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Descendants of William Medford

Generation No. 2

2. MALINDA (?)3 MEDFORD (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1806 in Spartanburg Co. South Carolina. She married SOLOMAN POWERS WOOD Abt. 1827 in Georgia, son of JAMES WOOD and ELIZABETH DEMPSEY.

  i.   WILLIAM M.4 WOOD, b. Abt. 1827.

  ii.   MATILDA WOOD, b. Abt. 1828.

  iii.   PINCKNEY H. WOOD, b. Abt. 1830.

  iv.   JOHN H. WOOD, b. Abt. 1840.

  v.   TENY WOOD, b. Abt. 1842.

  vi.   ALDOLPHUS WOOD, b. Abt. 1846.

  vii.   ANDREW WOOD, b. Abt. 1848.

  viii.   MARION WOOD, b. Abt. 1854.
3. DEMPSEY BARNETT3 MEDFORD (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 17 October 1811 in Spartenburg Co. South Carolina, and died 10 February 1892 in Cherokee Co. Georgia. He married (1) REBECCA DODD 10 September 1833 in Elbert Co. Georgia. He married (2) SARAH ANN WHITLOCK Bef. 1850. He married (3) MARY ANN DODD Abt. 1851.

Burial: 1892, Aenon Baptist Cemetery, Woodstock, Ga.

Burial: 1848, Aenon Baptist Cemetery, Woodstock, Ga.

Burial: 1910, Aenon Baptist Cemetery, Woodstock, Ga.

  i.   WILLIAM MONROE4 MEDFORD, b. 2 August 1834, Cherokee Co. Georgia; d. 23 January 1903, Parker Co. Texas; m. SUSAN ALEXANDER, 3 March 1859, Cherokee Co. Georgia?.

  ii.   MARY ELIZABETH MEDFORD, b. 9 February 1836, Cherokee Co. Georgia; d. 9 October 1927, Cunningham, Lamar Co. Texas; m. ASBURY PAGE, 4 September 1851, Cherokee Co. Georgia.

  iii.   THOMAS ELBERT MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1838.

  iv.   MARION D. MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1839.

  v.   ADELINE OPHELIA MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1841.

  vi.   GEORGE WASHINGTON MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1843.

  vii.   DIALPHA4 MEDFORD, b. 30 July 1850, Cherokee Co. Georgia; d. 27 November 1936, Marietta, Georgia; m. LUKE EDWARD GODDARD, 26 January 1871, Marietta Ga.?.
Children of DEMPSEY MEDFORD and MARY DODD are:

  viii.   STILES CICERO4 MEDFORD, b. 31 August 1852.

  ix.   HAVANNAH MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1854.

  x.   JAMES BUCANNAN MEDFORD, b. 3 October 1856.

  xi.   LEANDER MILTON MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1858.

  xii.   DILLARD BARTOW MEDFORD, b. 7 February 1861.

  xiii.   ALBERTINE MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1862.
4. WILLIAM JACKSON3 MEDFORD (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 1817 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, and died in Arkansas. He married ELIZABETH W. ELLISON 27 February 1840 in Cherokee Co. Georgia.

  i.   GEORGE DEMPSEY4 MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1841, Cherokee County, Georgia; m. (1) RACHEL JENKINS, Abt. 1860, Cherokee County, Georgia; m. (2) MARY MARGARET MAY, Abt. 1875.

  ii.   MARY DIALPHE MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1843; m. CICERO REEVES, September 1865, Cherokee County, Georgia.

  iii.   HENRY GREGG MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1845; m. URSULA EGGER, 1876.

  iv.   MATILDA CAROLINE MEDFORD, b. 13 October 1845, Cherokee County Georgia; m. HENRY WALKER DEJARNATTIII, 1 January 1865, Cherokee Co. Georgia.



  vii.   SARAH ADELINE MEDFORD, b. May 1855; d. February 1901, Cerrogorado Cemt. Little River Co., Arkansas; m. JAMES WILLIAM TAPLEY, Abt. 1878.

  viii.   THOMAS JEFFERSON MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1857; m. (1) MARTHA, Abt. 1877; m. (2) MARY ELIZA KILGORE MCREYNOLDS, Abt. 1882.

  ix.   JOHN MILTON MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1859; d. 1941, McCurtain County, OK; m. (1) ELIZABETH BARRETT, Abt. 1874; m. (2) ELIZABETH IMOGENE EGGER, August 1877.

  x.   LUKE ROBERTSON MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1860, Cherokee Co. Georgia; m. SUSAN.

  xi.   LALETA DEMARIS MEDFORD, b. 1870, Alabama.
5. PARKER M.3 MEDFORD (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 30 April 1820 in Spartenburg Co. South Carolina, and died April 1877 in Waelder, Gonzales Co. Texas. He married REBECCA V. ARNOLD Abt. 1844.

  i.   MILFORD CISCERO4 MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1845, Lumpkin County, Georgia; m. REBECCA EDWARDS, September 1863.

  ii.   WILLIAM LOCKE MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1847, Lumpkin County, Georgia; d. January 1863, Danville, Virginia (CSA).

  iii.   GULIFORD CLARK MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1848, Lumpkin County, Georgia; d. June 1881; m. MARY ELIZABETH HOLCOMB, January 1875, Gonzales County, Texas.

  iv.   PARKER LONZO MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1850, Lumpkin County, Georgia; m. MARY R. TAYLOR, Abt. 1888, Bandera County, Texas?.

  v.   ROBERT LEWIS MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1851, Lumpkin County, Georgia; m. MARGARET REBECCA WILKERSON, November 1881.

  vi.   VIRGIL MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1853, Lumpkin County, Georgia.

  vii.   SAVANNAH C MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1855, Lumpkin County, Georgia.

  viii.   CLEMENT B. MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1857, Lumpkin County, Georgia.

  ix.   ADDIE Q. MEDFORD, b. Abt. 1857.
6. SARAH ADELINE3 MEDFORD (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 24 March 1822 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and died 30 April 1901 in Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. She married MOSES NELSON CRUCE Abt. 1841 in Gwinnett County Georgia, son of STEPHEN CRUCE and HANNAH STONE.

