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Ancestors of Richard Mellon WILLIAMS, Jr.

Generation No. 16

      32832. William Parke, born Abt. 1460 in Gestingthorpe, England. He was the son of John Parke.
Child of William Parke is:
  16416 i.   William Parke, born Abt. 1490 in Gestingthorpe, England.

      34434. Edmond MITCHELL, born Abt. 1460 in Hertfordshire, England.
Child of Edmond MITCHELL is:
  17217 i.   Ann MITCHEL, born Abt. 1513; married Thomas HALE.

      34440. William BOND, born Abt. 1467 in Buckland, Somerset, England.
Child of William BOND is:
  17220 i.   William BOND, born Abt. 1493 in Buckland, Somerset, England; died 1549; married Dionise BOURMAN Abt. 1523 in Hemyoke, Devonshire, England.

      34442. John BOURMAN, born Abt. 1471 in Hemyoke, Devonshire, England. He married 34443. Elizabeth RUSSELL.

      34443. Elizabeth RUSSELL, born Abt. 1475 in Hemyoke, Devonshire, England.
Child of John BOURMAN and Elizabeth RUSSELL is:
  17221 i.   Dionise BOURMAN, born Abt. 1497 in Hemyoke, Devonshire, England; married William BOND Abt. 1523 in Hemyoke, Devonshire, England.

      34446. John/Coverall BARKER, born Abt. 1500 in Colehurst, Nr Market Drayton, Shropshire, England. He married 34447. Elizabeth HILL.

      34447. Elizabeth HILL, born Abt. 1500 in Hodnot, Shropshire, England.
Children of John/Coverall BARKER and Elizabeth HILL are:
  17223 i.   Alice/Coverall BARKER, born Abt. 1518 in Wolverton, Shropshire, England; died Abt. 1600 in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, England; married Sir Knight Thomas LEIGH Abt. 1535 in England.
  ii.   Unknown BARKER, born Abt. 1527.
  iii.   Unknown BARKER, born Abt. 1529.
  iv.   Unknown BARKER, born Abt. 1531.
  v.   Edward BARKER, born Abt. 1533.
  vi.   James BARKER, born Abt. 1535.

      34448. John KYRKEBY, born in Standon, Hertfordshire, England; died Aft. November 22, 1522.
Children of John KYRKEBY are:
  17224 i.   Nicholas KIRBY, born Abt. 1496 in Standon, Hertfordshire, England; died 1555; married Joan.
  ii.   Elyne KYRKEBY, born Abt. 1498.
  iii.   Margaret KYRKEBY, born Abt. 1500.
  iv.   Katherine KYRKEBY, born Abt. 1512.
  v.   John KYRKEBY, born Abt. 1514.
  vi.   Michael KYRKEBY, born Abt. 1516.

      34464. John DOWSETT, born Abt. 1435 in Kelvedon Hatch Parish, Essex, England; died 1486. He married 34465. Joan.

      34465. Joan, born Abt. 1439 in Kelvedon Hatch Parish, Essex, England.
Children of John DOWSETT and Joan are:
  17232 i.   Robert DOWSETT, born Abt. 1460 in Navestock, Essex, England.
  ii.   Margaret DOWSETT, born Abt. 1463.
  iii.   Alsbn' (Elizabeth) DOWSETT, born Abt. 1467.
  iv.   Joan DOWSETT, born Abt. 1470.
  v.   Katherine DOWSETT, born Abt. 1473.
  vi.   Eleanor DOWSETT, born Abt. 1476.

      34496. Anthony HUTCHINSON, born Abt. 1416. He married 34497. Isabel HARVIE.

      34497. Isabel HARVIE, born Abt. 1432.
Children of Anthony HUTCHINSON and Isabel HARVIE are:
  17248 i.   Thomas HUTCHINSON, born Abt. 1477 in Cowland, Yorkshire, England; died Aft. October 09, 1550; married Mary DRAKE.
  ii.   William HUTCHINSON, born Abt. 1458.
  iii.   John HUTCHINSON, born Abt. 1460.
  iv.   Richard HUTCHINSON, born Abt. 1463.
  v.   Leonard HUTCHINSON, born Abt. 1465.
  vi.   Edmond HUTCHINSON, born Abt. 1468.
  vii.   Francis HUTCHINSON, born Abt. 1472.
  viii.   Andrew HUTCHINSON, born Abt. 1475.

      34560. John KEMBOLD, born Abt. 1428; died March 16, 1471/72.
Child of John KEMBOLD is:
  17280 i.   Henry KIMBOLDE, born Abt. 1460 in Hitcham, Suffolk, England; died October 15, 1526 in Hitcham, Suffolk, England; married Maryon Abt. 1485 in Hitcham, Suffolk, England.

      34568. Henry MUNNING, born Abt. 1456 in Nedging, Suffolk, England; died November 1521 in Nedging, Suffolk, England. He married 34569. Alice PYE Abt. 1485 in Nedging, Suffolk, England.

      34569. Alice PYE, born Abt. 1460 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England.
Children of Henry MUNNING and Alice PYE are:
  17284 i.   Thomas MUNNING, born Abt. 1488 in Nedging, Suffolk, England; died 1557 in Nedging, Suffolk, England; married Lady Agnes BARKER.
  ii.   Agnes MUNNING, born Abt. 1486.

      34688. John SPOFFORTH, born Abt. 1400 in Newsome, Yorkshire, England. He married 34689. Marie MEYNELL 1425 in Spofforth, Yorkshire, England.

      34689. Marie MEYNELL, born Abt. 1399 in Spofforth, Yorkshire, England.
Child of John SPOFFORTH and Marie MEYNELL is:
  17344 i.   Robert SPOFFORTH, born Abt. 1431 in Yorkshire, England; married Anlaby Abt. 1460.

      35008. John DRAKE, born Abt. 1474 in Otterton, Devonshire, England; died November 09, 1554 in St. Petrock, Exeter, Devonshire, England. He was the son of John DRAKE and Agnes KELLOWAY. He married 35009. Margaret COLE.

      35009. Margaret COLE, born Abt. 1476 in Ashe, Dorsetshire, England. She was the daughter of John COLE.
Child of John DRAKE and Margaret COLE is:
  17504 i.   John DRAKE, born 1500 in Ashe, Dorsetshire, England; died October 04, 1588 in Musbury, Devonshire, England; married Anne/Amy GRENVILLE 1535 in Ashe, Dorsetshire, England.

      35010. Sir Roger GRENVILLE, Esq., born 1477 in Stow, Cornwall, England; died July 07, 1524 in Stow, Cornwall, England. He was the son of Sir, Sheriff of Cornwall Thomas GRENVILLE and Isabella GILBERT. He married 35011. Margaret WHITLEIGH January 1492/93 in Efford, Devonshire, England.

      35011. Margaret WHITLEIGH, born Abt. 1474 in Efford, Devonshire, England. She was the daughter of Richard WHITLEIGH and Margaret TREGARTHIN.
Child of Roger GRENVILLE and Margaret WHITLEIGH is:
  17505 i.   Anne/Amy GRENVILLE, born 1513 in Stow, Devonshire, England; died February 18, 1576/77 in Musbury, Devonshire, England; married John DRAKE 1535 in Ashe, Dorsetshire, England.

      35088. John LINGWOOD, died in Of Braintree, England.
Child of John LINGWOOD is:
  17544 i.   Geoffrey LINGWOOD, died in Of Braintree, England; married Elizabeth SIBTHROP.

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