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Joseph Osborn

Generation No. 1



Mayfield Family and Allied Lines, by J. Hoyle Mayfield, Compiled 1989

Joseph Osborn (Osborne) Born: 1788 in North Carolina per 1850 census (1860 and 1870 shows VA.)
It is believed his tombstone was read incorrectly as born in 1781. When Mr. Mayfield saw it in 1983 he could not read it with the equipment he had.

Parents: Probably Solomon Osborn and Mary Stewart

Married: Nancy (?) about 1807, and believed to have married in Kentucky. Nancy may have been a Peak or her sister married a Peak, or they both married Smiths. Her maiden name may have been Jones as a son is named Stephen Jones Osborn.

Children of Joseph and Nancy were: Solomon b December 24, 1804 d September 9, 1878 m 1) Dicy Smith 2)Elsa Johnson, Lydia b Abt. 1809 d 1859 m Ephraim        Osborn, John b Abt. 1810 m Francis Hackworth, Stephen J.       b Abt. 1812 d Prior to 1870 m Julian Simpson, Sabrina b Abt. 1818 m John Mayfield, Andrew J. b Abt. 1820 m Elizabeth Cockerham.

Joseph died November 12, 1870 at Industry, McDonough Co. IL.
He is buried in Peak Cemetery near Industry, IL. (South of Industry) 100 yards west of the Wilhelm Cemetery.
He was a veteran of the War of 1812, but never applied for a pension.

The ages vary considerably on the different census. In 1850 he is shown as 62, in 1860 as 77 & 1870 as 67. The 1865 Illinois state census shows him the age group 80-90.

There also seems to be a relationship to the John Peak family and the Joseph Smith family living in the same area of Illinois.

There is no proof that Joseph is the son of Solomon Osborn and Mary Stewart, but is believed as we know that there were older children not accounted for and because Joseph was always living near Solomon until Solomon’s death in Vermillion Co. IL. in 1828 where Joseph's two oldest children were married.

(John) Stewart Pennington was in McDonough County, IL. and was his uncle, half brother to his mother, if he is the son of Solomon and Mary Stewart Osborn. He seem to always live near Stewart (Stuart) Pennington. Stewart Pennington was the son of Hannah Boone Stewart Pennington.

There is a Joseph Osborn and Solomon Osborn on the 1810 Barren County, KY census. Joseph is shown in the 16-26 age group, as is his wife, and they have 2 sons under 10 and one daughter. Solomon is older with 6 sons and 4 daughters.

Joseph lived in Indiana for a while before moving on to Illinois for Sebrina shows she was born in Indiana, as does Andrew J., probably Crawford County where a lot of the Osborns & Penningtons lived for a short time.

On the 1820 census there is a Joseph Osbourn on the Edwards Co., IN. census and also a Joseph Orsbern on the Franklin Co. IN and a Joseph Osborn on the Wabash Co. IN census. Research is needed to determine if any of these are Joseph. He is probably the one in Franklin Co. for his son Solomon lived
there later. The family members do not check out, it appears they always had other people living with them.

He appears on marriage papers of Lydia's marriage to Ephraim Osborn in Vermillion County, IL, Solomon Osborn (brother) was witness.

On the 1830 census he is listed in Schuyler Co.,IL. It is Mr. Mayfield’s understanding that the census was incorrect and he actually lived in McDonough Co., IL. He is listed with male (1) 10-15 and (1) 15-20, female (1) 15-20 and (1) 20-30. Joseph is shown in 40-50 age group.

Joseph was commissioned as Justice of the Peace on September 22, 1832 and there is a record of four marriages performed by him in 1834 as Justice of the Peace.

On the 1840 census he is shown as Joseph Orsborn, page 217, with 2 sons 20-30, Joseph is shown 50-60.

Joseph is shown on 1840 tax list of McDonough Co.,IL as owner of 80 acres, including the west 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Sec. 23, Industry Township. Also he had $80 worth of horses, $58 cattle, $10 clocks and watches and $100 of other property. Taxes were $3.24.

On the 1850 census he is shown in McDonough Co., IL, page 312, age 62 NC; Nancy 50 (s/b 60) TN (s/b KY); Stephen J. 38; and a Sarah Shelmann (?) 20; and Joshia Abbott 8.

