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Descendants of Antoine Mouton

48. HENERITTE ODEIDE6 MOUTON (GOVERNOR ALEXANDRE5, JEAN4, SALVADOR3, DR. JEAN2, ANTOINE1)246 was born March 21, 1834 in Lafayette Parish ,Louisiana, and died December 20, 1912 in Lafayette Parish Louisiana. She married JEAN JOSEPH SOSTHENE MOUTON247 February 21, 1852 in Lafayette , Parish, Louisiana, son of JEAN MOUTON and MARIE LATIOLAIS. He was born November 5, 1825 in Lafayette, Louisiana, and died October 15, 1896 in Lafayette Parish Louisiana.

Notes for H
MOUTON, Henriette Odeide (Alexandre & Celestine Zilia ROUSSEAU) b. 22 March 1834, bt. 13 Dec. 1835 Pats: dec. Jean MOUTON & Marthe BORDA [BORDA]; Mats: Jean Jaques ROUSSEAU & Celeste DUPRE; Spons: Edmon DUPRE & Corinne VANHILLE. Fr. Flavius Henri ROSSI (Opel. Ch.: v.3, p.322)

As young girl Henriette Odeide lived with her father in Washington D.C. , while he served as a Senator in Louisiana. She attended the Visitation Convent from which she graduated.

Henderitte Odeida Mouton was married on her father's, Governor Alexandre Mouton, plantation, Ile Copal, to Jean Joseph Sosthene Mouton ,son of Jean Baptiste Sosthene Mouton and Eugenie Latiolais, by Rev. A.D. Megret, cure of the parish of Lafayette. Jean Joseph Sosthene Mouton was the grandson of Jean Baptiste Mouton who is the brother of Governor Alexandre Mouton.
Odeida Mouton wedding veil now hangs in the Mouton Museum in Lafayette, Louisiana. Her wedding gift from her father was the plantation, Walnut Grove.

This is the wedding veil of Henriette Odeide Mouton who at the age of 18 married Jean Sosthene Mouton in the year 1852. She was the daughter of Alexandre Mouton and Zelia Rousseau Mouton. Tradition says that this veil was handmade in Paris. This veil is 150 years old.
The Mouton family is happy to donate this veil to the Alexandre Mouton Museum. It is given in the name of Alice Voorhies Martin who is the daughter of Alice Mouton Voorhies. Alice MoutonVoorhies was the daughter of Henriette Odeide Mouton and Jean Sosthene Mouton,and the granddaughter of Alexandre Mouton., ninth Governor of Louisiana.
The veil was lovingly kept by Alice Voorhies Martin for many years. It was used by members of the immediate family for weddings and was finally given to Mrs. Martinís niece Mrs. Chris Daley nee Irene Voorhies. Mrs. Daley has decided to give the veil to the Mouton Museum in gratitude to Mrs. Martin for keeping it in such good condition for so many years. .

Story below from book The Attakapas County by Griffin
and Alexandre Mouton unplubished memoirs:

In the spring of 1863 General Banks advanced from New Orleans to drive out or destroy
the Confederate forces holding the Tech Valley under General Taylor. The retreat led through
the town of Vermillionville (Lafayette). During this campaign federal troops camped near Vermillionville for several days. After crossing the bayou at Pin Hook, one of their first acts
was to seize the Walnut Grove plantation home of Sosthene and Odeida Mouton. Sosthene Mouton was away with the Confederate army, and the federal troops throw out Mrs. Mouton (Odeida) with her family of six small children. They not only occupied the house but confiscated horses, wagons, carriages, harness and everything useful to them. The oldest of the children were Alexandre and Bordat, ten and nine years old. She only thought to seek refuge in the home of her father, Governor Mouton, at Isle Copal, a mile away down the Pin hook road. The first problem was to find means of transportation, since all the horses and vehicles had been taken. They finally found thta the federals had left one decrepit old horse name "Volan." They hook up Volan to a wreck of a carriage with a makeshift harness.
Odeida and her children then started down the mile long road to Ile Copal. After she arrived, the federals appeared around the Governor's house and camped all around it. Occuping the tents were General Banks, General Gover, General Whitisee, and General Franklin. They had taken over of the kitchen and the old cook Edith. Odeida and members of her family had to
cook using the fireplaces. Food was very scarce. Odeida oldest son Alexandre knew the situation was so critical that he decided to go to General Banks asking for one of their cows back. Alexandre at the age of ten went straight to the tent of General Banks and a guard stop him at asked who he was he answered: "I am a rebel, we are all rebels." At this point the General overheard and was suprised to see a small boy with such big talk, and asked Alexandre what he wanted. He explained that his mother Odeida had babies that needed milk, and asked if he could have one of the cows back. General Banks immediated answer was, "Of course; and for your d_ _ _ impudence I'll let you have two cows";
Before the troops left they burned down Walnut Grove. Odeida son, Alexandre Mouton,
never believe that General Banks ordered the burning.

Heneriette Odeida Mouton wrote this to her son, Alexandre Mouton:

To My Son Aleck
My Son, Be this thy simple plan;
Serve God and love thy brother man;
Forget not in temptation's hour,
That sin lends sorrow double power;
Count life a stage upon the way;
And follow conscience come what may;
Alike with Heaven, and earth sincere;
With hand, and brow, and bosom clear;
Fear Go--------and know no other fear.