Burial: 1901, East Oakwood Cemetery, Ft. Worth Texas
Event 2: 1880, widow's pension Indian Serv. SARAH Adeline
Children of SARAH MEDFORD and MOSES CRUCE are:

  i.   ISAAC JAMES4 CRUCE, b. 27 March 1841, Gwinnett County Georgia; d. Aft. 1889, Oklahoma?; m. SARAH ADELINE MINOR, 1861.

  ii.   MARGARET FRANCES CRUCE, b. 24 December 1842, Fulton County, Georgia; d. 20 April 1884, Gwinnett Co. Ga., Sweetwater Cemetery; m. ALFRED L. JENKINS, Abt. 1868.

  iii.   MARY JANE CRUCE, b. 9 November 1843, De Kalb County, Georgia; d. 26 April 1931, Plainview, Hale County, Texas; m. GEORGE WASHINGTON ROBERTSON, 11 September 1876, De Kalb County, Georgia.

  iv.   STEPHEN OBEDIAH CRUCE, b. 24 February 1844, Gwinnett County Georgia; d. 10 May 1925, Gwinnett County Georgia, Sweetwater Cemete; m. ELIZABETH JANE MARTIN, 23 February 1865, Gwinnett County Georgia.

  v.   JOHN LANEER CRUCE AKA JOHN LANEER, b. 10 May 1847, Gwinnett County Georgia; d. 21 August 1913, Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas; m. NANCY J. GREEN, 4 January 1872, Gwinnett County Georgia.

  vi.   MOSES NELSON CRUCE, JR., b. 12 May 1849, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. May 1905, Gwinnett County, Georgia; m. GEORGIA ADELINE BROWN, Abt. 1875.

  vii.   CHARITY GREGORY CRUCE, b. 10 October 1849, Gwinnett County, Georgia.

  viii.   ALICE CAROLINE CRUCE, b. 9 February 1852, Gwinnett County Georgia; d. 1882, Ft. Worth, Texas, E. Oakwood Cemetery; m. TOM ROBERTSON, 1874, Georgia.

  ix.   MARTHA ELIZABETH CRUCE, b. 1858, Gwinnett County, Georgia.

  x.   CHARLES WASHINGTON (CHARLEY) CRUCE, b. 9 February 1864, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. 28 February 1943, Ft. Worth,Tarrant County, Texas; m. LAURA ORTON, 31 May 1888, Tarrant County, Texas.

Burial: 1943, East Oakwood Cemetery, Ft. Worth Blk52#22

  xi.   LULU CRUCE, b. Abt. 1866, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. 1932, Grandview, Texas; m. FRANK R. HIMES, 11 April 1886, Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.
7. LUKE RUPERT3 MEDFORD (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 13 July 1824 in Gwinnett Co., Ga, and died 15 March 1895 in Red River Co., Tx. He married (1) NANCY GARRETT 1 April 1849 in Cherokee Co., Alabama, daughter of WILLIAM GARRETT and MARY. He married (2) LOUISE TEDDER 10 April 1868 in Marshall County, Alabama, daughter of HENRY TEDDER and SARAH CASTLEBERRY.


He was the youngest son of William and Matilda Medford, born in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

The William Garrett family moved from Georgia to Cherokee Co. Al. about
1845 and Mr. Garrett ask Luke to come be the overseer on his plantation. He had a large tract of land on the Coosa River and built his house on the high ground above the river. Luke went there about 1848 and in 1849 he married the Garretts daughter Nancy. Her parents were William and Mary Garrett and she had brothers, Edward and William H.. Luke and Nancy settled into a new home near the big house. By January 1850 they had bought some land in the southern part of the county about a mile south of Forney, Al. They did well and their first child, Adeline was born that year.

By this time evidently William Garrett had died as Mary and son William H. were living with a relative James and Eliza Garrett near Luke and Nancy. William H. Garrett came with the Medford's to Texas.

Luke is said to have ridden horseback to Texas in 1860 to scout out the area as he wanted to come west and his sister was in Red River County, but by the time he returned home the Civil War seemed about to begin and so they stayed where they were for the time being. It was said about Luke " He was a man of impeccable character and a true southern gentleman. Wherever he went he made friends and his word was his bond in business dealings. In all my life, I have never heard an ill word spoken of him".

This oral tradition about the sister of Luke being in Red River County can not be
proven in any way. She was supposed to have married Stephen Ambrose Cruce but the only one found here in ANY records is not the one she married and this may have gotten mixed up with his sister who did marry a Cruce but stayed in GA.
Luke and his sons carved out a fine farm out of the wilderness, built a nice home and were said to be "well fixed".

He died as the result of the wound he received at Peach Tree Rd. as a
cavalryman under "Fightin" Joe Wheeler and was really mourned when he

Luke was 5th Sgt. in the 2nd Battalion of Alabama Cavalry. In July 1864 he was shot in the shoulder at Peach Tree Rd. near Atlanta, Ga. This outfit was subsequently Company H, 7th Al. Cavalry.

When the war was over Luke went back to "pick up the pieces" of his life. Nancy gave birth to their last son in 1866 and Luke moved the family to Marshall County Al., in the vicinity of Guntersville and Warrenton, not far from where William Jackson and George Dempsey Medford lived. In late 1867 or very early 1868 Nancy died.

He went back to Georgia to talk with his brothers about going to Texas and while there he saw an old friend Louise Tedder whose husband had been killed in the fighting at Stone Mountain and burning of the depot on July 19, 1864. After talking and thinking things over and going back to Alabama, Luke went back to Georgia and got Louise, her two sons, two nephews and 2 slave boys their parents had given her to see to. She had named them Tedder and Arwood.

They loaded wagons and many of the relatives came with them on the long trek to Texas. They had to go up farther north than planned to cross the Mississippi as it was above average level. It is tradition that while crossing the River, Luke and Louise's first child was born, a son Charles Robert. If not during the crossing (which is doubtful) he was born in Helena Arkansas. Their daughter Adeline had her second child soon thereafter.

Luke purchased 200 acres of land from John Beaty for $1000. in December 1876. He paid in gold, using his share of the Garrett estate. Luke later purchased additional land of 120 acres to the west and on the east side (two different tracts) The deed for the first land was made 7 December, 1876 and recorded 25 February 1880, in Book 1 page 349.

Luke visited the Jack Titus Lodge at Colman Springs soon after his arrival in Red River County, March 1870 and was a faithful member till his death.

A tribute paid him by his Masonic Lodge, in part " In the death of Brother Medford, Jack Titus Lodge lost a good man and a zelous Brother Mason, one
to whom the troubled heart could pour out it's sorrows and find a ready
response and helping hand..." 20 April, 1895

There have not been any pictures found of Luke, but people who knew them,
said he looked most like his son Ed, wore a moustache, frock coat and
black planters hat.

