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Ancestors of Jean Pichette

Generation No. 8

      128. Pierre Pichet, born February 8, 1741/42 in St-Pierre, Île-d'Orleans, Qc; died 1799 in St-Pierre, Île-d'Orleans, Qc. He was the son of 256. Louis Pichet and 257. Marie-Dorothée Noël. He married 129. Angélique Ratté November 24, 1766 in St-Pierre, Île-d'Orleans, Qc.

      129. Angélique Ratté. She was the daughter of 258. Charles Amador Ratté and 259. Marie Jeanne Paradis.
Children of Pierre Pichet and Angélique Ratté are:
  i.   Pierre Pichet, married Marie-Thérèse Aubin.
  ii.   François Pichet, married Marie-Madeleine Martineau.
  iii.   Angélique Pichet, married Julien Gendreau.
  iv.   Thècle Pichet, married (1) Ambroise Côté; married (2) Jacques Cantin.
  v.   Marie-Josette Pichet, married François Crépeau.
  vi.   Joseph Pichet.
  vii.   Charles Pichet.
  64 viii.   Louis Pichet, born 1773; died 1842; married Marguerite Leclair February 2, 1807 in St-Pierre, Île-d'Orleans, Qc.

      130. Louis Leclair. He was the son of 260. François Leclair and 261. Hélène Côté. He married 131. Ursule Noël 1765 in Ste-Famille, Île-d'Orleans, Qc.

      131. Ursule Noël. She was the daughter of 262. Ignace Noël and 263. Marie-Agnès Crépeau.
Children of Louis Leclair and Ursule Noël are:
  65 i.   Marguerite Leclair, married Louis Pichet February 2, 1807 in St-Pierre, Île-d'Orleans, Qc.
  ii.   Marie-Claire Leclair, married (1) Pierre Turcot; married (2) Jean-Baptiste Pichet.
  iii.   Marie-Thérèse Leclair, married Antoine Vermet.
  iv.   Louis Leclair, married (1) Madeleine Turcot; married (2) Madeleine Turcot.
  v.   Joseph Leclair, married Thècle Leclair.
  vi.   François Leclair, married Marguerite Clussure.
  vii.   Hélène Leclair, married Jean Demers.

      132. Jacques Rousseau. He was the son of 264. Jacques Rousseau and 265. Véronique Bussière. He married 133. Marie-Anne Niel 1767 in St-Pierre, Île-d'Orleans, Qc.

      133. Marie-Anne Niel. She was the daughter of 266. Pierre Niel and 267. Marie-Anne Noël.
Children of Jacques Rousseau and Marie-Anne Niel are:
  66 i.   Louis Rousseau, married Marie Turcot 1804 in St-Pierre, Île-d'Orleans, Qc.
  ii.   Marie Rousseau, married Amboise Hamel.
  iii.   Joseph Rousseau, married Victoire Noël.
  iv.   Jacques Rousseau, married Marei-Louise Binet.

      134. Pierre-Noël Turcot. He was the son of 268. Joseph Turcot and 269. Marie-Joseph Audet. He married 135. Gertrude Gendreau 1774 in St-Laurent, Île-d'Orleans, Qc.

      135. Gertrude Gendreau. She was the daughter of 270. Julien Gendreau and 271. Anne Chabot.
Children of Pierre-Noël Turcot and Gertrude Gendreau are:
  67 i.   Marie Turcot, married Louis Rousseau 1804 in St-Pierre, Île-d'Orleans, Qc.
  ii.   Marie-Gertrude Turcot, married Étienne Fontaine.
  iii.   Madeleine Turcot, married Louis Leclair.
  iv.   Joseph Turcot, married Marie-Angé Leblond.

      136. Joseph-Jean-Baptiste-Jacques Ferlatte, born Abt. 1780. He married 137. Catherine Savoie.

      137. Catherine Savoie.
Children of Joseph-Jean-Baptiste-Jacques Ferlatte and Catherine Savoie are:
  i.   Olivette Ferlatte, married Lazare Mercier.
  ii.   Isaac Ferlatte, born January 21, 1783 in Carleton, Qc; married Julienne Comeau January 23, 1806 in Bonaventure, Qc.
  68 iii.   Jean-Baptiste Ferlatte, born November 9, 1783 in Carleton, Qc; died April 4, 1837 in Bonaventure, Qc; married (1) Julienne Poirier July 3, 1810 in Bonaventure, Qc July 3, 1810 in Bonaventure, Qc.
  iv.   Bénoni Ferlatte, born March 15, 1785 in Carleton, Qc; married Marie-Rose Comeau.
  v.   Marie Ferlatte, born July 6, 1787 in Carleton, Qc; married Abraham Beaudin.
  vi.   Joseph Ferlatte, born August 31, 1789 in Carleton, Qc; married Vénérande Boudreau January 23, 1815 in Carleton, Qc.
  vii.   Raymond Ferlatte, born April 20, 1797 in Carleton, Qc.
  viii.   Marguerite Ferlatte, born July 20, 1797 in Carleton, Qc; married Jean-Baptiste Legouffe August 7, 1810 in Carleton, Qc.
  ix.   Marie Ferlatte, born February 8, 1800 in Carleton, Qc.
  x.   Ursule Ferlatte, born Abt. 1804; died October 8, 1868 in Grande-Rivière; married Félix Beaudin February 27, 1829 in Bonaventure, Qc.

