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Descendants of Arie Fransen

154. OSCAR C.6 DELONG (EPHRAIM5, MARTIN4, ARIE3 LANGET, FRANS2 DELANGE, ARIE1 FRANSEN)944,945,946 was born April 23, 1824947,948, and died January 25, 1850 in Schenevus, New York948,949,950. He married CLARISSA E. WILSEY951,952. She was born March 03, 1824 in Otsego County, New York953,954,955, and died February 07, 1890956.

Notes for O
      Surname variation -- "DeLong" appears in Otsego Herald and on gravestone [C17, C59]

1850 -- The phrasing of the notice of the death of "Oscher C. De Long" makes it unclear whether it is he or his brother Alanson whose residence was in Schenevus, and which if either was a "resident of St. Johnsville." [Otsego Herald, New York State Historical Association Library, C17]

Notes for C
1845 -- "Friday the 28 [February] visited to Mrs. Hewits with Clarissa Wilsey and Mary Jane, Mrs. Delong and two of Mr. Chase's daughters. [Diary of Harriet Emmons Rice, "Maryland & Westford," D149]

1850 -- The Federal census for the Town of Maryland at 150 lists Josiah Chase, 51 M, Farmer, $2,000, NY; Elizabeth Chase, 44 F, NY; Mary C. Chase, 16 F, NY; Asa Chase, 75 M, Mass; Leah L. Wilder, 18 F, NY; Albert M. Surriner (?), 5 M; John Cunningham, 24 M, Laborer, NY; Clarissa Delong, 26 F, NY; and Alvin D. Delong, 1 M, NY. [John D. Baldwin research, B12; Lawrence A. DeLong research, C60C]

1855 -- Widow Clarissa DeLong, age 30, and a son "Alva," age 6, appear in the Maryland Census [Mary Austin letter, July 6, 1965, D153; Baldwin, B12]
Child of O
206. i.   DEWITT A.7 DELONG, b. November 28, 1848, Schenevus, New York; d. March 07, 1937, Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital, Cooperstown, New York.

155. RHYNALDO C.6 DELONG (EPHRAIM5, MARTIN4, ARIE3 LANGET, FRANS2 DELANGE, ARIE1 FRANSEN)956,957 was born April 23, 1824 in New York State958,959,960, and died November 18, 1872961,962. He married MARY M. SALISBURY963 November 12, 1842 in Cooperstown, New York964, daughter of JOSHUA SALISBURY. She was born November 28, 1823 in Cairo, New York965,966,967,968, and died May 11, 1904 in Home of her daughter Mrs. H. Harding, Waterbury, Connecticut969,970,971.

Notes for R
1830 -- "middle of three sons age 5-9" [John D. Baldwin research, B141]

1850 -- The Federal census for the Town of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York at 170 lists Hewlit P. Welling, 29 M, born in Ireland, whose entry for "Occupation" says "Pu[b]lic House;" Araminta Welling, 26 F, Ireland; Ruth A. Welling, 2 F, Ireland; George Welling, 1 M, Ireland; Dolin (?) Maha, 16 M, Ireland; Rinaldo C. Delong, 30 M, None [occupation], New York; Mary Delong, 25 F, New York; and Elizabeth Delong, 7 F, birthplace not given. [Lawrence A. DeLong research, C60C, C61]

1875-1876 -- "NY City Dir. lists R.C. DeLong. Either we have wrong death date or this should be Mrs. R.C." [Baldwin, B141]

About 1963 -- Lawrence A. DeLong wrote a letter to a Rhynaldo C. DeLong, listed in the New York City phone book, inquiring about a possible family connection. There was no reply.

Notes for M
1880 -- "24th Dist. 9th Ward, Mrs. Mary Delong 56, b. NY of NY par" [John D. Baldwin research, B141]

1880-1881 -- "Mary M. widow of Rinaldo C., 241 W. 13th St. (NYC Dir)" [Baldwin, B142]

1904, May 19 -- "Mary Delong was born Nov. 27, 1823 at Cairo, Greene county, and died at Waterbury, Conn., on the 11th day of May, 1904, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. H. Harding, after an illness of only three days. The immediate cause of death was pleuro pneumonia.
      "Mrs. DeLong was a daughter of Joshua Salisbury and one of eleven children. When a small child she removed with her parents from Cairo to Westford, where she resided during girlhood. At the age of 18 she was married to Rhynaldo DeLong. After several years in Otsego county Mr. and Mrs. DeLong removed to New York city, where she has since resided. Her husband died in 1872. She was the mother of three children, Mrs. D.A. Anderson and Frank DeLong of New York and Mrs. H. Harding of Waterbury, Conn.
      "Funeral services were held in Waterbury and New York. Brief services were held at the home of M. Griggs in Worcester on the 14th inst., the day of burial, Rev. J.N. Lee officiating, and the remains were laid at rest in Maple Grove Cemetery.
      "Mrs. DeLong was for many years a member of the Calvary M.E. church of New York, and took an active interest in all church work. During her long life she spent much of her time doing what she could for the betterment of mankind. The esteem in which she was held was best shown by the beautiful floral tributes from her co-workers and friends in her home church.
      "She is survived by the three children above mentioned and by the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. Lydia Chase, Mrs. Paul Waterman and Miss Emily Salisbury of Worcester; Mrs. William Stanley and Mrs. Leonard Elmore of Richmondville; William Salisbury of Albany; and John Salisbury of Waycross, Georgia." [Worcester Times; C68]
Children of R
  i.   ELIZABETH7 DELONG972, b. Abt. 1843972.
      "... 7 in 1850" [John D. Baldwin research, B142, B144]