The 1870 census seems to be mixed up - Joseph Osborn 67 VA; Nancy 62 KY; Hugh Smith 55 KY; Catherine Smith 59 England & Blind. It could be possible that either Catherine or Hugh gave the information to the census taker.

Solomon and Lydia (Ephraim), children of Joseph, are living in Vermillion County, IL in 1830.

Joseph died intestate with papers on record in McDonough Co., IL. They list heirs and show an inventory of property, valued at $2,000 and personal property valued at $500. Heirs listed are, as widow, Nancy, children Solomon, Andrew, Sebrina, John, and the heirs of Lydia, and Stephen. Property description Lot 1, NW, Sec. 22, T. N4, R. W 2, 102 20/100 acres, also acres in Sec. 26, T. N4, R. E2.

The first marriage in New Salem Township (of McDonough Co., IL.) was Mr. Morgan Jones and Miss Elizabeth Osborne, who were united by Joseph Osborne, J.P. in February 1834. He also married James Osborn & Ruth Smith (daughter of Joseph Smith).

Hannah Boone and Her Descendants, by Bess L. Hawthorne only mentions Mary or Polly Stewart and        Solomon Osborn moving from NC to Barren Co., KY by 1799. (It also says many of the records of Barren & Monroe, which was formed from Barren Co., KY, have been destroyed). Children listed are Tabitha,
Noah, James, Sarah, William, Samuel, Samuel M., a female who married William McCall, and Richard. No Joseph mentioned here.

Biographical and Genealogical History of Wayne Co., Fayette Co., Union Co., and Franklin Co., IN, vol.1 mentions William Osburn, son of James T. (which would be Joseph's brother) the only mention about his family is that his father died when William was about 9 years old and his mother emigrated to Indiana, accompanied by her five children, one son and four daughters and located in Metamora Twp., Franklin Co., IN.

Osborn Research, by Maud Bliss Allen of Salt Lake City ,UT only mentions the very early Osborns. No mention of Joseph. here either.


Joseph Osborn (McDonough Co. IL History)

Although he is shown living in Schuyler Co. on the 1830 census, it is thought Joseph Osborn actually lived in McDonough County. He is on the 1831 tax list there. Born in North Carolina about 1788, it has not been determined who his parents were. He lived near Solomon Osborn, who married Mary Stewart, in Barren Co., Ky., Crawford Co., Indiana. He also lived in Vermilion County, IL where Solomon died in 1828. The Draper Papers contain the record that Solomon had eight sons and three daughters, three of the oldest sons have not been identified. All of Joseph's children were born in KY and Ind. prior to his move to Illinois. He came to McDonough Co. about 1829 and lived in the Industry area. He was Justice of Peace, beginning in 1832, and performed several marriages. Nancy was the name of his wife, but her maiden name is not known.It has been speculated that it was Jones because they named their third son Stephen Jones. They were probably married in KY. Joseph died in 1870 and is buried in the Peak Cemetery, which is 100 yards west of the Wilhelm Cemetery near Industry. When or where his wife died has not been determined.

Solomon was the name of Joseph's oldest son. He was married and did not move to McDonough Co. at the time his father did but came later, where he died in 1877. He had 15 children by his first wife. Dicey Smith, and seven by his second wife, Elsa (Smith) Johnson. They were Joseph, William, Elizabeth Lydia, Isaac, Nancy, Mary, Francis Marion, Elijah, Louisa, M. Jane, Aurena, Dicy Ann, Lucinda, Alfria, Ada, Almeda, Lorina, Alice, John, Noah W., and Henry C.

Lydia, Joseph's oldest daughter, was born about 1809 in KY. She married her cousin, Ephraim Osborn, in Vermilion Co. He was the son of John Osborn and Sarah Stewart They moved to McDonough Co. about 1830 and to Putnam Co. MO in late l840 where she died in 1849. Their children were Mary, Eliza, Joseph, Andrew J., John, Elijah and Daniel Boone Osborn.

John married Francis Hackworth in Vermilion Co., IL in Jan. 1830; they were living in McDonough Co. IL in 1850, in Putnam Co., MO in 1860, and back to McDonough Co. in 1870. Their children were Susannah, Sarah, Andrew J., Daniel, Hiram, James, Martha, Robert, Isaac, and John.

