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Ancestors of Arvid George Hamilton

Generation No. 9

      352. Samuel Rye. He was the son of 704. William Rye and 705. Susan. He married 353. Elizabeth Burrell 1695 in Hunston.

      353. Elizabeth Burrell. She was the daughter of 706. Nathaniel Burrell.
Children of Samuel Rye and Elizabeth Burrell are:
  176 i.   Richard Rye, born Abt. 1712; married Sarah Cattermole 26 September 1749 in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England.
  ii.   Nathaniel Rye.
  iii.   William Rye.
  iv.   Samuel Rye.
  v.   John Rye.
  vi.   Elizabeth Rye.
  vii.   Susanna Rye.

      356. Edward Dove, born 1691 in Debanham, Suffolk, England. He married 357. Elizabeth Barns.

      357. Elizabeth Barns.
Child of Edward Dove and Elizabeth Barns is:
  178 i.   Richard Dove, born 1723; married Sarah Mayhew 10 July 1745 in Mendlesham, Suffolk, England.

      400. Evan Jones, born 25 March 1689 in Merion Twp., Pennsylvannia, USA; died 1754 in Ulster Co., New York. He was the son of 800. Edward Jones and 801. Mary Wynne. He married 401. Mary Stevenson 07 February 1726/27.

      401. Mary Stevenson, born 1705 in New York; died 19 August 1745 in Jamaica, Long Island, New York. She was the daughter of 802. John Stevenson and 803. Mercy Jenings.
Child of Evan Jones and Bridget Mathews is:
  i.   Catherine Jones, born 1754.
Children of Evan Jones and Mary Stevenson are:
  i.   John Jones, born 1729.
  ii.   Evan Jones, born 1734.
  200 iii.   James Jones, born 1734 in Jamaica, Long Island, New York; died 1794 in Thorold/Grantham, Ontario, Canada; married Christianah Folk 1765.
  iv.   Edward Jones, born 1738.
  v.   Mary Jones, born 1740.

      402. Johannes Folk, born 1704 in Palatinate, Germany; died 1784 in Ulster County, New York. He was the son of 804. Arnout Folk and 805. Anna Elizabeth Burchardt. He married 403. Mary Speikkerman.

      403. Mary Speikkerman, born 1715 in New York.
Children of Johannes Folk and Mary Speikkerman are:
  i.   Elizabeth Folk.
  ii.   Arnout Folk, born 1744.
  201 iii.   Christianah Folk, born 01 April 1746 in Churchlands, Ulster Co., NY; died in Thorold Twp., Ontario; married James Jones 1765.
  iv.   Jacob Folk, born 1747.
  v.   Leah Folk, born 02 January 1754.
  vi.   Maria Folk, born 02 January 1754.
Children of Johannes Folk and Maria Henricks are:
  i.   Reanah Folk, born 18 January 1729/30.
  ii.   Elizabeth Folk, born 21 March 1730/31.
  iii.   Wilhelmus Folk, born 1733.
  iv.   Lorenz Folk, born 1735.
  v.   Johannes Folk, born 24 January 1739/40; married (1) Leah Person; married (2) Maria Matterstock; married (3) Marytje Fiero.
  vi.   Maria Folk, born 1742.

      404. Hans Michael Schlauch.
Child of Hans Michael Schlauch is:
  202 i.   George Jacob Slough (Schlauch), born 1728 in Baden, Germany; died 1811 in Pelham Township, Welland County, Ontario, Canada; married Anna Catherine Gee.

      406. George Gee.
Child of George Gee is:
  203 i.   Anna Catherine Gee, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; died in Pelham Twp., Lincoln Co., Ontario, Canada; married George Jacob Slough (Schlauch).

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