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Ancestors of Louise Staley Swart

      646. Jan Stryker1006, born 16151006; died March 03, 1696/97 in buried Flatbush Reformed Church graveyeard1006. He was the son of 1292. Gerrit Stryker. He married 647. Lambertje Roelofse Seubering in Holland1007.

      647. Lambertje Roelofse Seubering1008, born Abt. 16211008; died Abt. June 21, 1675 in buried Flatbush Reformed Church graveyeard1009. She was the daughter of 1294. Roeloff Luccassen Seubering.
Children of Jan Stryker and Lambertje Seubering are:
  i.   Aeltie Janse Stryker1010, born 16321011; died Abt. 17141011; married Abraham Jorise Brinkerhoff May 20, 16601012.
  ii.   Jannetie Stryker1012, born Abt. 16401012; died Aft. 17051013; married (1) Cornelis Jansen Berrien; married (2) Samuel Edsall.
  iii.   Garret Janse Stryker1013, born 16521013; married Styntie Gerritse Dorland.
  323 iv.   Angenetje Stryker, born Abt. 1648 in Netherlands; married Jan Cornelisen Bongaert Abt. 1669.
  v.   Hendrick Stryker1013, died January 23, 1687/881013; married Catrina Kipp.
  vi.   Eytie Stryker1013, died September 29, 16871013; married Christofell Probasco.
  vii.   Sara Stryker1014, born Abt. 16401014; married Joris Hansen Bergen August 11, 16781014.
  viii.   Pieter Stryker1015, born November 01, 16531015; died June 11, 17411015; married (1) Annetjie Barends; married (2) Aertje Bogart.

      656. Jan Van Campen1016, born WFT Est. 1570-16141016; died WFT Est. 1609-16951016.
Children of Jan Van Campen are:
  328 i.   Gerrit Jansen Van Campen, born WFT Est. 1609-1639 in Kampen, Overjjisel, Holland; died WFT Est. 1664-1725; married Machtelt Stoffels January 29, 1658/59.
  ii.   John Van Campen

      664. Nicholas Depui1017, born Abt. 1595 in France1017; died June 25, 16251017. He was the son of 1328. Nicolas Du Puy and 1329. Claudine Sanguin.
Children of Nicholas Depui are:
  i.   Francois Depuy1017, born in Calais, Artois, France1017; died Aft. 17021017; married (1) Annie Elston; married (2) Geertje Williams September 26, 1661 in Brooklyn Dutch Church, New York1017; born in Amsterdam, Holland1017.
  332 ii.   Nicholas Depui, born Abt. 1625 in Paris, France; died Abt. 1690; married Catherine de Vos Reynard.

      668. Evert Wynkoop1018.
Child of Evert Wynkoop is:
  334 i.   Cornelius Evertsz Wynkoop, born Abt. 1627 in Wijckeron, nr Eeden, Gelderland, Netherlands; died Aft. August 11, 1676 in Kingston, New York; married Maria Janse Van Langedyck January 29, 1656/57 in New Amsterdam, New York.

      670. Jan Janszen Van Langedyck1018, born 1608 in Langendeich, Nordstrand Island, Schleswig-Holstein1018; died Bef. July 14, 1691 in New York, New York1018. He married 671. Gertir Jansen.

      671. Gertir Jansen1018.
Children of Jan Van Langedyck and Gertir Jansen are:
  i.   Dievertje Janse Van Langedyck1018, born Bef. 1634 in North Holland1018; died Bef. June 16, 1680 in New Amsterdam, New Nethlands1018; married Jan Maston Abt. October 27, 1650 in New Amsterdam, New York1018.
  335 ii.   Maria Janse Van Langedyck, born Abt. 1637 in Utrecht or St Martins, Holland; died 1679 in Hurley Township, Ulster Co. New York; married Cornelius Evertsz Wynkoop January 29, 1656/57 in New Amsterdam, New York.
  iii.   Geertje Janse Van Langedyck1018, born Abt. 1639 in St Marten, Nordtholland1018; died Aft. December 01, 16991018; married (1) Dirk Janszen Siecken Dey Abt. October 18, 1659 in Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, NY1018; married (2) Theunis Gysbertszen Bogaert September 16, 1687 in Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, NY1018.
  iv.   Peter Jansen Van Langedyck1018, born Abt. 16551018; died Aft. March 15, 1697/98 in New Amsterdam, New Nethlands1018; married Geertje Cornelis Stille May 23, 1688 in Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, NY1018.

      690. Jan Cornelius de Ryck1019, born Abt. 16251020.
Child of Jan Cornelius de Ryck is:
  345 i.   Jannetje Janse de Ryck, born 1655 in Albany, New York; died Bef. 1708 in Claverack, New York; married Johannes Van Hoesen 1690 in Albany, New York.

      692. Jan Thomas (Van Witbeck) Witbeck1021, born Abt. 1616 in Witbeck, Holstein, Denmark1021; died Bef. October 03, 1684 in Albany, New York1022. He was the son of 1384. Thomas Janse. He married 693. Geertruy Andriese Dochter June 10, 16481023.

