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I have been researching my PICK and WEISS ancestors who lived in
Vienna, Austria during the late 1800s and in the last century.
They came to Vienna from small towns in Northwestern Hungary of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy; which are presently part of the Republic of Slovakia. Verbo/Vrbove--Krajna---O Tura/Stara Tura--
and---Kis Bab/Bab respectively. All of them in the province of Neutra/Niytra Megye/Nitra .
This page honors the MEMORY of SALOMON PICK, my paternal grand-
father and his second wife JETTY PICK, nee WEISS.
They were deported from Vienna to Theresienstadt in July 1942 and two months later, in September 1942, they were sent to Treblinka and brutally murdered.
Most of the information regarding the descendants of Josepha, Peppi Weiss and Alois Eliezer Dukesz are through the courtesy of
David Dukes, Israel, and Jerry Dukes, USA.
For the past 3 years I have been a volunteer at our local LDS Family History Center.
I am also researching my maternal ancestry. The GERSTL family from Vienna, Austria and Deutschkreutz, Burgenland, Austria; formerly known as Sopronkeresztur/Nemetkeresztur, one of the famous "Sheva Kehilloth", viz.: Seven Jewish Communities in Sopron Megye, Hungary.
The SINGER/SZINGER family from Vienna, Austria and Koros, Northwestern Hungary(presently Krusovce, Slovakia) and Nagy Topolczany; All of them in the province of Neutra/Niytra Megye/Nitra .
The WELLWARD/VELBART/FELLBART family from Zay Ugrocz(presently:
Uhrovecz, Slovakia), Bars Megye.
In addition I am reseaching the ancestors of my wife Eva.
The GEHR family from Krone a/d Brahe, Posen; presently Koronowa, Poznan, Poland---Maidenhead, England and Montevideo,Urugway, South America. Also the HIRSHFIELD/HIRSCHFELD family from Koenigsberg, East Prussia(presently Kaliningrad, Russia) and Shanghai, China.
Any information would be appreciated. I am also willing to share the information that I have.
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The PICK and WEISS Families of Vienna, Austria
Updated July 18, 2002

Harry K. Pick

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My Family History


Family Photos

  • COUSIN "ROLFI" courtesy Erwin Pick (76 KB)
    This picture is dated 1/III/1929 and was sent to me from Ogolyn, Yugoslavia, by my cousin Erwin/ Roland/"Rolfi"--Shmuel Pick.
  • Picture of document from Beth Terecin, Israel (15 KB)
    Documenting transport to Theresienstadt and death in Treblinka of Salomon Pick
  • Holocaust Memorial (167 KB)
    The picture shows Vera Gottfried/Pick unveiling the memorial comemorating the victims of Nazi persecution in Europe between 1933 and 1945. The monument is located on the Congregation Tikva Chadasha (New Hope) Cemetery on Barbour Street in Hartford, Connecticut. It was erected by the congregation of Austrian and German refugees to the shores of America in memory of their murdered relatives and unveiled in November 1948. Seven-year-old Vera was a "Hidden Child" in Antwerp, Belgium. Her parents perished. She was brought to Hartford and adopted by Henry and Edith Pick. Vera lives in Atlanta, Georgia, she is married and has issue.
  • Wedding Picture of my parents, Z"L (116 KB)
    Margarethe(Gretl) Singer, my mother, and Sigmund Pick, my father, were married on November 4, 1923 in the "Schiff Shul" in the Second District of Vienna, Austria. That synagogue no longer exists but for a memorial plaque stating: "This Jewish place of worship was destroyed by the Nazis in the pogrom of November 1938."
  • Third Generation Descendant of Salomon Pick (44 KB)
    Harav-Doctor Shlomo Ze'ev Pick, Bne Braq, Israel. Purim 5762/2002. (Picture by courtesy of Rabbi Nachum Chernovsky, Israel)
  • Where They Worshipped (256 KB)
    Inside and outside views of the synagogue of Verbo (Vrbove). This is the "shul" where my ggfather and and grandfather Salo "davened". The other pictures are ouside and inside views of the Beth HaKnesseth in Myava; a town very close to Verbo. Ctsy: Memorial Book Kehilloth Pystian and Verbo Notes:- Shul = Yiddish expression for a Jewish house of prayer and study Daven = Yiddish expression for praying silently. Beth HaKnesseth = Hebrew for House of Assembly; synagogue.
