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My name is Rebecca Jones Pacey,
I am researching these surnames
on my fathers side of the family.
My Male Jones cousin and myself have done
DNA tests with Family Tree DNA FTDNA and 23and me.
Consider it, I have found several new cousins and
added to my tree because of them. Good Luck.
I am researching the following
on my Mothers side of the family.
I am also researching my sons
paternal and maternal side of
the family:
My Daughter-in-law has STINNETT,BINKLEY,
And finally my husbands family:
RIP: My Love, You are missed, but
I will always carry you in my heart.

I also have some collateral lines
for the JONES family,from ca.
Franklin Co.NC
Thank you for stopping by, hope you
found information that would help
both of us. If you did not find your
line, I would love to add it to one of
the family lines so others can find us.
I do update the reports from time to time
so do stop by again, I will also change my
reports to reflect different lineages
from time to time.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.


'Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain'

Rebecca (Jones) Pacey Home Page
Updated January 30, 2014

Rebecca Joe Pacey
P.O. Box 369
Eagar, Arizona 85925-0369
A-United States

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Family Photos

  • PACEY, Don D. (62 KB)
    Don D Pacey May 19, 1934 - March 15, 2007 Rest in Peace Dear One
  • (BECKY) 45th Reunion of West Phoenix High School (275 KB)
    My friends and I am in black with the necklace and the huge glasses not the other feller. I have now gotten smaller lenses, will have to do new pix soon. We had a great time.
  • Becky and her Tree Thank thee for dropping by (27 KB)
    A picture of me and the tree I have grown since it was about 1" tall.
  • JONES, Becky 8th grade (235 KB)
    My 8th Grade graduation picture.
  • JONES- Becky Jones (Me) Age 20 (69 KB)
    Here I am without wrinkles.
  • The sons of George Day Jones and Nancy E. Mercer (79 KB)
    JONES,Top Row: John Erasmus Jones; George Day Jones Bottom Row: Will Jones; Walter Jones and Joseph Calvin Jones (my grandfather) Photos supplied by Paula Hemmingway, descendant of John Erasmus Jones
  • Myself and my little pal Shortie sent from above. (34 KB)
    Shortie became my little friend in 2008, he is a character and good pal to have around so you don't talk to yourself to much.
  • HAUCK- The John Fisher Hauck Family (41 KB)
    Between 1892-1893L to R: Back Row-Grace;James;Jane;George Front: Leroy; John Fisher; Martha;Charlotte Ellen and Baby John Rosco Hauck..Submitter Althea Collier Descendant
  • JONES, Barsheba/Bashua/Bashaba (53 KB)
    Bashua Bashaba Jones Birth about 1795 in Bute/Franklin County, North Carolina, USA Death 14 Aug 1851 in Wythe County, Virginia, USA, wife of Bennett King.
  • (JONES) Marriage Rec. Geo Day Jones/Nannie Mercer (402 KB)
    Marriage Record of My Great Grandparents George Day Jones and Nancy "Nannie" E. Mercer, March 29 1880, Hardeman Co., TN
  • Undated photo taken in Miltonvale, KS (105 KB)
    Those in the attached photo are identified, from left to right as: Lillie Hauck, Leroy Hauck, Charlotte Ellen Hauck and Arvailla Hauck. Lillie and Leroy are my grandparents. Charlotte is Leroy's mother. Arvailla is the wife of Leo Hauck the second son of Lillie and Leroy. Leroy built the house, completing construction in 1919. Submitted by Bob Hauck
  • CASSIE 1938 (11 KB)
    This is Cassie, she was loved by the Roberts Family whom she served for 36 years, she died in the mid 1940's. I do not know her last name, but do have a vague memory of her. God Bless you Cassie.
