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Annotated PICKENS

11. ANNE5 PICKIN (WILLIAM HENRY4, ROBERT ANDREW3, ANCESTORS2 PICKAN, A COLLECTION -1 FOREWORD) was born Abt. 1702 in Tyrone Co., North Ireland, and died Aft. 1750 in Waxhaw Settlement, Abbeville District, South Carolina, questionable. She married ROBERT DAVIS Abt. 1720 in Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania ?, son of GEORGE DAVICE(DAVIS) and FEMALE UNKNOWN. He was born Abt. 1700 in Northern Ireland, and died Abt. 04 May 1770 in Waxhaw Settlement, Abbeville District, South Carolina.

Notes for A
There is no definate notations on the date or the location of Ann
Pickin Davis death or burial. The records quoted are not specific and
were not prepared by this writer or the writer quoted. jcp1993
ID Number: 1124

More About A
Family information: 1950

Notes for R
With Crockett and Pickens connections.
compiled by
E. M. Sharp
From research done by Mr. D. L. McWhorter
of Bethel, North Carolina, in teh Archives
of the State of North Carolina, and in
Mecklenburg Co. North Carolina.
Researched on the Pickens family by E. M.
Sharp of Memphis, Tenn.
We know something of the Pickens family and the claims which are we
substantiated that several brothers came to Bucks Co. Penn. with their
parents who were William Henry Pickens and Margaret Pike Pickens. The
brothers listed are: Thomas, Israel, Robert, John, Andrew, William and
Gabriel. It is a well known fact that nearly all of those brothers or
their descendants lived at some time in Augusta County, Virginia and lat
went to Abbeville County S.C. by way of the Waxhaw settlements in
Mecklenburg Co. N.C. and Lancaster Co. S.C.
Tradition has always affirmed that they had some sisters, whose nam
were not later remembered, nor who they married. After long search and
study of both facts and traditions it seems fairly well established that
two of the sisters were: Anne Pickens who married Robert Davis and Lucy
Pickens who married first Mathew Galaspey, and second, John Kerr.
Traditions in the Davis family affirm that they are connected with
Pickens family. Also in the Pickens family this same tradtion prevails.
is known that there were several Later Pickens-Davis marriages, but the
traditions state that there was a still earlier connection and that Anne
Pickens, an older sister of the Pickens brothers was the wife of Robert
It will be developed in the following paragraphs that Robert Davis
one of the earliest setlers on the Virginia frontier, and that he went t
the Waxhaw Settlements in N.C. and S.C. among the earliest pioneers,
probably with the Rev. Alexander Craighead congregation who fled from th
extreme frontier of Virginia in the Calfpasture area after the defeat of
Gen. Braddock. Robert Davis died in 1770 and his will was probated in
Mecklenburg Co. N.C. The orginal will and settlement papers are in the
Archives of N.C. at Raleigh.
One account of the Davis family has been prepared by Mr. Robert
Lemuel Davis of North Belmont, N.C. (Gaston County) which addmittedly
contains many errors, some of them glaring errors, but there is still a
great kernal of truth in his genealogy. He states that Robert Davis was
born in Noarth Ireland, where he was married about 1727 to Anne Pickens.
also states that he was the father of 22 children, the oldest being Will
Davis who was born in 1730 in County Tyrone Ireland, that he came first
Augusta county Virginia and later to the Waxhaw settlements in 1741. He
does not name all of the 22 children, claiming that many are unknown now
He does name, William, Mose, George, John and a daughter who married
Robert Crockett. His treatment of the families of some of the sons of
Robert Davis is also faulty. Therefore one must take his account as the
work of an amateur who did not verify all of his facts and jumped to
conclusions, based on tradition and certain data that seemed to fit into
traditions. Never-the-less there is always that element of truth in all
traditon that can serve as a guide. Through the aid of Mr. Davis L.
McWhorter, of Bethel, N.C. who is not a professional genealogist, but wh
has the professional attitude and technique we have the following facts.
ROBERT DAVIS * died in Mecklenburg Co. N.C. and his will is on record in
Book C. Page 12. His will was signed on May 4, 1770, and
probated some months later.
