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Descendants of *Benjamin (Sir) Carr

Generation No. 2

      2. Sir Baronet *Robert (Sir Baronet)11 Carr (*Benjamin (Sir)10, *Sir William9, *Sir John8 Kerr, *Sir Lord Andrew7, *Thomas (Jr.)6, *Thomas (Sr.)5, *Andrew4, *Robert3, *Henry2, *John1) was born October 04, 1614 in England, and died October 04, 1681 in Newport, R.I..

Notes for Sir Baronet *Robert (Sir Baronet) Carr:
Robert Carr, age 21 in 1635 and younger brother Caleb, age 11, came to America on the ship "Elizabeth Ann". They lived with their uncle, William Carr, Jr., brother of their father Benjamin, who along with his wife, had died. Robert worked as a skilled tailor.
Robert and brother Caleb both moved to Newport, Rhode Island, where Caleb became Town Commissioner from 1654 to 1662 and Treasurer General from 1661-1662, Deputy ot the Assembly from 1679 to 1690, Governor's Assistant from 1679 to 1691, Judge from 1687 to 1688 and was Governor of the Colony in 1695, when he accidently drowned.

From the Carr Family Records, page 13-14

Robert Carr born in London, England, Oct. 4, 1614, came to America with his brother Caleb, on the ship Elizabeth Ann, commanded by Capt. Roger Cooper, which sailed from Londan May 9, 1635. From an old shipping record in London, we find the following: "Calebb Carr, aged 19, and Robert Carr, aged 21, described as a "tayler", sailed for New England, on the 9th of May, 1635, in the "Elizabeth Ann." These two brothers who were both minors, were sent America after the death of their parents, to live with their uncle William, who had previously settled in Bristol, R.I. A few years later the two brothers settled in Newport, R.I.

Robert Carr was admitted as an inhabitant in Portsmouth, Feb. 21, 1639, and a freeman in Newport, March 16, 1641. He was one of the original purchasers of the island of Conanicut in Narragansett Bay, of the Indians, which contained about six thousand acres. He also acquired considerable property in Newport. His will was dated April 20, 1681, as he had determined on a voyage to New York and New Jersey. He died in 1681 and his will was proved, Oct. 4, 1681. The following is a copy of his last will and testament:

"Being now in my perfect health and memory, and being bound on a voyage to New York and New Jersey, and aged sixty-seven, and not knowing how th Lord may deal with me in my intended voyage, and knowing certainly that I must once die, though uncertain when, yet being desirous to set my house in order, do make and appoint this to be my last will and testament."

Imprimis,- I commit my soul into the arms of Jesus Christ my Redeemer, and my body to the dust, to be decently buried, and so my worldly estate I dispose of as followeth:

Firstly, I give and bequeath to my loving wife, all my household stuff and movables, excepting my sheep at Conanicut, and 20 pounds in money to be paid her yearly during her natural life by my sons hereinafter named.
Second, I give my eldest child, Caleb Carr, all my land at conanicut, alias Jamestown, he paying my wife 10 pounds a year in money during her natural life, and pay John Hicks, his children by my daughter Mary, 20 pounds.
Third, I give my son Robert Carr, and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, my dwelling house and wharf fromt he corner post that leads into the well yard upon a straight line to the sea, (only the privilege of the highway between the house and the well yeard to be common up to John Brown's house, and the wharf to be free for my sons and daughters for any goods they shall bring on or off of said wharf,) and to have all the land upon the straight line from that post adjoining to the house and pasture, except what is given to my son in law, James Brown, and the privilege of the well and a way to it, and pay to his mother 7 pounds in money yearly during her natural life.
Fourth, I give to my son Esek, all my land from the corner post of the well yard next to the street side of land I sold Nicholas Davis, now in possession of Francis Brinley and Caleb Carr, together with the privilege of the highway between the house and the land and a highway down to my wharf, and the privilege of the wharf, only the well to be common and free for my mansion swelling house, and a highway to it for him and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, to enjoy the same and to pay to his mother yearly 3 pounds in money.
Fifth, I give and bequeath to my son in law James Brown, and to his child he hath by my daughter Elizabeth, all that land he hath built upon and fenced in, with two rods in length more or less, even with his land as it is fenced in the uppermost piece behind his house next to Mr. Brenton's, with the privilege of the highway from the Broad street to his house and land.
Sixth, I give and bequeath to my daughter Margaret, all my sheep at Conanicut, alias Jamestown and the horseflesh to be sold and the value of them to be returned to her, except one yearling colt come of the young mare which I gave my son Caleb.
I do nominate and appoint my beloved wive executrix and my two sons, Caleb and Robert Carr, executors to this my las will and testament, and as overseers I desire my brother Caleb carr and Walter Clarke to be overseers to see my will to all intents and purposes be performed

Robert Carr
Signed, sealed and published, before us, April 20, 1681
Henry Dyre, John Williams"

"John Williams and Henry Dyre appeared before the council, the 4th day of October, 1681, and aupon their engagements declared that they saw Robert Carr, deceased, of Newport, sign and own the above written will to be his last will, and that he was in perfect health and memory.
Taken before the court, Weston Clarke, Clerk"

