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Ancestors of Helene Mae Vaubel

      3343. Frances

Notes for Mathew Fuller:
Ancestors of Sandra Kay Scott
web-site, 03-20-00
2074. Matthew Fuller, born 16 Oct 1603 in Redenhall Parish Harlestor Norfolk; died 22 Aug 1678 in Barnstable MA. He was the son of 4148. John Fuller and 4149. Margaret Ball. He married 2075. Frances Abt. 1625 in Plymouth MA.

2075. Frances, born Abt. 1605 in England; died 26 Oct 1678 in Barnstable MA.

Child of Matthew Fuller and Frances is:
1025 i. Elizabeth Fuller, born 04 Apr 1626 in England; died 1724 in Waterbury New Haven CT; married (1) Thomas Upson 1646; married (2) Edmund Scott 1655.

Child of Mathew Fuller and Frances is:
  1671 i.   Elizabeth Fuller, married Thomas Upson 23 Jan 1646.

      3344. William Southmayd Sir, born in of Kent, Eng.

Notes for William Southmayd Sir:
The Churches of Mattatuck, ed. Joseph Anderson, New Haven, CT 1892, p. 187: John Southmayd b. Middletown, CT 23 Aug 1676, son of William Southmayd, mariner and Ester Hamlin, the grandson of William Southmayd, the great-grandson of Sir William Southmayd of the County of Kent, Eng., and on his mothers side the great-great-grandson of Elder William Goodwin of Hartford.
Child of William Southmayd Sir is:
  1672 i.   William Southmayd, died 1648; married Milicent Addis 28 Nov 1642 in Gloucester, MA.

      3346. William Addis, born 1610 in Gloucester, Essex, England; died Aft. 1662 in Cape Ann, MA. He was the son of 6692. Thomas Addis. He married 3347. Milicent Wood.

      3347. Milicent Wood, born Abt. 1605. She was the daughter of 6694. William Wood and 6695. Millicent Flower.

Notes for William Addis:
Ancestors of John Lee Sharp
FTM internet site, 04-02-2000

10886. William Addis784, born Abt. 1604 in England; died in New London, New London, Connecticut. He was the son of 21772. Thomas Addis and 21773. Mrs-Thomas Addis. He married 10887. Mrs-William Addis Abt. 1622 in England.

10887. Mrs-William Addis784, born Abt. 1605 in England; died in Prob. New London, New London, Connecticut.

Children of William Addis and Mrs-William Addis are:
5443 i. Millicent Addis, born 1623 in Gloucestershire, England; died in Prob. New London, New London, Connecticut; married (1) Thomas Beebe in New London, New London, Connecticut; married (2) William Ash in Prob. New London, New London, Connecticut; married (3) William Southmayd November 28, 1652 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
ii. Son Addis784, born Abt. 1625 in England.
iii. Anna Addis784, born 1628; died May 09, 1709 in Prob. Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married (1) Ambrose Darte June 24, 1653 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married (2) Benjamin Brewster Bet. February 28, 1658/59 - February 1659/60.
iv. Mary Addis784, born Abt. 1631 in England.

Children of William Addis and Milicent Wood are:
  i.   Ann Addis, born 1628 in Frampton on Servene, Gloucester, England; died 09 May 1708 in Norwich, New London, CT.
  1673 ii.   Milicent Addis, born Abt. 1630; married William Southmayd 28 Nov 1642 in Gloucester, MA.

      3350. John Crow, born 1606 in England; died 18 Jan 1686 in Hartford, Hartford, CT. He married 3351. Elizabeth Goodwin Abt. 1628.

      3351. Elizabeth Goodwin, born Abt. 1606 in England. She was the daughter of 6702. William Goodwin and 6703. Susannah Garbrand.
Child of John Crow and Elizabeth Goodwin is:
  1675 i.   Hester Crow, born Abt. 1628 in England; died 23 Aug 1700 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT; married Giles Hamlin 1655 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT.