Executors: Son, GEORGE DAVIS, and son, ROBERT DAVIS, and WIFE, not named
Children named:
1. George Davis
2. Robert Davis
3. James Davis
4. William Davis
5. Moses Davis
6. Catherine Davis who married Robert Caldwell.
note: number 6. Catherine Davis is crossed out\
Tradition states that Robert Davis was born in North Ireland, where
was married to Anne Pickens. Some of their children were born in Ireland
and they are said to have come to America abound 1735 or a bit earlier.
known facts in America about them are as follows:
Kegley's Virginia Frontier Records show that Robert Davis first
received 400 acres in 1735 in South Garden, among the mountains of t
Branches of Hardware River in Virginia. At that time all this territ
was in Goochland County, and is located in what became the extreme
southern end of Augusta county. The same year he received an additio
400 acres in the same location. This section is actually in the
Branches of James and Roanoke Rivers.
Kegley, shows that in 1746 Robert Davis received a grant of 300 acre
on the West side of the Blue Ridge. On Nov. 22, 1746, one James Dav
received a grant of 626 acres part of a larger grant of 8,100 acres
Catawaba river.
Kegley shows that in 1748 the Clerk's fee book in Augusta County,Va.
shows that Robert Davis, along with many others, is "Not found". Thi
says Kegley, is an indication of how restless the pioneers were on t
frontier, moving from place to place and the county officials unable
or unwilling to keep up with them.
Tradition states that one of the older daughters of Robert Davis
married Robert Crockett, so we will bring in the Crockett records along
with the Davis records. Kegley shows that Robert Crockett received a gra
of 350 acres on Sept. 28, 1745 on Luney's Mill Creek. Prior to this howe
Robert Crockett had proved his importation with an affidavit in Orange C
Va. as follows: "Robert Crockett, for himself, Margaret his wife, John,
Arshbell, Jane, Samuel and Robert."
Chalkley's Annals of Augusta county show the will of ROBERT CROCKET
dated Nov. 16, 1746. He named, Wife - Margaret, Sons: John Asbal, Samuel
Robert, James, Alexander, and Jane. Executors were Wife and ROBERT DAVI
Witnesses were: Thomas Gillham, James McCorkle, Robert Bratton. Proved b
all witnesses, Feb. 19, 1746.
ROBERT DAVIS seems to have lived a fairly quiet life while in Augus
as there are relatively few records of him. He did not trade lands, but
witnessed a good many deeds for other people showing who his friends and
neighbors were: James Lynn, Patrick Campbell, David Moore, James Crawfor
James Caldwell, George Gardner, John Rutledge, James Trimble, David
Steward, James Miller, John Hutchingson, James McCorkel, John Brown, Jam
Cathey, John Crockett, Robert Bratton, Andrew Pickens, Robert McClenacha
John Ramsey,and others.
Of the above list of people it is known that those who are also to
found in the Waxhaw are: John Ramsey, John Hutchinson, Robert McClennach
Robert Bratton, Andrew Pickens, the Caldwells, Crocketts, and others.
Chalkley, Vol. I. p. Aug. 20., 1746. Report as to a Road from top
Marsh Mountain to William Kings and then the court house. ROBERT DAVIS,
Overseer, and those to be under him are: Andrew Pickens, Samuel Kincaid,
James Young, Robert McClellan, Hugh Young, James Clark and many others.
Most other records of Robert Davis in Augusta are in connection wit
the settlement of the estate of Robert Crockett. A few years after death
Robert Crockett. His widow Margaret married John Ramsey. The following
records are to be found:
Vol. III, p. 7 - Aug. 19, 1747, Robert Crocketts inventory, was made by
Henry Gay, John Gay and Wm. Elliott.
August 3, 1747, Accounts of debts paid by Margaret
Crockett, part of estate of Robert Crockett.
Vol. I, p. 56 - Nov. 18, 1752. John Ramsey and Margaret his wife, the la
Margaret Crockett.
p. 59 - May 19, 1753 - Robert Davis, and Executor of Robert
Crockett, is about to leave the Colony and begs to be
released. John Ramsey who married Robert Crockett's wido
is summoned.
p. 49 - Nov. 28, 1751 - Archibald Crockett, close Robert Bratton
and James McCorkle as guardians. The above quardians
complain that John Ramsey who married Margaret, relict a
widow of Robert Crockett, father of Archibald are wastin
the estate.
p. 51 - May 21, 1752 - Robert Bratton, guardian of Archibald
Crockett, against Robert Davis and Margaret Ramsey for