  ii.   GRACE DELONG973, b. Bet. 1852 - 1853973.
  Notes for GRACE DELONG:
      "... 27 in 1880 with mother" [John D. Baldwin research, B142, B145]

207. iii.   FRANCIS S. DELONG, b. Bet. 1857 - 1858, New York State.

156. ABIGAIL J.6 DELONG (EPHRAIM5, MARTIN4, ARIE3 LANGET, FRANS2 DELANGE, ARIE1 FRANSEN)974 was born September 04, 1828 in New York State975,976,977, and died 1889978. She married CHARLES C. CHASE979,980,981, son of CHARLES CHASE and TRYPHENA XXX. He was born 1822 in New York State982,983, and died November 1899 in Oneonta, New York984,985.

Notes for C
1850 -- "Charles 27 and Abigail 21 both b NY were in Maryland Otsego Co. ... Her mother was with them." [John D. Baldwin research, B81]

1850 -- Town of Maryland census at 147 lists Charles Chase 27, Abigail 21, Esther L. 1 and Elizabeth Delong 60, all born in New York State. [Lawrence A. DeLong research, C61]

1860 -- Town of Maryland census at 427 lists Charles Chase 33 Stone Mason $150, $50, Abigail 35, Esther 9, Fayette 7, Mary M. 1, all born in New York State. DeLong, C62] \
Children of A
  i.   ESTHER L.7 CHASE986, b. 1849, New York State986,987,988; d. 1934988; m. N.C. CROUCH988; b. 1837988; d. 1908988.
  ii.   FAYETTE W. CHASE989, b. 1853, New York State990,991; d. 1875, Maryland, New York992,993.
208. iii.   MARY DORA CHASE, b. 1858, New York State; d. 1943.
  iv.   EVILINE CHASE993, b. 1865, Maryland, New York993.

157. CALISTA6 DELONG (CORNELIUS5, MARTIN4, ARIE3 LANGET, FRANS2 DELANGE, ARIE1 FRANSEN)994 was born June 21, 1816 in New York995, and died November 08, 1866 in Grant County, Wisconsin995. She married JONAS MARKEY SMELSER996,997 July 21, 1831997. He was born November 07, 1806 in Bourbon County, Kentucky997, and died June 26, 1875 in Georgetown, Wisconsin997.

Notes for J
      "[Jonas and Calista] resided near his parents, across the line in Smelser Tp, Grant Co, Wisc." [John D. Baldwin research, B119]
Child of C

158. HOMER6 DELONG (CORNELIUS5, MARTIN4, ARIE3 LANGET, FRANS2 DELANGE, ARIE1 FRANSEN)998 was born Abt. 1822 in Illinois998,999, and died November 14, 1893 in Belmont, Lafayette County, Wisconsin1000. He married MARY E. XXX1001 June 29, 1851 in Lafayette County, Wisconsin1001,1002. She was born 1831 in England1003.

Notes for H
1846, May 4 -- "... (Homer) is now twenty four years of age living now at home with us ..." [Cornelius DeLong letter, C32]

1850 -- "age 28 with parents" [John D. Baldwin research, B120]

1860 -- "Belmont, Wisc. [Homer] age 38 and [Mary] 28. In home was Cornelis C. Carpenter 12 b. Wisc. Could this be a nephew named for Homer's father?" [Baldwin, B120]

1870 -- "Belmont, [Homer] 49 and [Mary] 39" [Baldwin, B120]

1880 -- "he was 57 in Belmont b. Ill. to NY parents. The only other person in the household was Mrs. Mary Ann Foley, housekeeper, b. NY to German parents. The preceding household was headed by Mary E. DeLong 50 b. England, obviously Homer's wife, with four of their children known from earlier censuses. The household on the other side of Homer was son Alfred." [Baldwin, B120]
Children of H
  i.   MARTHA V.7 DELONG1003, b. 1851, Wisconsin1003.
  ii.   ALBERT H. DELONG1003, b. 1854, Wisconsin1003; m. EUNICE XXX1003.
  Notes for ALBERT H. DELONG:
      "... He was in his own home 1880 ... with wife Eunice ... Perhaps he was the Albert H. b. Wisc. Sept. 1855 living Monfort, Grant Co. Wisc. 1900 with wife Minerva _______ b. Wisc. Aug. 1844." [John D. Baldwin research, B120]

  iii.   AMELIA J. DELONG1003, b. 1857, Wisconsin1003.
  iv.   CATHERINE R. DELONG1003,1004, b. 1860, Wisconsin1005.
  v.   ALANSON DELONG1005, b. 1864, Wisconsin1005.
  vi.   LAURA DELONG1005,1006, b. 1867, Wisconsin1007.
  vii.   EDWARD L. DELONG1007, b. 1871, Wisconsin1007.