Stephen Jones Osborn was born about 1812 and married Julian Simpson in McDonough Co. in 1852. Their children were Jasper and Lydia. He died before his father's will was probated in l870.

Sebrina Osborn married John Mayfield in McDonough Co. in 1837 (see story in this book on the Mayfield family).

Andrew Jackson Osborn was born about 1820 and he married Elizabeth Cockerham in McDonough Co. in l841. Ihey lived in McDonough Co. until after 1860 and then they moved to northern Missouri where so many of the Osborns had gone. Their children were Louise, Abner, Rachel, Stephen and Finis.

by J. Hoyle Mayfield



Mr. J. Hoyle Mayfield
Bakersfield, CA 93313
February 5, 1996

Dear Ron.

In reply to your recent letter, I will attempt to tell you what little I know about the questions you ask.

As I am sure you know Joseph Osborn died intestate and the family members are shown on the disposition of his farm (property). I hired a person to do some research in the area and she did not find a obituary in the local paper of the date.

There appears to be no obituary (or will) in that area for Nancy when she died, I searched the local (Macomb) newspaper as did the woman whom I hired. After the death of Joseph, she completely disappears.

Likewise my Mayfield's disappear and it has been my thought that she may have lived with her daughter, Sebrina, after the death of her husband. John & Sebrina Mayfield are on the special Illinois State Census in McDonough County and that is the end of their existence in McDonough Co. In April 1869 he gave an affidavit (in his son Joseph's Civil War file) at Mound Station, Ill (now called Mount Sterling. Ill. which is in Brown County. My grandfather, Thomas, was born on April 13, 1870 in Brown County (family always said at Quincy, but of course Quincy is in Adams County.) His father was Joseph Mayfield and he nor his father John can not be found on the 1870 census. I have searched line by line in McDonough, Brown, Adams & Schuyler Counties, maybe I should try Pike for some of the family lived in that county. I figure I will not live long enough to see the day when 1870 Illinois census is indexed. James, son of John and brother to Joseph, is on the 1870 census in Marion Co., MO) which is just across the river from Quincy, IL. John's daughters got married in West Quincy, MO (in Marion Co.); Nancy in 1871 and Isabelle in 1878. A lot of the Osborns went to Putnam Co., Mo (in fact John & Sebrina were there in 1860), and Lydia (dau. of Joseph Osborn) is on the mortality schedule of 1860 there. Lydia & Sebrina were the only daughters, that is what leads me to believe that perhaps Nancy went to live with Sehrina as she was the only living daughter. No, you would not be wasting your time in re-researching some of these area for sometimes things pop out for one person that someone else has overlooked. I intend to research the records of Marion Co., Mo. more closely when I have time. Just don't get your expectations up to high.

As for the John Osborn who married Sarah Stewart, I have been in touch with several researchers of this line and they assure me that all of their children have been accounted for. As for Robert Osborn, Jr./Ann Lapan, he is believed to be a brother to this John and their families crossed a few times. As for Ephraim Osborn/Elizbeth, he does not seem to follow the path of Solomon very closely, and some believe that John had a brother Ephraim, some say in KY and others says he stayed in NC.

I have served 16 tours on jury duty in my life time, from 6 weeks to one was only 3 days and I never saw anyone convicted on what you could call absolute truth; it was always on circumstancial evidence. Points of circumstancial evidence that Joseph is the son of Solomon:

(1) Joseph named his first son Solomcn which was a very strong pattern of those days and in the Osborn family to name the first son after his paternal grandfather. The cnly thing that bothers me here is that Nancy does not appear to have been old enough to have been Solomon's mother: perhaps Nancy was the second wife of Joseph? But then they never gave the same age on any census so it is hard to really pin point the date of birth of either Joseph or Nancy. Note that Joseph & Nancy had a son named Stephen Jones Osborn, hence some researchers believe that her maiden name may have been Jones. Then Solomon Osborn (the son of Joseph) may not have been as old as some of his records show also, his first child was born in 1825 and could have been born to him at age 18 or so.

