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      588. 556 & 588 WILLIAM COREY, born Abt. 1659 in OF WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND; died June 1704 in PORTSMOUTH, R.I..
Child of 556 & 588 WILLIAM COREY is:
  278 i.   278 & 294 SAMUEL COREY, born in WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND; died Aft. 1759 in RICHMOND, RHODE ISLAND; married 279 & 295 SARAH MATTESON Bef. 1699.

      590. 558 & 590 FRANCIS MATTESON, died Bef. April 28, 1750 in "YEOMAN OF WARWICK", R.I.. He married 591. UNKNOWN.

      591. UNKNOWN.
Child of 558 MATTESON and UNKNOWN is:
  279 i.   279 & 295 SARAH MATTESON, married 278 & 294 SAMUEL COREY Bef. 1699.

      592. 592 ELDER JOHN CRANDALL, born Abt. December 1609 in MONMOUTHSHIRE (SHROPSHIRE) ENGLAND; died November 29, 1676 in NEWPORT, R.I.. He was the son of 1184. 1184 SIR JOHN CRANDALL and 1185. 1185 ELIZABETH DRAKE. He married 593. 593 MARY OPP Aft. 1649 in WESTERLY, R.I. or NEWPORT, R.I..

      593. 593 MARY OPP, died August 20, 1669 in WESTERLY, R.I..

ELDER JOHN CRANDALL was disowned by his family in England because of his Baptist beliefs. He came to Boston in 1634. He was married after 1649 at Westerly, R.I. or Newport, R.I. to MARY OPP.
He was prominent inthe settling of Rhode Island amd its community development., as well as the founding of the "Seventh Day Baptist Church". When he first came to New England, he was a minister for the Salem Church. He was dismissed as Pastor in 1635. He settled in the Narragansett country, buying land from the friendly Indians. He is called "ONE OF THE FOUNDERS OF PROVIDENCE". He was certainly living there as early as 1637. In 1669, he is listed of the "Free Inhebetants of the Towne of Westerle", R.I. He was the First Baptist Elder at Westerly and held a number of public offices at various times: Commissioner, Deputy to the General Court. There were disputes about the boundaries between Westerly, R. I. and connecticut, as well as connecticut believing they had jusridiction over lands as far east as Narragansett Bay, and Massachusetts believing they had the right to arrest people from the area of Rhode Island into Boston to be prosecuted. In 1671, Mr. Crandall was carried off by the Connecticut authorities and imprisoned. Several persons had journeyed to England for a Royal Charter from the King in order to prevent any more disputes of jurisdiction by law over citizens of Rhode Island. Even though this was obtained, there continued to be disputed..."Not until 1728 was the boundary question settled."

Sources: Lewis, Frederick "Colonial Clergy of New England"; "Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families - 1620-1700"; "Elder John Crandall and His Descendants"; Loveland, "Witter Genealogy" p229,230; Austin, "The Genealogical Dictionary of R. H."
Children of 592 CRANDALL and HANNAH GAYLORD are:
  i.   JEREMIAH CRANDALL, born 1673; died 1718; married PRISCILLA WARNER.
  ii.   EBER CRANDALL, born 1676; married (1) (.....); married (2) PATIENCE LAMPHERE; married (3) MARY COTRELL.
Children of 592 CRANDALL and 593 OPP are:
  296 i.   296 JOHN CRANDALL, born Abt. 1649 in NEWPORT, R.I.; died 1704 in KINGSTOWN, R.I.; married 297 ELIZABETH GORTON June 18, 1672 in WARWICK, R.I...
  ii.   JAMES CRANDALL, born 1651.
  iii.   JANE CRANDALL, born 1653; married JOB BABCOCK.
  iv.   SARAH CRANDALL, born 1654; married JOSIAH (JOSEPH) WITTER.
  v.   PETER CRANDALL, born 1655; married MARY BABCOCK.
  vi.   JOSEPH CRANDALL, REV., born 1661; married DEBORAH BURDICK.
  vii.   SAMUEL CRANDALL, born 1663; married SARAH COLBY (CELLY).

      594. 594 SAMUEL GORTON, born February 12, 1592/93 in MANCHESTER, LANCASHIRE, ENGLAND; died December 10, 1677 in WARWICK, R.I.. He was the son of 1188. 1188 THOMAS GORTON. He married 595. 595 MARY MAPLETT Bef. January 12, 1629/30 in ENGLAND.

      595. 595 MARY MAPLETT, born March 12, 1608/09 in NORTHALL, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND. She was the daughter of 1190. 1190 JOHN MAPLETT and 1191. 1191 MARY (......).