The finding of Luke's daughter's marriage record in Marshall Co. Al shows her to be Salena Adeline. This gives more credance to a sister of Luke's being named Salena.

Burial: 1895, Medford Family Cemetery, R.R. Co. Tx.
Event 2: 1861, served CSA 5th Sgt. 2nd Batt. AL Cavalry

Burial: 1867, Sand Mountain Cemetery, Marshall Co. Al.


Louise first married to E. Laval Arwood about 1859 and had James Andrew
and Theodore Napnee Arwood. Laval died in the fighting at Stone Mountain, Georgia in 1864. I believe Louise and the boys were living with the Arwoods in Cobb County Georgia while Laval was away but tradition goes that their home was burned and Louise said her and the boys and her sister lived in the slave quarters for awhile, before moving to her brothers home.

A Widow's Application for a pension based on Luke R. Medford's time in the CSA was found at the Texas State Archives. #31032 was filed September 1915 and approved December 1, 1915. At the time the application was made, she was apparently living with Nora Hall, her daughter, in New Boston, Texas.

She gives his name as Luke Roberson Medford and that they were married 10 April 1868 in Marshall County, Alabama. She was born in Cherokee County, Georgia and has lived in Texas since 1870. She says she has lived in New Boston since 1902.

Luke enlisted in Alabama and served four years in Company H 7th Alabama Cavalry.

Joseph William Levi Hall, Louise's son in law and Thadius O. McCleskey her step son in law sign the document which says they knew Luke R. Medford to be her husband, and she has not remarried.

Thad McClesky swears that he lived in Marshall County Alabama at the breaking out of the Civil War. I enlisted and served in Company F, 8th Alabama Regiment of Cavalry. I was not aquainted with Luke R. Medford before the war but became aquainted with him soon afterward and was closely associated with him up until time of his death. I have had many talks with him about his experiences in the war, the battles he was in and I know from every source except actual service with him that he served in the Confederate Army and that he was honorbly discharged.

A note from the War Dept. Adjutant General's office: Records show that L.R. Medford fifth sergeant, 2nd Battalion Alabama Cavalry (subsequently Co. H., 7th Alabama Cavalry) CSA enlisted November 15, 1862. On the roll dated December 31 1863, last on fle and reported present. No later record was found.

John A. Sheilds age 76 and living in Wood County Texas says he knew Luke Medford and served with him two years. Mr. Sheilds was then wounded and was no longer with the Company. I know personally that he never deserted his post or abandoned his post of duty during the Civil War.

Evidently in July 1921 Louise was visiting her son, by her first marriage James A. Arwood in Jones County, Texas and her check, Warrant # 16664 in the sum of $24.00 was never received. (two such checks?) T.O. McClesky and J.A. Arwood had to sign a surety bond for the State Comptroller to reissue her a check. The surety bond was for $48.00

On the 5th April 1926 in the town of Avery, Louise Medford died in the home of Ed Medford, her son (actually step son), that her last check has not been cash and that I am the daughter of Louise Medford. signed Mary Wood 24th April, 1926 Undertaker George W. Johnson signed a statement and also Darius Edrington, a doctor that attended Louise Medford in her last illness and he was of the opinion that the ailments were Severol Senility.

Burial: 1926, Medford Family Cemetery,Red River Co. Tx.

  i.   SALENA ADELINE4 MEDFORD, b. 9 December 1850, Cherokee Co., Alabama; d. 2 September 1928, Red River Co., Texas; m. THADIUS OBEDIAH MCCLESKEY, 1 August 1867, Marshall Co., Alabama.


S. Adeline is said to have met her husband Thadius while serving sweet
potatoes to the Confederate soldiers in Alabama near or at her home in
Marshall County. Thad was said to be "not only a great horseman but
daring, causing his horse to jump over fences and shoot Yankee's in the

Thad was discharged from the CSA in April 1865 and married Adeline and
their first child a daughter Nancy Louise was born in Marshall Co.
Alabama. Their second daughter was born near Arkadelphia Arkansas on the
trip to Texas in 1870. The rest of their family was born near their home
around Lydia in Red River county. I am not sure when Thad bought the land
about 1/2 way between Lydia and Avery on what is now FR 911 but he owned
this land before 1901, as he bought 30 acres from C.R. Medford joining

They helped build and start Shawnee Chapel Methodist Church with some of
the Hardman families. The Deed is recorded in Volume 9 page 144 and the
property was sold in 1958 through due process of the Methodist Church.
Shawnee Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church South was given the land for a
church by John Moore, dated 23 July, 1880 to the Trustees John B. Reeves,
B.B. Clark and Joel T. Hardman and those to follow. It was signed 26 May
1881, and recorded 2 September 1885 in Red River County, Texas
This was from the William Wilburn Headright and the church land was not
given in acres but was 99 yards square.

On 2 September 1929 several members of the Lee Family heirs were paid
$15.00 for one acre of the Abram Wagley Survey for Shawnee Cemetery (by
Shawnee Chapel Methodist Church) This was found in Red River
Recollections, a history of the county.

Many of Adeline and Thad's children had already been buried here, as
early as 1885.

Thad was a carpenter and built the Medford house and many other homes in
the area in the next 40-50 years. Also have a picture of him with others
to repair a bridge near Lydia.

Thad applied for a pension on his Confererate Service record and it was
approved. He died in 1934 and Adeline died in 1928.

Thad and Adeline moved to Erath County, Texas in May of 1915. I do not
know how long they were there, but evidently moved back or were here for
a long extended vist at times.

Thad and Adeline were both members of Shawnee Chapel Methodist Church as
was their daughters Lillie and Ruth who both joined in October 1903 and
David E. a son who had joined before 1903. It was noted in the Quarterly
Charge Conference about Adeline's death. I believe Thad had gone to
Eastland County to live with some of his children and died there. I only
went through Church Records which were found up until 1930.

Burial: 1928, Shawnee Chapel Cemetery, Red River Co. Tx.

Burial: 1934, Shawnee Chapel Cemetery, Red River Co. Tx.

  ii.   JAMES JEFFERSON MEDFORD, b. 25 January 1852, Cherokee Co. Alabama; d. 4 May 1926, Rising Star, Eastland Co. Texas; m. MARTHA MATILDA(MATTIE) LEWIS, 15 October 1874, Parker County, Texas?.


Always called Jeff, he was already 18 years old when the family came to
Red River County, Texas in 1870. Together with his brother Ed, bought and
operated a saw mill near Woodland in NW part of county, about 1871-73.
Later he visited Parker County and met and married Mattie Lewis and they
were married in 1874. Some of Dempsey Barnett Medford's family came to
Parker County after the Civil War. Perhaps this is one reason for Jeff to
be there.

