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Descendants of Unknown Buss

Generation No. 6

10. JOHN6 BUSS (JOHN5, JOHN4, NATHANIAL3, WILLIAM2 BUSSE, UNKNOWN1 BUSS) was born January 03, 1736/37 in Lancaster, Worchester, Mass, and died in Marlborough, Cheshire, New Hampshire. He married MARY WOOD January 01, 1867 in Lunenburg.

Notes for J
Children of Silas and Stephen are mentioned and check out. Johns children are not named but he appears to be the same age and living in same area.

A John Buss did live in Fitchberg Worcester and moved to Marlborough. He is in the City records and checks out. He fought in the Revolutionary War. A John fought in the war for New Hampshire, perhaps the same one as he moved in the middle of the war..

History of Marlborough indicates that John moved to NH about 1778,t census for 1790 indicates a John Buss with adult or near adult children. A John lived in Luenenberg with Aaron who died in 1790 leaving two young children. Stephen Buss, presumably John and Aaron's uncle also died in 1790.

Genealogy of the Bus Family states " In the year 1775 there lived in Fitchburg, Mass one John Buss who was born in Lancaster, Mass Jan 3, 1739, and died at the age of 56 years in Marlboro New Hampshire in 1795. At the time of his removal to Marlboro he had two sons Zephaniah and David; afterwards one son and three daughters the entire family comprising Zephaniah, David, Mary, Daniel, Matilda and Eunice.....

Zephaniah... Married and moved to Middlebury, VT. where he bought a farm and became a prosperous farmer raising wheat, corn, rye, oats, flax and grass, Farming was the first business in those days. He drew the first stick of timber for the college buildings in that town; and raised a family of two boys and four girls who grew up and settled in business for themselves....

"David, Jr, the second son of David and Anna Buss was born at the farm house at Marlow, July 27, 1808 and lived at home with his father until 20 years of age; went to school in summer until 9 years of age, and 12 weeks in winter until 20, when his father gave him his time to work and trade for himself. His father thought he could not spare him from the farm when a boy, as he was seven years older than his next brother; and there was so much land cleared up, and such large products of hay and grain, that his help was needed to carry on the farm, and thus he was kept at home,

When 20 years of age he went to Charlestown to work on the farm of Capt. Willard, at $15 per month and board, for seven months from the first of April; and when his time was up he came home with $105 in his pocket. He did not have his pay every Saturday night, as boys do at present, but when his time was up he had all his money; and when he got home his father had job of wall to build and put him to work. He staid at home through the winter, helping his father get up his wood, and worked for other people when they wanted. when he let himself to Capt. Willard, David Giffin and his brother Samuel told him he would not stay, as it was a hard place to wok at; but he proved equal to the emergency, and at the same place at $16 per month for seven months, and worked his time out. The next year he worked for Joel Willard, at 18 dollars per month and board, and the next year he worked for Thomas Dickey, in Acworth. Then he went jobbing, in company with Samuel Morrison, building wall and doing any other work that required ox work, following that pursuit two years. In April 1835 he bought a farm in Ackworth for the sum of $1500, with a good house of five rooms well finished, and a large barn. On the 13th day of May, 1835, he married Abigail C. Mack, daughter of Jonathan Mack, ESQ., of Charlestown, and moved on to his farm in Acworth. There was considerable wood land on the farm, and he went to work to clear it up, raising rye on the new land. His farm was excellent for tillage; he raised corn, wheat, potatoes and barley, and had much to sell; besides, in winter he sold bark and wood, for which he found a good market at Alstead and Langdon. In a few years he built an addition to his house, built a large barn and filled it with hay and grain, and raised the best of oxen and cows, and had a model farm under his supervision. He was three times chosen one of the selectmen of Acworth. He lived on his farm in peace and happiness for thirty-three years, when he sold it for $2500, and moved to Drewsville, Walpole, where he lived for a short time, and then bought a house in Paper Mill Village, with half an acre of land. he made extensive repairs on the house, bought additional land, and built a barn; also bought part of a Farm in Alstead, which he carried on for several years; and lived in peace and plenty until Feb. 17. 1877, when he died."

I believe that there is a connection through the original descendant. Do not know why Daniel did not mention Aaron or second Stillman as Stillman lived in Keene for several years.

More About J
Occupation: Selected as surveyor of hoops and staves and was also one of the fire wards of the town
Residence: RElocated to Marlborough in 1778 and settled on the farm known as Buss place
Where lived: Fitchberg, Worchester, Mass
Children of J
  i.   ZEPHANIAH7 BUSS4, b. October 26, 1767, Fitchberg, Worchester, Mass; d. 1837, Middlebury, Vermont.
Page 263 in Town of Middlebury, History of Addison County... "Home Lot 14 In 1795 Zephaniah Buss purchased home lot 14, and soon after settled upon it. The original house was a log cabin that burned and he then built the one still standing, a few rods south of the school house, on the east side of the road. He had the reputation of being a good manager and a man of sterling principle though he did not make a public profession of religion until over sixty years of age." Died in 1837 at the age of sixty..... Born in 1770's.