  • Erich Zvi (left) and Oswald Ossi Pick--cousins. (65 KB)
    My cousins, the sons of uncle Karl(Charles) and aunt Kamilla (Mimi). This picture dates from the late 1920s. In late 1938 Erich(Zvi, Eric) left Vienna, Austria with the "Youth Alyiah" for what was then Palestine. He was a veteran of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and took part in the War of Independence and the Sinai Campaign. About 1955 he and his wife Channa, joined his parents in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Oswald(Ossi), his junior by two years, was deported to the Lodz Ghetto in 1942 and subsequently murdered by the Nazis.
  • 1910 map of Western Hungary (now: Slovakia) (686 KB)
    The geographical area where the Pick and Weiss families came from in the early 1800s
  • Four Cousins (45 KB)
    The picture was taken at Chanukka 1975 (December) in Eva and Harry's home in West Hartford. From left to right: Cousin Gerry(Stella and Eugene Bacher's son) Cousin Janice(Edith and Henry Pick's daughter) Cousin Harry(myself--Margreth and Sigmund Pick's son). Cousin Eric(Mimi and Charles Pick's son). This was the last occasion we celebrated together. In the middle 80s Janice died of cancer at a very early age of 40 years. Eric died in the early 90s, and Gerry and his wife moved to Florida.
  • Passport Photo of Heinrich(Henry) Pick--1938 (27 KB)
    This picture of my uncle Heinrich(Henry)was taken in the "Buchenwald" Concentration Camp. In one of the dreaded "razzias" of the Nazi brownshirts in Vienna, Uncle Heinrich was caught in the summer of 1938, and sent to "Konzentratzionslager Buchenwald" in Germany. His wife Edith, nee Gottfried, was able to obtain his release by showing a valid visa and paid-for passage to the USA at "Gestapo" headquarters in Vienna. Within 48 hours of his release from Buchenwald, in November of 1938, Heinrich(Henry) had to leave German territory. "Judenrein", "Free from Jews" was the German motto before the outbreak of WWII in September 1939. What irony of fate!!! Gestapo headquarters was the Hotel Metropol. The very site were in 1935 Edith and Heinrich had celebrated their wedding feast.
  • SALOMON SAMUEL PICK, my pateral grandfarther, Z"L (24 KB)
    Salomon Pick, listed in the 1869 Hungarian Census as Samuel was born in 1869 in the town of Verbo/ Vrbove to Salomon and Cilli Pick and married Jenny /Zsani Weiss from Kis Bab. They moved to the capital city, Vienna and raised a family.
  • Sunday Afternoon at Grandpa's and Grandma's! (48 KB)
    Taken in the autumn of 1956 at grandma Margareth's and Grandpa Sigmund's home on Main Street in Hartford. From the left, standing in front: Herby and Judy. the grandchildren(7 and 4 years respectively). Standing: Aunt Helen(Margareth's sister); Eva(my wife, Herby's and Judy's mother); Grandma Margareth(my mother). Seated: Grandpa Sigmund(my father). In autumn and winter "Sunday Afternoon Coffee and Cake" at the grandparent's home had become a weekly institution we all eagerly looked forward to. Viennese coffee and whipped cream and a "torte" from the Lorraine Bakery were the usual fare, enjoyed by children and adults. My son Herbert (Herby), named after my wife Eva's brother, Herbert Hirschfeld, Z"L, is Herr Rabbiner Doktor Shlomo (Salomon) Pick, whose picture is on this web-site under "Third Generation.
  • Identity Card of Heinrich (Henry) Pick--1938 (6 KB)
    This is the Identity Certification printed on the back of Heinrich's passport photo. Note the dreaded insignia of Hitler's SS(Schutzstaffel) in the official stamp of Konzentratzionslager Buchenwald. It is dated November 4, 1938.
  • JENNY PICK's monument on the Zentralfriedhof (116 KB)
    Jenny/Zsani Pick, Z"L, my paternal grandmother died in 1934 and is buried in the Jewish Section(IV Tor), of the Zentralfriedhof(Central Cemetery) of Vienna, Austria. She died after a long illness in her home, in the 2nd District of Vienna, Rembrandtstrasse 14, surrounded by her loved ones. This is the old stone, erected in 1935 by her husband. Her children, Charles/Karl, Stella and Henry/Heinrich visited her grave during the 1950s and had the stone refurbished. Her husband, Salomon Pick, remarried in 1936. He married Jenny's widowed sister, Jetty Braun, nee Weiss.