They moved back to Red River County soon after their marriage and all their children were born in Red River County. One of their daughters died early in life and is buried at the Old Medford place cemetery.

Ed and Jeff later built a cotton gin at the old Medford place. In 1898 they moved the gin to Lydia and enlarged it.

His family lived at Lydia till about 1906 when they moved to Eastland County, Texas and bought property there in 1907. Jeff died there in 1926
and Mattie in 1947.

Burial: 1926

  iii.   WILLIAM MONROE MEDFORD, b. 3 September 1854, Cherokee Co. Alabama; d. 24 June 1932, Rockwall, Texas; m. MARY E. DALBY, Abt. 1893.


He was called "Monk" as far back as anyone can remember but no one can
come up with an explanation as to how this got started. He was 16 years
old when they arrived in Red River County, Texas in early 1870.

He went to Kentucky Medical College in Louisville and graduated before 1893. I'm not sure of the year, but he was in Dalby Springs, Bowie County, Texas married to Mary E. Dalby and practicing medicine by the next year.

They moved to Lydia sometime before 1900, then on to Boxelder and later
to Avery.

Relatives remember he had one led shorter than the other and caused a slight limp. No one knows if he was born this way or something happened later in his life to cause it.

He had 2 hired men to drive his buggy for him while he made house calls.
Doctors in that time made mostly house calls than they ever had office calls. They also had to make up their own medicines.

They later owned a large home in Avery which is now referred to as the Jennings home. A grandaughter of Uncle Monks told me that her mother said it was being built for them in 1918 when she was born and Uncle Monk and family lived across the street. Another story is that it was built for another person and Uncle Monk later bought it. I do not know the true story.

Monk and Mary did own a Hotel at one time, as Mary had a life long dream of running one, so she finally had the chance of doing so. I wonder how long this went on and if she really did enjoy it when she had the experience? There were several large Hotel's in Dalby Springs when she was a girl as there were mineral spring there where people came to "take the cure"

He was called Pappy by his grandchildren.

He let Louise McClesky Estes live in a small house on the back of his property for a good while. She was his neice. Some of her descendants remember this and also I believe Mary's parents lived with Monk and Mary for awhile too. At that time people took care of their loved ones in their homes.

Burial: 1932, Avery Cemetery, Avery, Texas

  More About MARY E. DALBY:
Burial: 1921, Avery Cemetery, Avery, Texas

  iv.   EDWARD LONZO MEDFORD, b. 1 September 1856, Cherokee Co. Alabama; d. 1928, Red River Co. Texas; m. MARY EMMALINE (EMMA) WALKER, 26 May 1875, Red River Co. Texas.


Ed was 14 when the family came to Texas, but soon was doing a man's work
in the saw mill he and Jeff owned. (Papa probably put up the inital money)

Ed married Emma Walker in 1875. Her father was Jesse Walker who received
a land grant from the State of Texas for 1280 acres of land. They were
here in Texas before 1838. He and his first wife had several children and
then married Martha E. Patterson in 1857 and had Mary Emmaline, Robert M.
and Sallie O. The field notes for the survey of Jesse Walker Headright are
dated 10 May 1839 and says the survey was made between 1838 and this

In a deed recorded in Book 15 page 92, 12 March 1887 in Red River County, Texas this above land, or part of it is disposed of. (The older children of Jesse Walker...) W.J. Walker, J.G.A. Walker, S.E. Doak, A.R. Grimes, M.McAdam, Martha Dillard, H.R. Dillard, Lou Stovall, and Jewlie Roberts conveyed to M.E. Medford, R.M. Walker, and Sallie Elliott forever, for even quit claim land in Red River County, 18 miles east of Clarksville, part of the Jesse Walker Survey of 1280 acres. 750 said acres set apart as the property of heirs of Elizabeth Walker (Jesse's first wife) and remaining 580 acres on the south side of the survey being part we the aforesaid grantors hearby convey. Signed:
Thomas E. Doak...S.E. Doak lived in Red River County 1887
H.R. Dillard...M.A.Dillard...lived Caddo Parish, La. 1887
H.A. Stovall...Lou A. Stovall...Red River Co. in 1887
J.G.A.Walker..F.L.Walker(his wife) Lamar County, Tx. 1887
D.E.Roberts...S.Jewlie Roberts Collin county, Tx. 1887
A.J.McAdams..M.E. McAdams Runnells Co. Tex. 1887
W.J.Walker Parker County Texas 1887
J.A.Gaines..A.R. Gaines Red River Co. Texas 1887

Book 15 page 84 Red river County, Texas 9 March 1888 R.M. Walker was paid $350 ($250. in hand and $110. note) for his 1/3 share of 530 acres by E.L.Medford, John C. Elliott and Sallie Elliott paid $350. for their 1/3 share($100
cash and 3 notes payable 1889,1890,1891 by E.L. Medford.

Ed and his wife were members of the Shawnee Chapel Methodist Church and
he was vey prominent in the affairs of the Church. He held the deed for the Church, so was probably a Trustee. The Shawnee Chapel Deed was made
23 July 1880 with John Moore giving the land to the Church in hands of Trustees John B. Reeves, B.B. Clark and Joel T. Hardman. This is in Volume 9 page 14 Red River County, Texas. It is dated at end 26 May 1881 and recorded 1885, 2 September. This land was sold in 1958 through the official channelsof Methodist Church. It was from the William Wilburn Headright and was 99 yards square.

In the records of the Douglas Charge (later Avery) beginning with records
found from 1903, E.L. Medford is mentioned at every Quarterly Conference
Meeting. In many instances he is the Secretary.

A toranado came through the area and destroyed Ed and Emma's home in 1908
and they built anew one about 1/2 mile north of their old place, and built Harry B. Smith and thier daughter Ollie Medford Smith a home near the old site. These were some of the homes built by Ed's brother in law,Thad McClesky.

Ed and Emma had only two daughters to live until adulthood, and one of them, Essie, died soon after her first and only child was born. They had some children which lived a while but at least 6 died as infants, not

These are all buried in a small cemetery just east of where the original house stood.

They took in many orphans and children who needed help, plus they helped
raise their grandson, Paul Wise. In the 1910 census Jane Vanderpool a 17
year old orphan lived with them as did Mary Page and Paul Wise, grandson,
age 13. In 1921 BeBe Paige and Haggard Prestridge lived with them and at
some other time a George Barfield lived with them.

