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Ancestors of Tina Ordone

Generation No. 4

      8. Christian Albert Martinson, born November 24, 1877 in Loeten, Norway; died May 08, 1966 in Concord, Mass.. He was the son of 16. Martin MIkkelson and 17. Eline Mekkelson. He married 9. Karen Elise Andersen 1912 in Boston, Mass. Suffolk County.

      9. Karen Elise Andersen, born September 16, 1879 in Trysil, Norway; died February 07, 1979 in Lexington, Mass.. She was the daughter of 18. Andreas Andersen - Engsveen and 19. Andrea Olsdatter - Nyhuus.

Notes for Christian Albert Martinson:
According to immigration records, at National Archives branch in Pittsfield:

Christian came to the United States aboard the SCYTHIA, in May 1889. Roberts was shipmaster. He is listed as: Christian A. Martinson age 18 yrs. Country - Sweden (should be Norway). He is listed as a laborer. Destination USA. Location of space occupied-Minis sturage (bottom of ship). Number of bags - 1. Transcient - by permit.

According to 1900 census, Christian is listed as single, living as a boarder in Boston, Mass, County of Suffolk. Date of census - June 1 or 2, 1900, ed. 1374, sheet 2. Address 266 Silver Street. BD (?) Sept. 1871. Boston, Mass. Single. Place of Birth - Norway. Father & mother's birthplace - Norway. Emigrated 1889. Years in US - 11. Not a citizen yet. Occupation type - boiler -water. Number of months not employed - 0. Can read, write, speak English.

1910 census - Mass. County - Middlesex. Town - Concord. ED 794
Resides - 25 Bedford Court. Family listed as follows:

Christian A., owned home, mortgaged, 34 yrs. old. married 8 yrs. employee - HANUSO - maker
Kerrin A (?) - Birthplace - Norway, 32 yrs. old, married 8 yrs. 4 children, 4 living. Year of immigration - 1888 (?) Native language - English, Housewife, can read and write.
Edwin A (Albert) - son. male/white, 6 yrs. single, birthplace- Mass. attended school - 1909
Agnes M. - daughter, female/white, 4 yrs. single, birthplace - Mass.
Clara J. - daughter, female/white, 2 yrs. single, Mass.
Cornelia - daughter, female/white, 3 months, single, Mass.

1920 census - Mass. County- Middlesex Town- Concord district 4 ED 111 St. 4
25 Bedford Court Mortgaged.
Christian - 42 years. married, occup. - Factory worker naturalized - 1909 Employee
Kerrin E. 40 yrs. emigrating 1901 to US naturalized - 1909
Edwin A. - 16, single, in school, can read & write, Born in Mass. Salesman in drug store.
Agnes - 14, single, in school
Clara - 11, single, in school
Cornelia - 9, single
John - 7
Melvin - 5
Henry - 3 1/2
Helen - 9 months

From Cornelia Martinson Lawrence:

Christian's mother died from what we have heard, when he and Martinius were very young and his father married again. There were two children from that marriage, Albert and Mina. i do not know anything moe than that. We heard that Christian and Martinius left home when they were very young because of the stepmother.

Christian arrived in Boston on April 24, 1902 from Norway via Liverpool, England on the S.S. Invernia (Cunard LIne). This information we found in the Archives Center (federal) in Waltham, Ma. where Clara and I spent many, many hours.

Notes for Karen Elise Andersen:
From Cornelia Martinson Lawrence:

Karen left Oslo on October 26, 1900 for boston on the S.S. Angelo. I got this information from the Archives Center in Oslo on October 25, 1993. I have been unable to find out when she landed and where in the U.S.. The Archives Center in Waltham, Mass. says the S.S. ANgelo did not come to Boston and it appears that the records for a few years in that area of time are lost.
Children of Christian Martinson and Karen Andersen are:
  4 i.   *Edwin Albert Martinson, Sr., born November 06, 1903 in Boston, Massachusetts; died September 02, 1982 in Hyannis, Massachusetts; married (1) *Dorothy Rand McVeigh Abt. 1926 in Boston, Massachusetts; married (2) Vivian Adelia Wight April 19, 1932 in Maine; married (3) Elizabeth Sherman 1968.
  ii.   Agnes Marie Martinson, born November 02, 1905 in Concord, Mass.; died October 04, 1979 in Concord, Mass; married Clarence Olsen; died October 21, 1974.
  iii.   Clara Jenny Martinson, born January 21, 1908 in Concord, Mass; married Walter Murphy; born October 27, 1902; died September 16, 1932.
  iv.   Cornelia Martinson, born January 09, 1910 in Concord, Mass; married Maxwell Eugene Lawrence; born July 19, 1904; died September 01, 1962 in Concord, Mass..
  v.   John Martinson, born November 14, 1911 in Concord, Mass; married (1) Josephine Adair Johnson; born June 26, 1916; died December 25, 1966; married (2) Anne Denney September 29, 1967.
  vi.   Melvin Stanley Martinson, born May 13, 1914 in Concord, Mass.; died April 20, 1971; married Martha Elizabeth Middleton.
  Notes for Melvin Stanley Martinson:
Melvin was a Doctor.

