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Ancestors of Rachel Nicole Peterson

Generation No. 7

      64. Moses Washington Peterson78,79, born April 14, 1794 in Poplar, Mitchell Co. (formerly Yancey Co. and Burke Co.), NC80,81; died August 04, 1879 in Jack's Creek, Yancey County, North Carolina82,83. He was the son of 128. Tobias Peterson and 129. Margaret Ann Masters. He married 65. Mary "Polly" McKinney November 10, 1817 in Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC84,85.

      65. Mary "Polly" McKinney86,87, born December 08, 1799 in Burke County, NC88,89; died September 22, 1882 in Jack's Creek, Yancey County, North Carolina90,91. She was the daughter of 130. John McKinney and 131. Mary.

Notes for Moses Washington Peterson:

"Moses was a Free Will Baptists Preacher for sixty years, living on Jacks Creek and raising a family of twelve children. He was the son of Tobias and Margaret (Masters) Peterson. His wife Polly was the daughter of William Albert and Mary McKinney." (B)

"Lawson's parents were The Rev. Moses Washington Peterson (4/14/1794-8/4/1879), a Free Will Baptist minister for over sixty years (minister at Whiteoak Creek Church and active in the Big Ivy Association of the Separate Baptists), and Mary ("Polly") McKinney (12/8/1799-9/22/1882), daughter of William Albert McKinney. Rev. Moses W. Peterson was the son of Tobias Peterson (1767-4/26/1838), who is belived to have been the immigrant patronymic ancestor from Sweden and his wife Margaret ("Peggy") Masters, daughter of Rev. Henry Masters, Sr., a Brethren minister belived to be of German decent, and his wife Catherine." (D)

" No evidence about the daughters of John, unless Mary, wife of Moses Peterson, and Flore, wife of Wiley Phillips, were daughters. Mary Peterson's descendants record her birth year as 1799, and John had a daughter under 10 in that census. " (E)

"There are at least three McKinney's that we feel are grandchildren of William and Mary, but we are unsure by which son, Samuel or John: Mary McKinney born 1799, married 1817 in Burke County to Moses Peterson. Angela Peterson, wife of Troy Peterson had her listed as the daughter of William Albert McKinney and Mary. Since a child Mary was not listed, not any were born after 1790, we feel that she was a granddaughter. Angela wrote me back and stated her source was an article in the Buncombe County History Book, and agreed with us, that Mary would not have been a child of William and Mary." (F)

Moses Peterson is buried at the Peterson Cemetery beside his wife, Polly Peterson. Moses' headstone reads, "In Memory of Moses Peterson born April 14, 1797 died August 1, 1879 age 88 years 3 months 7 days Minister of the Gospel for 60 years A Freewill Baptist" Polly;s headstone reads, "In Memory of Polly Peterson born December 8, 1799 died September 22, 1882" DIRECTIONS: From Erwin, Tennessee take Route 395 E, which winds around and up the mountain turning into Route 197 S. Follow 197 S past Poplar and Bailey Settlement until you reach Jack's Creek Road. Take a right onto Jack's Creek Road. Make the first right onto a gravel road and follow around to the second right. It goes to the top of the hill, where the Peterson Cemetery is located. Everyone in the area knows where the grave is located!! (2)

Primary Sources:============================================

(1) The Heritage of the Toe River Valley, Volume 1, edited by Lloyd Bailey, Article 1, page 1, contains a transcript of the petition

(2) Gravesite visited by Grant Goodwin Peterson, Sr., Brian J. Deaver, Sr., Brian J. Deaver, II and Terry Edwards on July 12, 1997.

Secondary Sources / Other Researchers:===============================

(A) Don Peterson - Rt 1 Box 271, Green Mountain, NC 28740 - in Families of Yancy County, NC, Volume 5, Issue 4, page 142.