  • Once more: Sunday Afternoon ! (50 KB)
    The close family, on Milford Street, in late 1957. From the left, seated: Harry(myself), my Dad(grandpa Sigmund) and Herby between his legs, my mother(grandma Margareth), next to her Aunt Helen and last but most certainly not least my wife Eva. Judy is seated in front, between Grandma and Aunt Helen. This was the last family picture of all of us. On February 19th, Rosh Chodesh Adar, 1958, my father, grandpa Sigmund, died at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Hartford.--- Zecher Levracha!
  • Uncle Henry--Hartford, Connecticut, USA--1940 (32 KB)
    "Better days are here again" reads the back of this photograph sent to my parents in Shanghai, China, at the end of 1940. It also states that Henry is now the "proud owner" of an automobile.
  • The new monument erected by EVA and HARRY PICK (195 KB)
    In the summer of 1996 I, my wife Eva, daughter Judy and "No.2" granddaughter Rivki visited Vienna on our way to a wedding in Israel. The writing on Jenny's stone, refurbished in the 1950s by her children was hardly legible and the area overgrown with shrubs and weeds. I made arrangements for annual upkeep and for a new monument with the same in scription: " A thoughtful and modest woman--The glory of her husband and her children--HIND'L BAT MOTT'L--She followed the commandments all her life and feared HaSh"M". Jenny was a "Shomereth Shabbath" and her grave is in a very special section of the cemetery among he "Pure and Righteous Women of Israel."
  • "Meldezettel" of Alois Dukes from Vienna, Austria (41 KB)
    "Meldezettel" exactly translates as "Report-Paper" Between the late 1800s and the 1920s all persons in Vienna, Austria, had to register any new living quarters within 24 hours. Failure to comply entailed a fine and possible arrest. This particular "Meldezettel" bears the date of August 18, 1909. It states that ALOIS DUKESZ, employed as an "agent"(?), was born in Kisfalud (misspelled as Kisch Falud), located in Bars (misspelled as Barsch) Megye, (viz.:province), of Hungary, December 12, 1862. He was married and Jewish [Mosaisch(?)]. With him lived Josefine (obviously his spouse), 45 yrs old; Sigmund, 9; Otto, 7; Friedrich(IMHO that must be Fritz), 5. Mr. Dukesz moved from Herminengasse No 19, in the 2nd (Roman numerals: II) District to Gr(osse) Schiffgasse No 20, 1st floor, Apt. No 8, also in the 2nd District. There is a notation on the right column that he moved to Malzgasse No 12, 2nd District, on February 29, 1913(obviously the date is incorrect since 1913 was not a leap-year and February had only 28 days). On the upper left side is the official police-stamp bearing the date 17/8 (August 17). All the police-registrations (Meldezettel) of Vienna have been filmed by the Mormon Church of LDS and are available for rent on micro-films from your local Family History Center.
  • Memorial at the Zentralfriedhof in Vienna. (101 KB)
    This memorial stands near the entrance to the IV. Tor, the 4th entrance gate of Vienna's Central Cemetery, known as the "Wiener Zentralfriedhof". This gate is the entrance to the Jewish section of the cemetery. Both my grandmothers, Jenny Pick and Lotti Singer and my maternal ggparents, Samuel and Betti Gerstl, as well as my greatuncle Jakob Weiss are buried there and most likely many other members of the extended Pick and Weiss families, as well as many of the Singer and Gerstl families who lived and died in Vienna, Austria, during the latter part of the 19th centuty and the early 20th century, until 1941. "Zecher Levrocho"--"May Their Memory be For A Blessing." The inscription in Hebrew and German reads: "Here, on the 17th of Sivan, 5747 (May 5, 1987) we buried the remnants of the Torah Scrolls that had been desecrated, torn and burnt by the Nazi hordes in the "Kristallnacht" ("Night of Broken Glass") of 1938. Erected by the "Chewra Kadisha, Wien" (Jewish Burial Society of Vienna) in June 1991. (Photo by Harry K. Pick)
  • SIGMUND SHALOM father Z"L. (215 KB)
    Sigmund was Salomon's and Jenny's 4th son. Born on November 5, 1899 in Vienna, he was too young to serve in the Austrian army during WWI. He married my mother Margarethe/Grete Singer, Z"L, on November 5, 1923. This picture must have been taken on his wedding or engagement day. It was the pride and joy of my mother. Sigmund died on February 20, ist day Rosh Chodesh Adar, 1958, in Hartford, Connecticut.
