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Descendants of Robert Mayfield

Generation No. 6

      46. George Washington6 Mayfield (Stephen5, Robert4, Abraham3, Robert2, Robert1) was born 13 February, 1820 in Cape Girardeau County MO. He married Sarah P. Cheek.

Notes for George Washington Mayfield:
[Descendants of Robert Mayfield of VA Colony.FTW]


George Washington Mayfield submitted an application to join the Missouri Society of the Sons of the American Revolution in 1894. The application was examined and approved by the State Registrar on 30 May 1894 and was approved and registered by the Registrar General on 10 August 1894. The following are pertinent extracts from that application:

"I George Washington Mayfield, being of the age of twenty-one years and upwards, to wit, of the age of seventy-four, hereby apply for membership in the Society by right of lineal descent in the following line from Stephen mayfield who was born in North carolina in Lincoln Parish of the year or thereabouts 1758, lived in North Carolina and who assisted in establishing American Independence.

"I was born in Jackson, County of Cape Girardeau, State of Missouri on the 13th day of February, 1820.

"I am the son of Stephen Mayfield and Margaret Mayfield nee Cook his wife, and he, the said Stephen Mayfield is the ancestor who assisted in establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of private soldier in the cavalry and part of the time as a spy.

" ... My ancestor's services in the establishment of American independence during the War of Revolution were as follows:

"My father was in the service of the war of the American Revolution about seven years and took part in several battles. I have heard my father talk many a time about the Revolutionary War and the battles in which he fought. I also heard his comrade Davy Toney, who was in the same company with him and messed with him, and my father talk together about their services in the War of the American Revolution. My father died about the year 1846. I heard my father say several times that he was in the cavalry service and that a considerable [part] of the time he was a spy and was at times in very close quarters. Was an ardent patriot and I heard revolutionary soldiers say that he was a brave and persistent fighter.

"The following is a memorandum of the authority for the above statements: From statements often made by my father Stephen Mayfield and also corroborated by David Toney who served in the Revolutionary army with him.

      /Signed/ George Washington Mayfield (His Mark)"

[COMMENT: In the above application, George Washington Mayfield states that he was born in 1820; George also states that his father, Stephen, was born in 1758. If true, this would mean that Stephen was 62 when his son George was born. While not impossible, I consider this to be rather unlikely. Further research needs to be done to obtain further evidence as to the birth year of Stephen.]

Children of George Mayfield and Sarah Cheek are:
  104 i.   William Henderson7 Mayfield, born 18 January, 1852.
  Notes for William Henderson Mayfield:
[Descendants of Robert Mayfield of VA Colony.FTW]

The following is an excerpt from an E-Mail sent to me by E. Clyde Mayfield on 13 October 1997:

"In regards to Wm Henderson Mayfield the following info is from his
brography by Wiley J. Patrick As WHM was still living at the time
of the writing I assume the author received the ancestry info from him.

"The author gives the parents as being George Washington Mayfield and
Polly B. Cheek. The grandparents were Stephen Mayfield and Margaret
Koch (or Cook)

"Quote: "In the Missouri Edition of Revolutionary Soldiers and their
Descendents is this record where speaking of Stephan Mayfield.
The family settled in North Carolina in the early part of the 18th
century. When seventeen years of age, and at the commencement of the
Revolutionary War, Stephen enlisted in the Light Horse Brigade of
North Carolina and served through the conflict which gave independence
to Americans. At the close of the war he returned to North
Carolina,lived there a few years and removed to Mayfield, KY., being
one of its founders. Shortly afterwards he settled in Jackson, Mo.,
where he conducted a plantation. He married late in life, and had a
family of seven children. "

"The author continues, "George Washington Mayfield was son of Stephen
Mayfield and wife, who, before her marriage , was Miss Margaret Koch
(Cook). His home was at Patton, Bollinger County, Mo. He reared a
family of eight sons and three daughters."

"It is worth noting that the historians of Mayfield KY have no record
of a Stephen Mayfield being a founder - The Chamber of Commerce sent
me the info that tradition is that it was named for a "George
Mayfield, who was a scout for Andrew Jackson" ( You will recall the
Cumberland Settlement records state that a George Mayfield was taken
prisoner at Mayfield Station, lived with the Indians for years,
escaped and became a scout of Jackson) Maybe a connection .

"W. H. Mayfield and four of his brothers became medical doctors.
WHM founded Missouri Baptist Sanitarium, Will Mayfield College, and
Mayfield Memorial Hospital."

  105 ii.   Stephen A. Mayfield, born 25 August, 1856.
  106 iii.   Andrew J. Mayfield, born 1845.
  107 iv.   John J. Mayfield.
  108 v.   Emanuel B. Mayfield.
  109 vi.   Eli B. Mayfield.
  110 vii.   Polly A. Mayfield.
  111 viii.   Randal L. Mayfield.

      50. James6 Mayfield (Randolph5, John4, Abraham3, Robert2, Robert1) was born 1791 in VA (?), and died August 1849 in LaClede County MO. He married Mary Johnson Abt. 1816.

Notes for James Mayfield:
[Descendants of Robert Mayfield of VA Colony.FTW]


James Mayfield acquired 50 acres of land on the north side of Green River, in Casey County KY, by assignment from a certain William King on 11 January 1822. James obtained the patent (title) to this land from the State of KY on 21 July 1822.