  • HAUCK-Leroy and Lillie Hauck and their four sons. (124 KB)
    The attached photo was taken at the 50th anniversary of Leroy and Lillie Hauck. This photo was taken in 1951. Those in the picture are: Back row, left to right; Ray, Wayne, Art and Leo. Seated in the front row are Leroy and Lillie.
  • (JONES) The Pony Ride (18 KB)
    L-R Uncle Lewis W. Jones-Aunt Abbie Lee Jones on the pony is my father Joseph Calvin Jones, Jr. taken about 1911.
  • HAUCK- Leroy and Lillie 50th Wedding Anniversary (127 KB)
    The attached photo is of Leroy and Lillie Hauck. The photo was taken in 1951 at the reception held in honor of their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Submitted by Bob Hauck
  • (STINNETT) Andrew J. and Mary Faustine Alexander (122 KB)
    This picture was taken circa 1869, it was submitted by Steve Butler
  • PACEY- Charlotte Kitchener Pacey (257 KB)
    First Thomas Flyer owned by the Pacey's. Only one in that part of the country, Charlotte was 2nd wife of Fredrick Pacey, sister to his lst wife Mary Ann (Kitchener) Pacey-Submitted by Shirley Pacey
  • (STINNETT) Mary Alexander and daughter Nettie (70 KB)
    Mary Faustine Alexander Stinnett and her daughter Nettie Stinnett-- submitted by Steve Butler.
  • (Pacey) Charlotte H.(Hauck) Pacey (72 KB)
    Charlotte Helen Pacey known as "Helen" and her son Don D. Pacey (my hubby)submitted by Shirley Pacey
  • (STINNETT)Dohn Leslie Stinnett Traudt (105 KB)
    Dohn Leslie Stinnett was the daughter of William Jackson Stinnett, she married John William Traudt. Submitted by - Steve Butler
  • (Pacey) Leonard Pacey and Don D. Pacey (39 KB)
    Leonard Pacey, husband of Charlotte Helen Hauck Pacey, father of Leonard M.; Shirley and Don Pacey
  • (STINNETT) Mary Catherine Binkley and Sister India (70 KB)
    Mary Catherine Binkley (R) and her twin sister India Binkley,(L) b. January 18, 1888, New Madrid, MO. Mary Catherine md. William Jackson Stinnett, submitted - Steve Butler
  • (STINNETT)William Jackson & Mary Catherine Binkley (98 KB)
    William Jackson Stinnett b. August 31, 1869 in Campbell, MO and his wife Mary Catherine Binkley b. Jan. 18 1888 in New Madrid, MO Stinnett. Submitted by- Steve Butler
  • (STINNETT) William Jackson and his children (48 KB)
    William Jackson Stinnett and his children. Submitted by Steve Butler
  • (STINNETT) Raymond Edward and his brother and sis. (27 KB)
    Left to Right John Wesley Stinnett, Dohn Leslie Stinnett (twins) and Raymond Edward Stinnett b. February 23, 1915 Montecello AR, Drew Co d. November 15, 1989, Missouri. Submitter by. Steve Butler
  • (Jones) Jack Blundell Jones, my brother (41 KB)
    Jack Blundell Jones b. Feb 9, 1937 d. July 18, 1986 in Mesa, AZ, he was adopted. submitted by Rebecca Jones Pacey
  • (Roberts)Daughters Of Joseph Dixon Roberts, Jr. (120 KB)
    Rebecca; Patricia; and Jennifer Roberts..Submitted by Patricia (Roberts) Edmondson
  • (Blundell) Rebecca Mitchell Blundell (116 KB)
    Rebecca my grandmother married Joseph Dixon Roberts of Yazoo City, MS, daughter of George Phelan Blundell, George was the son of James Blundell of Brinklow, Warwickshire Eng.
