I am researching the ancestry of my own family as well as that of my husband's. I hope to find more information, and am happy to share what information I have with others.
Some of the surnames being researched are (numbers in parentheses is total individuals in our database with that surname as of 2/12/99):

Acuff(54), Adair(1), Aiken(1), Anderson(2), Ann(1), Bailey(2), Baird(4), Ball(1), Barger(1), Barnett(10), Beard(3),Bell(1), Belson(2), Bennington(1), Billingsley(3), Blackstock(3),Bland(4), Blanks(2), Boswell(1), Bowen(1), Bowles(1),Boyle(1), Brasseur(2), Brend(1), Brooke(2), Brown(9), Bundy(3), Burkhart(1), Bush(1), Carter(1), Cary(4), Cates(1),Chandler(2), Childs(1), Clampit(6), Clark(1), Clarke(1), Clogston(1), Cocke(23), Coleman(1), Collingsworth(1),Cox(1), Craig(1), Crew(1), Critzer(2), Danglade(12), Daniels(2), Danvers(1), Darrow(1), De Covrey(1), Denison(1),Dettor(29), Diggans(1), Donelson(1), Doyel(1), Drumheller(3), Dufour(1), Dunphy(2), Eley(1), Elizabeth(1), Ellis(1),Ely(1), Emlen(4), Eustace(1), Fendrick(1), Finley(1), Fiske(1), Fleming(1), Florence(1), Fowler(1), Franklin(1), Frazier(1), Freeman(2), Garrett(2), Gladden(1), Gloria(1), Goldenberg(1), Gonzalez(1), Goode(1), Goodman(1),Goodson(2), Goodwin(1), Gordon(1), Goutry(1), Graves(5), Green(2), Greer(1), Grymes(1), Guerrant(1), Hancock(1),Harmon(1), Harrell(1), Harrison(2), Head(2), Heath(3), Henderson(1), Henryford(1), Herman(1), Hernandez(1),Hicks(1), Hobgood(1), Holeman(1), Hudgins(1), Hughes(1), Hummeltonberg(1), Hutcheson(1), Jacques(7), Jensen(1),Johan(1), Johnson(2), Johnstone(1), Jones(1), Jordan(1), Jordon(4), Jr.(9), Katherine(1), Kim(1), Kirby(3),Kirkbride(3), Kirke(1), Kitts(1), Klingler(1), Knight(7), LaPrade(1), Larcome(2), Lee(9), Leebrick(1), Lewis(4), Littlefield(1), Littleford(4), Long(1), Lownes(2), Mace(1), Magdalen(1), Mallicoat(2), Mann(1), Margaret(1), Marsh(5), Martin(1), Mathis(1), Mattox(1), Mayo(3), McAlexander(1), McAuly(2), McCreight(1), McCutcheon(1), McGinnis(1), McRoberts(1), Mebane(1), Milner(2), Minnick(1), Molinar(10), Morris(2), Mosby(2), Mruk(1), Murphy(1), Murray(1),Noble(1), O'Neal(1), O'TooleTool(7), Ormond(1), Owings(1), Page(11), Palmer(1), Paris(3), Paris(h)(7), Parker(6),Parris(1), Parsons(1), Peebles(1), Pemberton(3), Petras(1), Piper(1), Pleasants(274), Porter(2), Porterfield(1), Powell(1), Poythress(7), Protsman(1), Pulliam(1), Puryear(2), Pyle(4), Railey(2), Ranard(1), Randolph(3), Rankin(1), Read(4), Reaves(1), Reckless(3), Reynolds(1), Rinnert(1), Rogers(3), Rose(1), Sarah(1), Satterthwaite(1), Saunders(1), Seddon(2), Sellars(1), Sexson(1), Shannon(5), Sharp(1), Shelly(1), Singer(1), Smith(2), Southwall(1), Spencer(1), Spradling(1), Sr.(1), Stacy(2), Stanton(1), Stevens(1), Stogsdill(1), Stoops(1), Storrs(2), Strain(1), Strange(1), Stratford(3), Strong(1), Suddarth(22), Susannah(1), Taberer(1), Taylor(6), Teague(4), Teresa(1), Thacker(1), Thirold(1),Thweatt(1), Torrence(1), Toulmin(1), Trademan(1), Tucker(1), Turpin(1), Unknown(9), Vanderwall(4), Varner(1),Vittetoe(1), Walker(1), Warder(3), Warfield(9), Watkins(1), Watson(3), Webster(1), West(1), Westfield(1),Williams(2), Williamson(1), Wilson(3), Winston(5), Woods(1), Woodson(7), Woodville(1), Young(1), Younghusband(1)

Please visit our genealogical research website, "Dos Arbolitos" (Two Little Trees), at http://www.UniversalMinds.com/OurFamily to learn more about us!

In Peace,
Pleasants, Molinar and Allied Families Research Page
Updated September 5, 2000

Monica Lynn Pleasants Molinar
PO Box 56836
North Pole, AK 99705-1836
United States

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