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Descendants of John Seals Sallis,Ist

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN SEALS1 SALLIS ,IST was born Bef. 1717 in England, and died Aft. 1758 in Wilkes Co. Georgia. He married ISABELLA FRAZIER Unknown in ?.

1. JOHN SEALS SALLIS ,1st, was born before 1717 in England, and died after 1758 in Wilkes County, Georgia. He married ISABELLA FRAZIER? (FRAZER) SEALS?

According to family history, and info from the family bibles of John Sallis B: 1789, J. G. Sallis (B:1825) and the bible of Ambrose Edmondson ( b.1759)
John Sallis ran away from his English home and at the age of 17 around 1732, and came to America. When he would not return home, his father disinherited him, He was a sailor for some years before becoming a solsier. He was abandoned in Guinea, west Africa for a year and a half (see below, Spangenberg diary.) His small wooden chest is in the possession of a descendant.

The earliest records show John Sallis in Granville, North Carolina. He is listed as buying and selling several land transaction, and listed as witness to many more. He was a Captain in the Granville Militia.

"Nov. Ye 29th Day, 1754. A Just Role of all the Troopers Name Belonging to Granville County undre the Command of Capt. John Sallis. To-Wit:" and a list of 90 names are listed.

The Colonial Records of North Carolina contain several letters from John Sallis to his Excellency the Earl of Granville, to Governor Dinwiddie, and others. Also in these works are the diaries of Bishop Spangenburg, regarding the travels and land surveys by Moravian settlers in the Carolinas. One such records reads:

Should we form a corporation in N.C., we must have an act of Assemby for the purpose confirmed by the King. in N.C. .We have passed through several counties in N.C. viz.Chowan, Bertie, Northampton, Ergecombe, LGranville, as far as Mr. Salis, 153 miles from Edenton. One way lies through Orange and Anson, which is the last county towards the West.

"The Lord has here arrested our progress for a time and four of our company are suffering from remittant fever-of a bad type. N.C. about here is low and there are many standing pools as will as running water and much malaria exists and causes many deaths. Br. Henry Antes Jno, Merk, Herman Lash, and Thimothy Horsefield are all down, and going through a sever sweating process-induced by a certain medicinal herb. We probaby contracted the fever in Edenton as it is a regulas fever nest and lies very low. The streams have no ebb and flow nor tide, for the sand banks along the coast dam up the streams and prevent navigation-ergo there can be no commerce or travel in Va. In short there is not a navigable river in Lord Granville's district. We propose to remain here, until our people are recovered and then to continue our journey. We are at present staying with a man ( John Sallis), who spent a year and a half in Guinea (Africa) The Captain with whom he sailed, deserted him: The negroes captured and bound him with the intention of killing him but set him free and treated him with kindness, and would gladly have kept him with them: but he sighed for his native land and availed himself of the first opportunity of returning thither. He and hes wife treat us with the greatest kindness and consideration and we pray that he may be aboundantly recompensed." Dated Sept 1753.

One transacation from Deed Book C pg 7- Feb 23,1755-"

John Sallis to Robert Harris for 300 pds. two tracts of land, one for 675 acres in Fox Creek, and the other for 300 acres on N Frok of Tar River known as Bennetts Creek; four feather beds and funiture and other furniture, 3 horses, 2 mares, one linen wheel, one woolen wheel, a saddle, 7 pewter disher, 5 basons and 16 plates, a parcel of books, a sode sadd;e, 28 cattle, all hogs and sheep and all the rest of my estate. WTS: william Ogilivie, Sherwood Harris."

This type of sale makes one wonder if this was when he was preparing to move from N.C. to Georgia. However, there are other records showing John Sallis as witness to land sales. And there could of course be other records showing
John Sallis as the next sale I found was as follows:

Deed Book C 297-299 Mar 4,1757- Robert Harris Esq. and John Sallis, yeoman, both of Granville Co. N.C. to Groves Howard, yeoman, for 60pds 300 acres on N fork of Tar River on Bennett's Creek where Thomas Nerby formerly lived. WTS: none"

According to additional family tradition, John Sallis had seven sons and three daughters. At this point we know only of John Seals Sallis ( John II ) and Joseph Sallis. All that is known of Joseph is that he died in Warren County, Ga. in 1817.

       Children of JOHN SALLIS and ISABELLA FRAZIER are:

2. i.   JOHN SEALS2 SALLIS II, b. 1750-1760, Granville Co. N. Carolina; d. Aft. 1815, Wilkes Co. Georgia.

  ii.   JOSEPH SALLIS, b. 1750-1758.

  iii.   JAMES SALLIS, b. 1750-1758.

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