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Ancestors of Daniel Dean Peterson

      208. Jons Bengtsson, born February 26, 1754 in Strand, Brunskog, Varmland, Sweden. He was the son of 416. Bengt Pehrsson and 417. Ingrid Nilsdotter. He married 209. Anna Nilsdotter October 26, 1781 in Smadal, Brunskog, Varmland, Sweden.

      209. Anna Nilsdotter, born February 08, 1755 in Brunskog, Varmland, Sweden.
Child of Jons Bengtsson and Anna Nilsdotter is:
  104 i.   Anders Jonsson, born January 05, 1797 in Smadal, Brunskog, Varmland, Sweden; died in Prastgarden, Gillberga Parish, Varmland, Sweden; married Maja Eriksdotter.

      224. Richard Williams, born Bet. 1780 - 1790 in South Carolina. He married 225. Female.

      225. Female, born Bet. 1790 - 1800 in Maryland.

More About Richard Williams:
Census: 1830, Fountain County, Indiana201
Child of Richard Williams and Female is:
  112 i.   Daniel Williams, born January 02, 1812 in TN/NC; died November 26, 1883 in Hardin Twp, Hardin County, IA; married Allie Harvey August 14, 1828 in Montgomery County, IN.

      226. Michael Harvey, born Abt. 1774 in Randolph County, NC. He married 227. Elizabeth.

      227. Elizabeth, born in Maryland; died 1838 in Montgomery County, IN.

Notes for Michael Harvey:
Clark Twp, Montgomery County, IN Original Land Grants:
Michael Harvey, Sec. 2 82 acres 10-24-1828, Sec. 6 78 acres 11-21-1827.
Samuel Harvey Sec. 2 82 acres 3-3-1829.

Fountain County IN Court Record Vol. 2, p. 253 Nov. Term 1837 : Division of his son Michael Harvey
Jr.'s death. Dated Oct. 28, 1837.

Early History of Ladoga p. 7 "Fourth: Michael Harvey, November 1st, the eighty on which George Harshbarger lives. It appears that he was living here before he entered the land." (1826) "Thus it appears that up to 1828 that only four men were in the township on their own land, namely, Baldwin, Berry, Harvey, and Miller.

History of Clark Twp, Ladoga, and part of Scott Twp, Montgomery Co IN 1828-1971:
p.5 It was said Michael Harvey was first to build cabin here. He built a cabin along Cornstalk in 1826. This was across the road from where Harshbarger cemetery is now, north of Ladoga. (2 1/2 miles north of Ladoga). Michael Harvy lived there ten years then he sold it in 1836 to Henry Meyer.
p. 54 1828 from Randolph County NC Michael and wife Elizabeth owned land and a tavern along Cornstalk, north of Ladoga. 1838 Elizabeth Harvey died.

1881 History of Montgomery County IN, Clark Twp: "_____ Harvey came from N.C."

A Richard Harvey also buys land in Montgomery Co IN on 4-2-1829 and also a William Harvey 2-1-1831.

More About Michael Harvey:
Census: 1830, Montgomery County, IN202
Property: December 15, 1826, Montgomery County, IN203
Children of Michael Harvey and Elizabeth are:
  i.   Mary Harvey, born November 27, 1792 in Randolph County, NC; died November 13, 1819 in Randolph County, NC.
  ii.   James Harvey, born October 13, 1794 in Randolph County, NC.
  iii.   Nancy Harvey, born May 06, 1797 in Randolph County, NC; died November 13, 1819 in Walcott, IA; married William Graves.
  iv.   Michael Harvey, Jr., born March 10, 1800 in Randolph County, NC; died 1837 in Fountain County, IN204; married Mary.
  Notes for Michael Harvey, Jr.:
Clark Twp, Montgomery County, IN Original Land Grants:
Michael Harvey Jr. Sec 3 80 acres Bk 128 p. 86 11-4-1831.

  More About Michael Harvey, Jr.:
Burial: Fountain County, IN
Probate: October 28, 1837, Montgomery County, IN205

  v.   Unis Patsey Harvey, born February 06, 1802.
  113 vi.   Allie Harvey, born February 23, 1808 in Randolph County, NC; died March 31, 1883 in Hardin Twp, Hardin County, IA; married Daniel Williams August 14, 1828 in Montgomery County, IN.
  vii.   Sewell Harvey, born September 04, 1808 in Randolph County, NC; died October 14, 1894 in Scott County, IA; married Mary Wright April 07, 1831 in Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, IN206; born Abt. 1810; died 1846.
  Notes for Sewell Harvey:
Scott County IA Directory 1886 Suel Harvey Farmer Walcott.

