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View Tree for ANDREW WARNERANDREW WARNER (b. Abt. 1595, d. December 18, 1684)

ANDREW WARNER (son of JOHN WARNER and MARY PURCHAS)1852, 1853 was born Abt. 1595 in Great Waltham, Essex, England1854, 1855, and died December 18, 1684 in Hadley, MA1856, 1857, 1858, 1859. He married (1) HESTER (WAKEMAN) SELDEN, daughter of FRANCIS WAKEMAN and ANNE GOODE. He married (2) MARY HUMPHREY on October 05, 1624 in Dunmow Lt, Thaxted, Essex, England1860, 1861, daughter of ROBERT HUMPHREY and ANN HOLLAND.

 Includes NotesNotes for ANDREW WARNER:
Andrew and his wife, and 3 children sailed for the new world and in 1632 they settled in Cambridge, in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He was a proprietor in 1633 and a freeman in 1634. Their next 2 children were probably born while they were residing Cambridge. In 1635 Andrew removed to Hartford, with the body of original proprietors. There is some indication that he may have been one of those appointed to govern the Hartford Colony under Mass Bay charter. Andrew's last 4 children were probably born in Hartford. Andrew appears to have been amount the original patentees for the settlement at Farmington, but does not seem to have ever moved there. In 1659 in a dispute between church leaders, Andrew with his new wife Esther, the widow of Thomas Sheldon, removed to Hadley at its first settlement. Andrew took the oath of allegiance at Hadley on 8 Feb 1679 and died there 18 Dec 1684.

It is thought that the following emigrants came in this ship (LYON, Willam Peirce, Master. She left London about August 23 and arrived at Nantasket November 2, bringing "in all about sixty persons") as they appeared in Cambridge, Mass shortly after: John Steele, Mrs Rachel Steele, Samuel Steele, John Steele, Hannah Steele all of Fairstead, county Essex; George Steele, Mrs Margery Steele, Margery Steele, Joan Steele, Mary Steele, James Steele, all of Fairstead, coutny Essex; Amdrew Warner; Mrs _____ Warner; Mary Warner; Andrew Warner, all of county Essex.

Andrew Warner, of Cambridge, 1632, of Hatfield, Essex; after. of Htfd. from about 1635 to 1659, when he rem. to Hadley, Mass. The name of his first wife, the mother of his children, is unknown. His children settled at Midd. and Hadley, and have descendants from Maine to California, probably in every state in the union.

Lists Title as Dea.

Name on Founders Monument

Came from Hatfield Co, Gloucester, son of John Warner, yeoman in said Shire and Town; Cambridge 1632, freeman May 14, 1634; one of the Commissioners for ordering affairs at Connecticut March 1635-6; an original proprietor at Hartford, where his home lot in 1639 was on the south bank of the Little River; Deacon of First Church Oct 1633; removed to Hadley 1659 with Elder Goodwin and the "withdrawn"; took the oath of allegiance at Hadley, Mass Feb 8, 1679 and died there.

On the 8th of October, 1660, a town-meeting, so called, was held at the house of Andrew Warner, and it was voted: --That no person should be owned for an inhabitant, or have liberty to vote or act in town affairs, until he should be legally received as an inhabitant -- That all who sit down on the west side of the river, shall be one with those on the east side, in both ecclasiastical and civil matters, that are common to the whole; they paying all charges from their engagement, and all pruchase-charges from the beginning. Those admitted for inhabitants on the weest side of the river, are to be "inhabiting there in houses of their own by Michaelmas next," (Sept 29, 1661,) and to sign an engagment by themselves, or some others for them. The votes or agreement at this meeting were signed by 28 persons, viz., John Webster, William Goodwin, John Crow, Nathiel Ward, John White, Andrew Bacon, William Lewis, William Westwood, Richard Goodman, Thomas Stnadley, Samuel Porter, Ozias Goodwin, John Marsh, William Markum, Samuel Moody, Zechariah Field, Andrew Warner, John Russell, Junr., Nathaniel Dickinson, Samuel Smith, Thomas Coleman, John Dickinson, Philip Smith, Thomas Wells, Thomas Dickinson, Richard Montague, Peter Tilton, Richard Billing.

There were complaints of bad and dangerous places in the highways, and the County Court appointed a committee, in March 1664, to lay out highways on both sides of the river between Hadley and Windsor, and to determine by whom they should be repaired. The men were George Colton and Benjamin Cooley of Springfield, Henry Woodward and capt. Aaron Cook of Northhampton, and Andrew Warner and William Allis of Hadley.

Malt-houses were early established, and they continued in some of the villages on Connecticut River more than a century. John Barnard, who died in Hadley in 1664, had a malt-house in Hadley, and another in Wethersfield, and was called a "maltster." Andrew Warner hired his malt-house in Hadley, and it was burnt in 1665. He then built malt-works for himself, and was the maltster of Hadley, and his son Jacob seems to have succeeded him. Francis Barnard had a malt-house.