detaining part of the orphans estate.
After Robert Davis's statement that he was about to leave the colon
in 1753, he was relieved and John Ramsey took over the duties. Futher da
pertaining to the Crocketts will be taken up in connection with Margaret
a possible daughter of Robert and Anne Pickens Davis.
NORTH CAROLINA list of applications for land grants, show that on
October 1, 1751, the following applied for land:
Robert Davis - for 600 acres.
William Davis - for 300 acres.
Robert Caldwell - for 600 acres.
Andrew Pickens - for 800 acres.
(See: N.C. Colonial Records. Vol. 4, p. 1250-51.)
North Carolina had a law granting land only to people who came into
the colony to live on the land. Applications, however were received in
advance of the actual removal. We have noted that in 1753 Robert Davis
made the statement in Augusta county that he planned to leave the colony
It was about this date or the next year at the latest that he arrive in
Waxhaw Section, along with others from the same area in Augusta County.
The land when granted was in the then constituted county of ANSON which
included most of western N.C. Early Anson county records show the follow
ANSON COUNTY, MILITIA COMPANY: Year 1755. Had 61 officers and men.
Among those listed were:
Captain - Andrew Pickens
Lieutenant - Robert Ramsey
Ensin - John Crockett
Sgt. - Thomas Wright,
Sgt. - William Geard,
Sgt. - William King.
Corporal - Alexander Crockett.
Archibald Crockett, Andrew Nutt, George Davis, John Davis, Joh
Pickens, John Linn, Joseph Pickens, Moses Davis, Robert Davis,
Robert Crockett, Robert McClelland, Robert Caldwell, Robert
Montgomery, William Davis, William Pickens and others.
"William Beard of Anson, sold to ROBERT DAVIS, for 30 pounds Virgini
Currency, 300 acres on Waxhaw Creek. April 24, 1756. Witnesses: John
Crockett, Robert Ramsey, Repentance Townsend."
On the very same day, Robert deeded part of this land as follows:
"for natural love and affection for ALEXANDER CROCKETT, 202 acres."
ANSON MICROFILM: Feb. 22, 1754. William Pickens and Archibald Crockett w
witnesses of a James Larrimore deed.
April 4, 1756, Robert Ramsey deed to JOHN DAVIS and MOS
DAVIS, all of Anson, for 35 pounds Virginia Currency, 3
acres on Waxhaw Creek, reginning at red oak, including
Beard's corner. Witnesses: John Crockett, Repentance
Townsend, Archibald Crockett.
NOTE: 17 years later, John and Moses Davis of Abbeville Co. S.C sold the
same tract of land to Robert Davis of Mecklenburg Co. N.C. Repentance
Townsend was living in Abbeville So. S.C. in 1790 census.
ANSON CO. RECORDS; Oct. 28, 1760. The sale of effects of the estate of J
McCORKLE (earlier in Augusta note) Buyers included:
James Barnett, Hugh Montgomery, James Gamble, John Li
Samuel Thompson, ANDREW PICKENS, John Coffee, THOMAS
March 28, 1757 - JOHN PICKENS of Craven District, S.C
deed to Robert McClennachan, Esq. for 55 Pounds
Virginia Currency, 500 acres on Waxhaw of Catawaba.
Witnesses: Andrew Pickens, Archibald Crockett, Willia
NOTE: This was a year after Capt. Andrew Pickens had died, and the Andre
who witnessed here, was the future General Andrew Pickens. John
Pickens, was his uncle whose wife was Eleanor. The purchaser at sa
of James McCorkle's estate, Andrew Pickens, was also the future Ge
Andrew. Note that James McCorkle was one of the quardians in Augus
Co. of some of the Crockett children.
Mecklenburg County, N.C. records show that JOHN RAMSEY, who had married
Margaret Crockett, widow of Robert, moved to Mecklenburg later, and he w
one of the first Elders of Providence Presbyterian Church, also his step
Archibald Crockett. However John Ramsey remained in Augusta until aroun
Augusta Co. VA. Marriage Records: A few very early ones are still extant
which give name of the groom only. The
1749-50 - JOHN RAMSEY (We know she was
Margaret (Robert Davis?) Crockett.)
1. William Davis - b. ca. 1730
2. Margaret Davis - m. Robert Crockett ? By tradition.
3. John Davis - (not named in father's will, but other evidence
proves him.)
4. Robert Davis
5. Moses Davis
6. George Davis
7. Catherine Davis m. Robert Caldwell
note: again this is crossed out, then hand written Catherine -
Robert Caldwell.\
8. James Davis
I. WILLIAM DAVIS. He is named in his father's will. There is dispute
to which William he is. One claim is made that he is the man who