  • HAPPY 54TH !!! (126 KB)
    To the State of Israel on the 54th anniversary.
  • The Picks of Israel and USA---Israel, abt. 1951. (79 KB)
    From left to right: Uncle Joszi and his wife, Aunt Elsa who came to Israel about 1936. In the center Cousin Zvi (Erich) in the IDF uniform, next to him his parents, Aunt Mimi and Uncle Charles on a visit from Hartford, Connecticut. Charles was the oldest brother and Joszi the next oldest of my father Sigmund.
  • SIGI, GRETE and HEINZI(that's I) in 1935 (35 KB)
    This picture was taken in February 1935 at the wedding of my uncle Heinrich(Henry) Pick to Edith Gottfried. The wedding reception was at the Hotel Metropol in Vienna's 1st district. 3 years later, in March 1938, Hitler's brown-shirted hordes would march into Vienna. They took the lavish hotel from its Jewish owners and made it the headquarters of the Secret State Police, the dreaded "Gestapo".
  • Charlotte Singer's, Oma Lotti's, grave marker. (81 KB)
    Oma Lotti, my maternal gramdmother, practically raised me. We lived together with her youngest son Uncle Pauli, in a 3-room tenement, at No. 15/20 Rueppgasse, in the Leopoldstadt, Vienna's 2nd district, which was predominantly Jewish.
  • The Picks in Shanghai, China;- - -abt. 1942 (81 KB)
    From left to right: Margarethe (Gretl), my mother, Sigmund (Sigi), my father and Harry (Heinz). Taken in our grocery-store located at 818 Tongshan Road in the Hongkew section of Shanghai. We arrived there in December 1938 on the Italian Lloyd Triestino liner "Conte Biancamano" together with about 600 Jewish refugees from Austria and Germany who were fortunate enough to escape from Hitler's clutches. More than 15000 would follow in our wake in the following months. Though, after Pearl Harbour, in December 1941, we were restricted into a "Designated Area", by the Japanese Occupation Forces, later to be referred to as the "Shanghai Ghetto", we were spared the horrors of the sho'a, which the Germans unleashed upon the Jews of Europe. In 1948 we left Shanghai for the US to join my uncles and aunts, Charles, Henry, Mimi and Edith in Hartford, Connecticut.
    Uncle Joszi sent us this picture from Tel Aviv, Israel, in January 1949. He was the second oldest son of Salomon and Jenny Pick. He and his second wife Elsa travelled by "Aliya Beth" to Palestine about 1936. I visited Israel in early 1973 and met with him in Tel Aviv. Together we went to see his son, my cousin Shmuel and his family, on Kibbutz HaMa'apil.
  • An der "Alten Donau".....on the "Old Danube" ! (29 KB)
    The "Alte Donau", the "Old Danube" was a stagnant arm of the Danube which had become the "watering hole" of Vienna's citizens. Note the latest in men's swim-wear of the mid 1920s. The man in the old photograph is my father, Sigmund Pick, and the woman next to him is his sister, my Aunt Stella. The second woman,whose face is averted from the camera, might be my mother, Grete Pick. The picture may have been taken before my parents were married which would make it vintage 1922 or 1923.
  • Beth Terecin Document (12 KB)
    Documenting the transport of JETTY PICK, nee WEISS, from Vienna to the Theresienstadt Ghetto in 1942; and subsequently to the Death Camp, Treblinka. Jetti was my step-grandmother. She was a younger sister of Josephine (Peppi)Dukes, nee Weiss and of Jenny Pick, nee Weiss. Her husband Salomon Braun fought in the Austrian army in WWI, and was killed in action. She lived in the 9th district of Vienna together with her daughter Kamilla (Mimi), her son-in-law, Karl(Charles) Pick and her grandchildren, Erich and Ossi. About 1935 she married my widowed grandfather, Salomon Pick. They lived in Vienna's Second District. They were both deported in 1942 and murdered by the Nazis. Ctsy,: Theresienstadt Martyrs Remebrance Assoc. Givat Haim-Ihud, Israel.
  • Two Cousins on Vacation (29 KB)
    The photo is of my oldest cousin Erich(Eric/Zvi) Pick, standing, and myself sitting on a swing. It must have been taken in the summer of 1928 in the resort village of Hinterbruehl, in Lower Austria, where my grandparents, Salomon and Jenny Pick, were spending the summer. According to my mother they had invited us, two of their grandchildren to stay with them for a few weeks.

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