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Ancestors of Ray Harold Downum

      20. William Ennis, born July 19, 1804 in Burke County, North Carolina; died 1884 in Garland County, Arkansas. He was the son of Zachariah Ennis and Susannah (Anne) Bradshaw. He married 21. Sarah Anna Vinson/Aaron Abt. 1827 in Adair County, Kentucky.

      21. Sarah Anna Vinson/Aaron, born January 06, 1800 in Adair County, Kentucky; died Abt. 1844 in Washington County, Arkansas. She was the daughter of Abraham Aaron/William Vinson.

Notes for William Ennis:
William Ennis was born in 1804 in Burke County, North Carolina, the third child born to Zachariah and Susannah (Bradshaw) Ennis. When he was thirteen, the family emigrated to Kentucky and settled in Adair County. He was reared to adulthood on the farm of his father near the Cabin Fork of Russell Creek close to the settlement of Glensville. He was first married about 1825 to an as yet unknown named spouse. Speculation by family historians point to the theory that she was an Aaron, a daughter of Abraham Aaron, or a Vinson, a daughter of William and Lucy (Guthrie) Vinson. She was either a sister to George Aaron, who married William's sister, Elizabeth, as well as Susannah Aaron who married William's brother, John, or a sister to Daniel Vinson, who married William's sister, Annie.
William Ennis and his family, along with the Vinson family, emigrated to the state of Illinois in 1826. He was living in the household next to his brother-in-law, Daniel Vinson, in Tazewell County in the 1830 U. S. Census. The family lived in Illinois for several years until about 1840. They were not found in the U. S. Census for either Illinois or Missouri in 1840, but a son was born in Missouri about 1840. William Ennis is next found in Washington County, Arkansas, November 21, 1846, when he consented to the marriage of his eldest son, Cornelius Dayton Ennis.
The first wife of William Ennis had died sometime between 1840 and 1845. He was married second to Mary Ellen Burr about 1845, supposedly in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She was born in New York state in 1827. Family states that she was in Hot Springs visiting family when they met, although what is now Hot Springs did not exist at that time. William was definitely in Washington County, Arkansas, in 1846 and Benton County, Arkansas, in 1848. He was not found in the 1850 U. S. Census for Arkansas. He was a member of the Little Flock Baptist Church in Benton County, Arkansas, in July, 1848, when he was named as a replacement delegate to the Baptist Association meeting that year.
In August, 1850, Brother William Ennis was granted a letter of dismissal with full fellowship and License from the Little Flock Church to "preach and Exhort where God in his providence may cast his lot." A descendant of his son, Benjamin Ennis, stated that William was a circuit-riding minister. He moved his family to Montgomery County, Arkansas, where he was a minister. They lived in Mazarne Township in 1860. The family was not found in the 1870 U. S. Census but he was enumerated in the 1880 census for Garland County, Arkansas, with his wife, Mary, and two youngest sons, Gaston and Israel.
William Ennis died about 1884 (his marker in the Sexton Cemetery says 1880) in Garland County, Arkansas. He was said to have had seven children by his first marriage and seven children by his second union. Two of the first seven were married while four of the second seven were married. He had four known children by his first wife: Cornelius Dayton Ennis, Hugh Logan Ennis, Elisha Harrison Ennis, and H. S. Milburn Ennis.
He and his second wife had seven children: Adeline Ennis, November 6, 1846, married Albert Chase Ussery, and died April 8, 1925; Benjamin Burlingame Ennis, December 1849, married Martha Rawls and Sarah Elizabeth Echols, and died March 25, 1914; Angeline Ennis, February 9, 1852, married John Reeves and Edward Mitchell Pate, and died December 1, 1931; Seaborn Shadrick Ennis, October 1, 1856; Emond Granville Ennis, November 1, 1858; Gaston Meyers Ennis, April 27, 1867, married Martha Elizabeth Cunningham and Ida Elizabeth Neighbors, and died April 23, 1939; and Israel Alonzo Ennis, October 16, 1871, married Vida Nalley West, and died April 26, 1965.
The following letter was written by Adeline (Ennis) Ussery to her cousin, Willis Lyons Ennis, a son of Elisha Ennis, in 1923:


This is my statement as I have been teached about my Ennis generation. John Ennis, my great great grandfather came from Dublin, Irland, back in the colonial days. He had one son named Jim Ennis. He had eight children. Their names was Martin and John and William and Jim, Zachariah, and Jesse and Jermiah and Elizabeth, one girl. Next is our family, Zachariah's family.
Now I will comment on Zachariah, our grandfather. He was Jim Ennis' son and he was John Ennis' son who come from Dublin, Ireland. Zachariah had 8 children name Anna and Mary and Elizabeth Arons. Boys, James and William and Zachariah and John and Elisa. Grandmother Ennis her name before marriage was Anna Bradshaw. I think grandfather was borned in Virginia. I don't know where grandmother (I don't be sure) borned. She came from ireland, too, but where she was borned here or there, I don't remember.
Your grandmother Terry was a Ennis, Elizabeth Ennis's daughter. Your grandmother's mother was our father's aunt, Willis. Your grandmother Terry was Barbara Ennis before she married. Wasn't she of the 4 generations same as your father and mine.
Was 11 children in your father's family. There was 14 in my father's family. Seven in the first family and seven in the last family. There was 6 married, 2 of the first children and 4 of the last family. Willis aren't a hearing you. I know it will take time and trouble. I just write because I have some where to write to. I got a letter from Dow the other day. He said he was well but Miles had been sick but better. You said you couldn't barely understand about William Ennis.
You know your uncle William was my father and his uncle William my father's uncle was my grandfather Ennis's brother James Ennis, brother James Ennis's son.
James, Jr.
and Betsy
This is the Ennes children name of our great great grandfather.

From Adeline Ussery

More About William Ennis:
Burial: Sexton Cemetery, Garland County, Arkansas
Children of William Ennis and Sarah Vinson/Aaron are:
  10 i.   Cornelius Dayton Ennis, born 1828 in Tazewell County, Illinois; died 1868 in Washington County, Arkansas; married Elizabeth Vincent November 21, 1846 in Washington County, Arkansas.
  ii.   Elisha Harrison Ennis, born March 17, 1830 in Tazewell County, Illinois; died Abt. 1865 in Montgomery County, Arkansas; married Mary Ann Priddy May 01, 1856 in Montgomery County, Arkansas; born Abt. 1838 in North Carolina; died Abt. 1885 in Garland County, Arkansas.
  Notes for Elisha Harrison Ennis:
Harrison Ennis died during the Civil War in Arkansas.

  iii.   Lara Pondora Ennis, born April 17, 1835 in Tazewell County, Illinois.
  iv.   Elza Monroe Ennis, born February 08, 1837 in Tazewell County, Illinois.
  v.   Hugh Logan Ennis, born 1838 in Tazewell County, Illinois; died April 14, 1864 in St. Louis, Missouri; married Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw May 03, 1857 in Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas; born May 1842 in Arkansas; died August 14, 1908 in Randolph County, Arkansas.
  Notes for Hugh Logan Ennis:
Hugh Logan Ennis enlisted in Company C of the 34th Arkansas Infantry, Confederate Army, in 1861. He was captured at the Battle of Vicksburg and sent to the prison camp in St. Louis, Missouri. He died from smallpox, April 14, 1864, at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, and was buried in the National Cemetery there.

  More About Hugh Logan Ennis:
Burial: April 15, 1864, National Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri

  vi.   Henry Louis Milburn Ennis, born February 14, 1840 in Missouri; died March 26, 1864 in Dardenelle, Pope County, Arkansas.
  Notes for Henry Louis Milburn Ennis:
Milburn Ennis swore an oath of allegiance to the United States government March 11, 1864, at Dardenelle, Arkansas. He was 24 years old with hazel eyes, light hair, dark complexion, 5' 4" in heighth, a farmer, citizen and his post office was Cedar Glades in Montgomery County, Arkansas. On the back of the affidavit was a note made by Morgan Ussery:

H. L. M. Ennes, oath of allegiance, died at Dardenelle March 26th about 2 o'clock A. M. Recorded by Morgan Ussery.

The original document is in the possession of Freida Mae (Pate) Rambo of Little Rock, Arkansas, a descendant of Milburn's half-sister, Angeline (Ennis) Reeves-Pate. .

      24. John Pratt, born Abt. 1786 in Virginia; died Aft. 1860 in Conway County, Arkansas. He married 25. Lucy Abt. 1819 in Tennessee.