married KATHERINE PICKENS, daughter of Andrew Pickens Sr. Another
claim is made that the Wm. who married Katherine was son of an Andr
Davis. Other claim is tha William married a Miss Orr. The followin
is likely the son of Robert Davis:
His will was dated Feb. 28, 1797 - Proved Jan. Term 1800.
Witnesses: Alex Orr, and Samuel McCulloch.
Executors: Sons - Andrew and Henry Davis, and s.l. James McCune.
Son-in-law and wife Ann Porter; Joseph Batey and Margaret;
James McCune; William Scott and Betsey.
II. MARGARET DAVIS -. (1) Robert Crockett, m. (2) John Ramsey.
Discussed more fully later.
III. JOHN DAVIS. He is not named in his father's will, but was likely a
older son on whom all had been bestowed by his father already.
Recall old Anson Deed dated April 4, 1756, ROBERT RAMSEY made a dee
to JOHN DAVIS and MOSES DAVIS, all of Anson for 35 Lbs. Va. Cur., 3
acres on Waxhaw Creek. Touching Beard's corner. Witnesses: John
Crockett, Archibald Crockett, Repentance Townsend.
In Mecklenburg Co Records. Book 8, p. 174. April 19, 1773.
S.C. convey to ROBERT DAVIS, 380 acres on Waxhaw Creek. Witnesses:
Proved in open court by John Pickens.
Moses and John Davis moved to Abbeville Co. C.C. John must have die
there, though no extant will or estate settlement is to be found, b
he was probably the father of several Davises who do appear in
Abbeville County whose origin is otherwise unexplained.
IV. ROBERT DAVIS. He purchased the Waxhaw tract from brothers John an
Moses in 1773. He continued to live on this land which, after the
boundary line was run, proved to be in Mecklenburg Co. N.C. He late
moved to Abbeville Co. S.C. where he died and his will was proved,
not until after 1790.
The census of 1790 , shows Capt. Robert Cavis living in Mecklenburg
county, N.C. with 4 sons and 5 daughters.
An old diary written by an Osborne boy in Mecklenburg, mentioned th
Capt. Robert Davis moved to Abbevill county from the Waxhaws. He di
in Abbeville County, S.C. in 1801 and his estate was administered
with a will, as follows:
ROBERT DAVIS. Est. Administeration. Box 26, Pack 586.
CALHOUN Who was bound in the sum of $10,000.
MARTHA DAVIS, died in 1803 and estate was administered as follows:
Box 27, Pk. 624. Her will was signed Dec. 26, 1803, Prob. Feb. 4,
1804.Executor: Son - Robert Davis
Witnesses: Prudence Baskin, Anna Harris, Joseph Irving.
Children named:
1. James Davis
2. Robert Davis - executor.
3. Samuel Davis
4. Martha Davis
5. Milledge Davis
6. Israel Davis NOTE: 4 sons and 5 daughters.
7. Margaret Davis
8. Jean Davis
9. Rebecca Davis
note: This next page listed as no. 8 in Sharps writing, doesn't real
fit into the manuscript. I believe that it was a late addition and shoul
go on the above mentioned JOHN DAVIS' material\
JOHN DAVIS was granted 150 acres on Jauary 7, 1772 lying on Loy
Creek and Stephens Creek in Edgefield County, South Carolina. i
was sold by Isom Davis who is listed as "Lawful Heir' to Natha
Reed on April 21, 1774 and later sold by Reed to Henry Ware of
Stephens Creek on January 24/25, 784 and by Ware to William Wri
on Decmember 2, 1794.
Found in the deed records of Edgefield Co. S.C. by E.M. Shar
while doing research on the Ware family.
Question: is this the John Davis, son of Robert Davis of
Mecklenburg Co. N.C. who sold out to come to Ninety Six
District in S.C. in 1772? It is my guess that it is he.
Further research on Davis in Edgefield county, S.C. would
doubtless reveal much more on this branch of the Davis Famil
The first mention of him is as a private, unmarried in the Anso
company of Militia commanded by Capt. Andrew Pickens in 1755. The
journal kept by WILLIAM CALHOUN - one of the original four brothers
who came from Augusta Co. to Abbeville county in 1758 - states that
when he made his journey back to Virginia that he spent the night
on Dec. 29 with ARCHIBALD CROCKETT, and the night of Dec. 30, with
MOSES DAVIS, and at 12 Mile Creek on the 31st.
Miss Eliza Calhoun who prepared one of the earliest and most
comprehensive accounts of the Calhoun family stated that Moses Davi
married JANE NOBLE, daughter of John Noble and Mary Calhoun. Mary
Calhoun was the sister of the Calhoun brothers who came to Long Can
Creek. John Noble died in Augusta Co. Va. in what is now Rockbridge
County, but his widow and children came on to South Carolina.
Moses Davis received a Suth Carolina land grant on Long Cane Cre