      693. Geertruy Andriese Dochter1024, born Abt. 1623 in New Amsterdam1024; died Abt. 1688 in New York1024. She was the daughter of 1386. Andries Luycaszen and 1387. Jannetje Sebyns.
Children of Jan Witbeck and Geertruy Dochter are:
  i.   Andries Janse Witbeck1025, born March 1648/49 in Albany, New York1026; married Engeltje Volkertse Douw Abt. 1683 in New York1026; born Abt. 1660 in Albany, New York1026.
  ii.   Johannes Janse Witbeck1027, born April 1651 in Beverwyck, Albany, NY1028; married Lysbeth Leendertse Conyn Bef. 16831028.
  346 iii.   Hendrick Janse Witbeck, born in New York; died in Claverack, New York; married (1) Catalyntje (Lyntje) Winne Bet. 1682 - 1690 in Claverack, New York; married (2) Lena Bout September 27, 1707.
  iv.   Lucas Janse Witbeck1029, born Abt. 1655 in Albany, New York1030; died Bef. 17051030; married Catrine Melgertse Van Deusen June 28, 1691 in Albany, New York1031.
  v.   Jonathan Janse Witbeck1031, born Abt. 1658 in Albany, New York1032; married (1) Caatje Martense Van Buren January 07, 1696/971033; married (2) Catharina Van Deusen Abt. 17051033.
  vi.   Thomas Janse Witbeck1033, born Abt. 1660 in Albany, New York1034; died Abt. May 06, 1731 in Papscanee, New York1035; married Jannetje Van Deusen September 05, 1702 in Albany, New York1035.
  vii.   Catharina Witbeck1035, born Abt. 1662 in Kinderhook, New York1036; married (1) Jacob Alexander Glen; born April 02, 16481036; died October 02, 16851037; married (2) Jonas Volkertse Douw April 24, 1696 in Schenectady, New York1037; born Abt. 1659 in Albany, New York1038.
  viii.   Geertruje Witbeck1038, born Abt. 1665 in Kinderhook, New York1038; married Barent Ferritse Van Den Berg March 16, 1686/871038; born Bef. July 15, 1668 in Albany, New York1038.

      694. Pieter Winne1039, born Bef. April 14, 1609 in Ghent, East Flanders, Belgium1040; died Aft. July 06, 1684 in Bethlehem, New York1041. He was the son of 1388. Franciscus Winne and 1389. Anna. He married 695. Tannatje Adams 1658 in Albany, New York1042.

      695. Tannatje Adams1043, born Abt. 1609 in Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands1044. She was the daughter of 1390. Albert Adams.
Children of Pieter Winne and Tannatje Adams are:
  i.   Jacobus Winne1045, born 1659 in Bethlehem, New York1045; died September 25, 17061045; married Marietje Bronk October 07, 1696 in Albany, New York1045.
  ii.   Frans Pietersen Winne1045, born Abt. 1660 in Bethlehem, New York1045; married Elsje Gansevoort May 12, 1689 in Albany, New York1045.
  iii.   Pieter Winnen Winne, Jr1045, born November 20, 1661 in Kingston, New York1045; married Jane Albery 1682 in Puracas1045.
  iv.   Allette Winne1045, born Abt. 1662 in Bethlehem, New York1045; married Caspar Leendertse Conyn Bef. July 06, 16841045.
  v.   Adam Winne1045, born Abt. 1663 in Bethlehem, New York1045; died Abt. July 06, 16841045; married Anna Loockermans August 08, 1683 in Albany, New York1045.
  vi.   Daniel Winne1045, born 1663 in Bethlehem, New York1045; died 1757 in Albany County, New York1045; married Dirkje Van Nes March 16, 1697/98 in Albany County, New York1045.
  vii.   Killiaen Winne1045, born Abt. 1664 in Bethlehem, New York1045; died Aft. July 06, 16841045; married Antonia Goesor Hoes.
  viii.   Tomas Winne1045, born Abt. 1666 in Bethlehem, New York1045; died Bef. October 20, 17051045; married Teuntje Janse Goes October 20, 1689 in Albany County, New York1045.
  347 ix.   Catalyntje (Lyntje) Winne, born Abt. 1668 in Bethlehem, New York; died Bef. August 28, 1707; married Hendrick Janse Witbeck Bet. 1682 - 1690 in Claverack, New York.
  x.   Marten Pietersen Winne1045, born Abt. 1671 in Bethlehem, New York1045; died July 08, 1737 in Bergen, New Jersey1045; married Margarita Symonse Van Winckel October 30, 1697 in Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey1045.
  xi.   Rachel Winne1046, born Abt. 1673 in Bethlehem, New York1047; died June 10, 1727 in Schenectady, New York1047; married Jellis Adam Fonda December 11, 1695 in Albany, New York1048; born 1670 in Albany, New York1049; died September 08, 1737 in Schenectady, New York1050.
  xii.   Eva Winne1051, born Abt. 1675 in Bethlehem, New York1051; died Abt. 17031051; married John Woodard December 07, 1697 in New York1051.

