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Ancestors of Sidney Jerry Partin

      664. George G. Brewer, born Abt. 1670 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia; died July 02, 1744 in Brunswick County, Virginia. He was the son of 1328. John III Brewer. He married 665. Sarah Lanier.

      665. Sarah Lanier, born Abt. 1686 in Prince George County, Virginia; died Bef. 1730 in Brunswick County, Virginia. She was the daughter of 1330. John Jr. Lanier and 1331. Lucreece Lnu.

Notes for George G. Brewer:
Credit to Elaine Clowe, found on the Internet:

"GEORGE BREWER was born ca 1670-1680 in Brunswick, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, and died ca 1741-1744 in Brunswick County, Virginia. He married (1) in 1705 in Surry County, Virginia to Sarah Lanier, daughter of John Lanier and Sarah ----, and (2) to Alice Burnwell. Sarah had ten children and died before 1730. All of George's children were born in Surry County, Virginia. Sarah's father, John Lanier and George's father were involved in Bacon's Rebellion. In 1741, there were young children in the household by Alice. In Prince George County: 13 July 1714, George was a witness of a deed, 28 Feb 1723 survey of property, 100 acres, on lower side of Reedy Branch, and 30 March 1725 survey of property on south side of Stony Creek. At a Court held at Merchants Hope for Prince George County, 14 Feb 1720, George Brewer made oath he attended 10 days as evidence for Joshua Irby who was to pay Brewer 400 lbs. tobacco. He was a Mason. His will was dated 13 July 1741 and was proved in August 1744. George Brewer and Sarah Lanier are probably buried in the family cemetery at Rattlesnake Creek.

References: "In the House of Brewer" by Edward Denton Brewer, "In the Ambrose Brewer Family" by James F. Bowman & Dr. Clinton Congleton, "Lanier" by Louise Ingersoll, "Prince George County, Virginia Wills and Deeds 1713-1728" by Benjamin B. Weisiger III, "Magazine of Virginia Genealogy" Volume 24, May 1988, Number 2 Prince George County, Virginia Court Orders & Returns of Executions 1714-1720, "Magazine of Virginia Genealogy" Volume 24, November 1986, Number 4, "Brunswick County, Virginia Court Order Books, 1737-1749: an Every-Name Index Copyright by T.L.C. Genealogy, "Brunswick County, Virginia Wills, 1739-1750" Copyright by T.L.C. Genealogy, "Brunswick County Virginia Will Book No. 2 with Inventories & Accounts 1739 - 1785" Brunswick County Courthouse, Lawrenceville, VA."

Children of George Brewer and Sarah Lanier are:
  332 i.   Oliver Lanier Brewer, born 1708 in Surry County, Virginia; died 1792 in Chatham County, NC; married Rebecca Lnu.
  ii.   Nathaniel Brewer, born 1714 in Virginia; died April 06, 1804 in Chatham County, NC.
  iii.   Henry Brewer, born 1710; died 1778 in Chatham County, NC.
  iv.   John Brewer, born Abt. 1722; died Abt. 1763 in Chatham County, NC.

      676. William Stroud, born 1700; died Aft. 1783. He was the son of 1352. John Stroud and 1353. Hannah. He married 677. Margaret Rose 1729.

      677. Margaret Rose

Notes for William Stroud:
Birth: ABT 1700 in Prince George County, Virginia
Death: in Probably In Lincoln County, North Carolina
John and Hannah Stroud of Prince George County, Virginia, were the American progenitors of our branch of the Stroud/Strowd family. John died in 1737. It is thought that he was born in England. The Brunswick County, Virginia Orders of
1732-1737 show that an Indian slave was returned to Mrs. Hannah Stroud of Prince George County.

Note: The first child of John and Hannah was 1. Joseph, who was born about 1692, and married first to Sarah-, and second to Mary-.
2. *William Stroud I was the second son. On 1 March, 1748, William Stroud, Sr., Planter, (of Brunswick County) sold 100 acres, "on the north side of Sturgeon Run, being part of 322 acres of land formerly patented to John Stroud, Sr."
William can be, from that point, found in records of several Virginia and North Carolina counties. He died in Tryon County, North Carolina, the part which is now Lincoln. His first wife was Margaret- and second Elizabeth-.
3. John, Jr., was born about 1703. His wife was Jane-. On 5 March 1740, John was referred to as Planter of Brunswick County, St. Andrew's Parish, when he sold about two hundred acres on the north side of Sturgeon Run. The deed referred to
it as having been a grant, "part of a greater tract belonging to John Stroud, Sr." It was bordered by Lloyd land, probably the same family who later settled near the Stroud's in Orange County.
Note: 4. Joshua.
Note: 5. Thomas died in 1739, in Brunswick County, Virginia. His wife was Christian-.