  More About Sewell Harvey:
Burial: Walcott Cem, Scott County, IA
Military service: Bet. 1832 - 1835, Fought in Black Hawk Wars

      228. Michael Kidwiler, born December 14, 1783 in Red Hill, Lehigh County, PA207; died January 26, 1831 in Shephardstown, Jefferson County, VA208. He was the son of 456. Johann Jacob Kittweiler and 457. Catherina. He married 229. Susannah Crim Abt. 1804 in Loudoun County, VA.

      229. Susannah Crim209, born October 19, 1779 in PA210; died Aft. 1850 in Shephardstown, Jefferson County, VA. She was the daughter of 458. Charles Crim and 459. Catherine Julius.

Notes for Michael Kidwiler:
Division of Michael Kidwiler's Property: In the county Court, July Term 1848. On motion of Michael Kidwiler, one of the heirs of Michael Kidwiler, deceased, it is ordered that John T. Henkle, William Engle, George Licklider and James M. Brown, or any three of them, being first sworn, lay off and assign the widow (Mrs. Susannah Kidwiler) her Dower in the real estate in this County of Michael Kidwiler, deceased and also make partition amongst the heirs of said Michael Kidwiler, deceased and make report to the Court. The above plat is a representation of a tract of land late the property of Michael Kidwiler, deceased, which is now divided amongst the heirs of said Kidwiler in manner and form as is above set forth, the meter and bounds of each lot being as represented on the plat and at every new corner a substantial stake driven; the lane is twenty feet wide. Lands mentioned in said order and divided and laid off the same according to custom and quality in the proportions mentioned in said order. A full plat whereof together with a description by meter and bounds is on the opposite page an is made a part of this report. That in said division they assigned to Mrs. Susannah Kidwiler as Dower all the part of the tract lying on the north side of the 20 foot lane, containing thirty-three acres, three rods and twenty perches. The first share as designated by the trustees we assign to Michael Kidwiler, containing eight acres. The second share we assign to Mrs. Longbrake, containing eight acres. The third share we assign to Charles Kidwiler, containing eight acres. The fourth share we assign to Mrs. Dixon, containing eight acres. The fifth share we assign to Mrs. Longbrake, containing eight acres. The sixth share we assign to Isaac Kidwiler, containing eight acres. The seventh share we assign to Adam Kidwiler, containing seven acres, three rods and twenty-seven perches. The eighth share we assigned to Jacob Kidwiler, containing eight acres. All of which is respectfully submitted to the Court. Given under our hands this 14th day of April, 1849. (signed) James N. Brown, John T. Henkle, William Engle. It is further agreed and determined that the owner of Lot No 8 is entitled to the timber standing on 15 feet of the lane, and that the widow is entitled to the remaining 5 feet of timber, all of which is to be removed by the first of January 1853. The lane contains one acre and 23 perches; which is to be held in common and kept open so long as it may benefit any one of the heirs.

More About Michael Kidwiler:
Burial: January 28, 1831, Lutheran Reformed Church Cem, Shephardstown, VA211
Census: 1810, Shepardstown, Jefferson County, VA
Christening: February 09, 1784, Red Hill, Bucks County, PA212
Probate: April 16, 1849, Charles Town, West Virginia

More About Susannah Crim:
Burial: Lutheran Reformed Church Cem, Shephardstown, VA
Census: 1850, Jefferson County, WV213
Children of Michael Kidwiler and Susannah Crim are:
  i.   Catherine Kidwiler, born July 04, 1804 in Loudoun County, VA; died Bef. 1844; married Reuben Byrd March 28, 1839 in Montgomery County, IN; born April 10, 1810 in VA.
  More About Catherine Kidwiler:
Christening: October 07, 1804, Loudoun County, VA214

  More About Reuben Byrd:
Census: 1850, Union Twp, Montgomery County, IN

  114 ii.   Jacob M. Kidwiler, born April 27, 1806 in Shephardstown, Jefferson County, VA; died January 18, 1863 in Jackson Twp, Hardin County, IA; married Mary Lambrecht Abt. 1834 in Shephardstown, Jefferson County, VA.
  iii.   Charles Kidwiler, born September 09, 1810 in Shephardstown, Jefferson County, VA; died February 11, 1869 in Shephardstown, Jefferson County, WV; married Margaret Elizabeth Nichols February 10, 1843 in Bridge at Harper's Ferry, Jefferson County, VA; born October 05, 1822; died September 18, 1892.
  Notes for Charles Kidwiler:
Gambled in horse racing and cards.

