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Ancestors of August Guilbault

Generation No. 11

      1356. Nicolas Hebert, died Abt. 1600 in Paris, France. He married 1357. Jacqueline Pajot.

      1357. Jacqueline Pajot, died Bet. Jun 27, 1579 - Jul 15, 1580. She was the daughter of 2714. Simon Pajot and 2715. Jeanne Guerineau.

More About Nicolas Hebert:
From: St Germain de Pres parish, Paris, France
Occupation: Apothecary and grocer
Child of Nicolas Hebert and Jacqueline Pajot is:
  678 i.   Louis Hebert, born Abt. 1575 in Paris, France; married Marie Rollet

      1474. Andre Bretet, died Bef. 1658. He married 1475. Andree Giraudeau.

      1475. Andree Giraudeau, born Bet. 1585 - 1586; died Abt. Apr 02, 1658 in Calvinist Church, LaRochelle, France.

More About Andree Giraudeau:
Burial: Apr 02, 1658, Calvinist Church, LaRochelle, France
Child of Andre Bretet and Andree Giraudeau is:
  737 i.   Jeanne Berthet, married Jean Beaudoin

      1476. Gabriel Chauvin He married 1477. Marie Drouard.

      1477. Marie Drouard
Child of Gabriel Chauvin and Marie Drouard is:
  738 i.   Michel Chauvin, born in From Ste Suzanne parish, near Laval (Mayene) France; married (1) Louise Delisle; married (2) Anne Archambault Jul 29, 1647 in Quebec, Canada.

      1484. Jean Juillet He married 1485. Gabrielle Barbarine Jun 18, 1609 in St Symphorien Church, Avignon, France.

      1485. Gabrielle Barbarine

More About Jean Juillet:
Occupation: Butcher
Child of Jean Juillet and Gabrielle Barbarine is:
  742 i.   Blaise Juillet, born Abt. Feb 26, 1610/11 in Avignon, France; died Apr 19, 1660 in Near Ile St Paul, Montreal, Canada; married Antoinette de Liercourt Feb 02, 1650/51 in Trois Rivieres.

      1486. Phillippe de Liercourt He married 1487. Jean Patin.

      1487. Jean Patin
Child of Phillippe de Liercourt and Jean Patin is:
  743 i.   Antoinette de Liercourt, born Bet. 1634 - 1640 in From Ste Marguerite parish, Beauvais, Picardy, France; died Sep 30, 1707; married (1) Blaise Juillet Feb 02, 1650/51 in Trois Rivieres; married (2) Hugues Picard 1660.

      1500. Nicolas Hunault He married 1501. Marie Benoist.

      1501. Marie Benoist
Child of Nicolas Hunault and Marie Benoist is:
  750 i.   Toussaint Hunault, born in From St Pierre es Champs parish, diocese of Beauvais, Picardy, France; died Sep 13, 1690 in Montreal, Canada; married Marie Lorgueil Nov 23, 1654 in Montreal, Canada.

      1502. Pierre Lorgueil He married 1503. Marie Bruyere.

      1503. Marie Bruyere
Child of Pierre Lorgueil and Marie Bruyere is:
  751 i.   Marie Lorgueil, born Abt. 1630 in From Cognac, France (modern dept of Charente); died Bef. Nov 30, 1700 in Varennes; married Toussaint Hunault Nov 23, 1654 in Montreal, Canada.

      1508. Pierre Barbier He married 1509. Claude Vizon.

      1509. Claude Vizon
Child of Pierre Barbier and Claude Vizon is:
  754 i.   Gilbert Barbier dit Leminime, born in From St Are parish, Dicize, near Nevers, France; died Bef. Nov 15, 1693 in Pointe aux Trembles, Quebec; married Catherine Delavaux Nov 14, 1650 in Montreal, Canada.

      1510. Alexandre Delavaux He married 1511. Louise deRenel.

      1511. Louise deRenel
Child of Alexandre Delavaux and Louise deRenel is:
  755 i.   Catherine Delavaux, born Abt. 1623 in From St Germain parish, Emme, near Nancy in Lorraine, France; died Apr 11, 1688 in Montreal, Canada; married Gilbert Barbier dit Leminime Nov 14, 1650 in Montreal, Canada.

      1512. Antoine Archambault He married 1513. Renee Ouvard.

      1513. Renee Ouvard
Child of Antoine Archambault and Renee Ouvard is:
  756 i.   Jacques Archambault, born Abt. 1603 in LaRdilliere-a-Dompierre-Sur-Mar, near LaRochelle, France; died Feb 15, 1687/88 in Notre Dame, Montreal; married (1) Francoise Tourault Jan 24, 1628/29 in St Philibert Church, Pont-Charaulat, dio of Lucon, Poitou, France; married (2) Marie de la Martiniere Denot Jan 26, 1665/66 in Cap de la Madeleine.

      1524. Arthur Tessier He married 1525. Jeanne Meme.

      1525. Jeanne Meme
Child of Arthur Tessier and Jeanne Meme is:
  762 i.   Urbain Tessier, born Abt. 1619 in From Chateau la Valliere, archdio of Tours, France; died Bef. Mar 21, 1688/89 in Montreal, Canada; married Marie Archambault Sep 28, 1648 in Quebec, Canada.

      1556. Louis Bouvier He married 1557. Anne Darondeau.

      1557. Anne Darondeau
Child of Louis Bouvier and Anne Darondeau is:
  778 i.   Michel Bouvier, born Abt. Jul 29, 1633 in LaFleche, France; died Aug 04, 1703 in LaChine; married Mathurine Desbordes Aug 16, 1663 in Montreal, Canada.

      1560. Mathurin Lemire He married 1561. Jeanne Vannier.

      1561. Jeanne Vannier
Child of Mathurin Lemire and Jeanne Vannier is:
  780 i.   Jean Lemire, born Abt. 1619 in From St Vivien parish, Rouen, Normandy; died Oct 05, 1684 in Quebec, Canada; married Louise Marsolet Oct 20, 1653 in Quebec, Canada.

      1562. Nicolas Marsolet, born in From Sieur de saint Aignan; died May 15, 1677 in Quebec, Canada. He was the son of 3124. Nicolas Marsolet and 3125. Marguerite de Planes. He married 1563. Marie Barbier Mar 19, 1636/37 in Rouen, France.

      1563. Marie Barbier, born Abt. May 20, 1619 in St Claude le Vieil parish, Rouen, France. She was the daughter of 3126. Henri le Barbier and 3127. Marie Levillain.

Notes for Nicolas Marsolet:
Arrived with Champlain in 1613. Served as Algonquin & Montagnais interpreter; served with English occupiers of Quebec 1629-1632.

Back in France 1633-1637.

Representative of Compagnie de la Nouvelle France 1642.

Fur dealer 1647-1600

Received numerous land grants in Canada.

More About Nicolas Marsolet:
Property: Received numerous land grants in Canada
Child of Nicolas Marsolet and Marie Barbier is:
  781 i.   Louise Marsolet, died Apr 18, 1712 in Quebec, Canada; married Jean Lemire Oct 20, 1653 in Quebec, Canada.

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