      3356. Thomas Fenner, born Abt. 1540 in Prob. Horley, Surrey, Eng.

More About Thomas Fenner:
Burial: 04 May 1614, Horley, Surrey, Eng
Children of Thomas Fenner are:
  i.   Lucy Fenner, born Abt. 1568 in Horne, Surrey, Eng; married Edshawe.
  ii.   Susanna Fenner, born Abt. 1570 in Horne, Surrey, Eng; married John Falkner 25 Nov 1588 in Horley, Surrey, Eng.
  1678 iii.   Arthur Fenner, born Abt. 1575 in Prob. Horley, Surrey, Eng; died 1640; married Sarah Browne Abt. 1613 in England.
  iv.   Thomas Fenner, born Abt. 1578 in Horne, Surrey, Eng; died 16 Sep 1638 in Horley, Surrey, Eng.
  v.   Sarah Fenner, born Abt. 1581 in Horne, Surrey, Eng; married Heathfield.
  vi.   Samuel Fenner, born Abt. 1583 in Horne, Surrey, Eng.

      3358. Joseph Browne, born Abt. 1562 in Horley, Surrey, Eng. He was the son of 6716. William Browne and 6717. Magdalene Elsick. He married 3359. Margery Patching 1584 in Horley, Surrey, Eng.

      3359. Margery Patching She was the daughter of 6718. Richard Patching and 6719. Margaret.

More About Joseph Browne:
_FA3: Rev.
Burial: 15 Oct 1633, Horley, Surrey, Eng

More About Margery Patching:
Burial: 15 Dec 1605, Rusper, Sussex, Eng
Christened: 17 Feb 1565, Horsham, Sussex, Eng
Children of Joseph Browne and Margery Patching are:
  i.   John Browne
  More About John Browne:
Christened: 12 Aug 1604, Rusper, Sussex, Eng

  ii.   Phoebe Browne, married (1) William Simons 03 Feb 1625 in Horley, Surrey, Eng; married (2) Thomas Lee Abt. 1639.
  More About Phoebe Browne:
Christened: 12 Jul 1601, Rusper, Sussex, Eng

  iii.   Susannah Browne, married Thomas Leacheford.
  More About Susannah Browne:
Christened: 11 Jan 1596, Rusper, Sussex, Eng

  iv.   William Browne, died 1650 in Long Island, NY.
  More About William Browne:
Christened: 05 Dec 1585, Rusper, Sussex, Eng

  v.   Stephen Browne, born Abt. 1588.
  Notes for Stephen Browne:
perhaps died young

  vi.   Joseph Browne, born Abt. 1590.
  Notes for Joseph Browne:
perhaps died young

  1679 vii.   Sarah Browne, born 22 Oct 1592; died Aft. 1633; married (1) William Lakeir 29 Oct 1611 in Rusper, Sussex, Eng; married (2) Arthur Fenner Abt. 1613 in England.

      3364. Francis Andrews, born Abt. 1620 in England; died Abt. 05 Mar 1663 in Fairfield, CT. He married 3365. Anna Smith Bef. 1646.

      3365. Anna Smith

  Notes for Anna Smith:
She married 2nd: - Smith (before 1674)
Children of Francis Andrews and Anna are:
  i.   Elizabeth Andrews
  ii.   Esther Andrews
  iii.   Hannah Andrews, married John Crampton.
  Notes for John Crampton:
Of Norwalk

  iv.   Jeremiah Andrews, died Abt. 05 Aug 1713; married Hannah Gold 08 Sep 1697 in Stamford, CT.
  Notes for Hannah Gold:
Widow of - Ambler

  v.   John Andrews, died Abt. 20 Dec 1683 in Fairfield, CT; married Bethia Kirby; born 14 Feb 1659 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT.
  More About John Andrews:
Christened: 27 Sep 1646, Hartford, Hartford, CT

  vi.   Mary Andrews, married (1) Peter Norton; married (2) Hugh Griffin Abt. 1670.
  vii.   Rebecca Andrews, married Samuel Benedict 07 Jul 1678.
  Notes for Samuel Benedict:
Of Norwalk

  viii.   Ruth Andrews
  ix.   Thomas Andrews, died Abt. 24 Oct 1718 in Milford, CT; married Elizabeth Porter Abt. 1677; born 11 Jan 1654 in Farmington, Hartford, CT.
  More About Thomas Andrews:
Christened: 02 Jan 1648, Hartford, Hartford, CT

  1682 x.   Abraham Andrews, born Abt. 1650; died 1729 in Waterbury, New Haven Co., CT; married Rebecca Carrington Abt. 1672.

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