Notes for 594 SAMUEL GORTON:
SAMUEL GORTON came to New England as a "Clothier" from London 1636/37; settled first at Boston and Plymouth; came to Rhode Island June, 1638. While at Plymouth, "a servant had smiled in church and was hailed into court. For defending her, the employer had been exiled from Massachusetts Bay Colony." He put himself in conflict with both colonies and caused and suffered much trouble. He was banished from Plymouth in 1638. ."With him went a number of persons devoted to his religious and social ideas, and before he had been in the village (New Providence) a week he had gathered about him many more followers. SAMUEL GORTON was given shelter and food and a chance to bring his family and remain. This man, was to prove such a center of quarreling and discontent as to shake the region from end to end. Nevertheless, in the marvelous way that good comes from evil, Gorton was the exciting cause of great events in the life of the Colony (of Rhode Island) and in the career of its founder (Roger Williams)" "He was an excitable person, small of stature and full of talk. In no time it could be seen that in religion he was a mystic, but in politics he seend to run the gamut between formalism and anarchy."
SAMUEL GORTON protested that Rhode Island Provinces did not have jurisdiction over where he lived, nor a proper Charter from the King. As a resulr, Roger Williams and several others went to Ingland, and after a lengthy stay there finally obtained the needed Charter from the King for the protection of not only Samuel Gorton and his followers, but other citizens from the Magistrates of Massachusetts, and granted Rhode Island rights of authority and of laws, for all people within their bounds.

Sources: "New England Historical Genealogical Register" Vol 70 p115, 1916; "Elder John Crandall and His Descendants" p5; "Lone Journey, the Life of Roger Williams" by Jeannette Eaton; "Sainte and Strangers" by Willison; "Colonial Clergy of New England" by Weis p94; "Rhode Island, an Historical Guide" p96; "Life and Times of Samuel Gorton" pp11,150-154; "160 Allied Families" p111; "Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island" pp302-304; "Pioneers of Massachusetts".
Children of 594 GORTON and 595 MAPLETT are:
  i.   SAMUEL GORTON, JR., born 1630; married SUSANNAH BURTON.
  iv.   MAHER GORTON, married DANIEL COLE.
  v.   MARY GORTON, married (1) PETER GREENE Abt. 1655; married (2) JOHN SANFORD Abt. 1665.
  vii.   ANN GORTON, married JOHN WARNER.
  297 viii.   297 ELIZABETH GORTON, born Abt. 1644 in WARWICK, R.I.; died 1704 in KINGSTOWN, R.I.; married 296 JOHN CRANDALL June 18, 1672 in WARWICK, R.I...

      596. 596 JOHN TEFFT, born in ENGLAND; died January 26, 1675/76 in KINGSTOWN, R.I.. He was the son of 1192. 1192 JOHN TEFFT. He married 597. 597 MARY BARBER Bef. 1630 in ENGLAND.

      597. 597 MARY BARBER, born Abt. 1622 in ENGLAND; died 1679. She was the daughter of 1194. 1194 unknown BARBER.

Notes for 596 JOHN TEFFT:
JOHN TEFFT, arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 on the "Arbella". He was a Freeman of Portsmouth, R.I. in 1655, and his name was recorded as an inhabitant of "Pettaquamscott" in May, 1671. He was killed by Indians in King Phillip's War, 26 Jan. 1676. Living at Kingstown, R.I.

Sources: "Witter Genealogy" by Weiss; "Mayflower Descendants Vol III, George Soule", p91; "Rhode Island Genealogical Register" vol 1, #4, April 1979, Article- "Lines of Descent From John Tefft" by Alden Beaman, p193. (Children's names from his will.)
Children of 596 TEFFT and 597 BARBER are:
  i.   MARY TEFFT, born Abt. 1642; married SAMUEL WILSON.
  298 ii.   298 SAMUEL TEFFT, born 1644 in POSSIBLY KINGSTOWN, R.I.; died Bef. December 20, 1725 in SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I.; married 299 ELIZABETH JENCKES Bef. 1676.
  iii.   JOSHUA TEFFT, born Bef. 1658; died January 18, 1675/76; married SARAH (......).
  Notes for JOSHUA TEFFT:
JOSHUA TEFFT, married SARAH who was thought to be an Indian. He was captured by the Indians, and later joined them against his own people in King Phillip's War, and was executed by the English.

  iv.   TABITHA TEFFT, born 1658; married GEORGE GARDINER 1670.

