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Ancestors of Robert Edward Patterson, Jr.

Generation No. 6

      36. John Council Bush, born April 01, 1783 in Trent River, Johnston Co, NC; died 1813 in Laurens Co, GA. He was the son of 72. John Council Bush and 73. Susannah Bryan. He married 37. Elizabeth Tyson 1796 in Laurens Co, GA.

      37. Elizabeth Tyson, born in Trent River, NC; died Unknown.
Children of John Bush and Elizabeth Tyson are:
  18 i.   Moses Eason Bush, born April 27, 1797 in GA; died April 25, 1847 in Barbour County, AL; married (1) Julia Ann Calhoun April 09, 1815 in Monticello, Jones County, GA; married (2) Nancy Jane Johnson Abt. 1838 in Barbour County, AL.
  ii.   William Bush, died Abt. 1836; married Sarah Williams; died Unknown.
  iii.   Zachariah Bush, died Unknown.
  iv.   Allen Parish Bush, died Unknown.
  v.   John Tyson Bush, died Unknown.
  vi.   John See Bush, died Unknown.
  vii.   Gideon Bush, died Unknown.
  viii.   Parthena Bush, died Unknown; married Allen Winham; died Unknown.
  ix.   Alsey Bush, died Unknown.

      38. Moses Johnson, died Unknown. He married 39. Mary.

      39. Mary, died Unknown.
Child of Moses Johnson and Mary is:
  19 i.   Nancy Jane Johnson, born Abt. 1815 in NC; died Aft. 1880; married Moses Eason Bush Abt. 1838 in Barbour County, AL.

      46. Barnaby Currey, born 1780 in Winnsboro, Fairfield Co., SC; died Unknown. He was the son of 92. Dudley Currey and 93. Morning Pope. He married 47. Mary Gibson 1802 in Winnsboro, Fairfield Co, SC.

      47. Mary Gibson, died Unknown.
Children of Barnaby Currey and Mary Gibson are:
  i.   Angelina Currey, born October 07, 1802; died Unknown.
  ii.   Jacob G. Currey, born December 16, 1804; died Unknown.
  iii.   David Currey, born September 28, 1806; died Unknown.
  23 iv.   Nancy Rachel Currey, born February 18, 1808 in SC; died January 21, 1894 in Richmond, Little River County, AR; married Dustin Bellfield Willard July 31, 1826 in Amite Co, MS.
  v.   Lydia Currey, born October 16, 1809; died Unknown.
  vi.   Dudley Currey, born August 22, 1811; died Unknown.
  vii.   Mary F. Currey, born April 01, 1814; died Unknown.

      50. John Simonton, born 1772 in NC; died July 06, 1840 in Lawrence County, TN. He was the son of 100. William Simonton. He married 51. Jane Falls October 22, 1792 in Mecklenburg, NC.

      51. Jane Falls, born Bet. 1775 - 1780 in NC; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 102. John Falls and 103. Rachel Clayton.
Child of John Simonton and Jane Falls is:
  25 i.   Sarah Simonton, born Bet. 1802 - 1804 in North Carolina; died January 27, 1873 in Lawrence County, TN; married William K. Davis May 26, 1825 in Lawrence County, TN.

      60. Robert Edward Buchanan, born May 02, 1778 in VA; died December 09, 1858 in Clark CO, AR. He was the son of 120. William Haynie Buchanan and 121. Frances STRIBLING. He married 61. Elizabeth Ezell 1803.

      61. Elizabeth Ezell, born 1784 in , , South Carolina; died Unknown.

More About Robert Edward Buchanan:
Date born 2: May 02, 1778, , , Sc
Died 2: December 1858, , Clark, Ar
Ancestral File Number: G199-PB

More About Elizabeth Ezell:
Ancestral File Number: G199-QH
Children of Robert Buchanan and Elizabeth Ezell are:
  30 i.   Jason A. Buchanan, born 1804 in SC; died Aft. 1870; married Mary Ann Daniel Abt. 1830 in TN.
  ii.   Jason BUCHANAN, born April 02, 1804 in , Union Dist., Sc; died December 02, 1875 in , Montgomery Co., Ar.
  More About Jason BUCHANAN:
Ancestral File Number: BD0R-1H
Burial: December 04, 1875, , Montgomery Co., Ar

  iii.   Kensington BUCHANAN, born Abt. 1806 in , , Tn; died Unknown.
  More About Kensington BUCHANAN:
Ancestral File Number: G199-RN

  iv.   Ezella BUCHANAN, born Abt. 1808 in , Giles, Tn; died Unknown.
  More About Ezella BUCHANAN:
Ancestral File Number: G199-ST

  v.   Clayton BUCHANAN, born Abt. 1813 in , Giles, Tn; died Unknown.
  More About Clayton BUCHANAN:
Ancestral File Number: G199-T1

  vi.   P. Boles BUCHANAN, born Abt. 1815 in , Giles, Tn; died Unknown.
  More About P. Boles BUCHANAN:
Ancestral File Number: G199-V6

  vii.   Mary Eleanor BUCHANAN, born Abt. 1818 in , Giles, Tn; died Unknown.
  More About Mary Eleanor BUCHANAN:
Ancestral File Number: G199-WC

  viii.   Milton BUCHANAN, born Abt. 1820 in , Giles, Tn; died Unknown.
  More About Milton BUCHANAN:
Ancestral File Number: G199-XJ

  ix.   William BUCHANAN, born Abt. 1823 in , , Tennesse; died Unknown.
  More About William BUCHANAN:
Ancestral File Number: G199-ZP

  x.   Robert BUCHANAN, born Abt. 1825 in , Giles, Tn; died Unknown.
  More About Robert BUCHANAN:
Ancestral File Number: G19B-0T.

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