  vii.   Henry Oscar Martinson, born December 30, 1915 in Concord, Mass; married Agnes Louise Sheehan; born August 01, 1922; died June 13, 1990.
  Notes for Henry Oscar Martinson:
Met him May, 2000. Very quiet man, who loves Boston Red Sox baseball and seemed to enjoy having company. He and his wife had eight children. He lives with son Jack in Concord, Mass.

  viii.   Helen Evelyn Martinson, born March 31, 1919 in Concord, Mass.; died May 24, 1975; married Fred Binns Thompson; died October 05, 1978.
  ix.   Gordon William Martinson, died in Lived only four months.

      10. *Thomas Henry McVeigh, born December 1866 in New York City4; died 1914 in California. He was the son of 20. *Mathew McVeigh and 21. *Mary J. Boyce. He married 11. *Carrie Grace Hawkins December 28, 1892 in St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Brattleboro, VT.

      11. *Carrie Grace Hawkins, born January 31, 1869 in Boston, Mass.4; died October 30, 1954 in Cambridge, Mass.. She was the daughter of 22. *Alexander P. Hawkins and 23. *Caroline Grace Damrell.

Notes for *Thomas Henry McVeigh:
Listed in various places as a painter, finisher, engineer, and fireman.

On the 1900 Windham County, Brattleboro, Vermont US census, Thomas stated that he was 33 years old, a painter, could read, write, and speak English and rented a farm. He had been married for 7 years and was born Dec. 1866, as well as both of his parents being born in Ireland.

He left Carrie left for another woman. He remarried, not to the woman he left Carrie for, and had another child, Earle MacVeigh, who was an actor.

Ancestoral family originated from the northern part of Ireland to the southern part of Scotland.

  Notes for *Carrie Grace Hawkins:
Birth records for all children were extracted from Middlesex, Vermont Vital Records, as well as parents marriage record.
Dorothy Rand McVeigh's birth record states that she is the 6th child of this couple.

On the 1900 Windham County, Brattleboro, Vermont US census, Carrie stated that she was born Jan. 1869 and was 31 at the census taking. She had 4 children, 2 living. Her father was born in Nova Scotia, her mother, Massachusetts. She could read, write, and speak English.

Carrie frequently referred to herself as the one "who started all this", when referring to her family.

Her heritage was English.

Marriage Notes for *Thomas McVeigh and *Carrie Hawkins:
From Middlesex, Vt. Vital Records:

Marriage: McVeigh, Thomas Henry p. 1249. Hawkins, Carrie Grace, Res: Brattleboro. December 28, 1892. Age 26. 1st marriage.
Thomas, Finisher...
B. NY..Father- Mathew McVeigh.... Mother: Mary J. Boyd
William H. Collins, Rector: St. Michael... Brattleboro
Children of *Thomas McVeigh and *Carrie Hawkins are:
  i.   Norman Kittredge McVeigh5, born January 08, 1895 in Brattleboro, VT; died December 15, 1951 in Lebanon Springs, New York; married Muriel B. (ne?) McVeigh; born May 11, 1890; died December 1981.
  ii.   Lawrence Stuart McVeigh6, born July 17, 1896 in Brattleboro, VT7; died June 21, 1897 in Brattleboro, VT8
  iii.   Wayne Damrell McVeigh, Sr.9, born September 08, 1899 in Brattleboro, Vermont; died June 04, 1968; married Rotrude H. Richardson in Stephentown, New York; born 1900 in Greenfield, Mass.; died 1977 in Stephentown, New York.
  Notes for Wayne Damrell McVeigh, Sr.:
In Hancock, Mass. records listing the births of his children, Wayne is listed as a lumberman, and a farmer. He did own is own sawmill at one time, where his sons worked as well as his nephew, Edwin Martinson, son of Wayne's sister, Dorothy.

Pvt. 11 Field Artillery, 6 Division, WW1

  iv.   Paul Everett McVeigh10, born August 16, 1902 in Brattleboro, VT; died June 1955.
  5 v.   *Dorothy Rand McVeigh, born July 14, 1905 in Brattleboro, Vermont; died November 24, 1997 in Concord, Mass; married (1) *Edwin Albert Martinson, Sr. Abt. 1926 in Boston, Massachusetts; met (2) Walter Burgess Peck Aft. 1927; married (3) Thomas Clifford Abt. 1968.

      12. *Wilson Dodge Sweener, born August 08, 1873 in Hancock, Mass.; died April 17, 1936 in Stephentown, New York. He was the son of 24. *Pascal Sweener and 25. *Sarah Parthenia Carr. He married 13. *Ada Belle Wheeler June 30, 1899 in Stephentown, New York.

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