159. HANNAH6 DELONG (FRANCIS5, MARTIN4, ARIE3 LANGET, FRANS2 DELANGE, ARIE1 FRANSEN)1008 was born March 12, 1817 in Jamestown, Chautauqua County, New York1009, and died November 02, 1886 in Mitchellville, Polk County, Iowa1010. She married EDMUND VALENTINE1011 in Warren County, Pennsylvania1011. He was born March 22, 1813 in Pennsylvania1011, and died March 19, 18741011.

Notes for H
1820 -- "the female under 10" [John D. Baldwin research, B122]

1830 -- "must have been with relatives. No females in father's house." [Baldwin, B122]

183__ -- "Md. Edmund Valentine ..." [Baldwin, B122]

1880 -- "She was now in Washington Tp, Jasper Co, Iowa, widow, 63, b. NY to NY father and Ct. mother." [Baldwin, B123]

      "dau. Joanna's obit says she was of family of eight girls and eight boys. Censuses confirm 8 girls (count includes oldest dau. md before 1850) and 4 boys. E. James Hubbard found reference to 2 more girls, 1 more boy [Effa, Edward, child who died from diphtheria]" [Baldwin, B123]

      [photograph, B124]

Notes for E
1850 -- "[Edmund was 37, [Hannah] 33 with 8 ch, next door to her father" [John D. Baldwin research, B122]\

1854-1856 -- "to Cambridge, Henry Co, Ill." [Baldwin, B122]

1860 -- "PO Cambridge [Edmund] 47 Pa [Hannah] 43 b NY. His mother, who was her stepmother, was with them." [Baldwin, B122]

1874 -- "his death Mar. 19 (Ill? Ia?)" [Baldwin, B122]

      [photograph, B124]
Children of H
  i.   MARY7 VALENTINE1012, b. October 24, 1832, Warren County, Pennsylvania1012; d. April 25, 1900, Nevada, Iowa1012; m. NATHAN DUNKELBARGER1012, Abt. 18471012; b. 18251012; d. 19061012.
  ii.   ROBERT J. VALENTINE1012, b. 1833, Warren County, Pennsylvania1012.
  iii.   MARCIA A. VALENTINE1012, b. 1835, Warren County, Pennsylvania1012.
210. iv.   JOANNA VALENTINE, b. January 28, 1839, Warren County, Pennsylvania; d. January 14, 1921, Nevada, Iowa.
211. v.   EDMUND VALENTINE, JR., b. August 05, 1841, Warren County, Pennsylvania.
  vi.   ELIZA I. VALENTINE1012, b. July 04, 1843, Warren County, Pennsylvania1012; d. January 21, 1921, Portland, Iowa1012; m. JAMES ADAM BILLS1012, February 17, 18611012; b. 18371012; d. 19201012.
      "... [James and Eliza's] gt-grson was E. James Hubbard of Long Beach, Cal. who d. 1980. His widow Frances res. 1409 Luray St, Long Beach 90807 (1982)." [John D. Baldwin research, B123]

  vii.   LYDIA C. VALENTINE1012, b. 1844, Warren County, Pennsylvania1012.
  viii.   MARTHA ANGELINE VALENTINE1012, b. November 09, 1847, Warren County, Pennsylvania1012; d. December 05, 1907, Perry, Iowa1012; m. JOHN DUNBAR BOYDEN1012; b. 1848, Pelham, Massachusetts1012; d. 19171012.
  ix.   CYRUS L. VALENTINE1012, b. 1850, Warren County, Pennsylvania1012.
  x.   CAROLINE VALENTINE1012, b. April 21, 1854, Warren County, Pennsylvania1012; d. Twin Falls, Idaho1012; m. CHARLES FLOWERDEW1012; b. February 23, 1851, Yarmouth, England1012.
  xi.   FRANK E. VALENTINE1012, b. 1855, Illinois1012.
      [photograph, B129]

  xii.   H.E. VALENTINE1012, b. 1860, Cambridge, Illinois1012.
  Notes for H.E. VALENTINE:
      "b. Ill. to NY parents (erron. for father)" [John D. Baldwin research, B123]

  xiii.   EFFA VALENTINE1012.
  xiv.   EDWARD VALENTINE1012.
  xv.   XXX VALENTINE1012.
  Notes for XXX VALENTINE:
      "(child) prob. female, d. from diphtheria (traditional)" [John D. Baldwin research, B123]

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