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Ancestors of Clayton Peters Schleicher

      388. Hans Jurger Ruger1073,1074,1075,1076,1077, born Abt. 1682 in Germany1077; died 18 Oct 17721077. He married 389. Barbara Unknown Abt. 17191077.

      389. Barbara Unknown1078,1079,1080, born Unknown; died Unknown.

Notes for Hans Jurger Ruger:
Per National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol 68, December 1980, No. 4 (from Judy McElderry)

Hans Jurg Ruger, (George Rex), a blacksmith was the founder of this Rex family of Pennsylvania.

He arrived in Philadelphia. He is first recorded 10 June 1720 land purchase Chestnut Hill, Germantown. On 16 December 1749 he was granted a patent for 152 acres in Heidelberg Township [in present Lehigh County]

More About Hans Jurger Ruger:
Alternate Spelling: George Rex1081
Burial: 18 Oct 1772, St Michaels Germantown, Pennsylvania

More About Hans Ruger and Barbara Unknown:
Marriage: Abt. 17191082
Children of Hans Ruger and Barbara Unknown are:
  194 i.   Georg Rex, born Abt. 1720 in Germantown Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania; died 18 Oct 1772 in Heidelberg Twp., Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania; married Anna Margaretha Knauss 24 Aug 1742 in Jordan Lutheran Church, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania.
  ii.   Wilhelm Rex1083, born Abt. 1721; died Unknown.
  iii.   Jacob Rex1084,1085, born 05 Apr 1724 in Germany; died 11 Apr 1802 in Washington Twp. Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania; married Anna Elizabeth Arner 16 May 1746 in Egypt Reformed Church, Egypt, Whitehall Twp, Northampton (now Lehigh)( Co., Pennsylvania1085,1086; born Unknown; died 22 Jul 17851086.
  Notes for Jacob Rex:
from The History of Lehigh and Carbon Co PA 1884

The Rex families were among the earliest settlers of this township. They came originally from Germany, but had prior to their appearance here been for several years resident at Germantown. Locating in the northern part of Washington, along trout creek, they became in short time the largest land-owners in that region. Jacob Rex, in 1752 built a stone house, which is still standing, and owned by Stephen Rex, son of George, and grandson of the builder. A stone set in the wall bears the inscription, “Anno 1752-J.R., M.S.” He was born in 1724, married Elizabeth Ornerin May 16, 1746, lived in matrimony thirty six years, and died in 1782, leaving eleven children, fifty-five grand children, and twelve great grand children.

  More About Jacob Rex:
Alternate Spelling: Berhard Jacob Rex1087

  Notes for Anna Elizabeth Arner:
Per Jeff Minnich
This Anna Elisabeth remians a mystery. We cannot find who her parents are, but a theory is she is possibly a sister to Felix Sr. She and her husband were sponsors of Felix's daughter Elizabeth

  More About Jacob Rex and Anna Arner:
Alternate Marriage Date: 16 May 1749, Egypt Reformed Church, Egypt, Whitehall Twp, Northampton (now Lehigh)( Co., Pennsylvania1088
Marriage: 16 May 1746, Egypt Reformed Church, Egypt, Whitehall Twp, Northampton (now Lehigh)( Co., Pennsylvania1088,1089

  iv.   Christopher Rex1090, born Abt. 1725; died Unknown.
  v.   John Rex1090, born Abt. 1731; died Unknown.
  vi.   Abraham Rex1091, born 07 Nov 1735; died Unknown.
  vii.   Jurg Jacob Reiger1092, born 26 Apr 1746; died Unknown.

      392. Johannes Bloss1093, born Abt. 16911094; died 04 Sep 1744 in Langenselbold,Germany1095. He was the son of 784. Henrich Bloss. He married 393. Anna Margretha Wolff 16 Jul 1716 in Langenselbold, Germany1096.

      393. Anna Margretha Wolff1097, born Abt. 16931098; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 786. Hans Wolff and 787. Engel Unknown.

