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Ancestors of Clayton Peters Schleicher

      196. Johann Conrad Bloss957,958,959,960,961, born Abt. 1718 in Langenselbold,Germany962; died 27 Aug 1776 in Long Island,, New York963,964. He was the son of 392. Johannes Bloss and 393. Anna Margretha Wolff. He married 197. Anna Magdalena Reber 30 Nov 1740 in Langenselbold, Germany964,965.

      197. Anna Magdalena Reber966,967, born 03 Jun 1720 in Langenselbold,Germany968; died 1803968. She was the daughter of 394. Bernhard Reber and 395. Anna Maria Ahl.

Notes for Johann Conrad Bloss:
From the History of Lehigh County

The Bloss family whose descendants are especially numerous in Lehigh and in Carbon counties, trace their ancestry to the progenitor, Conrad Bloss, who emigrated from southern Germany. He sailed from Rotterdam on the ship Francis and Elizabeth, commanded by Capt. Geo. Worth, and landed at Philadelphia Sept 21, 1742.

Conrad Bloss, a weaver by trade, settle in Washington Twpthis county, and then Heidelberg Twp, Northampton Co. The exact time is not known, but as early as Oct 4 1749, he took out a warrant for twenty-five acres of land in Bucks county, which then embraced all of what is now Lehigh Co. On May 30, 1750, he took out a warrant for a tract of fifty-six acres and thirteen perches called "Issenberg"; on May 9, 1765 he purchased from John Engel Thomas a tract called "Manheim" which was taken out by a warrant dated Oct 19, 1757, for 139 acres; on April 9, 1767, he purchased from the heirs of Jacob Shellhammer a tract called "Berlin" of fifty-eight acres. The last three tracts are embraced in a patent that was granted April 10, 1767, to Conrad Bloss, by Thomas Penn and Richard Penn. On Aug 25, 1765 he made application for twenty-five acres and in pursuance of warrant No. 623 dated Aug 14, 1766, there was granted to him Aug 25, 1766 a tract of twenty-five acres and fifty perches called "Schwabenstadt".
Another warrant was taken out for twenty-eight acres and thirty-two perches on Aug 14 1766. The total land he owned amounted to 331 acres and ninety-five perches.
In the Proprietary Tax list of 1772, Conrad Bloss, farmer, is assessed one pound and four shillings.
The first official act in recognition of Heidelberg as a township was made at the October term of court 1752, when Conrad Bloss was appointed constable for it.

On Aug 6, 1776 Conrad Bloss was a member of Capt. Nicholas Kern's company, in camp at Perth Amboy, N.J., which composed part of the Flying Camp of Ten Thousand men commanded by Col. Hart in the Battle of Long Island. This was the Third company in the First Battalion of the Northampton county Associators. It is history that most of the men of the First Battalion were either killed or wounded in the engagement with the British on Long Island, Aug 27, 1776. Doubtless Conrad Bloss lost his life in this battle as we find no trace of him after this time.

Sept 6 2006
Possible spouse for Conrad Bloss: Anna Maria Daubenspeck born about 1726. I had received this from Robert Emory (see citations) however Carl H. Bloss has stated to me that this is not correct and she is not Conrads spouse.

Per Carl Bloss (Sept 2006)

      Conrad and Magdalena were sponsors for a child of Jacob Daubenspeck and wife Julianna - daughter Anna Magdalena Daubenspeck B. Feb 16, 1753. This has led many researchers to conclude that Conrad's wife name was daubenspeck.
      Conrad and Magdalena were sponsors for a child Daniel Reber on Feb 13, 1763. Big problem is mainden name of Conrad's wife. Most current information lead to The Reber family unless Daubenspeck family can come up with more than a family tradition. Keith Bloss says "last name for her is in the Langensebold records published in a book by Annette Burgert - "Eighteenth Century Immigrants from Langensebold in Hesse to America" published in 1997. In this she is listed as an Anna Magdalena REBER b. 3 June 1720. They married in Germany 30 Nov 1740 and had their first child Anna Margaretha there in 12 Nov 1741. Magdalena is the daughter of Bernhard Reber (son of Daniel Reber and Maria ?RONPEL) and Anna Maria (daughter of Valentine AHL).
      Known information is that Johan Conrad Bloss emigrated to America from Rotterdam on the ship "Francis and Elizabeth" (George North, Master) that arrived in Philadelphia PA, 21 September 1742. He resided in Heidelberg Twp area of PA as a farmer and weaver. Colonial records indicate he owned 25 acres of land in Bucks County by 1750 (This was the county of record until 1752 formation of Northampton County).
      He enlisted in Captain Nicholas Kern's Company in August 27, 1776 whose unit was activated in Perth Amboy prior to the Battle for Long Island (Battle of Brooklyn). It is anticipated that he died in this battle (War Records - PA Archives, Vol 8, Series 5th, p. 26).
      He is listed in township records as the 1st Constable of the newly formed Heidelberg Twp.

