in Bruner Cemetery, Orange County IN.

Marriage Notes for Elijah Mayfield and Elizabeth Simms:

I have always questioned this 1808 marriage date with Elizabeth Simms, when Elijah would have only been 15. To the best of my knowledge, no official record (marriage bond/license) of this marriage has ever been found. The only source for this marriage, that I have been able to find, was in letters sent to the KY Historical Society and The Filson Club; both letters were written by a lady from Utah. The letter to the Filson Club, dated 9 Sep 1956, from Mrs Bertha Harris of Ogden, Utah is as follows:

"Dear Sirs:

"I have searched the records of Casey, Lincoln and Pulaski Co. for the marriage record of Elijah Mayfield & Elizabeth Sims, 13 Mar. 1808, Casey Co. They must have bought their marriage liscense [sic] in another county, as nothing is found in these. I have affidavid by Elizabeth Sims Mayfield as to their marriage so know that they were married in Ky.

Could you give me any information regarding the possibility of their marriage record in Green, Barren, Adair, Cumberland or Garrard Counties which were all formed prior to 1808.

" ... P. S. The above Elijah Mayfield established his home in Casey Co. Ky. about 1813. He was in the War of 1812 before that. Later he moved to Tenn. but came back to Ky. about 1834, lived there until about 1840 when he moved to Indiana.

"He was born Mar. 30, 1793 in S. C. Elizabeth Sims was born in Ky. or Va. about 1795 - perhaps Ky. Co. Va."

The Filson Club's response, dated 14 September 1956, indicated that they were also "unable to locate the marriage of Elijah Mayfield and Elizabeth Sims ... "

One thing I do know - if they were married at such an early age, the permission of both sets of parents would have been required. KY law of the time permitted males to marry as early as age 14 and females as early as age 12, only if parental consent had been obtained. Of course, no parental consent was required if the parties were age 21 or older. [see "The Law of Baron and Femme, of Parent and Child, Guardian and Ward, Master and Servant, and of the Powers of the Courts of Chancery; with an Essay on the Terms Heir, Heirs, Heirs of the Body" (published 1862), by Judge Tapping Reeve]..
Children of Elijah Mayfield and Elizabeth Simms are:
  332 i.   Frances7 Mayfield, born Abt. 1809. She married Zadock A. Jones 12 May 1834 in Casey County KY.
  Marriage Notes for Frances Mayfield and Zadock Jones:

See Casey County KY, Marriage Book 1, page 48.

  333 ii.   John F. Mayfield, born January 1816 in Casey County KY; died November 1877. He married Lucinda Miller 1837.
  334 iii.   Mary (Polly) Mayfield, born 05 March 1817 in Casey County KY; died 17 August 1892. She married John Lucas October 1833 in Casey County KY.
  Marriage Notes for Mary Mayfield and John Lucas:

See Casey County KY, Marriage Book 1, page 62.

  335 iv.   Fannie Mayfield, born 1819 in Tennessee. She married Louis McDonald 07 October 1843.
  336 v.   Archibald H. Mayfield, born 1824 in Tennessee. He married Mary Jones 18 January 1848.
  337 vi.   Amelia Mayfield, born Abt. 1825 in Lincoln County TN. She married John B. Lomax 20 February 1840 in Macon County MO.
  338 vii.   Nancy Mayfield, born Abt. 1828 in Lincoln County TN. She married Michael Voorhiss 31 October 1852.
  339 viii.   Isaac L. Mayfield, born 30 March 1830 in Tennessee; died 11 March 1893 in Missouri (?). He married Susan Earls.
  340 ix.   Ann Mayfield, born 1833. She married John Lenard 26 August 1842.
+ 341 x.   Elijah Bailey Mayfield, born 13 June 1835 in Casey County KY; died 02 January 1908 in Weld County (Ft Lupton) CO.
  342 xi.   Susan Mayfield, born 1837 in Casey County KY. She married George W. Dickenson 25 March 1856.