They had "Cousin Mary Page" stay with them and Ed's stepmother Louise was
with them when she died in 1926. They had moved to Avery by this time and
are buried in the Cemetery there. Ed died in 1928 and Emma in 1946.

I have some copies of the original tax receipts of Ed Medford. They belong to Mrs. Edwin Smith of Cleveland, Texas. In 1879 Ed paid 60 cents in taxes. In 1882 he pays $2.13 and in 1883 it was $4.57. He was paying this last on 200 acres of the Jesse Walker survey. (This was some more than Emma's 1/3 share of 1/3 of 520.) In 1886 he paid $5.11 and there was also a reciept for the back taxes on the remaining 2/3 for the years 1879-1885, a total on this acreage was $30.22.

In 1889, he is paying taxes on 230 acres, $11.70. What has happened to the other 300? In 1892 he paid $9.15 taxes on 230 acres.

Ed is a member of the Jack Titus Lodge of Freemasons then at Coleman Springs. He and Wheeler are the only sons of Luke Rupert to be Masons.

Burial: 1928, Avery Cemetery, Avery, Texas

Burial: 1946, Avery Cemetery, Avery, Texas

  v.   PARKER JOSIAH MEDFORD, b. 30 September 1859, Marshall Co. Alabama; d. 7 July 1949, Red River Co. Texas; m. (1) SUSAN ORA (SUDIE) SIMMONS, 16 November 1884, Red River Co. Texas; m. (2) MARY ANN (MOLLIE) BENEDICT, 11 December 1895, Red River Co. Texas.


He was called Park by the family at the time and was later known as P. J.
and his grandchildren called him "Pappy"

He was only 10 years old when his family started on the trail to Texas.
Later he and his older brothers started a sawmill business up near
Woodland and the Red River in very NW Red River County. He was more or
less detailed to transport the cut timber.

In 1884 he married Susan Ora Simmons and they had Brose, Callie and John.
Susan (Sudie) died in 1891 and is buried in the Medford Place Cemetery.
Parkers step mother raised the children until he remarried in 1896 to Mary Ann (Mollie) Benedict. She was really the only mother the children remember.

Park and his brother Wheeler built a General Store at Lydia about 1900 but by 1908 Park moved his part to Avery and his son Brose had gone partners with him. Their early slogan was "Everything from the Cradle to the Grave". John bought in about 1910 and soon then Park got out and the store was Medford Brother's instead of P.J. Medford and Son.

Later still Brose sold all his part to brother John and it became John Medford's.

In 1911 P.J. and Mollie sold one acre of land at Lydia to the Methodist Church, Avery Charge for $25.00. There had been a joint place of meeting there before this, as Baptist, Presbyterians Methodist had long been meeting there, but the Methodist now was to have a site of it's own. The church there was disbanded in 1969 and the building torn down about 1982.

Medford's store was destroyed by fire in 1926 and was rebuilt back on the
same spot, and was later bricked.

Park was vice-President of the Bank in Avery and he and Brose were both
Directors in 1920, also shareholders in a telephone exchange.

Pat Cunningham, Park's son in law told me about one time when Park and
Mollie visiting himand his wife Ruby in Brownfield and wanted Pat to take them to visit his brother Jeff in Eastland. Pat said he would, but they would have to make the trip in one day, as that was all he could be away from the Grocery Store they had in Brownfield. So they got up very early one Sunday morning and begin the long trip down to Eastland.(This was before air conditioners in cars,but maybe it wasn't summer time, Pat didn't say) I don't know how long the trip was but I am sure they didn't have a long time to visit. It was probably near dark when they began the long trip back to Brownfield and were about 1/2 way home when Park rememberd his cane. He had left it at Jeff's! He tried to get Pat to turn around and go back and get it, but Pat told him it was just too far, and they were all so tired."I'll just take you down tomorrow and buy you a new one." Which
he did, and Mollie told Pat when Park died, he was to have that cane, and
she gave it to him, and even though Pat himself should have used it some
before he died, I never saw him, and was told he wouldn't.

I only met Uncle Park and Aunt Mollie one time. We came to Red River County to visit in 1947 or 48 and went out to see them. My Dad drove up in front of their house and Uncle Park was afraid we were going to run over some plants or into the porch or something. He came running out and waving his cane"Stop! Stop right there!"

He ask if my sister and I wanted to go out and pick some peaches. Of course we did, so Uncle Park, my Dad and Brenda and I went out behind and to north of their house where his orchard was. He had dug a little ditch about a foot or a little more wide and several inches deep to run some water out to some of the trees. He was walking along slowly, using his cane, but when he came to that ditch he jumped over it like a kid! Mysister and I got so tickled. He was nearing 90 at the time!

Burial: 1949, Avery Cemetery, Avery, Texas

Burial: 1891, Medford Family Cemetery, Avery, Texas

Burial: WFT Est. 1766-1892

  vi.   CHARLES ANDERSON MEDFORD, b. 28 November 1860, Alabama; d. 20 September 1870, Red River Co. Texas.

Burial: 1870, Wooten Cemetery, Red River Co. Texas

  vii.   BENJAMIN WHEELER MEDFORD, b. 29 August 1866, Marshall County, Alabama; d. 23 October 1943, Red River Co. Texas; m. BETTIE MAE OZMENT, 4 September 1893, Paris, Texas.


His father ask Adeline to take him and care for him while on the road to
Texas and she did but I guess when they finally got settled in Red River
County he went to be with his father and step mother.

He was named for the man who Luke served under in the Civil War. "Fightin"
Joe Wheeler. It is evident that Luke admired him a lot. Some of the people in Georgia didn't though. Somewhere I read that it was not any worse for the Yankee's to come through than Joe Wheeler's Cavalry, trying to find supplies for the men, etc.

Wheeler married Bettie Mae Ozment, daughter of Daniel Jasper Ozment and
Mary Catherine Sipes in Paris Texas.

Wheeler followed in his father's footsteps by becoming a Mason.

Wheeler purchased land in Lydia in 1900, built a house in "The Grove", across the road from the cemetery. Between 1902-1904 he had aquired 20 acres for a total of $195.00

Wheeler and Parker started a General Merchandise store in Lydia in 1900,
but Parker left in 1908. They had bought a lot and evidently built a new store or expanded in 1907. The lot cost them $250.00. Wheeler sold the store in Lydia in 1912 and the rest of his land there in 1913, moved his family and bought land for a store in Avery in 1912.