More About Johann Conrad Bloss:
Alternate Spelling: Conrad Bloss968
Baptism: 05 Jan 1717/18, Langenselbold,Germany969
Born Alternate Date: 08 Jan 1714/15, Langenselbold,Germany970,971
Military service: 1776, Revolutionary Army Patriot972
Occupation: Linenweaver farmer constable973

More About Anna Magdalena Reber:
Baptism: 03 Jun 1720, Langenselbold,Germany974
Baptism Sponsors: Feb 1763, Conrad Bloss and Magdalena sponsors for Daniel Rebber975

More About Johann Bloss and Anna Reber:
Marriage: 30 Nov 1740, Langenselbold, Germany976,977
Children of Johann Bloss and Anna Reber are:
  i.   Anna Margaretha Bloss978, born 12 Nov 1741 in Langenselbold,Germany978; died Unknown; married Jacob Bradsetter 30 Mar 1770978; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  More About Anna Margaretha Bloss:
Baptism: 12 Nov 1741, Langenselbold,Germany978
Baptism Sponsors: 12 Nov 1741, The Daughter of the late master tailor Jost Caspar Wolff979
Confirmation: 1757, Heidelberg Church980

  More About Jacob Bradsetter and Anna Bloss:
Marriage: 30 Mar 1770980

  98 ii.   John George Bloss, born 15 Oct 1744 in Washington Twp, Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania; died 19 Apr 1815; married (1) Ann Barbara Schneider 1767 in Heidelberg Twp, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania; married (2) Elizabeth Fenstermaker 08 Jun 1802.
  iii.   Susanna Bloss981, born Abt. 1748 in Heideberg Twp, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania982; died Unknown.
  iv.   Eva Elizabeth Bloss983,984, born 07 Sep 1750 in Washington Twp, Lehigh Co, Pennsylvania984; died Unknown; married Peter Seidel; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  v.   Daniel Bloss985, born Abt. 1752 in Washington Twp, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania986; died Bef. 15 Mar 1803 in Denmark Manor. Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania987; married Sara Elizabeth Brazil; born 1748 in Northampton Co, Pennsylvania988; died 1835988.
  Notes for Daniel Bloss:
Per History of Lehigh County
The Tax list of 1781 shows him to be a property holder. Again in the Federal Tax list of 1785, he was assessed one pound and four shillings on fifty acres of land, one horse, and one cow. On April 21, 1795, David Bloss bought from John Longstreth, Joseph Longstreth, and Abraham Duffield two tracts of land consisting of 421 acres, together with a grist-mill and a saw-mill located on Mahoning Creek, Penn Twp, Carbon county. After residing here six years he sold this property Jan 1, 1802 to Joseph Mathews and Benjamin Mathews.
On June 20, 1809, there was surveyed unto Daniel Bloss 176.166 acres of land, located in Westmoreland county. Daniel Bloss took an active part in the military affairs of Northampton county during the Revolutionary War. In the years 1780 and 1782 he served as a private in the Third Class of the Sixth Battalion of the Northampton county Militia.

  More About Daniel Bloss:
Alternate Spelling: Blose

  vi.   Henry Bloss989, born 1754 in Heideberg Twp, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania990; died 02 Feb 1834990; married Maria Elizabeth Beltze; born Abt. 1755990; died Unknown.
  More About Henry Bloss:
Alternate Spelling: Heinrich Bloss990

  vii.   Sonia Bloss991, born Abt. 1756 in Heideberg Twp, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania992; died Unknown.
  viii.   Conrad Bloss993, born 1758 in Heideberg Twp, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania994; died Unknown.
  ix.   Catherine Blose994, born Unknown in Heideberg Twp, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania994; died Unknown.
  x.   Maria Bloss994,995, born Unknown; died Unknown.
  xi.   Peter Bloss996,997,998, born Unknown in Heideberg Twp, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania; died 1785999; married Rebecca Unknown Unknown in Unknown; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  Notes for Peter Bloss:
Per Carl Bloss Researcher
Must have been born before 1750 since he already was on the Heidelberg Tax List in 1772. His name is not in the militia nor on the US Census of 1790. There was a Rebecca Bloss living in Towamensing at this same time. Lehigh County History says he died in 1785.