Distilling - Small stills, often called limbecks, were common in England more than 230 years ago, and housewifes distilled coridials, sweet waters and medicinal waters, from herbs, flowers, spices, etc. The early settlers of Massachusetts, in Boston and vicinity, had many of these small stills in their houses, which appeared in their inventories, valued at from 15 to 45 shillings each. There were some at Hardford and Windsor. Several ministers had one of thes little stills. Andrew Warner of Hadley, had a small still valued at 10 shillings, and Doct. Hastings of Hatfield, had one valued at 40 shillings.

Hadley, Mass Cases in Court 1665. The Legates of John Barnard demanded of Andrew Warner, pay for a malt-house, which was burnt down in his occupation. The parties agreed.

It is very probable that he learned the brewing business at his childhood hoe, for in his mother's will is recorded this item: "I give unto Thomas Warner, my eldest sonne, the somme of Twentie shillings and also my brewing Leade."

The evidence that he was a maltster is further shown by the following entry on an account book of John Pynchon, the leading citizen and merchant of Springfield: "Goodm: Warner of Hadley, ye Maulster Dr." The creidt side, covering a period from Feb 29, 01671 to Sept 1674 reads thus: "By 7 bush of Malt 1672 at 4s3d, July 5, 1673. By 33 bush # 1/2 malt at 4s6d, Sept 10674 by 30 bush of malt at 4s

In Cambridge, Mass, 1632; freeman May 14, 1634; sent by Gov John Winthrop as one of two commissioners to control Connecticut affiras in 1635-6; settled Hartford on his home-lot as original proprietor in 1639 on south bank of Little River; married in Hartford Hester (???), d 1693, widow of Thomas Selden, removing with Rev John Russell's band to Hadley in 1659, dying there Dec 18, 1684, aged about 90.

He came to New England about 1632, settleing at Cambridge, Mass. He removed with Rev Thomas Hooker, in 1636, to Hartford, CT., and thence about 1659, to Hadley, Mass. He was Surveyor of Highways, and Selectman in 1660, 1667, 1673. REFERENCES from the Fulton-Hayden-Warner Ancestry: Desc. of Andrew Warner, pp. 4-30, 40-44, 62, 63, 113-114, 193, 308, 446. Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts, p. 480. Savage's Geneal. Dict., Vol 4, 418, Hist. of Haley, Mass., p 588.

BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: In 1915 Frank Farnsworth Starr compiled an excellent and exhaustive study of Andrew Warner and his family, with much greater detail than is given above on all aspects of his life, including his landholding [ Goodwin Anc 1:17-37].
ORIGIN: Hatfield Broadoak, Essex
REMOVES: Hartford 1636, Farmington 1648, Hartford 1650, Hadley 1659
OCCUPATION: Maltster [ Goodwin Anc 1:28-29, citing John Pynchon account book].
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Cambridge church prior to 14 May 1634 implied by freemanship. Hartford deacon by February 1639[/40] [ HaBOP57].
FREEMAN: 14 May 1634 [ MBCR 1:369].
EDUCATION: He signed his will. His inventory included "books" valued at 10s.
OFFICES: Committee to prepare inventory of Cambridge lands, 3 February 1634/5 [ CaTR 12]; chosen Cambridge selectman, 23 November 1635 [ CaTR 14]; hired by town to build fences, 8 February 1635/6 [ CaTR 17]; licensed to haul alewives from the weir, and appointed to "see a cartway made to the weir," 23 April 1636 [ CaTR 22].
ESTATE: On 4 November 1633 granted one acre for a cowyard in Cambridge [ CaTR 6]; on 5 January 1633/4 the town of Cambridge sold to Andrew Warner a parcel of "swamp ground by the Old Field" [ CaTR 7]; granted three acres of planting ground in the neck of land, 2 February 1633/4 [ CaTR 7]; received a proportional share of five in the undivided meadow ground, 20 August 1635 [ CaTR 13]; granted four acres of land, 8 February 1635/6 [ CaTR 16].
In the inventory of Cambridge lands, on 4 June 1635, Andrew Warner held seven parcels: one house and about one rood for a backside and a garden in town; one acre in the West End; three acres and a half in the Ox Marsh; half an acre with a house in the Ox Marsh; twelve acres and a half in the Old Field; eighteen acres in the neck; and fifteen acres and a half in the Great Marsh [ CaBOP 11-12]. On 20 December 1636 sold to George Cooke "my dwelling house in Newtowne with the yards, cowhouse, cowyard & my part in the Ox Marsh, and all other parcels of land, meadow, saltmarsh & ox pasture ..." [ CaBOP 41-42].
In February 1639[/40] lands recorded to "Andrew Warner Deacon to the Church of Christ there" included: "one parcel on which his dwelling house now standeth with other out houses, yards or gardens ... two acres"; "one parcel lying partly in the south meadow and partly in the oxpasture ... forty-six acres"; "one parcel lying in the south meadow ... three acres"; "one parcel in the forty acres containing ... seven acres more or less"; "one parcel lying in Hockanum ... eleven acres"; "one parcel lying in the little meadow ... one acre and two roods"; "one parcel of woodland ... thirty acres" [ HaBOP 57-8].
By February 1639[/40] Andrew Warner sold four acres of land owned by John Sabell to John Beddell [ HaBOP 118].
By March of 1648 Andrew Warner had acquired land at Farmington, but in 1650 he sold the land and returned to Hartford [ Goodwin Anc 22, citing Farmington LR 2:36, 68].
In the mill rates of 1655-59, Andrew Warner paid moderate sums, showing an upper middle class standing [ HaBOP 497].
On 18 November 1659 Andrew Warner sold his "now dwelling house," with his house lot and garden and orchard belonging to it, with "a parcel of upland" [ HaBOP 58]. In February 1671[/2] the proportion in the undivided lands in Hartford assigned to Andrew Warner was forty-two acres [ HaBOP 549].
In his will, dated 18 June 1681 and proved 31 March 1685, Andrew Warner bequeathed "my loving wife Easter Werner according to a former agreement signed under my hand one hundred pounds to be paid out of my moveable estate"; to "my wife one half of my now dwelling house ..., the use of half the garden plot adjoining ..., the use of half the orchard ..., & the use of half the yards adjoining to the house" during her natural life; to "my son Jacob Werner the one half of my dwelling house and the whole of the said house at his mother's decease with the houselot containing eight acres with all the edifices & buildings thereon"; to "my son Jacob Werner also ten acres of meadow land lying in the great meadow belonging to Hadley viz: my six acre lot of plowing land & four acres of grassland lying in the swamp or Aquevitie commonly so-called," he to maintain his mother for the rest of her life; to "my son Isaack Werner the one-half of my allotment in Hoccanum"; to "my daughter Ruth Werner four acres of meadow in the great meadow abutting against the middle highway"; to "my son Andrew Werner" 10s.; to "my son Robert Werner" 10s.; to "my son John Werner" 10s.; to "my daughter Hills" 10s. and to "my daughter Pratt" 10s.; residue to executors "only paying out five pounds which I give to Mary Taylor the wife of John Taylor"; "my dear wife Easter Werner and my loving son Dan[ie]ll Werner" to be executors [ HamPR 1:248-49; Goodwin Anc 1:32-34].
The inventory of the estate of "Andr[ew] Warner Sr. deceased who died December 18, 1684, aged about [88?] years," taken 22 December 1684, totalled £356 11s. 4d., of which £253 was real estate: "4 acres land in Hoccanum," £20; 2 acres & a rood at the burying yard," £5; "house & homestead," £65; "6 acres in the great meadow on the south side of the middle way," £30; "4 acres in the swamp," £32 [given as £8 for all four acres, but this must be the value per acre to produce the final sum given in the right column]; "4 acres in said meadow," £24; "4½ acres in Hoccanum," £20; "one piece of skirts there," £2; and "12 acres of land over the river," £55 [ HamPR 1:249].
The inventory of the estate of Esther Warner, dated 11 December 1693, totalled £99 15s. 3d., offset by £9 15s. 03d. in debts [ Goodwin Anc 1:35, citing HamPR 3:5].
BIRTH: By about 1599 (based on date of marriage), son of John and Mary (Purchase) Warner [ TAG 26:152-53].
DEATH: Hadley 18 December 1684 (from inventory).
MARRIAGE: (1) Thaxted, Essex, 5 October 1624 "Andrew Warner of Hatfield Magna married Mary Humfrey daughter of Robert of Thaxted" [ TAG 26:152, 217]; she was baptized at Thaxted 13 February 1602[/3?], and was daughter of Robert and Ann (Holland) Humfrey [ TAG 26:217-19]. She died by 1657.
(2) By 1657 Esther (Wakeman) Selden, widow of Thomas Selden (inventory December 1693) and sister of SAMUEL WAKEMAN ; she died by 27 September 1693 when Thomas and Joseph Selden [her sons with her first husband] took out administration on her estate [ Goodwin Anc 1:35, citing HamPR Box 129, File 9].
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A copy of Andrews will can be found in Warner Family, Desc. of Andrew Warner, page 29, compiled by Lucien Warner, and Mrs Josephine Genung Nichols, 1919

We know that Andrew was born in about the year 1595, the exact date, however, being unknown, and that hi remained in England until babout his thirty-fifth year. It is probable that he was born in Great Waltham, and that there he passed his earlier years, removing with his parents to Hatfield Broad Oak when he was twelve years old. From his surroundings, and the circumstances of the family, we can infer with some certainty the nature of his early life. During that period he received some education, and was undoubtedly employed in assisting his father and perhaps others in the tillage of the soil. It is probable that he accumluated some property while still in England, for soon after reaching America he became a landowner.

Date born 2: Abt. 1599, Hatfield Broadoak, Essex.1861
Migration: 16331861
Occupation: Maltster.1861

Marriage: October 05, 1624, Dunmow Lt, Thaxted, Essex, England.1862, 1863

  1. +JACOB WARNER, b. date unknown, unknown1864, d. November 08, 1711, Hadley, MA1865, 1866, 1867.

  1. +DANIEL WARNER, b. Abt. 1642, Hartford, CT1868, 1869, d. April 30, 1692, Hatfield, MA1870, 1871, 1872, 1873.
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