Our William Stroud, Sr. was born about 1700 and by 1721 had received his first land grant, on the south side of the Meherrin River in Surry County, Virginia. In less than two years he had sold this property and was residing in Bristol Parish
in Dinwiddie County. He was married to Margaret, maiden name unknown. He appears to have been somewhat of a land speculator and he didn't stay put in any one place for long. Stroud was of Edgecombe County, North Carolina, in 1741, as in
Brunswick County, Virginia, Deed Book 2, page 107 there is a "Lease and Release", from William Stroud, Sr., of Edgecombe Precinct, North Carolina, to John Shearman of Brunswick, for a 100 acre tract in Brunswick, bounded by Robert Ferington and
Lewis Parham. It was signed, William X Stroud, and witnessed by Andrew Hampton, Susanna King and George King and recorded 1 October, 1741. Brunswick County Deed Book 2, page 125, 27 June, 1741, shows that William Stroud, "Planter, of the
Parish of St. Andrew's", a mortgage held by Drury Stith, Gent., on 196 acres on both sides Sturgeon Run, where Stroud now lives, it being part of tract surveyed for John Stoud in 1729, and having been part of a larger tract containing 392
acres. William made his mark, thereby agreeing to pay off the mortgage, plus interest and expenses, by 27 June, 1742, or lose the property.
By late summer of 1739 William purchased 1,000 acres on the south side of the Roanoke River, in Brunswick County, Virginia, but in just over a year records show that he had been sued and was no longer in the county. William had crossed the
state line as he made land purchases of over 1,300 acres in the next few years in Edgecombe Precinct and Warren County, North Carolina. On 15 March, 1742/3 he acquired 400 acres in Edgecombe, on Powell's branch. Other locations were Cabin
Branch, Smith's Creek and Little Creek. During this period of time William Stroud, Jr. met his wife to be, Elizabeth Estridge, as William, Sr. sold to her father, Ephraim Estridge, 100 acres.
22 Feb 1743 -William Stroud (Co. not ident.) to Ephraim Estridge (Co. not ident.), for 4 pds 10 shill, 100 acres on Cabbin Branch all houses, etc., part of grant to ye sd Stroud, 15 Mar 1742. (William Stroud m. Ephraim Estridge daughter.
Elizabeth -descendants in Orange & Chatham).

On 1 December, 1747, William Stroud, Jr. sold 100 acres on the east side of Powell's Creek at Ephraim Estridge's SW corner. On 5 March, 1754, William Stroud received a license in Granville County to keep and Ordinary at his dwelling. In 1754
there is a William Stroud listed as Sargent, in the Company of Capt. Richard Coleman. A John Stroud is also listed.

William, Sr. had married for a second time, as the records show that in 1755 he was imprisoned in Granville County and that his wife Elizabeth Stroud, as well as his son, our William, Jr., and his wife, Elizabeth (Estridge) Stroud, helped him
to escape! We are left to wonder the cause of his incarceration. Perhaps the "Crown" was displeased with William, as his family did not appear to be. There are records regarding his neighbors having covered the roadway with limbs and brush
so as to deter agents of the King, but we will never know whether William was arrested for so honorable a cause!.
William and his family locate next in Orange County where in 1756 he purchased 315 acres and immediately gave half to William Jr. and half to Peter. He then moved up to Lunenberg County, Virginia, by 1759, as Granville County Deed Book C notes
that "William Stroud of Lunenberg County, Virginia", sold 100 acres on Dodson's Branch in Granville, to William Woodward. The last known record of William Stroud, Sr. is found in Tryon County, North Carolina, the part which is now Lincoln.
He acknowledged that John Stroud of that county, was his eldest son by his first wife, Margaret. We can assume that Margaret was also the mother of William Stroud, Jr., since he named a daughter Margaret. Peter and Thomas may have been the
offspring of Elizabeth. As Alvin Bynum said of our early Bynum family, "They were game and plucky". The same might be said of William Stroud, Sr.
Child of William Stroud and Margaret Rose is:
  338 i.   William Stroud, born 1730 in Virginia; died August 04, 1786 in Orange County, NC; married Elizabeth E. Esteridge March 1757 in Orange County, NC.

      678. Ephraim Esteridge, born 1710; died 1784 in Granville County, North Carolina. He married 679. Sarah Rose Lnu 1735.

      679. Sarah Rose Lnu

Notes for Ephraim Esteridge:
Notes from Bebe Fox:

Records are scarce for Ephraim Estridge. On 8 August, 1750, Ephraim Estridge witnessed a sale of 150 acres on the east side of Cabin Branch in Granville County from William Stroud to James Buchanan. Samuel Paschal and John were the other
witnesses. He is known, per deeds, to have owned a mill. He also served as a private in American Revolution. He wrote his will on 18 September, 1781, and it was proved at May Court, 1784, Granville County. He mentioned his wife and two
children but not by name. A deed located in Deed Book B, however, proves that his daughter was Elizabeth, wife of William Stroud, as on 2 June, 1752, "Ephraim Estridge and wife Sarah, Elizabeth Stroud, wife of William Stroud of Granville
County" sold 100 acres to John Hawkins, on west side of Cabin Branch, for 26 pds. One of his witnesses was a John Estridge, possibly his son. Joseph McDonald and Zachariah Higgs were his executors and James McDonald the other witness.