More About Anna Margretha Wolff:
Baptism: 03 Nov 1693, Langenselbold,Germany1099

More About Johannes Bloss and Anna Wolff:
Marriage: 16 Jul 1716, Langenselbold, Germany1100
Children of Johannes Bloss and Anna Wolff are:
  196 i.   Johann Conrad Bloss, born Abt. 1718 in Langenselbold,Germany; died 27 Aug 1776 in Long Island,, New York; married Anna Magdalena Reber 30 Nov 1740 in Langenselbold, Germany.
  ii.   Maria Barbara Bloss1101, born Abt. 1720 in Langenselbold,Germany1102; died Unknown.
  More About Maria Barbara Bloss:
Baptism: 24 Mar 1719/20, Langenselbold,Germany1103

  iii.   Johan Daniel Bloss1103, born Abt. 1722 in Langenselbold,Germany1103; died Unknown.
  More About Johan Daniel Bloss:
Baptism: 27 Sep 1722, langenselbold,Germany1103

  iv.   Johann Peter Bloss1103, born Abt. 1726 in Langenselbold,Germany1104; died Unknown.
  More About Johann Peter Bloss:
Baptism: 17 Apr 1726, langenselbold,Germany1105

  v.   Maria Barbara Bloss1105, born Abt. 1729 in Langenselbold,Germany; died Unknown.
  More About Maria Barbara Bloss:
Baptism: 30 Mar 1729, Langenselbold,Germany1105

      394. Bernhard Reber1106, born Abt. 16711107; died 16 Dec 17431107. He was the son of 788. Daniel Reber and 789. Maria Ronpel?. He married 395. Anna Maria Ahl 05 Jan 1701/02 in Langenselbold, Germany1108.

      395. Anna Maria Ahl1109, born 16831110; died 27 Apr 17301110. She was the daughter of 790. Valentine Ahl.

More About Bernhard Reber and Anna Ahl:
Marriage: 05 Jan 1701/02, Langenselbold, Germany1111
Children of Bernhard Reber and Anna Ahl are:
  i.   Johannes Reber1111, born Abt. 1705 in Langenselbold,Germany; died Unknown.
  197 ii.   Anna Magdalena Reber, born 03 Jun 1720 in Langenselbold,Germany; died 1803; married Johann Conrad Bloss 30 Nov 1740 in Langenselbold, Germany.

      396. Hans Ulrich Schneider1112, born Abt. 20 Sep 1669 in Melchenau, Canton Bern, Switzerland1112; died 23 Feb 1742/43 in Diedendorf, German1112. He was the son of 792. Joseph Schneider. He married 397. Anna Catharina Rohr 13 Sep 1701 in Diedendorf, Germany1113.

      397. Anna Catharina Rohr1114, born Abt. 03 Mar 1677/78 in Canton Bern, Switzerland1114; died 13 Mar 1743/44 in Diedendorf, German1114.

Notes for Hans Ulrich Schneider:
Per Ivana Erney

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 16, Ed. 1, Tree #2134, Date of Import: 5 Jun 1999]
From: "Eighteenth century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America".
By Annette Kunselman Burget, Picton Press, Camden Maine, C. 1992.
Hans Ulrich Schneider was a Weaver, Linenweaver, Almossenpflegor at Diedendorf. Five of his children emigrated to America: Johann Nicolaus, Johann Friedrich, Johannes, Maria Esther, and Johann Daniel.

More About Hans Ulrich Schneider:
Occupation: Weaver in Diedendorf, Germany1115

More About Hans Schneider and Anna Rohr:
Marriage: 13 Sep 1701, Diedendorf, Germany1116
Children of Hans Schneider and Anna Rohr are:
  198 i.   Johann Freidrich Schneider, born Abt. Sep 1715 in Diedendorf, Germany; died Abt. 1774 in ,Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania; married Anna Maria Saeger 1740 in ,Lehigh Co.,Pennsylvania.
  ii.   Johann Nicholas Schneider1117, born Abt. Apr 1703 in Diedendorf, Germany1117; died Unknown.
  iii.   Christina Schneider1117, born 09 Sep 1705 in Diedendorf, Germany1117; died Unknown.
  iv.   Josephus Schneider1117, born 01 Jan 1706/071117; died Unknown.
  v.   Otto Johann Schneider1117, born Abt. Dec 1708 in Diedendorf, Germany1117; died Unknown.
  vi.   Christian Schneider1117, born 02 Dec 1711 in Diedendorf, Germany1117; died Unknown.
  vii.   Judith Maria Schneider1117, born 01 Jan 1712/13 in Diedendorf,Alsace, Germany1117; died Unknown.
  viii.   Margaretha Schneider1117, born Abt. Jan 1713/14 in Diedendorf,Alsace, Germany1117; died Unknown.
  ix.   Johannes Schneider1117, born Abt. Aug 1718 in Diedendorf, Germany1117; died Unknown.
  x.   Maria Magdalena Schneider1117, born Abt. May 1721 in Diedendorf,Alsace, Germany1117; died Unknown.
  xi.   Anna Ottilia Schneider1117, born Abt. Nov 1724 in Diedendorf, Germany1117; died Unknown.
  xii.   Maria Esther Schneider1117, born Abt. Dec 1727 in Diedendorf, Germany1117; died Unknown.
  xiii.   Johann Daniel Schneider1117, born 01 Mar 1730/31 in Diedendorf, Germany1117; died Unknown.

