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Ancestors of Wille Ray Procell

Generation No. 27

      83321786. Vasco Martins Da Cunha111,111, born 1240111,111; died 1325111,111. He was the son of 166643572. Martim Vasques Da Cunha and 166643573. Joana Ruiz De Nomaes. He married 83321787. Señorina Fernández Chanciño.

      83321787. Señorina Fernández Chanciño111,111, born 1265111,111; died 1330111,111. She was the daughter of 166643574. Fernão Gonçalves Chancinho and 166643575. Mayor Alonso De Cambra.
Child of Vasco Da Cunha and Señorina Chanciño is:
  41660893 i.   Teresa Vazquez De Acuna, born 1285 in Toledo, New Castile, Spain; died in Spain; married Fernan Gomez De Toledo.

      83322880. Rodrigo Nunez De Guzman He was the son of 166645760. Nuno R De Guzman and 166645761. Ximena De Leon. He married 83322881. Elvira Diaz.

      83322881. Elvira Diaz
Child of Rodrigo De Guzman and Elvira Diaz is:
  41661440 i.   Nuno R De Guzman, married Elvira De Manzandeo.

      83322882. G De Manzanedo He married 83322883. Elvira De Monzon.

      83322883. Elvira De Monzon
Child of G De Manzanedo and Elvira De Monzon is:
  41661441 i.   Elvira De Manzandeo, married Nuno R De Guzman.

      83322896. Egas Gomes De Souza111,111, born 1028 in Souza111,111; died 1090 in Mosteiro111,111. He was the son of 166645792. Gomez Echigas De Sousa and 166645793. Gontrode Muniz De La Toro. He married 83322897. Gontina Gonsalez De Maya.

      83322897. Gontina Gonsalez De Maya111,111, born 1064111,111. She was the daughter of 166645794. Gonsalo Mendez De Maya and 166645795. Lenora Venegas O Gasco.
Child of Egas De Souza and Gontina De Maya is:
  41661448 i.   Mendo Venegas De Sousa, born 1084 in Spain; died 1130 in Mosteiro; married Teresa Fernandez De Marnelo.

      83322898. Fernão Gonçalves De Marnel111,111, born 1045111,111; died 1085111,111. He was the son of 166645796. Gonçalo Veegas De Marnel. He married 83322899. Urraca Gonsalez.

      83322899. Urraca Gonsalez111,111,111,111, born 1050111,111,111,111. She was the daughter of 166645798. Gonçalo Viegas De Marnello.
Child of Fernão De Marnel and Urraca Gonsalez is:
  41661449 i.   Teresa Fernandez De Marnelo, born 1084; died 1127; married Mendo Venegas De Sousa.

      83322900. Nuno Count De Celanova111,111, born 1060111,111. He was the son of 166645800. Alonso De Celanova. He married 83322901. Sancha Gomes De Souza.

      83322901. Sancha Gomes De Souza111,111, born 1035111,111. She was the daughter of 166645802. Gomez Echigas De Sousa and 166645803. Gontrode Muniz De La Toro.
Child of Nuno De Celanova and Sancha De Souza is:
  41661450 i.   Sancho Nunez De Barbosa, born 1111 in Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal; married Theresa Henriquez De Portugal.

      83322904. Rodrigo Vellosa De Cabrera111,111, born 1100111,111; died 1100111,111. He was the son of 166645808. Sancho Vellosa De Cabrera and 166645809. Monina De Trastamare. He married 83322905. Alambert De Ponce.

      83322905. Alambert De Ponce111,111, born 1110111,111. She was the daughter of 166645810. Ponce De Ponce.
Child of Rodrigo De Cabrera and Alambert De Ponce is:
  41661452 i.   Pedro Rodriguez Vellosa, born 1060; died 1100.

      83323906. Guisualdo De España111,111, born 887111,111. He married 83323907. Leutina De España.

      83323907. Leutina De España111,111, born 892111,111.
Child of Guisualdo De España and Leutina De España is:
  41661953 i.   Ximena Guisualdarez, born 901; married Aznar Fruela De León.

      83324032. Ero Arnaldes De Bayão111,111. He was the son of 166648064. Arnaldo De Bayão and 166648065. Ermezenda Eris. He married 83324033. Uzenda.

      83324033. Uzenda111.
Child of Ero De Bayão and Uzenda is:
  41662016 i.   Arnaldo Eris De Bayão, married Ufa.

      83324040. Gutierre Pelayez De Silva111, born 1096 in Spain111; died 1130111. He married 83324041. Maria Perez De Ambia.

      83324041. Maria Perez De Ambia111,111, born 1100 in Spain111,111. She was the daughter of 166648082. Pedro Paez De Ambia and 166648083. Maria Fernandes.
Child of Gutierre De Silva and Maria De Ambia is:
  41662020 i.   Pelayo Gutierrez De Silva, born 995 in Spain; married Adosinda Ermigues.

      83324042. Hermigo De Abunazar111,111, born 1095 in Abunazar, Leon, Spain111,111. He was the son of 166648084. Abu Nazir Lovesendes and 166648085. Unisco Godinhes. He married 83324043. Vivili Turtezendes.

      83324043. Vivili Turtezendes111,111.
Child of Hermigo De Abunazar and Vivili Turtezendes is:
  41662021 i.   Adosinda Ermigues, married Pelayo Gutierrez De Silva.

      83324044. Payo Arias De Ambia111,111, born 1003111,111. He was the son of 166648088. João Pires Da Maya and 166648089. Guiomar Mendes De Souza. He married 83324045. Maria Rodrigues.

      83324045. Maria Rodrigues111.
Child of Payo De Ambia and Maria Rodrigues is:
  41662022 i.   Pedro Paez De Ambia, born 1025; died 1103; married (2) Maria Fernandes De Lima; married (3) Maria Fernandez De Gundiaes 1042.

      83324048. Lovesendo Ramirez De Leon111, born 940 in Leon, Spain111. He married 83324049. Zaira Bint Zaydan.

      83324049. Zaira Bint Zaydan111,111, born 919111,111. She was the daughter of 166648098. Zaydan Ibn Zayd.
Child of Lovesendo De Leon and Zaira Zaydan is:
  41662024 i.   Aboazar Lovesendes, born 960; married Unisco Godã De Asturias.

      83324050. Godinho De Las Asturias111, born 913111.
Child of Godinho De Las Asturias is:
  41662025 i.   Unisco Godã De Asturias, born 938; married Aboazar Lovesendes.

      120193024. Hubert Kette111,111, born 1225 in Wilchingham, England111,111; died 1266 in Panxford, Norfolk, England111,111. He was the son of 240386048. Herbert Kette and 240386049. Katherine Maiden. He married 120193025. Darla Maiden.

      120193025. Darla Maiden111, born 1226 in Panxford, Norfolk, England111,111,111; died 1280 in Panxford, Norfolk, England111,111,111.
Child of Hubert Kette and Darla Maiden is:
  60096512 i.   Hugh Kette, born 1250 in Wilchingham, England; died 1295 in Wilchingham, England; married Helen Maiden.

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