in 1763 and another in 1774. He was living in the Waxhaws when the
Calhouns fled back there after the Indian Massacre in 1760, and may
have married Jane Noble at that time. It is known that at the same
time Andrew Pickens, the furture General, met and woed, Rebecca
Calhoun, daughter of Ezekiel Calhoun, and married her in 1765 in th
Long Cane Creek communioty in S.C.
The old Mecklenburg Co. N.C. deed of 1773 shows that brothers, J
Davis and wife Mary and Moses Davis and wife Jane, sold 380 acres
on Waxhaw creek to brother Capt. Robert Davis.
MOSES DAIVS WILL, Abbeville Co. S.C. Dated Sept. 6, 1804
Proved Dec. 5, 1804
Executors: Wife, no name given: William Davis; Robert Davis; and
William Caldwell.
Witnesses: William Lesley, Israel Davis, Sarah Noble.
1. William - m. Miss Davis, had no cildren
2. Alexander Davis - deceased - mentions three sons of Ale
3. Robert Davis - m. Nancy Jones Harris
4. Jane Davis - m. William Caldwell, had 5 children
5. Mary Davis - m. Thomas Harris
Grandson - Moses Davis Harris.
Of the above children:
1. ALEXANDER DAVIS seems to have married MARY CALDWELL, daughter of
James Caldwell, Sr. whose will is proved in 1804. Mary Caldwell
Davis was married a second time on June 17, 1806 to James Foster
Marriage record in Dr. Moses Waddell's list of marriages.
The children of Alexander Davis and Mary Caldwell Davis were:
(1.) William Davis - named in estate settlement of Alex 1803.
(2.) Mary Davis - named in estate setlement in 1803.
(3.) Moses Davis - Wm. Davis appointed his quardian in 1809.
(4.) James C. Davis - Wm. Davis appointed gdn. 1809.
(5.) Rebecca Cavis - Wm. Davis appointed gdn. 1809
2. WILLIAM DAVIS, ESQ. apparently the son of Moses Davis, his esta
is filed in Abbeville County, Box 26, Pk 600.
Est. Adm. Nov. 20, 1824 by William H. Caldwell, John Gray, Samue
L. Watt.
Citation was read at Rocky River Church. Inventory made Dec. 6,
1824 by John Cameron, Thomas Jones, Sam Buchannan.
Buyers at sale: Margaret, Martha, Jane, Robert, and Martha Davi
William Baker, Christian Barns.
No wife is mentioned and no children.
3. ROBERT DAVIS, probably son of Moses Davis Box 26, Pk.589.
Est. amd. Aug. 12, 1811 by Nancy and William Davis, William H.
Caldwell, John H. Lesley, and John Brannon. bond in sum $10,000.
Inventory made Sept. 11, 1811 by Wm. Buford, Samuel Scott, Rober
Buyers at sale: Nancy, Jane H., Rachel W., William Davis.
4. NANCY DAVIS, Box 25, pk580.
Est. Amd. Sept. 18, 1823, by Robert, Moses Davis and William H.
Caldwell, andJohn Baskin. Sum of $8,000 for bond. Citation read
at Rocky River Church.
Sale on Oct. 15, 1823.
Buyers: Robert, Moses, Jane, Eliza, Sarah, and James Davis.
An authentic Bible record in hands of a Mr. Clowe in S.C. states
that ROBERT DAVIS married NANCY HARRIS in 1791.
Robert was born Feb. 8, 766. Nancy was born Jan. 9, 1774.
VI. JAMES DAVIS, son of Robert Davis, Sr. of Mecklenburg Co. N.C. Marri
REBECCA PICKENS, daugher of Israel Pickens and wife Martha.
James Davis died in Mecklenburg Co. N.C. in latter part of 1805
early 1806. His will is on record at Charlotte, N.C.
Book C. p. 31.
names the following:
Wife - Rebecca Davis (Pickens)
Son - Robert Davis
Son - Israel Davis
Daughter - Martha Davis - m. Craig
Daughter - Sarah Davis - m. Nesbit
Daughter - Margaret Davis
Daughter - Janet Davis - m. Baker
Daughter - Rebecca Davis - m. Baker
NOTE: ISRAEL PICKENS died in 1749 in Cub Creek Community,now in
Charlotte Co.Va. His widow Martha removed to Anson Co. N.C. and liv
in what is now Cabarrus County. She had two Sons: William Pickens w
married Elizabeht Black and had no children; and Capt. Samuel Picke
who married Jane Carrigan and had big family one son being Gov. Isr
Pickens of Alabama.
There were several daughters:
Rebecca Pickens - m. James Davis
Margaret Pickens - m. James Walkup
Hannah Pickens - m. (1.) James Clark, m. (2.) George Davis.
VII. GEORGE DAVIS, son of Robert Davis and Anne Pickens Davis;
He is said to have been born May 8, 1736 on the Atlantic Ocean as t
family was coming to America. More likely he was born in VA. since
Robert Cavis received land grant in 1735 in Va. He died on January
1807 and lies buried at Sugar Creek Presbyterian Church, which is n
within the city of Charlotte. He was twice married and his second w
is buried beside him.
Married (1). Hannah Sample, according to one account.