(B) The Heritage of the Toe River Valley, Volume 1, edited by Lloyd Bailey, Article 197, page 161, submitted by Henrietta Ray Walker, 2314 55th Avenue, West Bradenton, Florida, 34207. She references the following sources:
* Wills
* Deeds
* Census Records
* Bible Records
* Vital Statistics
* Interview with Rosa Peterson McCourry (of Yancy County) now deceased
* Interview with Don Peterson

(C) Clinton N. Edwards, 1200 E. North Avenue, Johnson City, TN 37601- INTERNET: - in Families of Yancy County, NC, Volume 13, Issue 1, page 403, plus his homepage -

(D) The Heritage of the Toe River Valley, Volume 1, edited by Lloyd Bailey, Article 554, page 366, submitted by Angela O. Peterson, PO Box 450, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC 800

(E) Article submitted for the Heritage of the Toe River Valley, Volume II, by Rhonda Gunther, 491 Beaver Creek Road, Spruce Pine, NC 28777 (704-765-2908); Margaret Timbs, 3154 Antioch Road, Johnson City TN 37601 (423-282-6928); and Charlotte Slagle, 416 Rovan Drive, Johnson City TN, 37601 (423-926-5010) - Data for this article was obtained from census, deed, estate, tax, marriage, death and cemetery records in North Caroline and Tennessee, and the Toe River Valley Heritage, Volume 1. Research of Lloyd Bailey and Kathy Sullivan was also utilized, as well as family tradition.

(F) Paper written by Margaret Timbs, 3154 Antioch Road, Johnson City TN 37601 (423-282-6928), submitted to Families of Yancey County, Volume 14, Issue #2, pages 6-7, received on May 2, 1997.

(G) Terry Edwards, 410 Pineview Drive, Kings Mountain, North Carolina 28086, 704-739-2223,

(H) Stuart Wilson ( - in an e-mail dated January 11, 1997 Data Confirmed):=============================

Signed Petition for the formation of a New County (Yancy) in 1825. (1)

Moses & Polly (McKinney) Peterson's Gravesite:============================================

More About Moses Washington Peterson:
Cause of Death: Cerebral hemorrage91

More About Mary "Polly" McKinney:
Fact 2: Burial in Peterson Cemetery, Jack's Creek, Yancey Co., NC92,93
Child of Moses Peterson and Mary McKinney is:
  32 i.   Reuben Peterson, born April 25, 1831 in Jack's Creek, Yancey County, North Carolina; died July 26, 1916 in Yancey Co., NC; married Mary Polly Hampton January 01, 1852 in Yancey County, North Carolina.

      66. Wade Hampton94,95, born 1813 in Jack's Creek, Yancy County, North Carolina96,97; died August 26, 1872 in Yancey County, North Carolina98,99. He was the son of 132. Ezekiel Hampton, Jr. and 133. Susannah. He married 67. Rutha Byrd WFT Est. 1829-1857100,101.

      67. Rutha Byrd102,103, born 1813104,105; died March 08, 1897 in Yancy Co., NC106,107. She was the daughter of 134. Samuel J. Byrd and 135. Mary Briggs.
Child of Wade Hampton and Rutha Byrd is:
  33 i.   Mary Polly Hampton, born 1837 in Yancey County, North Carolina; died April 01, 1868 in Yancey County, North Carolina; married Reuben Peterson January 01, 1852 in Yancey County, North Carolina.

      72. William Harvey Waldrop108,109, born 1775 in South Carolina110,111; died Unknown111. He was the son of 144. John Waldrop. He married 73. Cochran.

      73. Cochran111, born 1770111; died Unknown111.
Child of William Waldrop and Cochran is:
  36 i.   Adolphus Tilman Waldrop, born Abt. 1820 in Rutherford (now Polk) Co., NC; died Aft. 1880.

      76. John Callahan112,113, born 1806 in Greenville Co., SC114,115; died Aft. 1880 in Madison County, NC116,117. He was the son of 152. Joseph Callahan and 153. Elizabeth. He married 77. Lydia Jervis Abt. 1829 in N.C.117.

      77. Lydia Jervis118,119, born Abt. 1815 in Buncombe Co, NC120,121; died Abt. 1881 in Madison County, NC121. She was the daughter of 154. Jabez Jervis and 155. Margaret Holcomb.