  • (Roberts) Ella Pugh Roberts..My Mother (82 KB)
    Ella was the daughter of Joseph Dixon and Rebecca Mitchell (Blundell) Roberts of Yazoo City, MS
  • (JOHNSON) Catherine Tombstone (54 KB)
    Tombstone of Catherine Johnson b.Sept 13 1753,d.May 22 1831 Johnson Graveyard,Jackson, Madison, TN
  • (Hauck) Cash Hauck (90 KB)
    Cash Hauck son of Jacob Hauck and Katherine Fisher Hauck..Submitted by Althea Collier
  • (JOHNSON)Jemima Tombstone (56 KB)
    Jemima Scroggins Johnson b. Jan 20 1790 d. May 25 1869 Johnson Graveyard; Jackson, Madison Co., TN
  • (Hauck) Obituary of John Fisher Hauck (150 KB)
    Obituary of John Fisher Hauck, son of Jacob Hauck and his wife Katherine (Fisher) Hauck.
  • (JOHNSON) Eliza Jane -Tombstone (57 KB)
    Eliza Jane Johnson w/o William B. Manley b. 1837 d. 1913- Johnson's Graveyard; Jackson, Madison Co., TN
  • (Blundell) James Blundell b. Abt 1817 (53 KB)
    My Great Great Grandfather James Blundell b. Abt 1817 in Brinklow, Warwickshire Eng. d. 1866 in MS.
  • (MANLY) William B.- Tombstone (39 KB)
    William B. Manly b. 1818 d. May 20 1874, Johnson's Graveyard; Jackson, Madison Co., TN
  • (Hauck) LeRoy Bertran Hauck (65 KB)
    Leroy Bertran Hauck b.February 17, 1878 d.May 31 1968,The photo was taken on the home place two miles from Miltonvale, KS submitted by Althea Collier
    Anchor through Flower,Severed Stem tombstone meanings. Be Patient takes awhile to load.
  • (Hauck) Charlotte Ellen (Ramey) Hauck (293 KB)
    Death Certificate of Charlotte Ellen (Ramey) Hauck, wife of John Fisher Hauck, daughter of Isaac and Martha (Lunger) Ramey, submitted by Althea Collier
    Scythe through Yew - Tombstone Meanings Be patient it is a little slow loading.
  • (Ramey) Martha (Lunger) Ramey (93 KB)
    Martha (Lunger) Ramey b. May 2 1820 in Elizabethtown, OH, d. Aug 4 1920 in Lamar KS, wife of Isaac James Ramey. Submitted by Althea Collier
  • (BLUNDELL) Dr. George Phelan (39 KB)
    Painting of my Great Grandfather Dr. George Phelan Blundell, b.March 14, 1847 in Benton, MS
  • (WILLIAMS)Lewis Eddins (48 KB)
    Lewis Eddins Williams, b. Nov 5, 1852 TN, d.1921 Son of Anthony T. Williams and Margarette Lacy Eddins. L. E. Williams is my Great Grandfather.
  • BREEDEN, Blund B. Cape Girardeau, MO (27 KB)
    As far as I know we are not related, however the name Blund may be taken from our family name of BLUNDELL. If you can identify please contact me. The picture was taken on Jan 29, 1894.
  • GIBBONS-Hawkins TN home of Thomas Gibbons b. 1734 (164 KB)
    This is the home of Thomas Gibbons, III and his wife Ann Eppes, located in Rogersville, Hawkins Co., TN. Thomas was born Sept. 15 1734 and died in 1811. The first County Court of Hawkins Co., TN was held in this home. This picture was submitted by JoAnn descendant of Frances Jane Gibbons
  • PUGH,My maternal Great-grandparents (110 KB)
    "Mary Ella Pugh was born in 1854 in Yazoo City, Mississippi, USA, and died in 1934 in Yazoo City, Mississippi. She married on 18 December 1875 in Yazoo City, Mississippi, Dr. George Phelan Blundell (born 14 March 1847 at Benton, Mississippi, died 12 February 1919 at Yazoo City, Mississippi).