It was started in 1915 and the B.W. Medford Store at South Burden St. was
still operating in 1920.

B.W. Medford joined the Avery Charge, Methodist Church in 1911. Bettie Mae was a member too and was active in the Women's Missionary Society as I have heard her name mentioned, but her name was not given in the Quarterly Conference Minutes I found.

Bettie Mae's brother, Newton Gordon Ozment was a Methodist preacher.

Soon after Wheeler Wood (son of Mae Medford and Lewis Wood) married Ruby
Pynes, Bettie Mae came to visit Ruby one day after Wheeler had left. It
was raining and she had on an old overcoat, high rubber boots and an old
hat pulled down, knocked at the door, and when Ruby answered Bettie
ask "Are you Wheeler's wife" and when Ruby said " yes"," Well, I'm Wheelers
wife too!" After Ruby realised the situation, Bettie was invited in and
they had a long visit.

Except for a child of Oscar and Mamie's, Wheeler and Bettie are the only
Medford's buried at Lydia.

Burial: 1943, Lydia Cemetery, Red River Co. Texas

  viii.   CHARLES ROBERT4 MEDFORD, b. 4 December 1869, Helena, Phillips Co., Arkansas; d. 22 March 1959, Lamesa, Dawson Co. Texas; m. RUTH ANNA BEATRICE KEEN, 22 December 1895, Woodland, Red River Co. Texas.


He was not a large man, as I remember him. About 5 foot 7 inches tall and
always a slim build. When young his hair was light brown but thinned and
receded early. He had light gray eyes. From the time I can remember him,
he chewed Beech-Nut tobacco. He always wore sleeve garters, the only
person I ever knew to wear them, and also wore suspenders.

Charlie never learned to drive a car, although he owned some and would drive a tractor only if none of the boys were there to do it.

He was a deacon in the First Baptist Church at Avery from 1912 till they left the county in 1923. He was later at First Baptist in Lamesa and may have been in between these years at some other churches.

Charlie and Ruth also wore nightcaps to bed. I guess they clung to some
of the old ways longer than most.

I found in some papers lent to me by a descendant of Ed Lonzo Medford,
Charlie's 1/2 brother, some promisory notes and vendor's Lein notes that
I missed at courthouse or were never recorded.

A totally handwritten note, dated Lydia, Texas Red River County, $40.00 November 29th, 1895... by 1st day November 1896 pay P.J. Medford
(another 1/2 brother) or bearer, forty dollars with 10% intrest...given as
part payment on 50 acres of land, part of Jesse Walker survey...more
fully described in a deed. signed C.R. Medford

A form deed is there also which gives complete land description and C.R.Medford has already paid $85.00 with the $40. note. Then C.R. and Euka Medford sell this to J.T. Pollard dated 8th day November 1897.

Below are listed some deeds of which I have copies, some are recorded soon after execution date and some years later, they are filed by the recording date.

Year Made Book Page
? 65 157 W.F. Burden to C.R. Medford rec. 10 Dec. 1909
1897 69 24 K.L.Keen to C.R Medford 100 acres S.P. Moore Hd.
1899 70 140 K.L.&M.I.Keen and C.R.& R.A.B. Medford to Rehoboth
Missionary Baptist Church
1899 35 607 C.R.&R.A.B.Medford to J.J. Davis 100 acres S.P.
Moore Headright Survey
1900 39 553 J.J.&Alice Davis to K.L.Keen & C.R. Medford same
100 acres,
1901 96 491 C.R.Medford to T.O.McClesky 30 ac. S.P. Moore Hdr.
1904 69 23 C.R.&R.A.B. Medford to C.H. Watson 69 acres, same
from Moore Hdr.
1904 53 114 J.J.&M.A.R.Davis to C.R.Medford 30 1/8 ac. 1/2
mile east of Avery
1908 97 140 C.R.&Mrs. Medford to W.M.Medford 50 acres of
Sewell Hancock Survey(probably Charlie's part of his father's land)
1911 70 220 Release of deed to C.H. Watson
1911 86 156-157 C.R.7Eukie to W.H.Cox, part of land E.of Avery
1914 83 351 C.R.Medford to W.M.Medford rest of land E.of Avery
1919 96 452 Louise Medford to C.R.Medford 93 acres of Sewell
Hancock Survey(Old Medford Place)
1927 C.R.&Eukie medford to P.J. and Wm.M. Medford deed
to same, made in Dawson County, Texas, filed in Red River County, Texas.

Found also in Ed Lonzo papers was a promissory note #2 for $453.35 dated
25 August 1919 from C.R. Medford to Mrs. Louiser Medford for the above 93
acres. He has paid her $500. to start and 3 yearly payments of $435.35 with last payment being 5 cents less for a total of $1860., this being $20. per acre.

Charlie's family was told a few years back that his name was Robertson, instead of Robert, because of a man whose plantation the familes stayed while waiting for the flood waters to recede so they could cross the Mississippi River on their way to Texas. Evidently this was told to Bailey (son of Oscar) by Louise, Charlie's mother. It never came up when he was living, but he never used it as far as anyone knows.

Tradition has it that Charlie was born in the covered wagon as they were crossing the River in December 1869. He did state his birthplace as Helena, Phillips County, Arkansas.

The land deeds listed above with the Keen's are Charlie's inlaws, and are
marking some land given to the Rehoboth Missionary Baptist Church. From
the deeds, a church must have already been there at the time. It is possible K.L.Keen was the minister there at first, but records have long disappeared and it is not known. The one acre of land for the church was given with the stipulation if and when there was no longer a church there, the land would revert back to them or to their heirs. The church evidently disbanded long before it burned but there are people who remember going to church there. A cemetery still remains, off the road, with this land given by the Smith brothers and Val Ryther from the Smith
Estate which was their property at one time.

In the fall of 1922, Charlie moved his family to Dawson County, Texas.
They moved by train. The family rode the passenger car, but Charlie rode
with the stock in the freight car. Luther Lewis, a friend of the family
in East Texas and had moved west earlier, wrote Charlie and wanted him
to come out and help farm some land he had rented. Charles and Ruth had
moved to Jones County in 1908 and stayed about a year but must not have
liked it, as they moved back to Red River County within a year but the
land here was worn out for cotton production and so it must have seemed a
good idea at the time in 1922 to move again.