Notes for John Callahan:

"John CALLAHAN was born about 1806 in South Carolina. Birth date and place are from 1850 Yancey Co. census. 1870 census, age 61. " (3)

The Legend of the O'Callaghans:==================================

"In the country near Galway Bay in Ireland a young man lived with his family on a rich estate. The father of the boy was a very unkind cruel man, who mistreated both his servants and his family. The oldest son was a very kind and gentle young man, who was very unhappy with his father. He began taking long walks to avoid his father, and keep out of his way. On one such walk he met a very pretty young peasant girl. They very soon fell in love and planned to be married, but the boy's father was very angry and ordered the boy never to see her again which he refused to do. So eventually, the old man had them both put in a boat with some food and water and towed out to sea, where they drifted around for some weeks. Their food and water was almost gone and they were both very ill when they drifted into the ships lanes. Eventually a sailing ship came along headed for New York. The captain, seeing the little boat bobbing about on the water, sent a boat out to investigate.

He took them aboard and doctored them up and cared for them. By the time they reached New York harbor, they were well again.

As soon as they could after landing they were married and established a home and both soon found work and were living very comfortably, when the Father sent a member of the family to find them. He was told, if he would give up his wife and children and return to Ireland, he would inherit a very large estate. He was very angry and refused. He went to a judge and had their name changed legally from O'Callaghan to Callahan. They all slipped out of New York going south into the Tennessee and North Carolina Mountains, which at that time was only wilderness. They lost themselves there for many generations until the Civil War. There were no records found of any of them until then. They were known as Mountain Men.

Great, great, great Grandpa Callahan had a family of seventeen children, sixteen boys and one girl, who was a twin to James, her name was Jane. She married and had five children, all of whom died in infancy. All the boys old enough served in the Civil War, but not all came back again. Some of those who came back were Stewart, Joe, James, Joel, Bill (who was Jacks' grandfather). They are not in that order. William was away at war four years. By his first marriage he had four children, Polly Ann, Margaret, Louisa and Jesse. By the second one, a boy named Elijah, who died at the age of thirteen. Nestor Leepender Callahan was the son of Emily Louisa and had one full brother and one half brother Robert Henry Erwin who died of a gunshot wound in his hip. Henry gave Nestor his nickname of "Jacket" then shortened it to "Jack".

The younger generation of boys and girls went to the cotton mills for work and did not go back to the mountains again to live. Mostly in South Carolina and North Carolina. Emily Louise Erwin died the 7th of January, 1936 and her son "Jack" died Feb, 22, 1956." (4)

Census Records:============================================

1870 Madison County, North Carolina Census (page 32, film #0018116):
Calahan, John, 61, M, W, Farmer, 600, 300, South Carolina
Lidia, 56, F, W, Keeping House, North Carolina
Sarah A, 23, F, W, Attending School, North Carolina
Mary Jane, 16, F, W, Attending School, North Carolina

1880 Madison County, North Carolina Census (FHC Film #1254971, page 130 B or D):
Callahan, John, W, M, 72, Farmer, South Carolina
Lidda, W, F, 65, Wife, Keep House, North Carolina

Sources for this information:=======================================

(1) E-mail from Elaine Herndel, 3000 SE 171st St., Vancouver, Washington 98683, phone 360-892-7361, e-mail - EHERNDEL@AOL.COM

(2) Stephen Henry MARTONAK II, 2204 B Viewtop Ln, Arlington TX 76012, (817) 274-8610, -

(3) Sandra Allen Fender, 105 Kela Drive, Morgantown, North Carolina, 28655-9076, 704-437-5799, internet:, e-mail of February 22, 1997

(4) GEDCOM file (Callahan.GED) provided by Karen Burger, 1208 20st Street SW, Loveland Colorado 80537-7004,

is age 61 in the 1870 census taken the 25th day of July 1870 - he states his b.p. is SC

is age 72 in the 1880 census Madison Co. NC - he states his b.p. is SC

Yancey Co., 1850 census

it is possible his birth was in Greenville Co., SC, as was his mother, Elizabeth
"John CALLAHAN was born about 1806 in South Carolina. Birth date and place are from 1850 Yancey Co. census. 1870 census, age 61. " (3)

  Notes for Lydia Jervis:

age 56 in the 1870 census taken the 25th day of July 1870

Child of John Callahan and Lydia Jervis is:
  38 i.   William Callahan, born 1830 in Buncombe County, N.C.; died November 30, 1907 in Erwin, Unicoi, Tennessee; married Mary Lyda Jarvis Abt. 1851.

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