  • MERCER,Nannie Elizabeth Mercer Jones (118 KB)
    My Great Grandmother Nannie E. Mercer was born in 1866, she died April 3, 1932, she was the wife of George Day Jones. Photo supplied by descendant of John Erasmus Jones (Paula Hemmingway)
  • (Hauck) John Fisher Hauck Death Certificate (291 KB)
    Death Certificate of John Fisher Hauck b.August 12, 1841 in PA, son of Jacob and Katherine Fisher Hauck. Submitted by Althea Collier
  • (Blundell) Four Generations (67 KB)
    Dulcinia (Graves) Blundell..GreatGreat-Grandma George Phelan Blundell..Great Grandpa..Rebecca Mitchell Blundell Roberts, Ella Pugh Roberts-Submitted by Patricia (Roberts) Edmondson Rebecca Mitchell (Blundell) Roberts..Grandma Ella Pugh (Roberts) Jones..My Mother
  • ROBERTS- Benjamin S. Roberts (50 KB)
    Benjamin S. Roberts my maternal Great Grandfather. Father of Joseph Dixon Roberts.
  • (Flanders) John W. & Mabel M.(Guillory) Flanders (107 KB)
    My Sons Paternal grandparents John William Flanders b. Aug 6 1896 d. Feb 19 1986 and his wife Mabel Mae (Guillory) Flanders b.Mar 3 1900 d. Aug 14 1987. Lived in Lake Charles, Louisiana..Submitted by Rebecca Pacey
  • ROBERTS- L to R Fannie, Joseph Dixon and Sallie (119 KB)
    That is my Maternal Grandfather in the middle he was born September 9 1877 in Yazoo Co, MS, son of Benjamin Roberts and Fannie Goff Roberts.
  • MANLEY, William B. Manley (32 KB)
    My Great Great Grandfather on my Paternal side of the family, William B. Manley was born Jan 13, 1818.
  • (Mitchell) Dr. Robert W. Mitchell (122 KB)
    Dr. Mitchell was the son of General Guilford D. Mitchell and his wife Mary Wood, he was a surgeon during the Civil War.
    This is a visit that my son John Flanders and his wife Donna Flanders made to us in June of 2001. Happy Times
  • JONES-My Beautiful Parents (92 KB)
    This is a picture of my parents, Joseph Calvin Jones Jr. and Ella Pugh Roberts, ca.1925. Ella is the daughter of Joseph Dixon Roberts and Rebecca Mitchell Blundell Roberts.
  • (Jones) All those Jones Cousins (175 KB)
    Here we are at Opryland in Tennessee, getting ready for the dinner show on the Gen. Jackson, what fun. L-R. Darlene (Jones) Von Bank; Ronald L. Jones and (Me) Rebecca Joe (Jones) Pacey.
  • STINNETT, James Harvey (69 KB)
    James Harvey Stinnett b.April 20 1848, son of Andrew Jackson Stinnett and Dolpha Jane Rushing. Submitter: Karyn and Sean
  • (Pugh) William Dudley Pugh (68 KB)
    William D. Pugh b. November 06, 1847 in Yazoo City MS., was the son of Willaim E. Pugh and Martha E. Mitchell Pugh.
    The Armes and Creast of the Autient Family of Epes of the county of Kent where they have inhabited for many generations. Motto: Pennis Euolo Propriis ( With My Own Wings, I Fly)
  • (Williams) Shiloh Confederate Dead Trenches (169 KB)
    Anthony Thomas Williams b. ca 1830 d. bef 1865. It is believed that Anthony is possibly in the mass Confederate grave trenches at Shiloh Battlefield in TN. I place these pictures here in his honor.