More About Sir Baronet *Robert (Sir Baronet) Carr:
Cause of Death: drowning in 1695.
Fact 1: 1635, Came to America on ship "Elizabeth Ann"
Children of Sir Baronet *Robert (Sir Baronet) Carr are:
  6 i.   Mary12 Carr, born Bet. 1635 - 1663; died Bet. 1651 - 1740.
  7 ii.   Robert Carr, born Abt. 1637 in Aswarby, England. He married Isabel Falkingham July 13, 1662 in England; born 1641 in England.
  8 iii.   Margaret Carr, born Abt. 1650; died Bet. 1651 - 1744.
  9 iv.   Elizabeth Carr, born 1651 in Rhode Island; died December 08, 1697 in Rhode Island. She married (1) Samuel Gardiner. She married (2) James Brown.
  More About Elizabeth Carr:
Fact 1: Bet. 1678 - 1682, Married
Fact 2: Abt. 1651, died

+ 10 v.   *Caleb Carr, born October 23, 1657 in Newport, R.I.; died October 11, 1700 in Jamestown, R.I..
  11 vi.   Esek Carr, born Abt. 1660 in Newport, R.I.; died 1744 in Little Compton, R.I.. He married Susannah (ne?) Carr Abt. 1684.

      3. Caleb (Gov)11 Carr (*Benjamin (Sir)10, *Sir William9, *Sir John8 Kerr, *Sir Lord Andrew7, *Thomas (Jr.)6, *Thomas (Sr.)5, *Andrew4, *Robert3, *Henry2, *John1) was born December 09, 1616 in London, England, and died December 17, 1695 in drowned. He married (1) Mercy Vaughn. She was born 1630, and died September 21, 1675 in Rhode Island. He married (2) Ann Easton in Newport, R.I. Colony. He married (3) Sarah Clarke Pinner 1676 in Newport, R.I., daughter of Jeremiah Clarke. She was born 1651, and died 1706.

Notes for Caleb (Gov) Carr:
See Sarah Rothchild's diary entry re: his arrival in America.

Also see notes for Robert Carr for info on Gov. Caleb Carr.           

Is buried in the family burying ground on Mill Street, beside his first wife. The inscription on his tombstone reads: "Here lieth interred the body of Caleb Carr, governor of this colony, who departed this life ye 17th day of December, 1695, in ye 73rd (79) year of his age."

An interesting fact, found in his will is "Further, I give and bequeath to my said son, Nicholas Carr, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, forever, forty acres of land lying on the west side of the highway, over against by brother Robert Carr, his land on the said Conanicut Island, as also ten acres of land on the said island which I purchased of John Peckham, Jr., and also twelve acres of land at the head of the forty acres aforesaid, which twelve acres I purchased or bought of BENEDICT ARNOLD." At another point in the will he says: "I give and bequeath unto my son, John Carr, and to his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, forever, my dwelling house I now live in above the highway here in Newport (Rhode Island), with all the housings and land and gardens thereunto belonging, (all which land I bought of Mr. BENEDICT ARNOLD in his lifetime), all which I give unto my said son John Carr."

Marriages: 1) Anne Easton, 2) Mercy Vaughn 3) Sarah Clark Pinner

Notes for Mercy Vaughn:
The inscription on her gravestone reads as follows:

"Here lieth interred ye body of Mercy Carr, first wife of Caleb Carr, who departed this life ye 21st day of September, in ye 45th year of her age, in the year of our Lord, 1675."

Notes for Sarah Clarke Pinner:
Referred to in the Carr Family Records as "Widow Pinner."
Children of Caleb Carr and Mercy Vaughn are:
  12 i.   Elizabeth12 Carr.
  13 ii.   Francis Carr.
  14 iii.   James Carr.
  15 iv.   Mary Carr.
  16 v.   Mercy Carr.
  17 vi.   Sarah Carr.
  18 vii.   Samuel Carr.
Children of Caleb Carr and Sarah Pinner are:
  19 i.   John12 Carr.
  20 ii.   Nicholas Carr.
  21 iii.   Caleb Carr.
  22 iv.   Edward Carr.
  23 v.   Mary Carr.
  24 vi.   Mercy Carr.
  25 vii.   Samuel Carr.
  26 viii.   Sarah Carr.
  27 ix.   Elizabeth Carr.
  28 x.   Francis Carr.
  29 xi.   James Carr.

      4. Richard11 Carr (*Benjamin (Sir)10, *Sir William9, *Sir John8 Kerr, *Sir Lord Andrew7, *Thomas (Jr.)6, *Thomas (Sr.)5, *Andrew4, *Robert3, *Henry2, *John1) was born January 05, 1621 in London, England, and died May 17, 1689 in Salisbury, Mass.. He married Dorothy (ne?) Carr.

Notes for Richard Carr:
Birth, death and spouse information came from Ancestral File at LDS

Came to this cuntry in August, 1635, in company with his brother Andrew, on the ship Abigail. As their parents were dead, they were probably sent over to their uncle George Carr of Ipswich, Mass. He settled in Hampton, N.H., but later in life he located in Salisbury, Mass., where he died May 17, 1689.
Children of Richard Carr and Dorothy Carr are:
  30 i.   Elizabeth12 Carr.
  31 ii.   Samuel Carr, born Abt. 1680.

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