      25. Lucy, born Abt. 1800 in Virginia; died Aft. 1860 in Conway County, Arkansas.
Children of John Pratt and Lucy are:
  i.   Eliza A. Pratt, born Abt. 1820 in Tennessee; died Aft. 1850 in Arkansas; married John E. Rainwater; born Abt. 1805 in South Carolina.
  ii.   John Pratt, Jr., born Abt. 1824 in Tennessee; died Aft. 1850 in Arkansas; married Martha Abt. 1847 in Tennessee; born Abt. 1826 in Tennessee.
  iii.   Edmond Pratt, born Abt. 1825 in Missouri; married Caroline ? Abt. 1853; born Abt. 1836 in Illinois.
  iv.   William Pratt, born 1825 in Tennessee; died Aft. 1900 in Indian Territory (Oklahoma); married Manerva Jane Ryals Abt. 1856 in Conway County, Arkansas; born November 26, 1839 in Arkansas; died April 05, 1896 in Everton, Boone County, Arkansas.
  v.   Mathulda Pratt, born Abt. 1828 in Tennessee; married McClerin
  vi.   Parilee Jane Pratt, born September 10, 1832 in Tennessee; died August 10, 1893 in Marion County, Arkansas; married John Bluford Trublood Abt. 1859 in Marion County, Arkansas; born October 29, 1839 in North Carolina; died April 07, 1915 in Marion County, Arkansas.
  vii.   Joel Pratt, born July 1834 in Tennessee; died Aft. 1900 in Searcy County, Arkansas; married Nancy N. Glenn Abt. 1857 in Conway County, Arkansas; born March 1836 in Tennessee; died Aft. 1900 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
  12 viii.   James M. Pratt, born Abt. 1835 in Missouri; died Abt. 1890 in Boone County, Arkansas; married Elizabeth Abt. 1855 in Missouri.

      28. Hezekiah Frederick, born 1805 in Georgia; died 1890 in Newton County, Arkansas. He was the son of Henry Frederick and Jane Bradon. He married 29. Susannah Brimer Abt. 1830 in Tennessee.

      29. Susannah Brimer, born Abt. 1813 in Tennessee; died 1894 in Newton County, Arkansas. She was the daughter of ? Brimer.

Notes for Hezekiah Frederick:
Hezekiah Frederick was of Irish descent.

  Notes for Susannah Brimer:
Susannah was a small woman of Black Dutch descent.

Children of Hezekiah Frederick and Susannah Brimer are:
  i.   James H. Frederick, born Abt. 1831 in Marion County, Tennessee; died November 29, 1879 in Madison County, Arkansas; married Cassandra (Cassie) Smith Abt. 1866 in Oregon County, Missouri; born May 1841 in Tennessee; died Aft. August 11, 1913 in Madison County, Arkansas.
  Notes for James H. Frederick:
SOURCES for James H. Frederick and descendants:
Personal research, the research of Lois Ussery Guess, and the home page of Carl B. Zachary, 438 S. Union St., Concord, NC, 28025--"The Descendants of Richard Denton"

  More About James H. Frederick:
Burial: November 30, 1879, Unmarked grave, Madison County, Arkansas
Military service: Bet. March 01 1862 - 1865, McFarland's Missouri Infantry

  More About Cassandra (Cassie) Smith:
Burial: Plumlee Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

  ii.   Joshua Easterly Frederick, born April 1833 in Marion County, Tennessee; died January 22, 1900 in Carroll County, Arkansas; married (1) Lucinda Elizabeth Davis Abt. 1854 in Tennessee; born Abt. 1833 in Tennessee; died Abt. 1885 in Carroll County, Arkansas; married (2) Sarah C. Griffith October 26, 1887 in Carroll County, Arkansas; born Abt. 1850; died 1892 in Carroll County, Arkansas; married (3) Margaret Napier Murphy May 12, 1894 in Carroll County, Arkansas; born Abt. 1835 in McMinn County, Tennessee; died November 17, 1898 in Carroll County, Arkansas.
  More About Joshua Easterly Frederick:
Burial: Ward Cemetery
Military service: Bet. 1864 - 1865, Private, Co. K, 4th Tenn. Vol. Cav.