  • POLK, Magdalene Tasker--WILL (227 KB)
    The will of Magdalene Tasker Polk, wife of Robert Bruce Polk. She was b. abt 1632- d. March or Apr 1727 or 28 at her homeplace, White Hall, Somerset, Maryland- This will was submitted by Harold Polk of Arizona
  • (Pacey) The Pacey Farm (105 KB)
    L-R Viola (Bork) Pacey; Mary Ann (Kitchener) Pacey; Charlotte Kitchener; Vern L. Pacey; Helen (Hauck) Pacey; Frederick Pacey, seated on truck. Boy's on Truck Bed- Leslie Vernon Pacey; Marvin Pacey; Laurence Pacey; Kathryn Pacey; then does anyone know the little boy on the right? Taken around ca 1923-Submitted by Shirley Pacey
  • POLK, Robert Bruce - WILL (902 KB)
    The will of Robert Bruce Polk, b.Bet. 1625 - 1630, d.1704 MD, USA (probably Somerset Co.)- This will was submitted by Harold Polk of Arizona, thank you Harold, what a great addition to my page.
  • Pacey's or Kitchener's in England (225 KB)
    The lady in the back row far left is Charlotte Kitchener, who became the wife of Fredrick Pacey after the death of her sister, his wife Mary Ann. She visited England several times, and this could either be a visit to Pacey or Kitchener relatives? ANYONE KNOW???? Submitted by: Shirley Pacey
  • BLUNDELL-Dr. George P. and English Relatives (49 KB)
    Dr. George P. Blundell is on the top row-right, his wife Mary Ella Pugh Blundell is seated in the middle on the bottom row. If anyone can identify the other ladies it would be appreciated. The picture states on the reverse-taken in England Dr. and Mrs. George P. Blundell and his relatives.
  • JONES- John Austin Jones (44 KB)
    John Austin Jones was the son of James J. Jones and his wife Patience Jones Jones. He was born Dec 8 1839 and died May 28 1909 in Hardeman Co., TN
  • BLUNDELL-ALLEN-Rebecca Blundell and Julius Allen (47 KB)
    Rebecca Blundell was the daughter of Frank Hawthorne Blundell and Adeline Schaefer, she was married to Julius Willfried Allen.
  • WILLIAMS, Olivia Patton (50 KB)
    Olivia was the sister of my grandmother Ida Lee, she was born May 31 1880 in Jackson, Madison Co., TN and died Dec 4 1977 in Jackson. She was married to Edgar Earl Hamilton of Jackson.
  • BLUNDELL- George Phelan Blundell, M. D. (126 KB)
    This is my maternal Great Grandfather Dr. George Phelan Blundell b.March 14, 1847, he is the son of James Blundell, b.Dec 13 1817 in Brinklow, Warwickshire, England.
  • ROBERTS- Fannie Roberts (141 KB)
    My Grand Aunt Fannie Roberts b. Jan 1 1881, daughter of Benjamin S. and Fannie Goff Roberts.submitted by Dilsie Coffee
  • JONES- Ida Lee (Williams) Jones (23 KB)
    My Paternal Grandmother at age 37, Ida Lee (Williams) Jones was b. May 7 1882, the daughter of Lewis Eddins Williams and Laura Weston Manley.
  • Johnson Graveyard/Jackson, Madison Co. TN (117 KB)
    Lots of my kinfolk are buried in this little cemetery outside of Jackson, TN. Mr. Hubert Williams adopted it and trys to keep the weeds at bay, he had just sprayed it a couple of days before I took this picture, so it still looks pretty overgrown.
  • JOHNSON- Eliza Jane (Johnson) Manley (Abt age 15) (37 KB)
    Eliza Jane Johnson was my Great Great Grandmother on my Paternal side, she was the wife of William B. Manley and daughter of Harrison Johnson and Jemima Scroggins Johnson of Madison Co., TN.
  • (Roberts) Train Station-Date Unknown (126 KB)
    L-R The Porter; D.P. Jones-Sunniside; A.L Gwinner, Jr.;Annie Neville; Mrs. Neville of Crystal Springs (?) ; Louise Pickens; Emmet Ryan, of Crystal Springs (?); R. F. Wade; Joe D. Roberts (my Uncle Joe) ; Florence Carr, Crystal Springs (?).