      416. George Ruch1118,1119,1120, born 29 Dec 1682 in Zutzendorf, Alsace, France1121,1122,1123; died 1769 in South Whitehall Twp,Northampton Co, Pennsylvania1124,1125. He was the son of 832. Melchoir Ruch and 833. Anna Maria Rauscher. He married 417. Catharina Reiss 09 Aug 1707 in Northern Alsace, France1126.

      417. Catharina Reiss1126, born Abt. 1687 in Northern Alsace (now Bas-Rhin) France1126; died Abt. 1733 in South Whitehall Twp,Northampton Co, Pennsylvania1126. She was the daughter of 834. Baltharr Reiss.

Notes for George Ruch:
Per Bill Frasier
Hans George, Catharina, and their family travelled to America on the ship Samuel in 1733. The ship departed from Rotterdam, stopped in Deal, England, and arrived in Philadelphia on August 17, 1733. Fortunately, the ships master was conscientious and recorded the names of all the passagners (male, female, and children) and their ages. The Ruch family members (actual spelling on ship and oath lists in parentheses) and their age are listed below.

Hans George Sr (Jerick Sr., Hen Seire, Hans Jurg) 48
Catharina 46
Hans George Jr (Jerick Jr., Hanns Gerg, Hans Gerg) 24
Jans Jacob                        17
Michael                              10
Maria Eve                              8

The age of Hans George Sr recorded on the ship list would place his birth date in 1685, which differs from the birth date specified above by 3 years.

The family settled in Whitehall Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (this area became Northampton County in 1752, then Lehigh County in 1812). Apparently Catharina died shortly after arriving in Pennsylvania; Hans George married a third time to Susanna about 1735.

The procedure for acquiring unoccupied land from the Penn land office began with the purchase of a warrant, which was a certificate authorizing a survey of a tract of land. THe issuance of the warrant gave the settler presumptiive title to the property. The survey would provide a sketch of the boundaries of the land and define the exact acreage. The warrantee then had the option of selling the warrant or securing a patent. with the payment of a final fee based onthe surveyed acreage, a patent would be issued, which perfected title to the property.

Hans George secured several warrants for land in Whitehall Townshipo, the first of which is dated August 19,1737 for 10 acres. However, he did not patent these tracts. On December 3, 1760\, he conveyed 400 acres, which he rented.

Hans George died in 1769 and is buried in the Jordan Lutheran Cemetery. The date of death was inscribed on his gravestone, which was last observed in1939, but is no longer standing. A photograph of his gravestone is shown in the "History of Jordan Lutheran Church". The birth year on this stone is not correct.

More About George Ruch:
Alternate Spelling: Hans George Ruch1127
Baptism: 02 Jan 1682/831128

More About George Ruch and Catharina Reiss:
Marriage: 09 Aug 1707, Northern Alsace, France1129
Children of George Ruch and Catharina Reiss are:
  208 i.   George Ruch, born Abt. 1709 in Northern Alsace (now Bas-Rhin) France; died Unknown.
  ii.   Hans Jacob Ruch1130, born Abt. 17161130; died Unknown.
  iii.   Michael Ruch1130, born Abt. 17231130; died Unknown.
  iv.   Maria Eve Ruch1130, born Abt. 17251130; died Unknown.

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