      167. Pearson B.6 Mayfield (Jesse5, John4, John3, Robert2, Robert1) died 1832 in McMinn County TN. He married Ann (Nancy) McJunkin, daughter of Samuel McJunkin and Sarah Brummette.
Children of Pearson Mayfield and Ann McJunkin are:
  343 i.   Jesse7 Mayfield.
  344 ii.   John Mayfield.
+ 345 iii.   William Mayfield.
  346 iv.   James Mayfield.
  347 v.   Stanwix Mayfield.
  348 vi.   Thomas Mayfield.
  349 vii.   Clement Mayfield.
  350 viii.   Pearson Mayfield.
  351 ix.   Samuel Mayfield.

      202. George Washington6 Mayfield (Stephen5, Robert4, Abraham3, Robert2, Robert1) was born 13 February 1820 in Cape Girardeau County MO. He married Sarah P. Cheek. She was born 1820 in Cape Girardeau County MO.

Notes for George Washington Mayfield:


George Washington Mayfield submitted an application to join the Missouri Society of the Sons of the American Revolution in 1894. The application was examined and approved by the State Registrar on 30 May 1894 and was approved and registered by the Registrar General on 10 August 1894. The following are pertinent extracts from that application:

"I George Washington Mayfield, being of the age of twenty-one years and upwards, to wit, of the age of seventy-four, hereby apply for membership in the Society by right of lineal descent in the following line from Stephen mayfield who was born in North carolina in Lincoln Parish of the year or thereabouts 1758, lived in North Carolina and who assisted in establishing American Independence.

"I was born in Jackson, County of Cape Girardeau, State of Missouri on the 13th day of February, 1820.

"I am the son of Stephen Mayfield and Margaret Mayfield nee Cook his wife, and he, the said Stephen Mayfield is the ancestor who assisted in establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of private soldier in the cavalry and part of the time as a spy.

" ... My ancestor's services in the establishment of American independence during the War of Revolution were as follows:

"My father was in the service of the war of the American Revolution about seven years and took part in several battles. I have heard my father talk many a time about the Revolutionary War and the battles in which he fought. I also heard his comrade Davy Toney, who was in the same company with him and messed with him, and my father talk together about their services in the War of the American Revolution. My father died about the year 1846. I heard my father say several times that he was in the cavalry service and that a considerable [part] of the time he was a spy and was at times in very close quarters. Was an ardent patriot and I heard revolutionary soldiers say that he was a brave and persistent fighter.

"The following is a memorandum of the authority for the above statements: From statements often made by my father Stephen Mayfield and also corroborated by David Toney who served in the Revolutionary army with him.

      /Signed/ George Washington Mayfield (His Mark)"

[COMMENT: In the above application, George Washington Mayfield states that he was born in 1820; George also states that his father, Stephen, was born in 1758. If true, this would mean that Stephen was 62 when his son George was born. While not impossible, I consider this to be rather unlikely. Further research needs to be done to obtain further evidence as to the birth year of Stephen.]

Children of George Mayfield and Sarah Cheek are:
  352 i.   William Henderson7 Mayfield, born 18 January 1852 in Patton MO; died 12 September 1916 in St. Louis MO. He married Ellen C. Sitzer 10 May 1874.
  Notes for William Henderson Mayfield:

The birth and death dates for William Henderson Mayfield are taken from his obituary which appeared in the ST. Louis Republic, for Wednesday, 13 September 1916. He was a well known medical doctor (surgeon) who founded the first Baptish sanitarium in the world, the Missouri Baptist Sanitarium, in 1884. William Henderson Mayfield also founded the Mayfield Memorial Hospital in St Louis in 1896. A few years prior to his death, William was made president of the Barnes College of Medicine in St. Louis in 1911. William died in the Mayfield Memorial Hospital, after a long illness, on 12 September 1916.

  353 ii.   Stephen A. Mayfield, born 25 August 1856 in Bollinger County MO. He married Mary E. Chandler August 1876; born 23 July 1858 in Bollinger County MO.
  354 iii.   Andrew J. Mayfield, born 1845. He married Mary C. Sitzer 1877; born 1848 in Madison County MO.
  355 iv.   John J. Mayfield.
  356 v.   Emanuel B. Mayfield.
  357 vi.   Eli B. Mayfield.
  358 vii.   Polly A. Mayfield.
  359 viii.   Randal L. Mayfield.

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