By indenture, dated 4 September 1826, James also acquired a small 10-acre tract of land adjacent to his own land, from a certain Abraham Breeding, the land "lying and being in Casey County on the north side of Green River on a ridge between Millers Creek and Dawsons Creek ... " It should be noted that a brother of James Mayfield, Randolph Mayfield, Jr., married a certain Polly Breeding in Casey County KY in 1826 (see below).


By about 1839, James had removed to Pulaski County MO where he subsequently surveyed and/or patented several tracts of land as follows:

1839 Survey - 160 acres - Pulaski County - later this land was assigned to Jesse Duncan who patented the land in 1844 - Certificate #2811.

1842 Survey - 40.63 acres - Pulaski County - patented by James Mayfield in 1849 - Certificate # 28554.

1847 Survey - 44.51 acres - Pulaski County - patented by James Mayfield in 1853 - Certificate # 32900.

In 1849, LaClede County was formed out of a portion of Pulaski County and James Mayfield's land fell within the bounds of the new county.


The following is an extract from "The History of LaClede County, Missouri" (published 1979) by Lois Roper Beard, page 397:

"James Mayfield and family emigrated from Casey County, Kentucky in 1828 [sic], and settled on a Gasconade River bottom farm about two miles northwest of Hazel Green. There were seven children born of this marriage - Lucy who married John Mosier; Nancy (Susie) who married Will Wair; Annie who married Bert Wisdom; Frankie who married Wilson; John E. who married Mary Hendrix; James B. whom married twice but their names are not known and William Randolph married Sarah Amanda Davis."

[COMMENT: Based upon my own independent research, there are several errors in the above account. Jame Mayfield and family arrived in MO in about 1838 not 1828. Also, James and his wife had eight children; in addition to the seven children named above, there was one additional child - Sarah Mayfield. According to the 1850 Federal Census for LaClede County MO, Sarah was born in1826; she apparently died unmarried before 1860.]

The following is an excerpt from "Nyberg's History of Laclede County, Missouri" (published 1926), page 18:

"The second company of settlers that came to this section was made up of George W. and Robert Davis, W. H. Smith, Elisha Northrip, F. B. Fugate, Joseph lane, James Mayfield, John Paradise, John Mizer, J. W. Harrison, A. Story, F. W. Pearcy, H. W. Traylor and others, who settled in the rich valley of Bear Creek."

The following is an extract from the "History of LaClede, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Wright, Texas, Pulaski, Phelps and Dent Counties," published in 1889 by The Goodspeed Publishing Co., page 734:

"William R, Mayfield, a retired farmer, was born in Casey County, Ky., April 2, 1834, and is the son of James and Mary (Johnson) Mayfield, natives of Kentucky and Tennessee, respectively. The father was a farmer by occupation, was a soldier in the Mexican War [sic], and he and his wife were earnest workers in the Christian Church. They moved from Kentucky to Illinois, and later to Missouri, locating in Gasconade Township, LaClede County. Here the mother died, and here the father followed her tom the grave in 1853 [sic]. They were the parents of eight children, all of whom lived to be grown ... "

[COMMENT: I seriously doubt that James served in the Mexican War of 1846-1848. However, James did serve in the War of 1812 - see below. Also, the 1853 date of death for James is in error; he died in 1859 - see the Mortality Census cited below.]


James served in the War of 1812 as a Private in Captain Jesse Coffee's Company of Kentucky Mounted Volunteer Militia , in the regiment commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Davenport. [Source - Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort KY, Microfilm Box 1140].


The vital information re James Mayfield (1791-1849) is from the 1850 Mortality Census for MO. Per the census, James died in Aug 1849 at the age of 58, thus his year of birth would be 1791.

The Mortality Census cites James's place of birth is noted as being in Virginia. I presume this information was provided by one of his children, most probably by his eldest son, James B. Mayfield. I have often wondered if the place of birth is correct. I am virtually certain that James Mayfield Sr.'s father was Randolph Mayfield of Casey County KY and Lincoln County TN, The 1790 census for SC indicates that Randolph was then living in Greenville County SC. The next firm information I have is that Randolph was living in Lincoln County KY by 1797. In 1807 Casey County was formed out of Lincoln and Randolph's place of residence fell within this new county.

Notes for Mary Johnson:
[Descendants of Robert Mayfield of VA Colony.FTW]

Children of James Mayfield and Mary Johnson are:
+ 112 i.   Frances (Franky) A.7 Mayfield, born 1817 in KY.
+ 113 ii.   Lucy Mayfield, born 1819 in KY; died 1878 in LaClede County MO.
  114 iii.   Annie Mayfield, born Abt. 1823. She married Bert Wisdom.
  115 iv.   Sarah Mayfield, born 1826 in KY.
+ 116 v.   James B. Mayfield, born 03 March, 1828 in KY; died 06 October, 1896 in LaClede County MO.
+ 117 vi.   John E. Mayfield, born 18 October, 1830 in KY; died 10 February, 1872 in LaClede County MO.
+ 118 vii.   William Randolph Mayfield, born 02 April, 1834 in Casey County KY; died 10 May, 1914 in LaClede County MO.
  119 viii.   Susanna Mayfield, born 1836 in KY. She married William H. Wair.

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