(2) Solomon and Joseph are together in Barren Co., Ky; Crawford Co., IN; and Vermilion Co., IL. Soloman died in Vermilion Co. in 1828. Joseph is thought to have lived there then, however, he never left many tracks in Vermilion Co. His daughter Lydia was married there in 1827 and son John in 1830.

(3) It is recorded in the Draper papers that Richard (son of Solomon) said he had eight brothers and three sisters, but he does not identify any of them. Draper had a fixation with the Boone family and he kept trying to get information out of Richard (who lived in northern IL). Of the people who have researched the Soloman Osborn family, that leaves three older brothers who are not identified, and they usually say in their write up that there were older brothers that are not known.

(4) Richard had a son named Wesley Osborn who married in McDonough County in 1852.

(5) Per some researchers, Soloman had a younger brother named William which is believed to be the William Osborn who has numerous records in McDonough Co. (along with his large family).

(6) Stewart Pennington (also shown as Stuart) was in McDonough Co. IL. He is the half brother of Mary Stewart, wife of Solomon Osborn.

I have been in contact with so many many people that it is impossible for me to remember who I sent what. But if my memory serves me correctly we only talked on the telephone before I sent you the list of Osborn researchers. I have my own write up on these families which also includes John (m. Sarah Stewart) and William these were made so I could separate out who belonged to which family. I could send you a copy of this if you wish, let me know.

Yours truly,


McDonough Cemetery Records

Peak Cemetery:
Location: Industry Township, NW1/4, Section 23, a half mile south southeast of Industry.
Remarks: Present condition of this family cemetery is extremely poor. The fencing is gone. All stones that were located were broken and covered with grass and brush. A number of unreadable field stones were found in this cemetery. The Wilhelm graveyard lies about 100 yards to the east of this site.

Osborn: Joseph; d. Nov 12, 1870; age 89y.

Osborn: Joseph (1781 - 1870) was b. in VA., his wife, Nancy, was b. in 1790, also in VA., Joseph was a veteran of the War of 1812; he and his family moved to this area prior to 1830; he appears on the 1830 census for Industry Twp.; on the 1840 county tax list, Mr. Osborn is shown as the owner of 80a, the west 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 23, Industry Twp., also, he had $80.00 worth of horses, $58.00 cattle, $10.00 clocks and watches, and $100.00 in other property; taxes were $3.24. Other Osborn's on that list included John and Andrew J. In 1860, Joseph and Nancy Osborn were living in Industry Twp., and living in their household were Joshua Osborn, age 17, and Emaline Smith, age 10.


From: Eva J. Hall <>
Subject: Joseph Osborn
Date: Sunday, July 27, 1997 9:43 AM

I have been corresponding by U S Mail, apparently he isn't on line, with a Charles Osborne. He is a descendant of Elias Osborne and Elias was in Ashe Co IN in late 1700's at the same time our Osborn family was there. He thinks our Joseph is the son of Robert & Ann. Reason, Joseph was the chain carrier when Robert's land was "laid off" in Ashe Co NC and in the 1800 Ashe Co census there is a boy in the household the age Joseph would be at that time. Also in the 1810 Barren Co KY census, Joseph & family is living next door to Robert & family still at home. I had looked at the Ashe Co census for 1800 and saw that Joseph would fit into that family but I didn't know that he was the chair carrier for Robert.

I think now that it is a very good possibility that your Joseph is a son of Robert & Ann even though I haven't seen a list of their children that included a Joseph. There is definitely a close connection.

He agrees that Joseph was probably married twice. I also asked who he thought his first wife might be. He said that from his research, that a close neighbor to Robert there in Ashe Co was the Lewis family and although he didn't have any proof that Joseph's wife was a Lewis, close neighbors were usually the ones that married. In later years the Osborn and Lewis families did intermarry.

There was Lewis family that went to Barren Co KY about the time Joseph did, and Charles said according to tax records, Joseph & Robert went about the same time to Barren Co.

Thought you might be interested in Charles's opinion. I think he is possibly right.

Eva Hall

Notes from Pennington Pedegree indicate that Nancy, as a daughter of Moses Pennington, has not been proved to date. Nancy and Joseph resided in McDonough County,. IL with the Pennington family had land deals with them. Nancy's brothers and sisters William, Joel, Riley, and Allie all named daughters Nancy.




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