More About H
Burial: Cemetery of the Cathedral of St. John Lafayette Louisiana

Notes for J
MOUTON, Jean Joseph Sosthene (Jean Sosthene & Marie Eugenie LATHIOLET [LATIOLAIS]) b. 5 Nov. 1824, bt. 20 July 1825 Spons: Edmond MOUTON & Marie Julie LATHIOLET. Fr. Laurent PEYRETTI (Laf. Ch.: v.2, #102)

MOUTON, Jean Sosthene (Jean & Agela [Angelique] MARTIN) b. 12 April 1804, bt. 18 June 1804 Pats: Jean MOUTON & Marthe BORDA; Mats: Claude MARTIN & Marie BABIN - all of Acadia; Spons: Marin MARTIN & Adelaide MOUTON. Fr. Michel Bernard BARRIERE (SM Ch.: v.6, #117)

Information from The book The Attakapas County by Griffin:

Sosthene also known as Jean Sosthene Mouton was a Major in the Civil War.
His first plantation was Walnut Grove named for the beautiful walnut trees on the land. In war against the states Walnut Grove was burn down to the ground. Sosthene and Odeida Mouton built a new plantation Beau SeJour directly across from Ile Copal the plantation home of Odeida father Governor Mouton. Sosthene built the house out of magnolia wood
that he cut himself. Beau Sejour live oaks were magnificent. The home stood on a high
hill over looking the road to pont a Mouton, under a grove of majestic oaks.

In 1888 a Confederate reunion took place on Beau Sejour.

More About J
Burial: Cemetery of the Cathedral of St. John Lafayette Louisiana
Children of H
90. i.   ALEXANDRE7 MOUTON, b. May 5, 1853, Lafayette ,Louisiana; d. February 20, 1938, Lafayette, Louisiana.
  ii.   ANTOINE BORDAT MOUTON248, b. August 15, 1854, Lafayette, Louisiana; m. EMILIE NEVEU249, February 8, 1877, Lafayette , Parish, Louisiana.

MOUTON, Antoine Bordat (Joseph & Odeide MOUTON) b. 15 Aug. 1855 (Laf. Ch.: v. 6, #44)

MOUTON, Antoine Bordas (Sosthene & Odeide MOUTON) m. 8 Feb. 1877 Emilie NEVEU (Laf. Ch.: v. 5, p. 108)

MOUTON, Boidat m. Emilie NEVEU Succ.: 28 April 1890 (Laf. Ct. Hse.: Succ. # 1886)

  Notes for EMILIE NEVEU:
NEVEU, Emilie (Alphonse & Josephine BERNARD) m. 8 Feb. 1877 Antoine Bordas MOUTON (Laf. Ch.: v. 5, p. 108)

91. iii.   CHARLES OLIVIER MOUTON, b. June 4, 1856, Lafayette, Louisiana.
92. iv.   FREDERIC MOUTON, b. June 4, 1858, Lafayette, Louisiana.
  v.   ALIDA MOUTON250, b. April 13, 1860, Lafayette, Louisiana; d. October 29, 1872, Lafayette, Louisiana.
93. vi.   FRANK GRADNER MOUTON, b. April 15, 1863, Lafayette, Louisiana.
94. vii.   ALICE (LOU LOU) MOUTON, b. November 27, 1864, Lafayette, Louisiana.
95. viii.   JEAN ALFRED MOUTON, b. July 17, 1866.
96. ix.   SIDNEY ROUSSEAU MOUTON, b. July 8, 1868.
  x.   CORALIE MOUTON251, b. June 29, 1870.
  xi.   MARIE AIMEE MOUTON252, b. November 27, 1872.
Source Information:
Census Place 5th Ward, Lafayette, Louisiana
Family History Library Film 1254455
NA Film Number T9-0455
Page Number 500A

  xii.   ROUSSEAU VALERIEN MOUTON253, b. April 14, 1875, Lafayette, Louisiana; d. November 2, 1880, Lafayette, Louisiana.

49. CHARLES ALEXANDRE6 MOUTON (GOVERNOR ALEXANDRE5, JEAN4, SALVADOR3, DR. JEAN2, ANTOINE1)254. He married MATHILDE SCHOLL255 May 27, 1888 in Lafayette , Parish, Louisiana. She was born in Haiti.

Notes for C
In 1843 Alexandre Mouton, a Cajun, was the first elected Governor of Louisiana. There is a whispered story of forbidden love and inter-racial marriage. The Governor's son Charles so loved his mulatto mistress Mathilde Scholl that he gave up his birthright and his place in society to marry her at a forbidden ceremony in St. John's Cathedral in Lafayette. They were survived by seven children and are buried together in the "Negro" part of the Cathedral cemetery.

MOUTON, Charles A. (Alexandre & Emma K. GARDINER) m. 17 Aug. 1888 Mathilde SHOLL Recognized these children: James b. 4 Jan. 1877; Jules - b. 29 April 1878; Jhon - b. 9 Nov. 1879; Elina - b. 8 Jan. 1881; Charles - b. 10 Oct. 1882; Aimee - b. 26 May 1884; Christine b. 6 April 1886. (Laf. Ch.: v. 7, p. 56)

Notes for M
SCHOLL, Mathilde m. 27 May 1888 Charles A. MOUTON (Laf. Ct. Hse.: Mar. #4367)
Children of C
  i.   CLARA7 MOUTON256.
  Notes for CLARA MOUTON:
MOUTON, Clara (Charles & Mathilde SCHOLL) m. 2 Aug. 1894 L. Yan SAM (Laf. Ch.: v.7, p. 129)

  ii.   JAMES MOUTON256, b. January 4, 1877.
  iii.   JULES MOUTON256, b. April 29, 1878.
  iv.   JHON MOUTON256, b. November 9, 1879.
  v.   ELINA MOUTON256, b. January 8, 1881.
  vi.   CHARLES MOUTON256, b. October 10, 1882.
  vii.   AIMEE MOUTON256, b. May 26, 1884.
  viii.   CHRISTINE MOUTON256, b. April 6, 1886.

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