Their Children are shown in his will which was signed and probated
Children: 1. John Davis
2. James C. Davis
3. Israel Davis
4. Robert Davis
5. William Davis
GEORGE DAVIS married (2) Mrs. Hannah (Pickens) Clark, the widow of
James Clark.
For a long time this fact seems not to have been known, but the pro
has been unearthed by Mr. D. L. McWhorter from the old files of
Mecklenburg County records that are stored in the Archives at Ralei
N.C. The papers show that Hannah was intermarried with George Davis
and he assisted in settling the estate of James Clark. George Davis
and Hannah Pickens Clark, had no children. She was born in 1749 the
year her father died in Va. and she died Oct. 28, 1806. She is buri
at Sugar Creek Church beside George Davis. Her tombstone states she
was 57 yrears of age.
James Clark, was son of William Clark. The executors of his will we
Samuel Pickens and Hannah Clark. Report of the sale of his estate i
made on Dec. 25, 1781. James may have been killed in the revolution
war. Hannah bought practically everything that was for sale. A note
in the files indicates that James Calrk had signed a note on July 3
1778 for 115 Pounds, to Joseph Rogers and Martha Moffatt, and was
signed by James and Joseph Clark. James there fore living in 1778.
The Children of James and Hannah Pickens Clark:
1. Martha Clark - m. John Carrigan (May have been the Rev. John
Carrigan who served Presb.
Churches in Rowan, Cabarus)
2. William Clark
3. Hannah Clark - m. ______ ?
4. Margaret Clark - m. _______?
5. Rebecca Clark - m. _______?
George Davis served as guardian of the minor step children as shown
the estate papers in Raleigh.
NOTE: The above Mary Clark who m. John Montgomery are ancestors of t
late Mr. M.V. Montgomery of Selma, Ala. who did so much work in this
time on the Pickens Family and the Montgomery families.
This very large family has been traced in some measure and one vers
has been published by Miss Zella Armstrong, in a set of books called:
"NOTABLE SOUTHERN FAMILIES". One whole volume is devoted to the Crocket
and it is the work not of Miss Armstrong, but of Crockett genealogists.
Included in a valuable old paper called 'THE MAURY PAPER" which seems to
a collection made more than 100 years ago by some descendants showing th
earliest origins of the family in France. Briefly the line we are concer
with is given as follows:
Desasurre de Crocketagne, and was born near Montauban in South Fran
on July 10, 1643.
He married: Louise Desaix in 1669.
They were French Huguenots and left France along with the Fontaines
and Maurys and settled at Bantry Bay in North Ireland. There they
changed the name to Crockett. Born to Antoinee and Louise were:
1. Gabriel Gistave Crockett - Oct. 12, 1672 at Bantry Bay
2. James Crockett - Nov. 20, 1674 Bantry Bay
3. Joseph Louis Crockett - Jan. 9, 1876 Bantry Bay
4. Robert Watkins Crockett - July 18, 1678, Kenmore parish, Bantry
5. Louise Desaix Crockett - March 15, 1680 Kenmore Parish
6. Mary Frances Crockett - Feb. 20, 1682 Kenmore Parish
7. Sarah Elizabaaeth Crockett - April 12, 1685 Kenmore Parish
Of the above, james Crockett married Martha Montgomery an Irish
girl, daughter of Thomas Montgomery who was a sailor.
Joseph Louis Crockett married Sarah Stuart of Donegal Co. Irelan
and the had 10 children.
Robert Watkins Crockett married his third cousin Rachel Watkins
the year 1702, and had three sons and two daughters.
Only the two daughters are named:
Rachel Elizabeth - b. May 1, 1703
Hanah Watkins - b. June 20, 1705
m. Rachel Watkins in 1702. Had 3 sons and 2 daughters.
III. ROBERT CROCKETT, son of Robert Watkins Crockett - died 1747 in VA.
Married: MARGARET (Davis ??)
The will of Robert Crockett, given as son of Robert Watkins Crocket
is recorded in Augusta Co. VA. as follows: (An Abstract)
WILL BOOK No. 1, page 24.
Signed Nov. 16, 1746. Probated Feb. 6, 1747.
Executors named: Wife Margaret and ROBERT DAVIS.
Witnesses: Thomas Gillham, James McCorkle, Robert Bratton.
Bondsmen for estate: Margaret Crockett, Robert Davis, James McCorkl
Robert Bratton.
People named in will:
1. Wife - Margaret, to be executor. /dau of Elijah
2. son - John Crockett - m. Margaret McCleannan /\Bath Co. VA.
3. son - Archibald Crockett, to the two sons "I bequeath
my land in the Cowpaster joining la
of James Meassie?"
note: There is more written below, but the copy was cut short it
4. Daughter