      702. Hans Dreeper1052. He married 703. Mairite Peters.

      703. Mairite Peters1052.
Child of Hans Dreeper and Mairite Peters is:
  351 i.   Henderikje Hanse Dreeper, born Abt. 1664 in Klinkenburg, New York; married Jacob Casperse Hallenbeck.

      768. Bartholomeus Pieter Huygens Vrooman1053, born 1590 in of VanValkenburg, Netherlands1053. He was the son of 1536. Pieter Huygens Vrooman. He married 769. Ariaantgen Hendrix.

      769. Ariaantgen Hendrix1053, born in of VanValkenburg, Netherlands1053.
Children of Bartholomeus Vrooman and Ariaantgen Hendrix are:
  384 i.   Hendrick Meese Vrooman, born 1618 in Holland (Leiden, Netherlands); died February 09, 1689/90 in Massacre at Schenectady, New York; married (1) Jannitgen Wouters December 20, 1648 in Van Valkenburg, Netherlands; married (2) Geertruy Johannis Aft. 1662.
  ii.   Pieter Meese Vrooman1053, born 16141053; died Bef. March 04, 1683/84 in Albany, New York; married (1) Maria Amoutse Viele; married (2) Volkje Pieterse.
  iii.   Jacob Meese Vrooman1053, born 16161053; died 1691 in Albany, New York; married Lijsbertje (Elizabeth) Van Der Linde Bef. February 02, 1682/83; born 1629 in Amsterdam, Holland1054; died April 26, 1692 in Albany, New York.
  iv.   Maritje Vartholomeus Froman1055, born 16201055

      776. Symon De Groot1056, born Abt. 1603 in Netherlands1056. He was the son of 1552. Hugo De Groot and 1553. Marie Regelsburg.
Child of Symon De Groot is:
  388 i.   Symon Symonse Groot, born Abt. 1628 in Holland; died 1699 in Schenectady, New York; married Rebecca (Truax) du Trieux Abt. 1655 in Albany, New York.

      778. Philippe Anton du Trieux1057, born July 18, 1586 in Roubaix, France1058,1059; died 1652 in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands1060. He was the son of 1556. Philippe du Trieux and 1557. Jacqueline. He married 779. Susanna du Chesne August 30, 1621 in Walloon Church, Amsterdam, Holland1061.

      779. Susanna du Chesne1061, born Abt. June 30, 1601 in Sedan, Ardennes, France1062; died Aft. 1652 in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands1063. She was the daughter of 1558. Pierre Du Chesne and 1559. Anne Fabri.
Children of Philippe du Trieux and Susanna du Chesne are:
  i.   Gerome du Trieux1063, born 1623 in Amsterdam, Holland1063; died Bet. 1623 - 1624 in died young1064
  ii.   Sarah du Trieux1065, born 1625 in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands1065; died November 09, 1692 in New York, New York; married Isaac DeForrest June 09, 1641 in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands1066; born Abt. July 10, 1616 in Leiden, Holland1067; died 1674 in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands1068.
  iii.   Susanna du Trieux1069, born 1626 in New York, New York1069; died 1660 in Albany, New York1070; married Evert Jansen Wendell July 31, 1644 in Montgomery, New York1071; born 1615 in Emblen, East Friesland1072; died 1709 in Albany, New York1072.
  iv.   Abraham du Trieux1073, born 1632 in New York, New York1073; died Aft. 1662 in Albany, New York1074; married Rosella or Hester; born Abt. 1644 in Albany, New York1075; died WFT Est. 1648-17311076.
  v.   Jan du Trieux1077, born 1633 in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands1077; died WFT Est. 1634-17231077
  vi.   Rachel du Trieux1078, born 1635 in New York, New York1078; died WFT Est. 1681-17301079; married (1) Hendrick Van Bommel September 03, 1656 in New York, New York1080; born WFT Est. 1610-16371081; died Bef. 16771082; married (2) Dirk Janse De Groot August 08, 1677 in New York, New York1083; born WFT Est. 1624-1658 in Groet, North Holland1084; died WFT Est. 1681-17411085.
  389 vii.   Rebecca (Truax) du Trieux, born 1638 in New York, New York; died in Schenectady, New York; married Symon Symonse Groot Abt. 1655 in Albany, New York.
  viii.   Isaac du Trieux1086, born April 21, 1642 in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands1086; died Bef. 1706 in Schenectady, New York1087; married Maria Willemse Brouwer Bet. 1670 - 1677 in Schenectady, New York1087; born Abt. 16421087; died Aft. 17061087.
  ix.   Jacob du Trieux1088, born Bef. December 07, 1645 in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands1089; died 1709 in New Castle, Delaware1090; married Lysbeth (Elizabeth) Post September 26, 1674 in New York, New York1090; born 1654 in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands1090; died 1733 in Delaware1090.

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