  • L-R Ella,Rebecca,Joseph Dixon Sr.,Joseph Dixon Jr (169 KB)
    I love this picture, it was sent to me by my Cousin Jennifer. It is my mother, my Grandmother, my Grandfather and my Uncle Joe; the Roberts family. Thank you Jennifer.
  • Egbert Self in the 1850 Census (169 KB)
    This one is for my Self Cousins.
  • PUGH/BLUNDELL-Believed to be "Jennie" B. Pugh (91 KB)
    We believe this is Virginia or "Jennie B. Pugh" who I have found to have been a Blundell before her marriage to William D. Pugh. Submitted by Pat Edmundson, if you know differently please let me know.
  • JONES, Ida Lee (Williams) (226 KB)
    Tombstone of my grandmother Ida Lee (Williams) Jones, wife of Joseph Calvin Jones. Daughter of Lewis Eddins Williams and Laura Weston Manley of Jackson, Madison Co., TN
  • PUGH,William Pugh (44 KB)
    Submitted by Jennifer Edwards a picture of William Pugh
  • (FREEMAN) Will of Edward Freeman Oct 1811 (300 KB)
    Will of Edward Freeman Oct 1811 Franklin Co., NC father of Patience Freeman who md. David Jones son of James Jones who died 1822 in Franklin Co., NC
  • (Polk) Ezekiel Franklin Polk b. 1747 (80 KB)
    This is Ezekiel F. Polk, he was the grandfather of James K. Polk, and my 5th Great grandfather.
  • COLLEY- Alberta Ringgold Colley (142 KB)
    This is my stepmother about 1909 in Santa Paula, California. She is sitting on Lima Bean Bags. Her father was a farmer.
  • BLUNDELL,Rebecca Mitchell (64 KB)
    Rebecca Mitchell Blundell b. Dec 28 1878 d. Mar. 12, 1951 md. Joseph Dixon Roberts md. Bef 1904 Age: About 50-60 Submitted by Patricia Roberts Edmundson
  • ROBERTS Ella Pugh (194 KB)
    My mother Ella Pugh Roberts, daughter of Joseph Dixon Roberts and Rebecca Mitchell Blundell Roberts.
  • ROBERTS, Joseph Dixon (71 KB)
    Joseph Dixon Roberts was my grandfather, b. Sept 9 1877 d. Dec 7 1958 md. Rebecca Mitchell Blundell bef. 1904- Submitted by Patricia Roberts Edmundson
  • (CROSS) Jessie May (124 KB)
    Jessie May Cross, b. 12 Oct 1876, Pleasant Valley, WI, Eau Claire Co., USA; d.23 Mar 1949, Miltonvale, KS. Wife of James Wylie Hauck and daughter of Walter Porter and Sarah Castle Cross-Submitter by Karen Stamps.
  • Rebecca Pacey (Me) (17 KB)
    Taken at my 45th High School Reunion this April 2005.
  • BRODERICK, Mary Ellen Certificate/Naturalization (54 KB)
    Mary Ellen MacLean Broderick Certificate of Naturalization issued in 1966
  • (JONES) Lewis Weston Jones Navy WWII (96 KB)
    Lewis Weston Jones, son of Joseph Calvin Jones, Sr. and Ida Lee (Williams) Jones.
  • (PACEY) Don D. (95 KB)
    My husband Don in his first car when he came home from Kemper Military Academy.
  • (PACEY) Leonard (83 KB)
    Leonard Pacey b. April 28 1895,Cloud Co., KS d. Jan 17 1960 Kingman, Mohave, AZ
  • (PACEY) Leonard Marvin Pacey (110 KB)
    Leonard Marvin Pacey b.23 Jun 1920 Longford, Clay Center, KS, d. June 28 2003, Washington, KS

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