When they moved to Jones County (1908), they were near Charlie's half brother
Dr. James A. Arwood, a self educated Dr. who had moved there a couple of
years earlier and bought land on the Clear Fork of the Brazos. In fact
Dr. Arwood delivered the baby, Joe D., who was born while they were

There is another story attached to Joe D.'s birth which his sister
Imogene told me. Ruth's sister married Jeff Davis and he had a son named
Joe by a previous marriage who was grown by this time. He had told Ruth
if she would name the baby after him, he would give them a pig. So this
is how Joe D. got his name and Imogene says she believes they did get the
pig but have never heard that Joe D.'s name was really Joe Davis.

They made a good cotton crop in 1923 and Charlie decided to buy some land, 160 acres, but 1924 and 1925 was a bad crop year and Charlie had given the older boys check writing priviledges and between living expenses and their"needs" and "wants" there was no money for land payment. He did not invest in land again, but only farmed on rented land till he quit farming in 1936.

At this time there were only two children left at home, Joe D. and Jim Ed
and they evidently did not see farming as their life work and the four of them moved to Big Spring. Both boys got into oil business related jobs and continued in this till their retirement. Charlie got a part time job in a furniture store in Big Spring for awhile.

They continued to live in Big Spring till the mid 1940's when they moved back to Lamesa, where they lived the rest of their days.

Burial: 1959, Lamesa Memorial Cemetery
Fact 6: farmer
Fact 8: Red River Co.,Martin and Dawson Co. Texas
Fact 9: Baptist


She was at one time 5ft. 7 or 8 inches tall she told her daughter in law
Mabel, but was not that tall in 1934 and by 1948 or so was no more than
5ft 2 inches tall. She seemed to shrink more than some. At one time, in older pictures,she looks to have been pretty heavy but later pictures she is still plump but not quite as heavy. She had dark brown hair and light brown eyes.

She liked plants and flowers and kept houseplants before most people I ever knew did. She would take coffee and tea grounds and pour on her plant soil.
She made the best potato's. Brenda and I have both tried to make them
like hers, but they never tasted as good as we remember.

She dipped snuff ever since I can remember and she crocheted really nice.
I have 3 doiley's she made for me. One when I was 5 for my little table
and chair set and the other two about the time I got married.

Ruth was born in Navarro Co. Texas, I believe, tho she states on Seldon's birth certificate that she was born in Henderson Co. Tax records and Masonic records show them to live in Navarro Co. in 1876.

She was nicknamed EUKIE early in life, as her older sister couldn't say Ruthie, sounded like Eukie, so that is what she was to most people. It is even her name given on marriage license.

They were married 22 December,1895 near Woodland, in N.W. Red River Co. Texas. I have a picture of Ruth with Lizzie Pridgen about 2-3 years before the marriage. She married Charles Robert Medford. His half brother owned saw mill near where she lived and a half sister of his, Adeline, lived near there also, so guess that's how the two met. Research since makes me believe they already lived south of Avery at the time ot her marriage.

Charlie had lived in Red River County since he was 4 months old. He was born near Helena Phillips Co. Arkansas as his parents were coming to Texas. There is a story that he was born in the wagon crossing the Mississippi River at Helena. His parents, with many relatives on both sides, and maybe some friends had all pooled resources and made the trip together. Charlie was the 8th child of his father, 3rd child of his mother and the first child of this marriage. Luke had 1 daughter and 6 sons and Louise 2 sons. They all arrived in Red River Co. Texas in March of 1870.

After Charlie and Ruth married, they settled near the old Medford place. They later bought some land that her father had bought only a short time before, and together gave one acre to the Rehoboth Missionary Baptist Church.

Their 1st child was Vivian Ailene, born in January 1897 and in December 1898 Charles Herman was born, but he didn't live long and was buried in the Medford Family Cemetery. In 1900 Mary Louise was born. She was named for her 2 grandmothers.

At the end of that year a family stopped by to get some water and some of the family had scarlet fever. Vivian took it and died and was buried along side Charles H. These graves are at the west end of the cemetery and marked only by a metal post and rock.

Charlie sold the land he had bought from the Keens to Ruth's sister and brother in law, Jeff and Alice Davis, but a year later bought it back from them. In 1901 he sold 30 acres of it to his brother in law, Thadius McCleskey, where it joined him, and in 1904 he sold the remaining 69 acres.

Now he bought land from Jeff Davis, just east of Avery. After Charlie's father died in 1895, he got his share of that land, but sold it to a brother. By this time Gervaise (1902) and Perry (1904) and Opal had come along (1906).

Sometime in 1908 they packed up and moved to Jones Co. Texas, near Truby, on the banks of the Clear Fork of the Brazos. Charlie's half brother, James A. Arwood had moved there, bought land and took his medical practice there. He was the Dr. attending Ruth when Joe D. was born in 1909. They didn't stay much longer out there, but came back to Red River county. The land east of Avery was not sold till 1910.

Imogene and Seldon were born between 1911 and 1914 and Jim Ed in 1918 and their family was complete.

Charlie bought 93 acres from his mother on the old home place. All Charlie's brothers and sisters and Ruth's too lived in Red River County and mostly near Avery and I'm sure they had good times visiting together.The Keen family picture was taken about 1904 and in 1921 the Medford family had a large reunion at Charlie's youngest sister's home just north of Avery. There were many more get togethers, but these were recorded in pictures.

They were long time members of the Baptist church, at Lydia and Rehoboth, and both of these churches are gone now, with no records, but Charlie is on records at Avery as being a Deacon from 1912 till they left Red River County in 1923,and he was a deacon in Dawson County, Texas also.

Burial: 1967, Lamesa Memorial Cemetery
Fact 6: Housewife
Fact 7: crochet,house plants
Fact 9: Baptist

  ix.   SARA FRANCES MEDFORD, b. 1872, Red River Co. Texas; d. 18 January 1964, Austin, Travis County, Texas; m. NEWTON GORDON OZMENT, 24 October 1894, Red River Co. Texas.


Sarah Frances married Newton Gordon Ozment in October 1894. He was a
Methodist preacher and brother of Wheeler's wife Bettie Mae. It was said
of Newton "He can run farther and jump higher of anyone I know" He liked
young people and sports and was a good minister. One of their churches
was in Marble Falls, Texas in Marlin county.


The Southwest Texas Conference of The Methodist Church, Yearbook of 1948
has an obit for him.

He was converted and joined the Methodist Episcopal church, South August
27, 1893 and licensed to preach in September of that same year. On
October 24, 1894 he was married to Miss Fannie Medford of Lydia Texas.

In 1896 he joined the North Texas Conference and ordained a deacon by
Bishop Galloway in November 1898 and an elder by Bishop Candler in 1900.