  More About Lucinda Elizabeth Davis:
Burial: Unmarked grave, Carroll County, Arkansas

  14 iii.   John Frederick, born April 1835 in Marion County, Tennessee; died Aft. April 1910 in Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas; married Eliza Jane ? Abt. 1855 in Oregon County, Missouri.
  iv.   William Frederick, born Abt. 1838 in Marion County, Tennessee.
  v.   Jesse Frederick, born Abt. 1840 in Marion County, Tennessee; died July 15, 1899 in Sequatchie County, Tennessee; married Rebecca Gott August 09, 1869 in Marion County, Tennessee; born 1834 in Sequatchie Valley, Marion County, Tennessee; died February 16, 1921 in Grundy County, Tennessee.
  More About Jesse Frederick:
Military service: February 15, 1864, Co. G. 2nd Ark. Union Infantry, invalid pension 1881, widow's pension after 1881

  Notes for Rebecca Gott:
Rebecca's death certificate #345, recorded Grundy County, Tennessee:

Fredericks, Rebecca, AGE:86
MARITAL STATUS: s; DEATH DATE: 1921 Feb. 16; OCC: hk; BIRTHPLACE: Sequatchie Valley; FATHER: Fredericks, Jesse; FATHER BORN: TN; MOTHER: dk; CAUSE: Old age, no dr; BURIED AT: Orange Hill; INFORMANT: bk CERTIFICATE NO. 345.

  More About Rebecca Gott:
Burial: February 17, 1921, Orange Hill Cemetery, Grundy County, Tennessee
Cause of death (Facts Pg): Old age

  vi.   Sarah Jane (Sallie) Frederick, born Abt. 1843 in Marion County, Tennessee; died Aft. 1880 in Boone County, Arkansas; married George Smith Abt. 1866 in Missouri; born Abt. 1843; died Abt. 1868 in Missouri.
  vii.   Isham Josiah (Joe) Frederick, born April 1844 in Marion County, Tennessee; died Bet. 1910 - 1920 in McIntosh County, Oklahoma; married Hannah E. (Fannie) Canada 1865 in Howell County, Missouri; born April 1849 in Missouri; died Bet. 1910 - 1920 in McIntosh County, Oklahoma.
  Notes for Isham Josiah (Joe) Frederick:
Josiah and Hannah are found living next door to Josiah's brother, John and wife Eliza Jane in the 1880 US Census for Marion County, Arkansas.

A Josiah Frederick is found in the 1900 US Census for Pope County, Arkansas, Jackson Township, ED 182, Sheet 4:
FREDERICK, JOSIAH Apr 1848 52 Tenn
" FANNIE E. Apr 1849 51 Mo
" ROBERT E. Sep 1882 17 Ark

FREDERICK, THOMAS L. Sep 1879 (age 30? 1869?) Mo
" NANCY J. Oct 1853 Miss
MORRIS, Isaac Apr 1884 Ark
" Margret L. Mar 1886 Ark
" David A. Jan 1892 Ark
" John A. Feb 1894 Ark

Josiah is next found in 1910, living with his son, Tom, in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma:
1910 US Census, Sequoyah Co., OK, 62-206-163
FREDERIC, Tom 40 Missouri
Margret L. 24 Arkansas
Nancy E. 8 Arkansas
William E. 5 Arkansas
John J. 3 Arkansas
Laura M. 1 Arkansas
FREDERIC, JOE 63 Tennessee
Hannah E. 62 Missouri
Robert E. 25 Arkansas

  More About Isham Josiah (Joe) Frederick:
Burial: Twin Grove (Central High) Cemetery, no stone

  viii.   Marion Frederick, born January 24, 1850 in Marion County, Tennessee; died September 29, 1930 in Johnson County, Arkansas; married (1) Elizabeth Allred October 29, 1876 in Newton County, Arkansas; born December 09, 1848 in Newton County, Arkansas; died December 02, 1887 in Newton County, Arkansas; married (2) Eliza Ann Eoff 1888 in Newton County, Arkansas; born August 1864 in Stone County, Arkansas; died October 24, 1939 in Huntsville, Madison County, Arkansas.
  More About Marion Frederick:
Burial: Union Cemetery

  ix.   Mary Catherine Frederick, born April 22, 1852 in Marion County, Arkansas; died 1904 in Franklin County, Arkansas; married James Robert Howe August 24, 1879 in Newton County, Arkansas; born March 1853 in Arkansas; died Aft. 1920 in Franklin County, Arkansas.
  More About Mary Catherine Frederick:
Source:: Lois Guess,

  More About James Robert Howe:
Source:: Vernetta McGuire,

  x.   Aaron Frederick, born October 10, 1855 in Marion County, Tennessee; died February 25, 1923 in Jenks, Tulsa County, Oklahoma; married Mary Elizabeth Shepard 1877 in Marion County, Arkansas; born December 15, 1860 in Shannon County, Missouri; died August 10, 1945 in Broken Arrow, Tulsa County, Oklahoma.

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