Marriage Notes for A
Please note that there is a definate lack of proof to this family. The
listings are taken from notes by E.M. Sharp, Robert L. Davis, and Davis
L. McWhorter. The files from which this line was taken is confused and
is not defined as to person and or place.jcp1993

Children of A
  i.   MARGARET6 DAVIS, b. Abt. 1721, Pennsylvania, questionable; m. (1) ROBERT CROCKETT, Abt. 1739, South Carolina; d. 1747; m. (2) JOHN RAMSEY, Abt. 1748; b. Abt. 1716, Virginia/Pennsylvania, location and date not given.
There is some confusion as to Margaret 'ye Younger' and Margaret
'Davis'. We do know that Margaret DAVIS married a CROCKETT and then
married John RAMSEY. In Sharp's material; pg 3; he states:
"8. Margaret Pickens - 'ye Younger'. One account says she married a
QUESTION: Is Margaret 'ye Younger really Margaret Pickens DAVIS. Could
she have either been living with her cousins or did she married into
the family? ie: JOHN who married a Mary UN-NAMED.
ID Number: 11241

ID Number: M-CROC1402

  Notes for JOHN RAMSEY:
ID Number: M-RAMS1439

  ii.   WILLIAM DAVIS, b. Abt. 1724, Pennsylvania; d. 1780, Anson Co, North Carolina; m. CATHERINE PICKINS, Abt. 1747, location and date not given, Augusta Co, Virginia; b. Abt. 1730, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania ?, or Northern Ireland; d. 04 November 1795, Rutherford Co, North Carolina.
  Notes for WILLIAM DAVIS:
ID Number: 11243