      138. Pierre Poirier, born December 2, 1743. He was the son of 276. Pierre Poirier and 277. Marguerite Arsenault. He married 139. Marguerite Leblanc 1772.

      139. Marguerite Leblanc, born 17382; died May 15, 1821 in Beaubassin, Acadia2. She was the daughter of 278. Joseph Leblanc and 279. Marie-Josephe Daigle.
Children of Pierre Poirier and Marguerite Leblanc are:
  i.   Elisabeth Poirier.
  ii.   Pierre Poirier, born November 10, 1773; died April 20, 1812.
  iii.   Fabien Poirier, born November 10, 1774; married Angélique Gauthier.
  iv.   David Poirier, born August 3, 1776; married Madeleine Bujod.
  v.   Appoline Poirier, born February 8, 1778; died September 11, 1813; married François Bujold.
  vi.   Jean-Baptiste Poirier, born 1779.
  vii.   Angé Poirier, born 1780.
  69 viii.   Julienne Poirier, born June 22, 1781 in Beaubassin, Acadia; died WFT Est. 1782-1875; married (1) Jean-Urbain Bourg; married (2) Jean-Baptiste Ferlatte July 3, 1810 in Bonaventure, Qc.
  ix.   Marguerite-Blanche Poirier, born October 17, 1789; died March 7, 1813.

      140. Étienne Berthelot, born Abt. 1761. He was the son of 280. Étienne Berthelot and 281. Angélique Vautour. He married 141. Marthe Comeau May 6, 1788 in Carleton, Qc.

      141. Marthe Comeau, born Abt. 1768. She was the daughter of 282. François Comeau and 283. Marie Anne Leblanc.
Children of Étienne Berthelot and Marthe Comeau are:
  i.   Sigefroy Berthelot.
  ii.   Jacques Berthelot.
  iii.   Étienne Berthelot, born 1789; married Angélique Leblanc.
  iv.   Geneviève Berthelot, born April 13, 1789; married Luc Jeanson.
  v.   Suzanne Berthelot, born May 10, 1790; married Louis Normandeau.
  vi.   Marie Berthelot, born December 15, 1791; married Louis Goulet.
  70 vii.   Joseph Berthelot, born October 28, 1797 in Carleton, Qc; married Hélène Bernard May 6, 1828 in Carleton, Qc.
  viii.   Euphrosine Berthelot, born March 5, 1799; died April 17, 1799.
  ix.   Jean-Baptiste Berthelot, born April 10, 1800; married Ann Leblanc.
  x.   Angélique Berthelot, born January 29, 1802; married Jean Leblanc.
  xi.   Rosalie Berthelot, born October 22, 1803; married Joseph Parent.
  xii.   Sara Berthelot, born December 25, 1806; married Hubert Leblanc.
  xiii.   Cyprien Berthelot, born September 16, 1808.

      142. Frédéric Bernard. He was the son of 284. Louis Bernard and 285. Louise Legouflfe. He married 143. Suzanne Labrecque October 7, 1805 in Carleton, Qc.

      143. Suzanne Labrecque. She was the daughter of 286. Jacques Labreque and 287. Marie Thériault.
Children of Frédéric Bernard and Suzanne Labrecque are:
  i.   Louise Bernard, married Joseph Roy.
  ii.   Catherine Bernard, married Joseph Duret.
  iii.   Louis-Frédéric Bernard.
  iv.   Lucille Bernard, married Charles Létrouneau.
  v.   Aimé Bernard, married Adelaide Leblanc.
  vi.   Nicholas Bernard, married Louise-Élizabeth Philippe.
  vii.   Joseph-Alfred Bernard, married Virginie Savoie.
  viii.   Marguerite Bernard, born Aft. 1805; married (1) Marcel Roy; married (2) Juste Parent.
  ix.   Édouard Bernard, born Aft. 1805; married Esther Dagneau.
  71 x.   Hélène Bernard, born July 6, 1805; married Joseph Berthelot May 6, 1828 in Carleton, Qc.

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