Census: Appears in early census of Vermont

16. ii.   JOHN BUSS, b. May 06, 1770, Fitchberg, Worchester, Mass; d. 1794.
  iii.   SILAS BUSS, b. January 20, 1773.
17. iv.   DAVID BUSS, b. February 1775, Fitchberg, Worchester, Mass; d. 1845, Marlow, New Hampshire.
18. v.   DANIEL BUSS, b. March 30, 1778, Marlborough, Cheshire, New Hampshire.
  vi.   MARY BUSS, b. July 27, 1781.
  vii.   PAMELA BUSS, b. June 30, 1788.
  viii.   EUNICE BUSS, b. November 23, 1790; m. ZIBA NASON.

11. SILAS6 BUSS (JOHN5, JOHN4, NATHANIAL3, WILLIAM2 BUSSE, UNKNOWN1 BUSS)5 was born 1746 in Leominster, Worchester, Mass, and died November 16, 1818 in Wilton, New Hampshire. He married HANNAH PIERCE July 23, 1770 in Lunnenberg, Worchester, Mass6. She was born 1750 in Lunenberg, Worchester, Mass.

Notes for S
Silas is not mentioned much in history of Wilton and it is assumed he lived outside of town, probably in Temple New Hampshire. His brother Stephen had a nice memorial built for him indicating his service to the country in the Revolution.

For some unknown reason he was not mentioned in will of father John, possibly he received an early inheritance as John gave sons unequal amounts.

More About S
Burial: Vale End Cemetery in Wilton, New Hampsire
Where lived: Was not included in vital records of town, only children were as adults. thus lived elsewhere when had children

Notes for H
I beleive that the Hannah Pierce that married Silas Buss in Lunenberg was our line but I am not certain that Hannah was born in 1731 nor that she was a child of David Pierce and Elizabeth Bowers. This information was from an internet site on the descendants of the Whitneys. This would have made Hannah 15 years older than Silas and quite old when she had children. I think it likely that she was born about 1750 or so and was perhaps a great grandchild of Ephram Peirce and Mary Whitney.

Response received

>I am fairly certain that I am a descendant of Silas Buss and Hannah Pierce
>who settled in Wilton New Hampshire. Your site indicates that Hannah was
>born in 1731 and married Silas in 1770. Silas was born in 1745 or so and
>this would mean that he was 25 when married and Hannah 39. Hannah and Silas
>produced a family of several children including at least one born after she
>would have been in her late 40's.
>I think this possible but unlikely, Hannah is a common name, could the
>Hannah that married Silas be another daughter or granddaughter of Mary
>Whitney and Ephraim Pierce?
>Thanks for your work.

Silas BUSS was born 27 May 1746, Lunenburg, MA, son of John and Eunice (WOOD)
BUSS. Your analysis is excellent. It seems unlikely that David's daughter
Hannah, b. 9 Mar 1731, Lunenburg, would be his spouse, in spite of the fact
that Henry Bond's _Watertown_ says that it is so. There were several other
Hannah Pierce was probably not born in 1731 as indiated in other source. President Ben Pierce was from New Hampshire. Related??? According to an internet source.

"Hannah PIERCE individuals in the area of Lunenburg who are candidates for his
1. Hannah, dau. of John and Hannah PEIRCE, b. 18 Aug 1745, Harvard, MA
2. Hannah, dau. of John and Hannah PIERCE, b. 5 Jan 1749, Groton, MA
3. Hannah, dau. of John and Hannah PIERCE, b. 6 May 1750, Harvard, MA
4. Hannah, dau. of John and Hannah (HOUGHTON) PIERCE, b. 25 Oct 1751,
Harvard or Bolton, MA
5. Hannah, dau. of Joseph and Deborah PEIRCE, b. 15 Sep 1755, Harvard, MA
Apparently there were two John and Hannah PIERCE couples: John and Hannah
(STONE) PEIRCE and John and Hannah (HOUGHTON) PIERCE. Apparently number 1
was daughter of Hannah STONE, number 4 daughter of Hannah HOUGHTON. Who the
mother of the 2nd and 3rd were is not clear. The 5th was a bit young.

I can find no apparent marriage for Hannah, dau. of David and Elizabeth
(BOWERS) PEIRCE, b. 1731.

Thanks for calling this matter to my attention.



Robert L. Ward
Whitney Research Group"

Jonathan Pierce Jr married Sarah Chaplin in 1769 close to when Hannah and silas married all in Lunnenberg. Same with Josiah Pierce and Molly Foss.

Marriage Notes for S
Source states first child Silas was born about 1769, probably in error.
Children of S
19. i.   SILAS7 BUSS.
  ii.   HANNAH BUSS.
  Notes for HANNAH BUSS:
A Hannah Buss married Nathan Ballard Junior on May 29th according to Vital Records of Wilton NH. Another or the same Hannah Buss married Archelaus Cummings on april 7 1808. Stephen definately had a Hannah, do not know if Silas also had a daughter Hannah.

  iii.   SYBIL BUSS.
  iv.   ABIGAIL ? BUSS.
  Notes for ABIGAIL ? BUSS:
Internet indicated Abigail daughter of Silas from wilton.

  v.   MILLICENT BUSS, b. 1778, Wilton, New Hampshire?; d. August 28, 1861; m. JACOB COBURN; b. Stoddard, New Hampshire; d. August 25, 1847.
20. vi.   AARON BUSS, b. Bef. 1790, Worchester, Mass; d. 1865, Marlborough, New Hamshire; Adopted child.

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