ID Number: 11261

Burial: Abt. November 1795, Rutherford Co, North Carolina

NOTE:There is a large discrepancy in the material for this family. It
appears that earlier researchers have combined people with similar
names and locations, and not thoroughly investigated the fammily lines.
Therefore this family and its material are in a state of flux until
such time as it can be documented who belongs to whom, and where and
Monroe Pickens in his material list a James Davis as a son of
this family, and that this James Davis married Elizabeth Walkup. I do
not believe that the James that married Elizabeth belongs here, but
instead belongs with the Robert Davis family. Until such time as proof
is available to disprove or prove which connection is correct, I will
leave James as a member of the Robert Davis family.jcp1997

  iii.   JOHN DAVIS, b. Abt. 1725, northern Ireland; m. MARY UNKNOWN, Abt. 1745; b. Abt. 1725.
  Notes for JOHN DAVIS:
according to researchers John was an elder son, probably from a first mar-
riage (not documented). I have put him here because I have not found his
ID Number: 11242

  Notes for MARY UNKNOWN:
ID Number: M-UNKN3914

  iv.   JAMES DAVIS, b. Abt. 1727, Anson Co, North Carolina; d. 22 April 1815, South Carolina; m. ELIZABETH WALKUP, Abt. 1750, South Carolina; b. Abt. 1730, Pennsylvania.
  Notes for JAMES DAVIS:
ID Number: 11244

ID Number: M-WALK0083

  Marriage Notes for JAMES DAVIS and ELIZABETH WALKUP:
p 39 THE PICKENS FAMILY, Monroe Pickens, ed Kate Pickens Day, 1950
"JAMES DAVIS , son of Maj. William and Katherine Pickens DAVIS married
ELIZABETH WALKUP. We donot know the date of his birth, but his will is
dated April 22nd, 1815.

  v.   MOSES DAVIS, b. Abt. 1730, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania; d. 1804, Abbeville Co, South Carolina; m. JANE NOBLE, Abt. 1765, questionable, Long Cane Creek, 96 Dist Abbeville Co, South Carolina; b. Abt. 1745, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania, questionable.
  Notes for MOSES DAVIS:
ID Number: 11245

  Notes for JANE NOBLE:
ID Number: M-NOBL3915

  vi.   ROBERT DAVIS, b. Abt. 1735, Virginia, questionable; d. 1801, Abbeville, Abbeville Co, South Carolina; m. MARTHA PICKENS, Abt. 1789, questionable, Lancaster Co, South Carolina; b. Abt. 1773, South Carolina, questionable.
  Notes for ROBERT DAVIS:
ID Number: 11246

ID Number: 1121214

  Marriage Notes for ROBERT DAVIS and MARTHA PICKENS:
NOTE: This is another one of the undocumented DAVIS families. You now
the ones that married a Mr. Davis or Ms. Davis, but continue to show up
in association with the Pickens family lines. In Monroe Pickens'
material, pg 263.
"MARTHA PICKENS, daughter of William Pickens married a Mr. Davis who
moved to another part of the State. : South Carolina A son was born\
to them:
D. Pickens Davis...
HARRY M. DAVIS, who furnished the above information served in the
"World War" as Captain and on acount of effects of the war, moved to
the mountains of North Carolina and lived near Black Mount Mountain
Captain Davis is a descendant of the William Pickens."
No further information is available.jcp1997

  vii.   CATHERINE DAVIS, b. Abt. 1737, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania ?; m. ROBERT CALDWELL.
ID Number: 11247

ID Number: M-CALD1439

  viii.   ISRAEL DAVIS, b. Abt. 1740, location not known, Augusta Co, Virginia ?; d. 26 January 1817, Abbeville District, South Carolina; m. MARTHA MARTHEW, Abt. 1760, location and date not given, Augusta Co, Virginia.
  Notes for ISRAEL DAVIS:
ID Number: 11248

ID Number: M-MART5223

  ix.   GEORGE DAVIS, b. Abt. 1744, Augusta Co, Virginia ?; m. (1) HANNAH ORR, Abt. 1752, questionable, Mecklenburg Co, North Carolina; b. Abt. 1732, Virginia/North Carolina, questionable; d. 1780, Mecklenburg Co, North Carolina, questionable; m. (2) HANNAH PICKENS, Abt. 1781, Mecklenburg Co, North Carolina; b. 1749, Cubb Creek, Charlotte Co, Virginia; d. 26 October 1806, Charlotte, North Carolina.
  Notes for GEORGE DAVIS:
ID Number: 11249

  Notes for HANNAH ORR:
ID Number: M-ORR*3614

ID Number: 11219

Burial: Abt. October 1806, Sugar Creek Presb. Church, Charlotte, North Carolina.

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