  More About Charles Kidwiler:
Burial: Shephardstown, Jefferson County, WV
Census: 1850, Jefferson County, VA215
Occupation: Farmer

  iv.   Elizabeth Victoria Kidwiler, born October 05, 1813 in Shephardstown, Jefferson County, VA; died September 05, 1896 in Henry County, MO; married Henry Levi Lambecht May 07, 1831 in Washington County, MD; born Abt. 1810 in Shephardstown, Jefferson County, WV; died November 11, 1869 in Jackson Twp, Hardin County, IA216.
  Notes for Henry Levi Lambecht:
History of Hardin County, IA: Henry Lambright, wife, and eight children, came to Henry County, Iowa from Virginia in 1854 and to the present site of Eagle City in Hardin County in 1863. The old Lambright cabin and home was located in the timber at the top of the hill immediately west of the Eagle City bridge. Here the family eventually owned a section of land. Father Lambright died in 1869. His son Jacob was married in 1864 to Mary Kidwiler, who died in 1868. Two children, Emanuel and Mary, were born to this marriage. Both children died in babyhood. Jacob Lambright married Sarah Ball, daughter of Joshua and Nancy Ball. The Ball family, eight children, came from Ohio in the early 1860's. The old Ball home, a stone house still stands, back up in the field, up the river from the Lambright home. Three children of Jacob Lambright and Sarah Ball still live in the county. They are Mrs. Alvin Pierce, Mrs. Bertie Robb, and Mrs. Stella Harris.

  More About Henry Levi Lambecht:
Burial: Kidwiler Cem, Hardin County, IA
Census: 1850, Jefferson County, VA217

  v.   Frederick Kidwiler, born November 10, 1814 in Shephardstown, Jefferson County, VA.
  vi.   Michael Kidwiler, born February 12, 1816 in Shephardstown, Jefferson County, VA; died July 12, 1871; married Joanna Abt. 1842; born Abt. 1825 in Virginia.
  More About Michael Kidwiler:
Census: 1850, Jefferson County, VA218

  vii.   Susanna Kidwiler, born September 14, 1816 in Shephardstown, Jefferson County, VA; married James Dixon Aft. 1837.
  More About Susanna Kidwiler:
Census: 1880, Bolivar, Jefferson County, WV

  viii.   Mary Kidwiler, born September 14, 1818 in Shephardstown, Jefferson County, VA; died 1855 in Eden Twp, Wyandot County, OH; married Michael Emanuel Lambright October 17, 1838 in Hagerstown, Washington County, MD; born May 31, 1817 in Richland County, OH; died Aft. 1879 in Wyandot County, OH.
  Notes for Michael Emanuel Lambright:
Michael Lambright was born May 31, 1817. He is a native of Richland County, OH, and son of John and Catharine (Smith) Lambright, born near Hagerstown, Md, where they were married and resided about 10 years, moving to Richland County, OH, in 1811-12. John Lambright was drafted and served a short period in the war of 1812, receiving an honorable discharge. He reared a family of nine children, viz. John, Pagie, Levi, Catharine, Michael, and David (twins), Rachel, and Elizabeth. David is deceased. The father died in 1830; the mother in 1850. Michael Lambright was married in 1837 to Polly Kidwiler, of Hagerstown, Md, native of Jefferson County, VA and to this union four children were born Emanuel, Susan, Levi, and Mary. Susan and Levi are deceased. The mother died in Eden township in the year 1855, and Mr. Lambright was married in December, 1856, to Maria Bowlby, of this township, and native of Somerset County, PA, daughter of James and Sarah Bowlby, natives of Jersey and Pennsylvania respectively. Her parents had thirteen children, nine now living-Joseph, Emanuel, Jacob, James, Hannah, Elizabeth, Manah, Catharine, and Sarah. Their mother died March, 1859; the father in 1870. In 1842, Mr. Lambright purchased eighty acres in this township, selling the same five years later and purchasing 134 acres where he now resides. In 1878, he added forty acres to this farm, now owning 174 acres, valued at $100-125 per acre, the farm adjoining the corporation line of Nevada. Mr. Lambright has always devoted his attention to agricultural pursuits. He is a Democrat and has served the township in various ways. (Wyandot County OH History, Eden Twp, p. 825) Michael township officer:1859. 1865, 1866, 1876, 1879.

  More About Michael Emanuel Lambright:
Occupation: Farmer
Property: August 10, 1837, Hancock County, OH

  ix.   Isaac W. Kidwiler, born Abt. 1820 in Shephardstown, Jefferson County, VA.
  More About Isaac W. Kidwiler:
Census: 1850, Jefferson County, VA219

  x.   Adam Kidwiler, born September 14, 1823 in Shephardstown, Jefferson County, VA; died April 06, 1892 in Bakerton, Jefferson County, WV; married Sarah Ann Jones March 08, 1850 in Frederick City, Frederick County, MD.
  More About Adam Kidwiler:
Census: 1880, Bolivar, Jefferson County, WV

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