      598. 598 JOSEPH JENCKES, JR., "MAJOR", born 1632 in COLINBROOK OR HOUNSLOW, ENGL.; died January 4, 1716/17 in PAWTUCKETT, R.I. AGE 84.. He was the son of 1196. 1196 JOSEPH JENCKES and 1197. 1197 MARY TERVYN. He married 599. 599 ESTHER BALLARD Bef. 1656 in PAWTUCKETT, R.I..

      599. 599 ESTHER BALLARD, born 1633 in ENGLAND; died 1717 in PAWTUCKETT, R.I.. She was the daughter of 1198. 1198 WILLIAM BALLARD and 1199. 1199 ELIZABETH (......).

Notes for 598 JOSEPH JENCKES, JR., "MAJOR":
"MAJOR" JOSEPH JENCKES; LIVED ALSO IN LYNN, (SAUGUS) AND CONCORD, MASS. AND WARWICK, R.I. In 1650, iron ore was discovered in Pawtuckett, R.I., and in 1655, this Joseph Jenckes, the son of an "ironmonger and blacksmith", opened a blacksmith's forge near the falls. Historically, Pawtuckett was excluded from the original settlement of Providence by Roger Williams, who, interested ingood tillable farm lands, designated the "woods and fields" of Pawtuckett as Providence's northern boundary. The woods and the falls however, made the site ideal for industrial development. The early settlers found the land almost covered with forests. They had to cut the trees before they could plant crops. Much of the land is rocky, and that made it hard to raise food. Many settlers had a hard time raising enough food to support their families. On 25 Marc. 1669, JOSEPH JENCKES, JR, was granted land on either side of the Pawtucket River. Here he set up a sawmill and began to sell boards. Two years later he bought more boards and set up another saw mill. Later, he built a foundry and furnace. Now his shops could turn out hammers and axes as well as hoes and shovels and plows. He became very successful, and soon Rhode Island produced more iron and steel than any other colony.

He served in his community as a foreman of a jury; Freeman in 1677; Deputy from Warwick to the General Court of R.I.; 1680-Governor's Assistant of Rhode Island; became "Major" Joseph Jenckes of Militia.

Throughout the 18th Century, Pawtuckett's forges provided the implements used on Providence's farms and the keel plates, anchors, and bells used on its ships. During the Revolutionary War, the city's iron undustry was quickly converted to the patriot's cause, and muskets and ammunition were manufactured in great quantity.

Sources: "Witter Genealogy" by G. C. Washburn, pp234, 235; "Biographical Encycl. of Representative Men of R.I."; "National Society Dau. of Colonial Wars" (1950 C-2 states:"Major Jenckes, Jr. 1632:1717 of Lynn and Pawticket, R.I. Major of Militia in 1710."; "Ancestry of Harlan Walker Jencks" by Wm. B. Browne.
Children of 598 JENCKES and 599 BALLARD are:
  i.   JOSEPH JENCKES, born 1656.
  299 ii.   299 ELIZABETH JENCKES, born 1658 in LYNN, ESSEX CO., MASSACHUSETTS BAY COLONY; died 1740 in SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I.; married 298 SAMUEL TEFFT Bef. 1676.
  iii.   SARAH JENCKES, born 1660; married NATHANIEL BROWN.
  iv.   NATHANIEL JENCKES, born 1662; married HANNAH BOSWORTH 1686.
  v.   ESTHER JENCKES, born 1664; died 1720; married SAMUEL MILLER.
  vi.   EBENEZER JENCKES, born 1668; died August 14, 1726; married MARY BUTTERWORTH 1695.
  viii.   JOANNA JENCKES, born 1672; died March 12, 1756; married SYLVANUS SCOTT 1692.
  ix.   WILLIAM JENCKES, born Abt. 1674; died 1765; married PATIENCE SPRAGUE.
  x.   ABIGAIL JENCKES, born 1676; married (UNKNOWN) THOMAS.

      600. 600 WILLIAM CASE, died 1676 in KINGSTOWN, R.I.. He married 601. MARY (......).

      601. MARY (......).

Notes for 600 WILLIAM CASE:
WILLIAM CASE recorded at Newport, R. I. as a Freeman in 1655; June 22, 1658, called himself Wm. Case, Sr., sold Caleb Case of Newport, R.I. all his interests in Conanicut and Dutch Island. Served different periods of time as "Deputy" and "Juryman".

Source: "Dictionary of Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700."
Children of 600 CASE and MARY (......) are:
  300 ii.   300 JOSEPH CASE, SR., born 1654 in OF NARRAGANSETT, R.I.; died 1741 in AGED 87 YRS; married 301 HANNA SMITH Bef. 1678.
  iii.   JAMES CASE, married ANNA (......).

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