He served the North Texas Conference at charges in Powderly 1896-98,
Reinhardt 1898-1900, Blue Grove 1900-01, Detroit 1901-1904. In 1904, he
transferred to West Texas (now Southwest) Conference and held
appointments in Utopia, Belmont,Center City, Marble Falls,Edna, Eagle
Lake,Llano,San Saba,Karnes City,Palacious. He served for thirty nine
years in the active ministry.

In 1935 he ask for and was granted the retired relation and moved to
Austin, where he and Mrs. Ozment made their home. Brother Ozment held
many successful revival meetings and received many into the church. His
ministry was featured by paying old church debts. He was greatly beloved
in all the communities where he served by all ages and all denominations.
He was a faithful pastor in visiting the sick and doing his work in a
devoted way.

He is survived by his wife who shared life's sorrows and victories with
him for fifty three years and the following children. Mrs. J.M. Morris,
Mrs Laurine Woodruff, Medford Ozment all of San Antonio and Mrs Charles
Hage and Victor Ozment of Austin.

His funeral service was held on 27 January 1948 from the Ward Memorial
Church in Austin with the following minister's taking part, Edmund
Heinsohn, J. Virgil Davis, Wood H. Patrick and O.C. Crow. Burial was in
Memorial Park Cemetery in Austin.

Burial: 1948, Memorial Park Cemetery

  x.   HAVANNAH MEDFORD, b. 20 April 1873, Red River Co. Texas; d. 18 August 1900, Bowie Co. Texas; m. JOSEPH WILLIAM LEVI HALL, 17 December 1891, Red River Co. Texas.


She married Joseph William Levi Hall ,third child of Levi Harrison Hall
1841-1911 born Choctaw Co. Al. and Louisa E. Tidwell 1848-1879 born in
Holmes Co. Ms. and both dying in Bowie Co. Texas and buried in College
Hill Cemetery, DeKalb, Tx. in 1890.

William and Havanna had 2 children who died very young ,Estelle and Alma,
both buried at College Hill Cemetery. Two other daughters lived to be
adults, Mona and Allene

Havanna died when Allene was 9 months old and Nora,Havanna's sister,went
to help out with the children and she and William were married in 1902.

Burial: 1900, College Hill Cemetery, DeKalb, Texas

Burial: 1933, Read Hill Cemetery, New Boston, Texas

  xi.   MATILDA J. (MATTIE) MEDFORD, b. 1874, Red River Co. Texas; d. 1923, Rising Star, Eastland Co. Texas; m. WILLIAM M. WOLF, 17 December 1890, Red River Co., TX.

  xii.   BONNIE MEDFORD, b. 1876, Red River Co. Texas; d. Unknown, Red River Co. Texas.

Burial: Medford Family Cemetery, Red River Co. Tx.

  xiii.   OSCAR NEWTON MEDFORD, b. 22 July 1878, Red River County, Texas; d. 8 July 1955, Hockley Co. Texas; m. MARY EMILY (MAMIE) HARDMAN, 24 December 1900, Red River Co. Texas.


He married Mary Emily, always called Mamie, in December 1900.

A tornado hit their home in 1908, at the same time moving the Old Medford
home off it's foundation and tearing up Ed Medford's home.

Oscar took his family to Eastland County about 1910, but stayed for one
crop and moved back to Red River County. They had one daughter while in
Eastland County, Velma.

After returning to Lydia area, he continued farming and also had a syrpe
mill. He used his fathers old recipe for sausage and smoked ham and made
some good eating for his large family.

Mamie was a member of the old Avery charge, probably at Shawnee Chapel,
before 1903 but Oscar does not show to join until May 1913. They were
transferred by certificate in 1919, but believe it was to one of the
other churches in the charge. They were both members in Avery Methodist
Church when they died.

Their children joined the Methodist Church, Petie in 1919, Velma in 1923,
Frances in 1930. Petie would not join the First Baptist with his wife
until after his parents died. Frances still belongs to Garland Chapel
Methodist Church and teaches a class.

Burial: 1955, Avery Cemetery, Avery, Texas

  xiv.   NORA EDNA MEDFORD, b. 22 August 1882, Red River Co. Texas; d. 18 January 1972, Bowie Co. Texas; m. JOSEPH WILLIAM LEVI HALL, 25 May 1902, Red River Co. Texas.


Nora married Joseph William Levi Hall in 1902. William had married her
sister Havanna in 1890 and when Havanna died in 1900 leaving 2 young
daughters to raise,Nora went to help out.

William and Nora had Clovis, who lived till he was 17, Naomi who lived to
be one year old. I was told by Nora's grandson that Naomi was buried in
the Old Medford Cemetery but a Hall relative says College Hill. There is
a pipe marker at the Medford Cemetery for a grave (besides the 2 for the
children of Charlie and Ruth Medford) and the grandson may be right.
Ida Lucille, or Ada, lived to be 26 and married Howard Ernest Harvey and
they had one child, Howard Ernest Harvey, Jr. born 1936. Ida died three
months after his birth.

From what I understand, Howard,Jr. was raised by Nora.

So Nora ended up raising her sisters two daughters and a grandson, plus
Clovis and Ida.
She continued to live near New Boston all her life. I believe her death
certificate says she died of breast cancer.
William, Nora and their two children who lived to adulthood are all
buried in Read Hill Cemetery, New Boston.

Burial: 1972, Read Hill Cemetery, New Boston, Texas

Burial: 1933, Read Hill Cemetery, New Boston, Texas

  xv.   MAE FLORENCE MEDFORD, b. 22 January 1885, Red River Co. Texas; d. 6 August 1935, Red River Co. Texas; m. LEWIS WOOD, 23 July 1905, Red River Co. Texas?.

Burial: 1935, Avery Cemetery, Avery, Texas

  More About LEWIS WOOD:
Burial: 1971, Avery Cemetery, Avery Texas

8. SALENA3 MEDFORD (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 1825 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and died Abt. 1855 in Cherokee County, Alabama. She married ELISHA MINSHEW, JR. Abt. 1847, son of ELISHA MINSHEW and MARGARET DEMPSEY.

Burial: 1907, Providence Church Cemetery, Floyd Co. Ga.

  i.   MARGARET4 MINSHEW, b. Abt. 1848.

  ii.   TALITHA MINSHEW, b. 10 July 1850.

  iii.   BERRYMAN (BUD) MINSHEW, b. Abt. 1852.

  iv.   DELPHIA MINSHEW, b. Abt. 1854.

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