From the book History and Genealogies of Old Granville County, N. C., we find "John Williams to Sarah Estridge." The bond was dated 13 June, 1786, signed by John X Williams and Benjamin Johnston, and witnessed by Robert Searcy.

Appeared on the 1755 tax list for Granville County, NC.
Appeared on the 1766 tax list for Bute County, NC.


More About Ephraim Esteridge:
Occupation: Planter and miller
Child of Ephraim Esteridge and Sarah Lnu is:
  339 i.   Elizabeth E. Esteridge, born 1736 in G, North Carolina; died November 1800 in Orange County, NC; married William Stroud March 1757 in Orange County, NC.

      680. Thomas Lloyd, born in Virginia; died Aft. January 24, 1716/17 in Virginia. He married 681. J. Mackmahon.

      681. J. Mackmahon She was the daughter of 1362. Hugh Mackmahon.
Child of Thomas Lloyd and J. Mackmahon is:
  340 i.   Unknown Lloyd, born Abt. 1713.

      684. John King, born 1686 in Isle of Wight, Virginia; died January 1741/42 in Bristol Parish, Virginia. He was the son of 1368. Henry King and 1369. Katherine Clarke. He married 685. Hannah House Bet. 1718 - 1720 in Virginia.

      685. Hannah House, born Abt. 1700 in Prob. Isle of Wight, Virginia; died Abt. 1726 in Bristol Parish, Virginia. She was the daughter of 1370. Rev. Thomas House and 1371. Hannah Lawrence.

Notes for John King:
NOTES from Jeane K Galeu taken from her published book.
NOTES from Gayle King Blankenship taken from her published book. LC # 90-156079

BIRTH - JOHN KING, 3rd son of Henry King and Katherine Clarke.
1686 - in Isle of Wight Co VA - KW
Bef 1696 in Prince George Co by survey of county citizens taken and recorded in 1716 - JKB
1685 to 1688 - in Isle of Wight Co VA - JKG

John King was the third known son of Henry & Katherine King.
Rent rolls for the county of Prince George.
John King with 50 acres
?Co. Va. Will and Deed book, 1713-1728 - JKB
Land was surveyed by Robert Bolling, new land described as "97 acres on the South side of the Nottoway River, both sides of Sturgeon Run."? Deed book Patent 11-39 - JKB
Land surveyed by Robert Bolling was recorded as purchased by John King for 10 Shillings.
"....for 10 shillings ..... granted to John King of Prince George Co, a certain tract or parcel of land containing 97 acres lying and being on the South Side of Nottoway River in the County aforesaid and bounded: Beginning at a red oak upon said river at the first falls, to a ____ Sturgon River, S-15 W-42 poles, thence E-15 S-200, N-15 E-38 to the Nottoway River, up the river to the point to the several meanderings to the begining".

1718 - 1720 at or near age 34 John King married Hannah House/Howse daughter of Thomas SR and Hannah House.

It is suspected that John's wife; Hannah died of childbirth by 1726.?s, pg. 97)
John was granted another 80 acres at the "mouth of Sturgeon Run, above the first falls". - JKG

Oct. 31, 1726 - (Brunswick Co Patent bk. 13, pg. 61) -
( Brunswick Co was formed in 1720 from Prince George Co., Surry Co. & Isle of Wight Co.)said county and bounded as follows: beginning at a Red oak upon the river, thence South-26 and west-179 poles to a corner Butterwood in a slash, S-22 E-74 poles to a White Oak on Sturgeon Run, and down Sturgeon Run as it meanders to said John King's old line, S-15 W-24 to a corner, N-15 E-38 to the Nottaway River, up the river as it meanders to the beginning.
Signed: Robert Carter - JKG

September 28,1728 (Brunswick Co Patent Bks. 13 & 14).
[Two more land patents are granted to John King of Brunswick Co. These are for 96 acres and 300 acres.]?nty and bounded as followith: to wit, Beginning on Nottoway River on Jainee Williams line, S-30 W-50 poles to a butterwood, thence E-22 N-20 poles to a small black oak, S-40 W-160 poles to a pine, s-4

  Notes for Hannah House:
It is believed that Hannah died in childbirth by 1726.
Child of John King and Hannah House is:
  342 i.   John Jr. King, born August 22, 1724 in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia; died Bef. August 1782 in Chapel Hill, Orange County, North Carolina; married Hannah Davis Abt. 1746 in Prob. Virginia.

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