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Ancestors of Lillian Marguerite Hirn

      834. Jean Petit He married 835. Jeanne Godreau in Ste-Marguerite De La Rochelle, France.

      835. Jeanne Godreau

More About Jean Petit:
Ancestry: SBA 1858

More About Jeanne Godreau:
Ancestry: SBA 1859

More About Jean Petit and Jeanne Godreau:
Marriage: Ste-Marguerite De La Rochelle, France
Child of Jean Petit and Jeanne Godreau is:
  417 i.   Jeanne Francoise Petit, born Abt. 1642 in La Rochelle, France; died 30 Mar 1733 in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada; married Francois Seguin 31 Oct 1672 in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada.

      836. Pierre Barbeau He married 837. Madeleine Babin in St-Viviens De Pons, Dioc, De Saintes, France.

      837. Madeleine Babin

More About Pierre Barbeau:
Ancestry: SBA 1860

More About Madeleine Babin:
Ancestry: SBA 1861

More About Pierre Barbeau and Madeleine Babin:
Marriage: St-Viviens De Pons, Dioc, De Saintes, France
Child of Pierre Barbeau and Madeleine Babin is:
  418 i.   Jean Baptiste Barbeau Boisdore, born Abt. 1666 in St-Vivien, Pons, Saintonge, France; died 30 Mar 1714 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; married Marie Denoyon 18 Nov 1686 in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada.

      838. Jean Baptiste DeNoyon, born 30 Aug 1635 in St Pierre-De-Chatel, Rouen, Normandy, France; died 10 Mar 1692 in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada. He was the son of 1676. Jean DeNoyon and 1677. Jeanne Francfort. He married 839. Marie Chauvin 20 Jul 1665 in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada.

      839. Marie Chauvin, born 08 Sep 1650 in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada; died 31 Mar 1723 in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada. She was the daughter of 1678. Marin Chauvin and 1679. Marie Gillette Banne.

More About Jean Baptiste DeNoyon:
Ancestry: SBA 1862

More About Marie Chauvin:
Ancestry: SBA 1863

More About Jean DeNoyon and Marie Chauvin:
Marriage: 20 Jul 1665, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada
Child of Jean DeNoyon and Marie Chauvin is:
  419 i.   Marie Denoyon, born 31 Jan 1671 in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada; died 17 Jul 1750 in Hospital General de Quebec, Quebec, Canada; married Jean Baptiste Barbeau Boisdore 18 Nov 1686 in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada.

      840. James Rising, born Abt. 1617 in London, England; died 11 Sep 1688 in Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut. He married 841. Elizabeth Hinsdale 07 Jul 1657 in Boston, Massachusettes.

      841. Elizabeth Hinsdale, died 11 Aug 1663 in Windsor, Connecticut. She was the daughter of 1682. Robert Hinsdale and 1683. Ann Woodward.

More About James Rising:
Ancestry: SBA 1864

More About Elizabeth Hinsdale:
Ancestry: SBA 1865

More About James Rising and Elizabeth Hinsdale:
Marriage: 07 Jul 1657, Boston, Massachusettes
Child of James Rising and Elizabeth Hinsdale is:
  420 i.   Jean Raizenne (John Rising), born 14 Apr 1660 in Essex, Salem, Massachusetts; died 11 Dec 1719 in Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut; married Sarah Hall Hale 27 Nov 1684 in Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut.

      842. Timothy Hall Hale He married 843. Sarah Barber 1663 in Windsor, Connecticut.

      843. Sarah Barber

More About Timothy Hall Hale:
Ancestry: SBA 1866

More About Sarah Barber:
Ancestry: SBA 1867

More About Timothy Hall and Sarah Barber:
Marriage: 1663, Windsor, Connecticut
Child of Timothy Hall and Sarah Barber is:
  421 i.   Sarah Hall Hale, born 03 Aug 1665 in Windsor, Connecticut; died 11 Oct 1698 in Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut; married Jean Raizenne (John Rising) 27 Nov 1684 in Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut.

      846. William Smead, born 1635; died Bef. 1704 in Deerfield, Massachusettes. He was the son of 1692. William Smead and 1693. Judith Stoughton. He married 847. Elisabeth Lawrence 31 Dec 1658 in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

      847. Elisabeth Lawrence, born 15 Sep 1635 in Dorchester, Massachusetts; died 29 Feb 1704 in Deerfield, Massachuettes. She was the daughter of 1694. Thomas Lawrence and 1695. Elizabeth Bates.

More About William Smead:
Ancestry: SBA 1870

More About Elisabeth Lawrence:
Ancestry: SBA 1871

More About William Smead and Elisabeth Lawrence:
Marriage: 31 Dec 1658, Dorchester, Massachusetts
Children of William Smead and Elisabeth Lawrence are:
  i.   William Smead, born 18 Jul 1660 in Deerfield, Massachusettes.
  ii.   Elizabeth Smead, born 20 May 1662 in Deerfield, Massachusettes; married Samuel James 1680; born in Northampton, Massachusettes.
  More About Samuel James and Elizabeth Smead:
Marriage: 1680

  iii.   Judith Smead, born 18 Feb 1664 in Deerfield, Massachusettes; married Eleazer Hawks 1689.
  More About Eleazer Hawks and Judith Smead:
Marriage: 1689

  423 iv.   Mehitable Smead, born 02 Jun 1667; died 11 Mar 1704 in Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts; married (1) Jeremiah Hull; married (2) Godfrey Nims 27 Jun 1692 in Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts.
  v.   Samuel Smead, born 27 May 1669 in Deerfield, Massachusettes.
  vi.   Samuel Smead, born 27 May 1669 in Hingham, Massachusetts; died 01 Jan 1730; married (1) Mary Price 17 Mar 1698; died 1704 in Deerfield, Massachusetts; married (2) Mary Weld 18 Apr 1707.
  More About Samuel Smead and Mary Weld:
Marriage: 18 Apr 1707

  vii.   John Smead, born 27 Aug 1670 in Deerfield, Massachusettes; died Bef. Aug 1673 in Deerfield, Massachusettes.
  viii.   John Smead, born 27 Aug 1673 in Deerfield, Massachusettes; married Anna Weld 1699.
  More About John Smead and Anna Weld:
Marriage: 1699

  ix.   Ebenezer Smead, born 09 May 1675 in Deerfield, Massachusettes; married Esther Catlin.
  x.   Thankful Smead, born 13 May 1677 in Deerfield, Massachusettes; died 1704 in Deerfield, Massachusettes; married John Hawks.
  xi.   Waitstill Smead, born 05 Mar 1679 in Deerfield, Massachusettes; married Ebenezer Warner 05 Jan 1698.
  More About Waitstill Smead and Ebenezer Warner:
Marriage: 05 Jan 1698

      856. Pierre Leduc He married 857. Marie De Bouafles.

      857. Marie De Bouafles

More About Pierre Leduc:
Ancestry: SBA 1880

More About Marie De Bouafles:
Ancestry: SBA 1881
Child of Pierre Leduc and Marie De Bouafles is:
  428 i.   Pierre Leduc, born Abt. 14 Jun 1645 in Saint-Laurent, Rouen, Normandy, France; married Marie Anne Martin.

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