  More About Peter Bloss and Rebecca Unknown:
Marriage: Unknown, Unknown

      198. Johann Freidrich Schneider1000, born Abt. Sep 1715 in Diedendorf, Germany1001; died Abt. 1774 in ,Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania1002. He was the son of 396. Hans Ulrich Schneider and 397. Anna Catharina Rohr. He married 199. Anna Maria Saeger 1740 in ,Lehigh Co.,Pennsylvania1002.

      199. Anna Maria Saeger1002, born 06 Aug 1720 in Reichenbach, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany1002; died 1790 in Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania1003.

Notes for Johann Freidrich Schneider:
Per Ivana Erney

Brøderbund WFT Vol. 16, Ed. 1, Tree #2134, Date of Import: 5 Jun 1999]

From: "Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America"
Came to America on the "Robert and Alice" 11 September 1738, with his brother Johan Nicholas and his uncle Johannes. His brother Johannes came in 1741 on the "Lydia".

From Broderbund Banner Blue, WFT Vol. 1 #5027
From the "Ancestral History of Yost Snyder":
"Johan Nicholas Schneider, Johan Friedrich Schneider, and Johannes Schneider, presumably brothers, arrived in Philadelphia 11 Sept 1738 on the ship 'Robert and Alice. They settled in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Their birth dates are not known but they were apparently young adults when they arrived."
"They may have come from the same general area as other Germans in Lehigh County of whom James Hauser wrote in 1920, 'More than three-fourths of the inhabitants of the county are German, or their descendants, and the localities in which they lived were generally named in honor of the fatherland, as Hanover, Heidelberg, Weisenberg .... They speak a dialect of the German language which is akin to the language of their forefathers who came from the Palatinate...."
"Frederick, as stated above, arrived in Philadelphia on 11 Sept, 1738 and settled near Egypt, Pa. He married Anna Maria Saeger, daughter of Johan Nicholas and Anna Barbara Saeger of Whitehall Twp. Anna Barbara was born in Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany in 1721 and came to America in 1733 with her parents."
"Frederick and Barbara were married in 1740 and lived in Heidelberg Twp, Lehigh co. (In 'The Saeger Family, Elizabeth Saeger Daniel places the family in Northampton County, which would be true until 1812, but the area is now called Lehigh County)."
"The family moved to Heidelberg Twp after the baptism of two children at ERC; see p 6. Heidelberg Twp is just NE of North Whitehall Twp. Frederick was one of the contributors when the first Heidelberg Church was built in 1744-45."
"He took out land warrants for a total of 294 acres in Pleasant Corner which is near the Lowhill Twp line. In 1769 he was listed as one of the first members of Lowhill Church. The church is still there, on Pa. Rte 100, near Pleasant Corner. The Blue Mountain range, a part of the Appalachian Mountains., and the
Appalachian Trail are just north of this area."
"Frederick was on the 1772 tax list but not on later lists. He may have died about this time. No death record located for him or his wife, Anna Maria (Saeger)."

From: "Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace" p. 13
The 1738 emigration year was terrible in the number of deaths at sea. It is estimated that 35% of the emigrants died at sea. On one ship, the "Charming Nancy" 250 died at sea and only 65 survived.

More About Johann Freidrich Schneider:
Baptism: 08 Sep 17151004

  Notes for Anna Maria Saeger:
Per Ivana Erney

Came to America with Parents in 1733

More About Johann Schneider and Anna Saeger:
Marriage: 1740, ,Lehigh Co.,Pennsylvania1005
Children of Johann Schneider and Anna Saeger are:
  99 i.   Ann Barbara Schneider, born 10 Mar 1748/49 in Heidelberg Twp, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania; died 01 Nov 1790 in Heidelberg Twp, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania; married John George Bloss 1767 in Heidelberg Twp, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania.
  ii.   Susanna Schneider1006, born Unknown; died Unknown.
  iii.   Georg Jacob Schneider1006, born Jul 1741 in ,,Pennsylvania1006; died Unknown.
  iv.   Johan Samuel Schneider1006, born 20 Nov 1742 in ,Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania1006; died Unknown.
  v.   Johannes Schneider1006, born Jan 1744/451006; died Unknown.
  vi.   Christian Schneider1006, born Abt. 1750 in ,Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania1006; died Unknown.

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